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It's so weird. I'm standing on this side of the room, next to the window, but I can see myself lying in that hospital bed. It's almost like I'm spiritually out of my own, unconscious body. In a hospital. Clare huffed, even though no one could hear it. That's so cliché.

Clare had been pacing back and forth around the hospital room, glancing over at herself in the bed occasionally. She could hear everyone, see everyone, but nobody could hear her, and it was one of the most frustrating things.

Eli hadn't left the room once since he stepped in. He spent the majority of his time sitting next to Clare on the bed, talking to her, sometimes just staring at her, hoping she would wake up. If he wasn't with Clare, he was sleeping in the chair. It was really uncomfortable, but it was the only other piece of furniture in the hospital room, and he wasn't about to leave Clare.

She had had many visitors come in and out. Her mom and dad came at least once a day, separately of course. Alli had come in on the second day, and stayed for a while.

Day two in the hospital.

Eli was asleep in the chair he had dragged over next to Clare's bed, holding her hand the whole time. His eyes slowly started to flutter open when he heard something clicking, and it was only getting louder. Finally, it stopped, and his eyes shot open to see Alli standing in the door way, with Sav behind her. Eli wasn't entirely happy that Alli was there, considering they never really got along, but he could deal with talking to Sav for the time being. He stood up and pushed the chair back, "come in, please."

Alli slowly walked over to Clare's side, holding a single flower. You could tell that she was going to tear up any second now. She placed the flower down on the table next to the bed, and brushed Clare's hair back. "Clare-bear," she said. "Can you hear me?"

"Of course I can, Alli. I'm standing right here," Clare giggled, but her face fell when she looked from one person to the next. There were only three people in the room, and not one of them had reacted to what she said. "I guess I'm still not used to this whole not actually being here thing," she sighed.

"How on earth did this happen to you, Clare? You of all people?" Alli shook her head.

"Maybe if Fitz wasn't such a lying, backstabbing…" Clare stopped herself from cursing, although no one could hear her. "UGH. How did I ever believe that freak over Eli?" She looked at Eli who was talking to Sav. She could tell that Sav was trying to make him feel better, but she never saw that beautiful smile of his crack. "He's probably expecting an apology when I wake up," she smiled too herself. She couldn't help but love the cocky, sarcastic side of Eli. She looked back to herself on the bed, to see Alli sitting in Eli's chair with one hand over hers, crying into the other one.

"ALLI!" Clare shouted, throwing her hands up. "I'm fine! Seriously! Don't cry over me, I'm right here!" Clare walked over and kept tapping on Alli's shoulder, but she didn't turn once. "This is so frustrating!"

For the rest of Alli's visit, Eli continued to talk to Sav about pointless things, mostly music stuff. She could tell Eli wasn't really into talking right now, but he was just trying to take his mind off of everything going on, and she was completely okay with that. She didn't want Eli to worry about her so much, even though she knew he would anyways. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Alli and Sav left. Alli departed by giving Clare's hand a light squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, and Sav gave Eli a lazy one armed hug and said, "hang in there, bro" before walking out.

Eli pushed the chair back up to Clare's bed, and sat down. Grabbing hold of her hand again, like he had done for the past two days or at least until someone else showed up. Clare smiled as she watched from the corner.

Morning of Day Three

Eli was getting impatient, and so was Clare. She sat in the same corner, against the same wall that she had been for the past three days. She threw her arms down at her sides and flung her head back. "Seriously, I don't know how much longer I can take this! Why am I not in my own body, anyways!"

She looked up again to see Eli still pacing back and forth, as he'd been doing this whole morning. "Eli, would you stop doing that! You're worrying way too much." He stopped for a second, and looked at Clare lying in the bed, still as ever, and continued walking back and forth.

"Ugh, seriously? I thought I had you there, for a second." Just as she finished her sentence, Adam walked in the room. "Finally! Someone that Eli can actually hear!"

Eli stopped pacing and just looked up at Adam, slipping his hands in his back pockets. "Hey," Adam said.

"Hey," he replied. "What are you doing here?"

"My best friend is in the hospital, while my other one is probably going crazy being confined in this room by himself," Adam smiled. "You think I'm that terrible of a person to not show up?"

Eli smirked. "Thank God," Clare exclaimed, getting up from her spot on the floor and walking over to the end of her bed. "I owe Adam I huge thank you when I get out of here, now," she said, looking over herself lying in the bed.

