Title: Therapy
Author: Sage SK
Date: 6/27/11
Genre: Friendship
Warnings: None
Rating: K

Jean Havoc couldn't feel a thing. Well, he could, given that soreness was common after such an extensive workout. But, no workout had ever been this excruciating, not even when he was in the academy.

Whoever thought that learning how to walk again would include long minutes - which by the same token felt like hours - clinging to parallel bars while your best friend barked orders at you?

"C'mon, one more round," Heymans Breda said casually as he leaned against a wall. "That's an order, soldier."

"We're both the same rank, you jerk!"

Curse words were gasped out as Havoc struggled across the bars, but they fell on deaf ears.

"Not right now." Breda smirked. "I was promoted after the boss got his sight back. The Colonel said he'll up your rank only after you get back on your feet. Until then, move those legs, maggot!"

"The Colonel's a jerk, too!" Of course, Havoc didn't mention that if he ever found the perfect woman and had a son he'd name him after Roy Mustang. It was one of the few things he could do to thank the man who had saved his life.

And, Breda wouldn't mention that Mustang had already promoted Havoc, because hey, whatever helped the therapy process.

"Just one more round, Havoc. You can do this."

"You said that three rounds ago..." Havoc nearly collapsed as Breda caught him. "Still, I guess it could be worse."

"Oh?" Breda helped him sit down.

"I could have the Fullmetal boss and Hawkeye overlooking my therapy rather than you and Ross."

Breda snorted. "You realize the process would be a lot faster."

"Or I'd be dead. One of those two."

"True. I guess you've suffered enough for one day. C'mon, I'll buy you lunch."