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"Somebody help me!" a loud scream came from an alleyway, followed by quick footsteps. A thin, raven haired boy ran, his clothing torn and tears streaking his face.

"Where do you think you're going?" a man grabbed the small framed boy and tossed him to the ground.

"No!" he gasped when the man kicked him in the stomach. The boy crawled away, but received another kick, knocking him out of the alleyway.

Somewhere down the street, two off-duty police officers were leaving a bar together, laughing about random subjects.

"Well I think that you know who should just-"

"Shh, did you hear that?" a brown haired boy held his tan hand up to silence his co-worker.

"Oh, Suzaku, you're just being paranoid. Let's go home before my wife gets pissed that we're late again."

"Rivalz, really...I heard something..." Suzaku turned toward the noises he head and began walking down the street.

"Suzaku, come on!" Rivalz whined and trudged alongside his determined friend. "We're not even working!"

A loud scream, followed by a small body fell onto the sidewalk.

"You want to go so bad? Then go! Right out into the street!" a larger figure kicked the small boy into the road.

Rivalz, now realizing his friend wasn't exaggerating, began running full speed with Suzaku.

"Hey! Don't move!" Rivalz pulled a gun from his belt and aimed it at the man while Suzaku grabbed the small boy from the road right before a vehicle came. "You're under arrest, sir." Rivalz removed handcuffs and placed them on the man who complied.

"Are you alright?" Suzaku brushed the hair from the young boys face as he held him tightly against his chest and was stunned at how beautiful he was.

"I-I'm fine..." he pushed himself away from the tight embrace and began walking away.

"Wait! You need medical treatment...and we need to file a police report so..." Suzaku escorted the boy to his car while Rivalz called for a cruiser to pick up the suspect. "What's your name?"

"Lelouch..." he turned and looked out the window at the night scenery. They passed several cars and drove into a highly lit parking lot behind the police station. No matter the light, Lelouch could still see the bright stars in the sky due to the cold night air.

"I'll get you cleaned up and you can tell me what happened, alright?" Suzaku smiled and walked the emotionless boy to a private room in the station. Suzaku glanced over his shoulder as he gathered some medical supplies. "You said your name is Lelouch?"

"Yes..." he avoided the looks from Suzaku and looked at the piles of paper work on the desk. "Is this your office?"

"Yes it is. How old are you, Lelouch?" Suzaku walked over and knelt down, dabbing some gauze on one of the scrapes he had.

"Seventeen..." he winced at the stings from the medicine.

"Sorry.." Suzaku smiled and cleaned some of the blood from Lelouch's hair. "Tell me what happened?"

Lelouch sighed and began explaining. "Derrick is...was, my boyfriend...and, he abused me so..I left him and he got mad, chased me and started to hit me...and then you showed up and saw the rest." he crossed his legs and looked into Suzaku's eyes. "What's your name...?"

"Officer Kururugi...But you can call me Suzaku." he smiled again and wiped the dried tears from Lelouch's face. "Your eyes...they're unusual. Very pretty."

"Thank you...Suzaku." as if in a movie, Lelouch felt the space between him and Suzaku slowly close. Their lips nearly touched, but their moment was interrupted with a knock on the door.

"Suzaku, we've got a confirmation on this guy Derrick Winters. He's got a warrant out and has previously been charged with sexual and aggravated assault." Rivalz poked his head into the room and waved papers in the air. "Fill out the rest of this for me please? I called Milly and she's pretty pissed."

"Sure thing. Go home, get some rest and I'll be in sooner or later. Just tell Milly it's my fault." Suzaku laughed.

"Don't worry, I will." Rivalz laughed and ducked out of the room after handing the papers to his friend.

"You two live together? Isn't that bothersome to his wife?" Lelouch spoke up.

"Well, I'm in a bit of a financial bind right now and they have a spare bedroom until their child is born so...It's just a temporary thing."

"Oh..." Lelouch fidgeted in his seat until Suzaku said it was alright for him to leave. "So...He's in jail now?"

"Yes, pretty big bail too so I don't think he'll be out soon." Suzaku walked the boy to the door.

Lelouch walked down the sidewalk and sat down. He watched cars pass by as the night dragged on and as the air got colder. He shivered and rubbed his arms, trying to stay warm. A silver car pulled up and the passenger window rolled down, a brown haired head poking out.