Eli gestured to the seat next to him, the only one in the room. "Sit." Adam walked over and sat on the edge of the chair, leaning towards Clare and grabbing her hand.

"Geez Clare, who would've known you, could get so roughed up." Eli glared at him from across the bed, his arms crossed over his chest. "Don't make jokes, Adam. I'll kick you out."

Adam laughed, "you can't kick me out, this is Clare's room." Clare couldn't help but giggle at him. She was so grateful that Adam showed up, he seriously did always know how to lighten the mood, even though Eli was not amused.

"Well, if you haven't noticed, Clare doesn't really have the ability to do that herself right now," he said, beginning to pace again.

Clare spoke up, "oh, shut up Eli, I wouldn't kick Adam out if I could."

Adam sighed, and looked at Eli, rest his chin in his hand. "Dude, you seriously need to calm down. Go get some water or something."

Eli scoffed, "yeah, right." He walked back over to the side of the bed, kneeled down, and grabbed Clare's other hand. "I haven't left this room once since I walked in, and I don't plan on it. Not until Clare's walking out next to me." He kissed the palm of her hand and set it back on the bed, resting his forehead against it.

"You're sweating this way too much, Eli," Adam said. "Clare's a strong girl, she's going to pull through, and when she does, you'll be here. She's going to be really happy you stayed with her, but she wouldn't want you to stress this much."

Clare sighed of relief, and walked over to kiss Adam on the forehead. "Thank you, for telling him exactly what I want to, and can't." She knew that he couldn't feel the kiss, or hear what she was saying, but she meant it. She really didn't like seeing Eli this stressed out, especially over her.

Adam stayed for another hour, or so. He and Eli shared a few words occasionally, but it was pretty quiet most of the time. Adam finally spoke up though, "I should get going, stuff to do at home." He and Eli shared a short, little handshake and Clare rolled her eyes at it. She truly did love them both though.

Day Four

It was about three in the afternoon. Clare's parents had both already come and gone for their daily visits. They said they would stay longer, or even stay overnight, but they trusted that she was in good hands with Eli. For that, he was grateful.

Eli was getting used to his routine while being there. How couldn't he though, when it didn't consist of too many things? He would usually sleep as late as he could, just so he wouldn't have to bear seeing Clare hurt. Every time he woke up, there was a tray of food on the table next to him. The nurses knew better than to ask him to leave to get some food, so they brought it to him. For the rest of the day, the only time he wouldn't spend holding Clare's hand was when a visitor came, or he was pacing back and forth.

Clare spent every day, sitting against the wall, or standing next to Eli's chair, waiting for something to happen. Even after Adam's visit yesterday, Eli was still just as worried about her, and she learned to accept it. She hated seeing him such a mess, but it wasn't until today that it really stuck to her.

Eli was pacing back and forth for the third time that day. "Eli, please stop," she said. "Please." But he kept going. She knew she was stupid for trying. He couldn't hear her, and there was no possible way that he could. After a good twenty minutes of walking aimlessly around the almost empty room, he sat back down in his chair. He held on to Clare's hand for dear life, and just stared at her for a while. "Clare," he started. She moved from her spot in the corner to standing at the end of her bed again. Glancing back and forth between herself and Eli, until she finally rested her gaze on him. "Clare, please, come back. I can't lose you, blue eyes. I can't." The tone in his voice became more frustrated, but sad at the same time.

"Eli, don't do this. I'm fine, really," she said, starting to tear up herself.

He sighed, and looked at her. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Clare. I know I'm a screw up, and I've made more mistakes than you could probably count on your hands and feet. I don't blame you, if you leave. But I can promise you, that in this life or the next one, you will never find anyone that cares about you more than I do." She looked at Eli, and brushed the tear off of her cheek. She knew that he was being absolutely sincere, but it didn't matter, because she knew that she didn't want to be with anyone other than Eli.

"Just please don't leave me," he said. He let go of her hand and wiped a tear from his cheek, before placing his head in his hands, and crying to himself. Clare couldn't honestly remember when the last time she saw Eli cry was, or if she even had before.

"Please don't cry," she said. But this time, it wasn't coming from the edge of her bed, it was coming from her. Eli immediately stopped sobbing and shaking at once. He stayed in the same position for a second more though, waiting to see if it was true. When he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, his head shot up to see Clare faintly staring at him. "Clare," he managed to get out. He smiled instantly, grabbing her hand from his shoulder and kissing it a million times. "Do you have any idea how out of my mind, worried I have been?"

Clare smiled lightly, "yeah, kinda."

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