*Based off of the Now or Never promo, after Clare yells at Eli. "Did you erase me from your memory? Di you ever love me at all?"

Eli's POV.

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"Did you erase me from your memory?" Clare shouted at the back of my head. "Did you ever love me at all?"

I stood there stunned for a few seconds, but I wasted hardly any time before mumbling under my breath, "impossible."

"Excuse me?" Clare said, with such a disgusted tone in her voice.

I hesitated. I wasn't sure if I should repeat myself, or ignore her. I looked to my left; Imogen was standing just a few feet away from me, completely aware of everything that just occurred. I continued to study her childish face for a while. She was pretty, and so unique. I've never met anyone like her before. But, Clare. Clare is beautiful, special, and there's something about Clare that gets my heart racing by just one look from those blue eyes.

All of the memories came flooding back into my mind at once. The time in the park, the first time me and Clare had hung out outside of English class. I'd hardly known her for a day and I got her to come out of her shell, and scream at the top of her lungs, while I just stood there and smirked at her. I'll never forget the look on her face afterwards, when she realized she had probably frightened many people around her, but she just straightened out her skirt, and sat down on the bench.

Then there was the time we shared our first kiss. Romeo and Juliet, I smirked to myself. Smooth, Eli.

By the time my mind had finished running through every moment me and Clare had ever spent together, my mind was made up. I had two options, Clare or Imogen. I looked over towards Imogen again. Imogen is pretty, smart, and unique. Sure, she's nice, but really Eli? How long have you known this girl? You really can't think you're going to pick her over sweet, innocent Clare. I shook my head and Imogen shot me a confused look, but almost as if to say "are you crazy?"

I looked at Imogen, hard, for a long moment, before finally mouthing to her "I'm sorry." She squinted her eyes, and tilted her head. She clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

I turned around to face Clare, and spoke louder. "Impossible," I said. She gave me the same look Imogen had just given me a few moments ago. Geez, girls are so slow.

"Eli, I don't understand," Clare began while shaking her head slightly.

"Just, let me finish?" I kept a stern look on my face, hoping that she'd give in so I wouldn't lash out. It worked, she nodded.

"Clare, ever since the first time I saw you my heart has skipped so many beats that it's probably unhealthy." I began. She started to smirk, but quickly released it when she realized I was being serious. "How you could ever ask me such questions as those baffles me. You should know better that I do not take people for granted. I'm actually kind of ashamed that you would think something of me such as that." She began to look worried after I said this, just what I wanted.

"Eli, I-I'm sorry, I don't think you-," I interrupted her by stepping forward and placing a finger over her lips.

"You said you would let me finish." She nodded her head again.

"Clare Edwards," I began, and sighed at the same time. "Of course I loved you. You we're different than anyone I've ever dated. You we're genuine, sweet, caring, and nice. You're blue eyes left me speechless every time I looked into them. I cherished every single moment we ever spent together. You understood my problems, and went out of your way to help me with them, and for that I am forever grateful." I heard Imogen scoff behind me and I turned around briefly to see her roll her eyes.

"But Clare, listen to me. I still love you, for all of those reasons. I've loved you since the day I smashed your glasses like an asshole," she chuckled a little. "Shh," I said. "And I always will love you. There's no doubt in my mind that I could spend the rest of my life with you. As for 'erasing you from my memory'," I let go of her lips and reached up to tap the side of my head. "You're locked in there Clare, forever. " I flashed a smile. Not a smirk, but a full on, teeth-showing smile. The one that I KNOW, sends shivers down Clare's spine.

She smiled back for a moment, but let go of it a second later, releasing my hand from its resting place on her hip at the same time. I bowed my head. "But of course, you don't feel the same way anymore." I looked up at her for any sign of reassurance, but to my disappointment, she was just blank. I nodded and stepped around her, quickening my pace as I headed out the door and down the sidewalk. What the fuck, Eli? Why would you ever pour your heart out like that to someone that you don't even know if they want to be with you anymore. Especially in a public place like The Dot. Idiot.

My thoughts were interrupted by the familiar sound of the jingling bell hanging off the door at The Dot. "Eli!" I heard someone scream. Shit. Imogen. I turned around; ready to defend myself but instead I was tackled. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me more passionately than I'd ever been kissed before. But wait- this is not Imogen, I'd know these soft lips anywhere. I smirked through the kiss. Clare.

I deepened the kiss, picking her up off the ground as she wrapped her legs around my hips. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever. When I finally had the courage to detach my lips from hers and look at her, she looked happier than she'd ever been before, and I couldn't help but smile.

I began, "I thought-". She interrupted. "I know, but you're wrong. Never have I had to second guess being with you, Eli, I was just so shocked. I thought- I thought you hated me." I shook my head back and forth profusely. "Never." I kissed her again, making it last long, but not too long. She smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen play across her face, and nuzzled her head into my neck.

"Take me home," she said. "To your house." I moved my head back so I could look at her.

"What for?"

"I want to remember what it's like to wake up next to you."

I smirked and she laid her head back down on my chest.

"Sure thing, Edwards." I kissed the top of her head, and began walking down the sidewalk towards my house.

Smooth, Eli.