"Lelouch? Why haven't you gone home?"

"I don't have a home to go to...And I don't want to go back to his apartment, even if I could, I don't have a key. I thought I'd just find a homeless shelter and-"

"You don't even have proper clothing...It's got to be thirty degrees out here." he reached over and swung open the door. "Get in."

Lelouch stared at the officer for a few seconds before gathering himself and climbing into the car for the second time that night. Suzaku drove home and helped the smaller boy from the car and showed him the house.

"You can stay in my room, I'll crash on the couch." Suzaku found a long shirt and handed it to Lelouch. "You can wear this to keep warm."

"I don't want to kick you out of your room...I'll sleep on the couch. I don't mind, it's better than being locked out and sleeping on cement." he half laughed and removed his shirt, putting on the one Suzaku handed him.

"Are you sure?" he frowned and watched as the boy nodded and walked out to the living room. Suzaku sighed and got ready for bed, tossing down his white sheets and laying in his bed.

The raven haired boy laid down and pulled a blanket over himself, snuggling up against the pillows that were arranged on the couch. He looked around at the house, not only did it smell good, it was clean and full of photographs. He looked at a photo of a guy with blue hair, obviously Rivalz, and a beautiful blonde girl. He began noticing how cold it was becoming in the room and started shaking. He tossed and turned on the couch, becoming more and more uncomfortable with every passing minute. He turned to a flashing digital clock that was on a DVD player, reading that the time was past three in the morning.

Lelouch's heavy eyes wouldn't stay closed, and he wasn't sure why. Maybe it had to do with the green eyed boy that was sleeping in the other room? He was nice enough to take him home and offer him a place to stay...But of course he was just being nice...It wasn't like they were friends or anything more...But it couldn't hurt to try and be friends with the older boy, right?

He stood up from the couch and lightly walked down the hall, opening the bedroom door and seeing the sleeping form of a shirtless man. Lelouch lifted the covers on the side of the bed, crawled in and snuggled up against the warm figure.

"Lelouch?" Suzaku woke up to not only the sun shining into his window, but a small boy wrapped around his waist. He smiled and felt his heart begin to race. Strange feelings began to rise in his groin, and he gently pulled the boy away from him. He looked down and frowned at the sight of himself slowly growing hard.

"Nngg..." the black haired boy rolled onto his back and stretched, making strange, but cute, noises. He blinked a few times before looking at the frown on Suzaku's face. "Oh... I'm sorry, I got cold and couldn't sleep and well... I'll go." he began getting up, when a hand wrapped around his arm.

"Don't go. It's not you, it's just something else.." he smiled softly and caressed the boys cheek. "I have the day off...Let's go back to bed, shall we? I'm quite tired."

"Okay." he smiled and laid down. "Your bed is so soft...I feel like I'm on a big marshmallow..."

"So I take it that you're comfortable?" he laughed and laid on his side, looking at Lelouch.

"Yeah.." he scooted closer and pressed his slender hips against Suzaku's. "I'm...grateful to you. For letting me stay with you for the night."

"You can stay as long as you want." Suzaku allowed his hand to wander and rest on Lelouch's hip.

"Only if I can stay in here with you..." he leaned in and gently brushed their lips together. "I'll do whatever you say..."

"Anything I want?" Lelouch nodded and pressed their lips together. Suzaku's hand gently caressed Lelouch's hip as they laid on the bed, kissing gently. Suzaku rolled himself over, pulling Lelouch on top of him. Their hips rocked together for a few minutes as they continued kissing.

Suzaku pulled away and stopped Lelouch's movements. "We can't do this..."

"Why not?" the boy looked crushed.

"I just met you last night and I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of you in this state..." Suzaku thought back to how the boy must be feeling after leaving his abusive boyfriend. "Maybe you and I could get to know each other a little better first...?"

Lelouch sighed and removed himself from Suzaku's lap. "I understand. What was I thinking?" he chuckled and stood up. "May I use your shower and inquire about a change of clothing?"

"Of course." Suzaku pointed to the bathroom. "Use any soap you find, towels are in the closet and I'll get you some clothing once you're done."

