Her Eyes Believed in Mysteries

Her eyes believed in mysteries. Others tried to change her. But her eyes said Let them try. Though she knew how hard it was to make sense of her, it did not matter. She was happy to be who she was. And that was the end of it.

Except it wasn't always. There were times where she wished for a person to understand. Someone who would, rather than pretend to comprehend and try to move on, embrace it all and identify with her. Someone else like her. And when she found that person…If it was a woman, that person would be her unequivocal best friend; if it was a man, that would be the man she married.

One day, she did find that person. And they fell in love, her and that man. He was as much an oddity as she was, and he was content to be that way. They were two halves of a whole apart, and a whole together.

Everyone was happy for them, but even if they hadn't been, that would've been okay. Neither really cared about others' approval, though it was nice to have. Because her eyes believed in mysteries, and his eyes believed in mysteries, and they could discover those mysteries together.