"Thank you." Lelouch smiled and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Suzaku yawned and rolled back over, closing his eyes tightly. He dreamed about the young boy in the shower, washing his body up and down, covered in soap. Suzaku found himself walking into the bathroom, void of clothing. He stepped into the shower and pressed the boy against the wall. His hands roamed the boys body, causing him to moan his name, over and over.

"Suzaku... Suzaku... Suzaku..." the boys voice echoed in his mind.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch shouted and smacked the older awake.

"Huh?" he turned and blinked, looking at the soaked boy. "Oh! Clothing..." he stood up and walked off to Milly and Rivalz's room. "You're very small, I think my pants would be way too big for you...If you don't mind wearing woman's pants..." Suzaku held up a small set of pants and smiled.

"I don't mind, as long as they fit." Lelouch snatched them up and pulled them on over his underwear. "They're fine." he wore the shirt Suzaku had given him the night before, it was large on him but he was warm and comfortable in it.

"Would you like something to eat?" Suzaku walked to the kitchen and looked around for food. "I don't have much..." he frowned seeing a few packages of oatmeal and a box of cereal. "Let's go out to eat." he threw on some clean clothing, ran some gel through his hair and grabbed his keys from the table.

"Out?" Lelouch trailed behind him and gracefully glided to the car. "Where?"

"Let's go to a diner. You can have whatever you want."

"I thought money was tight?"

"Doesn't mean we can't have breakfast." he smiled, started the car and drove off to a small diner.

The place was family owned and had good food for a cheap price. Lelouch and Suzaku sat down in a booth and looked over the menu. The waitress came over with coffee and two cups, asking the boys if they were ready to order. Suzaku ordered two eggs over easy with hash browns and bacon, while Lelouch ordered scrambled eggs and toast.

"So you said you're seventeen?" Suzaku poured them both some coffee and offered Lelouch sugar and cream, who happily turned them down.

"Yes I am, how old are you?" he sipped the drink and looked out the bus style windows.

"I'm twenty one...When's your birthday? Mine's July 10th..."

"December 5th. Is there a reason you like me so suddenly? I mean, considering what you said...we just met and-"

"I don't know...You just..."

"Here you are boys!" the waitress placed their food on the table. "Could I get you anything else?"

"No thank you, we're all set." Suzaku smiled kindly and turned back to Lelouch who was now picking at the food quietly. "Like I was saying...You strike me differently than anyone else I've met, and well..."

"Thank you..." Suzaku cocked his head to the side and questioned him. "You're the first guy that's brought me home and respected me...Normally it's a sloppy one night stand that leaves me broken out on the sidewalk somewhere..."

"I could never do that to someone...especially someone so beautiful." Suzaku caused the younger boy to blush and hide his face.

"I'm not that attractive..." he finished his food and placed his napkin on the plate.

"Yes you are, trust me." Suzaku stood up after finishing the last sip of coffee. He payed for the food and walked Lelouch to the car again. "I have to stop at my office to check on some things. Would you like to come along?"

"Okay. I don't have anything else to do." they drove a short way to the police station and went inside.

Suzaku was greeted by several co-workers before slipping into his office. Lelouch poked around the station, looking at wanted lists and awards that were hanging around. Rivalz popped into Suzaku's office and tossed him some paper work.

"So I see you're still with that kid." he smirked and sat on the edge of the desk.

"Yeah. What's your point?"

Rivalz shrugged. "So you brought him home last night?" Suzaku nodded. "Did you get some?" Rivalz laughed.

"What? No.. We just met. Besides, he's been through some stuff and I would feel like that's taking advantage of him..." Suzaku wrote some things down and stood up. "Are these papers due Tuesday?"

"Yeah they are." Rivalz stood up and walked to the door with Suzaku. "Be careful with him though...You never know."

"I think he's just some innocent kid who got stuck with the wrong crowd..." Suzaku walked out of his office and saw Lelouch looking at the board of wanted people.

The raven haired boy turned and looked over his shoulder at the duo. "I know how you can catch some of these guys..." he blinked and turned back to the board.

Half of the office stopped working and looked at the young boy.

"How?" Suzaku walked over.

"I know them. This one," he pointed at a picture of an unshaven man with short brown hair. "He hangs out behind the Central Club on Monday nights selling drugs...Derrick used to send me to him to get drugs for some girls he hung out with."

The chief of police walked over and looked at the pale raven haired boy. "How would you like to work for us?"

"Work, for you...?" he turned to Suzaku who nodded and smiled. "What would I be doing...?"

"You would just do as ordered by myself and Officer Kururugi here. Officer Cardemonde will also help. Since you're still underage, you'll basically just be an intern or work study...That way everything is legal."

Lelouch felt very uncomfortable as everyone in the station stared at him, waiting for an answer. He fidgeted and finally nodded. "Okay.." he smiled as Suzaku and Rivalz embraced him.

"Good, undercover work is what you will be doing. And don't worry, you'll have plenty of protection in any situation you run across." the chief patted Lelouch on the back and walked off to get paper work and a history report on the boy.

"What do I do now?" Lelouch bit his lip and clung to Suzaku who just rubbed his back gently.

"Well, we need to fill out some paper work for you, see if you've been convicted of anything in the last seven years and get your age, date of birth, height and a bunch of other stuff."

He nodded and sat down in Suzaku's office, pulling his feet up into the chair as he spoke with Suzaku and Rivalz about his history and personal information.

Suzaku walked up to his boss and handed him Lelouch's information. "He's seventeen, 5'5, violet eyes, black hair, 108lbs, Britannian, no previous records and ready to help us along with some of these cases."

"Where did you find this boy?" his boss took the papers and looked them over. "There's hardly any information on him at all, no address, no listed family members..."

"I picked him up last night after arresting his boyfriend who was assaulting him."

"That guy we've been after for a while? So this kid is just someone out of the streets with nothing better to do with his time then."

"Right." he yawned and grabbed the coffee pot, pouring himself some. "I think I'll head home soon...He woke me up pretty early this morning."

"He went home with you?" his boss cocked an eyebrow and leaned on the wall.

"He had no where to go and it was freezing out." Suzaku downed the coffee and grabbed his jacket. "See you tomorrow. I'll walk him through everything he needs to do for this assignment."

"Alright, don't have too much fun." his boss winked and laughed.

"Thanks, Lloyd...I'll try not to." he rolled his eyes and called to Lelouch who trailed behind him.

"He's weird." Lelouch bounced into the car and went home with Suzaku. "So...Do you know me better now?" Lelouch smiled and wrapped his arms around Suzaku while parked in the car.

"Yes, I suppose I do." Suzaku pressed his lips to Lelouch's neck and slowly began kissing.

Lelouch moaned and crawled over into Suzaku's lap. Suzaku rubbed his hands under Lelouch's shirt and wrapped his hands around the boys slender waist. The younger boy kissed Suzaku deeply, parting their lips and kissing him deeper as their tongues swirled around together. Lelouch pulled the recliner lever on the seat and attacked Suzaku's neck. Suzaku groaned and began getting hard under the boy that was grinding on him slowly.

"When's the last time you got laid?" Lelouch kept sucking on his neck. "You get hard awfully quick."

"It's been a very, very long time..." he rubbed the boys sides and thrust his hips upwards. "How about you?"

"I've never been involved in anything that's given me pleasure..." Lelouch frowned and laid on Suzaku, placing his head on his chest. "But I'd really like to feel pleasure..."

Suzaku smiled and sat up, holding onto the boy. He picked up Lelouch and carried him into the house. He gently tossed the young boy onto the bed in his room and knelt between his legs. "I know I said that I wanted to basically wait...because you and I just met...but you're just so beautiful and have been teasing me all day today."

"It's only two in the afternoon." Lelouch smiled as Suzaku undid their pants and removed all of Lelouch's clothing.

"I know." Suzaku leaned down and kissed the boy. "I know this is going to sound completely absurd..But would you be mine? And only mine?" he smiled softly, admiring the body before him.

"I think I've pretty much already made it clear..." Lelouch spread his legs and wrapped one around Suzaku's hip. "Now only if you'd prepare me..."

Suzaku nodded and grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand, generously coating his fingers with the clear liquid. He leaned down and started kissing the boys neck again as he thrust a finger inside of him. Lelouch moaned and rolled his hips against the palm of Suzaku's hand. He gasped and moaned loudly as Suzaku thrust another finger inside of him.

"More!" Lelouch ran his hands down Suzaku's back and then up to his hair, twining his fingers into the brown locks. "Please...more!" Suzaku smiled, pressing his fingers against Lelouch's prostate. He smiled at the way the boy squirmed.

"Not enough for you?" Suzaku asked, pressing his fingers harder against the spot, rubbing it generously.

"Ah!" he gasped and ran his nails across Suzaku's neck. "I'm..oh! I'm going to come!" he moaned and came on his stomach, panting and gasping for air.

"Lelouch..." Suzaku lifted the boys hips up and carefully pushed himself into him, moaning as he did so.

"Fuck me!" the boy screamed and wrapped his legs around Suzaku's hips.

"Do you like getting fucked?" Suzaku smiled and kissed the younger boy, pulling their bodies closer together.

"Yes..." he moaned and enjoyed the feeling of the older boy thrusting himself in and out of his small body.

The two gasped together as Suzaku thrust harder. Lelouch moved his hips, cuing Suzaku to move faster. The brunette lifted Lelouch's leg over his right shoulder and continued to pound in and out of him while moaning loudly. Lelouch screamed out of pleasure and sat up a bit, smiling at Suzaku.

"I want more...Fuck me harder..." Lelouch kissed Suzaku gently and pulled on his lower lip, biting down gently.

"Oh Lelouch..." Suzaku hadn't realized it before, but listening to Lelouch beg for more and talk dirty to him really turned him on. "I'll fuck you as hard and as much as you want." Suzaku moved harder and listened to the boy scream and gasp. "Feel good?"

"Yes!" he gasped and ran his hands up and down his body. "Oh! Make me come!"

Suzaku moaned and leaned down, thrusting deeper into the boy. Lelouch's nails dug into Suzaku's back, making small crescent moons. Lelouch began getting tighter around Suzaku's large erection, causing heat to build up in his stomach.

"I'm so close." Suzaku groaned and thrust as hard as he could. "Lulu!" he gasped and came inside of the boy, filling him up with hot fluids.

Lelouch gasped at the feeling of cum shooting inside of him and came as Suzaku's continued thrusts pushed against his prostate. Suzaku removed himself from the boy and collapsed beside him, panting heavily.

"Oh, Lelouch...I'm so sorry I shouldn't have done that I feel so bad! I just met you and you're just a kid going through some rough times an-"

"Shh...you're ruining the moment..." he smiled and pulled Suzaku into his arms, cuddling up to him. "Did you call me Lulu...?" he raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"I uh..Yeah, I guess I did.." Suzaku laughed and kissed the boys forehead. "Does this mean you'll be my boyfriend?"

Lelouch was quiet, but smiled and pressed his face to Suzaku's muscular chest. "Of course I will...I liked you from the moment you scooped me out of the street in your strong arms." he giggled and rolled onto his back. "And all of this just tops it..."

Suzaku stayed quiet and smiled as Lelouch began falling asleep in his arms. He faded in and out of sleep until he jumped awake at the sound of the front door slamming shut.

"Suzaku! I'm home! Are you here? Want to go out for drinks?" Suzaku groaned, hearing his blue haired friend storm through the house.

"I'm kinda tired today, Rivalz...Maybe tomorrow night?" he stood up and pulled on some boxers before sliding out of the door.

"Where's your little boy toy?" Rivalz marched to the bedroom door.

"Ah, he's asleep..." Suzaku blocked the door and smiled.

"You didn't... I thought you said something about taking advantage of him?" Rivalz laughed and peeked into the bedroom, seeing a sleeping boy in the bed.

"I uh... Shit, honestly I have no explanation for this." Suzaku blushed and scratched the back of his head.

Rivalz laughed and walked to the kitchen with Suzaku. "Don't break the poor kids heart."

"How would I do that?" Suzaku dug through the fridge and found some pasta sauce. "I don't have a reason to...There's no one else in my life that I have romantic feelings for. And I don't think anyone has romantic feelings for me." he opened a cupboard and found a box of noodles. "And I wouldn't throw him out on the streets...Honestly, I think he's the one I've been looking for..."

"Looking for?"

"Yeah. Like, sole mates."

"And if he isn't the one?"

"I wouldn't abandon this boy even if he isn't the one..."

"Whatever dude." Rivalz rolled his eyes and walked to the other room, flipping on the television.

Suzaku shook his head and stirred the pasta on the stove. He turned around, seeing his new boyfriend standing in the doorway with only a t-shirt on, smiling softly.

"I uh..Do you need me to do anything...?" he shifted the weight from one leg to the other and fiddled with the bottom of his shirt.

"I think I'm pretty set here..." Suzaku drained the pasta and dumped the sauce into the pan to heat it up. "Want some food?"

"Okay." Lelouch sat down at the table as Suzaku handed him a plate of food. "Thank you.." he smiled and picked up his fork.

"So...Do you have any siblings?"

"Three. I'm the youngest.. I have five sisters as well." Lelouch frowned and set his fork down. "Well...My little sister died...and basically the rest of my family abandoned me..."

"I'm sorry...What was her name?"


"Pretty name...What were your brothers name?"

"Odysseus, Schneizel, and Clovis. None of them really seemed to like me...Schneizel and I used to relate a lot, playing chess and getting into debates...Clovis was fun to be around...well, unless he had friends over...he never wanted me around and my mother would get awfully mad when he didn't play with me...since we were closest in age. Odysseus on the other hand, was a buffoon. Just had his head in the clouds all the time, and not in a good way...he was stupider than Clovis at times." Lelouch shook his head and sighed. "It's funny though, Odysseus was the only one of the four of us that turned out straight... Schneizel started dating his assistant, Clovis screws just about anything that walks and well, I just...guess I like guys."

Suzaku dropped his fork and nearly choked on his food. "Those names..."

"Yeah? You know them?"

"Know them? Aren't they the names of the Princes of Britannia?"

Lelouch nodded. "So I suppose you're going to treat me differently now because of who I am..."

"I would never!" he grabbed the boy by his waist and hugged him tightly.

"But why? Why do you want me? I'm three...four years younger than you...I've been ditched by my family and I'm far from being an innocent boy... Plus the fact that we met not even two days ago..." Lelouch frowned again and breathed in Suzaku's scent. "And you're a successful handsome police officer who could have anyone he wants..."

"But I want you," he smiled, "I've fallen in love with you already...I know it's corny but I feel very strongly about this." he pressed his hands to Lelouch's cheeks and kissed him gently. "Is there any way...that you feel the same as I do?"

Lelouch nodded and pressed his face into Suzaku's chest, mumbling.

"I can't understand you..."

"...you..." he mumbled again.

"Lulu..." Suzaku pulled him away kissed his cheek. "What are you saying?"

"I think I love you..." he whispered, blushing.

"And I believe I love you too." Suzaku's hands roamed down the boys hips as he kissed him softly.

"No touchy feely in my kitchen please!" a blonde haired girl with a large stomach walked into the kitchen and grabbed the nearest box of cookies. Her name was Milly Ashford and she, along with Rivalz and Suzaku, worked at the police station.

"Hey, Milly." Suzaku smiled and stood behind Lelouch holding onto him tightly. "When do you go on leave?" he looked at her stomach and back up at her.

"Not until like..boarder line nine months.."

Lelouch opened his mouth to ask something, but was interrupted by Milly. "It's a girl, I'm naming her Calla, I'm six months along, the due date is January 21st and that's Suzaku's time limit to get out of my house." she laughed.

Lelouch nodded. "You're tired of being asked, I imagine?"

"Yes. Suzaku, is this the boy you brought home with you yesterday? He looks so familiar."

"He's a Britannian. Not just a commoner either." Suzaku smiled.

"Oh my goodness! You're a prince?"

Lelouch nodded and bit his lip. He began to find it annoying that everyone knew about him and his family, but he knew nothing of them.

"Remember that case we've been trying to work on for some time now? The one with the guy that sells behind the bar but we can never catch him?" Milly nodded and stuffed some cookies into her mouth. "Lelouch is going to help us...He knows over half of the guys on our wanted list...Lloyd asked him to help and he said sure.."

"When's all this going down?"

"Tomorrow hopefully...We'll have a wire on him, but since we don't want to endanger him anymore than we have to, we're going to do a 'double bust' on them so that Lelouch's name doesn't get around as a nark..."

"Double bust?" Milly raised an eyebrow.

"We're going to make it seem like Lelouch got arrested as well for buying the drugs from him...Is that okay with you, Lulu?" Suzaku smiled and kissed his boyfriends cheek.

"I guess so..."

"Wonderful...What do I get to do?" Milly laughed and walked away. "Oh wait! Nothing~!" she sang and flopped on the couch beside Rivalz.

As planned, Monday night, Lelouch was let out of a van several blocks away from his destination. He turned down a small alleyway and walked up to the drug dealer as he normally would.

"Hey kid...Derrick send you for some more? Guess he got some new ho's!" the guy laughed and shifted on his feet. "A'ight...Here's the stuff, show me the money?"

Lelouch pulled some crumpled bills from his pocket and counted them out. "Fifty even..." Lelouch slapped the cash into the mans hand and took the bag of drugs.

"Nice doin' business with you!" he laughed nervously, obviously hyped up on something.

"Don't move!" Rivalz and several other officers stormed up from behind the drug dealer, while Lelouch pretended to run away.

Suzaku grabbed onto Lelouch, gently, but firmly threw him to the ground and handcuffed him. Lelouch hung his head as he was shoved into the back of a cruiser while the drug dealer was stuffed into another.

"Good job, Lulu." Suzaku smiled and looked into the rear view mirror.

"Handcuffs are too tight..." he frowned and shifted in the seat, sliding his arms under his legs to pull his handcuffs to his front. "And the back of this car smells..."

"Sorry." he laughed and pulled into the station, un-cuffing Lelouch. "But you did a good job..."

"And as promised, drinks are on me!" Rivalz flung his arms around both of them and laughed.

"I'm not old enough to drink in a bar."

"Doesn't mean you can't come along and have a soda!"

"So you, as an officer of the law...are going to bring a minor into a bar with you while you both drink?" he smiled and shoved Rivalz off of his shoulder. "Sounds fun."

"Woo!" Rivalz shouted and grabbed Suzaku's keys.

Lelouch crawled into the back of the car and waited while they found a bar that they could get Lelouch into without causing too much trouble. The three sat down at a table and ordered drinks from a waitress that knew Rivalz and Suzaku from previous times they had been there but had never had the pleasure of seeing the youngest boy in the bar before.

"What's your name? You look awfully young to be here.." she smiled and sat down beside the boys, flipping her long hair over her shoulder.

Lelouch wasn't paying much attention to the girl. He was more focused on his own thoughts and was looking at a menu she'd placed in front of him. "My name is Lelouch...And I am a little too young to be here, but that's why my drink has nothing in it." he sipped his virgin daiquiri and pointed to a choice of salmon and rice. "I'll have this. Thank you."

"Expensive taste. How are you going to handle this one, Suzaku?" Rivalz joked and jabbed Suzaku in his side.

"I can handle it! He only deserves the best." Suzaku smiled and ordered a plate of onion rings and cheese sticks.

"Is that all boys?" the girl wrote nothing down.

"Yeah, thanks." Suzaku shot her a smile before turning back to Lelouch. "Lulu, you seem either cranky or spaced out."

"Or both." Rivalz mumbled into his beer.

"I'm just thinking about some thing..."

"What's on your mind?" Suzaku kicked Rivalz under the table, who yelped.

"Just about father and what not. Once that dispute with Japan started he needed everyone there to boss around...Except me that is." Lelouch grimaced and stared down his drink. "Dammit I wish this had alcohol in it.."

"Who's your father? What did he have to do with the war?" Rivalz waved over their waitress and ordered a regular daiquiri.

"Charles zi Britannia! 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire!" Lelouch smacked his head down on the table and groaned. "I despise that man more than anyone..."

"You're a prince?" Rivalz shouted but received a slap upside the head by Suzaku.

"Shut up!" they switched out the drinks when the waitress came back and poked at Lelouch's shoulder. "I have no idea where you were when we were talking about this with Milly but I don't think everyone in the bar has to know about it!"

"Was, was a prince." Lelouch sipped his drink and looked at Suzaku. "Thank you...Anyway, I was banished here and well my mother and sister came with me... After my mother and sister were murdered three years ago, I was officially on my own..."

"Ah..." Suzaku began his third beer.

"Why wasn't it on your records?"

"The Britannian government has some pretty good connections and deleted me from the system basically..started me over." he grasped Suzaku's hand. "I'm really..really sorry." he leaned in and kissed him softly. "Should have told you..."

Suzaku swooned over the kisses and nodded heavily. "So...are you keeping anything else from me..? Or are you really an innocent boy that I've found on the street..."

"Actually, I'm quite devious...I get what I want...when, I want it..." he smirked and nipped at Suzaku's lip. "Eh, I've also been diagnosed as bipolar and blah blah blah." he sunk back into his chair and looked at Suzaku who just blinked. "Ah..maybe I should have told you that as well?"

"Maybe you should have..." Suzaku tapped his fingers on the table.

"Wondered why he was all sweet and sexy at one point and then all like...in everyone's face about everything the next." Rivalz ordered another beer.

"When was I ever in anyone's face?" Lelouch folded his arms.

"Oh I don't know, maybe now?" Rivalz laughed. "Don't worry about it, you'll fit in fine with the rest of us. Suzaku's also bipolar."

Lelouch turned to Suzaku and smiled. "I think maybe I should tell you that I'm totally freaked out right now because my whole life has unraveled in the three day's I've known you."

"Not to mention the fact that the second day you two knew each other you had sex." Rivalz laughed.

"Shut up, why are you even here?" Suzaku shoved him off his chair and turned back to Lelouch. "We did jump into this awfully fast... I love you and I hardly know you. I know this giggling dork on the floor better than you..." he gestured toward Rivalz.

"You should tell me about you...I'm sick of talking about myself and my retarded family."

The waitress brought their food over and scurried off to wait on a few more tables, "Sorry it took so long boys! Busy night tonight!" she shouted from across the room.

Suzaku laughed and picked up a cheese stick. "Okay well...I don't have a middle name, I'm Japanese, I have a birthmark on my lower back in the shape of an acorn, I'm afraid of boats, I like taking a personal vacation once in a while...and I realized I was gay when I was fourteen."

"Where do you vacation?" Lelouch began eating his dinner.

"I like to go home to Japan sometimes...But they don't accept me there, so that's why I came here. Especially considering I'm the late Prime Minister's son. Oh but when I'm here in the states, I love traveling to New England...Sometimes up to Washington too."

"You're from that line of Kururugi's? I've never left the city...Well, other than Japan and Britannia."

"I have a vacation coming up soon...It's been over a year. Would you like to go with me?"

"I don't want to intrude." Lelouch smiled softly and finished his pile of rice before moving onto the fish.

"Never!" Suzaku shook his head. "You're the one I've been looking for for seven years, you're my boyfriend now and I want to spend time with you."

Lelouch nodded and finished his drink. He yawned and slumped down in his chair, watching Suzaku plow through the food on the table. Suzaku's appetite was large, but not healthy at all. Suzaku turned and looked at Lelouch with his mouth full and grinned.

"Oh now don't choke." he laughed and looked over at the floor. "What are we going to do with him?" Rivalz was on the floor, passed out cold.

"I'll throw him in the back of the car...He can sleep it off on the couch, Milly won't be happy that he got so drunk again. Do you have a license?"

Lelouch nodded. "I've only driven like twice though.."

"You'll do fine!" he stood up and paid the bill for their drinks and food with Rivalz's money. "He's never going to remember that he offered to pay for everything." Suzaku laughed and picked the blue haired boy up and carried him out of the bar.

"Night boys!" the waitress waved.

"Okay now...how do I turn on the headlights?" Lelouch poked around the steering wheel and found the light switch. "Oh, simple enough." he smiled and pulled his seat belt on. "Let's go!" he hit the gas and sped down the road.

"Watch your speed!" Suzaku laughed and reclined his seat. "Do you know where you're going?"

"Nope." Lelouch smiled and drove down random roads.

"Turn on the GPS and hit home." Suzaku pointed to the dashboard.

"Uhhh yeah." he stopped the car and pressed random buttons on the GPS until he found a home button. "Here we are." he drove, following the dark green line on the monitor.

"You like going fast, don't you?"

"Yeah...I do."

"Maybe they'll let me let you drive the cruiser some day."

Lelouch passed several cars on the highway and turned down some back streets until he found the destination. He pulled into the driveway and stopped the car in front of the garage before hopping out and smiling.

"How'd I do?"

"Amazing." Suzaku got out and pulled Rivalz from the back. "The gold key on my set of keys is the one to the house. Could you get the door?"

Lelouch nodded and found a round golden key. He opened the door and held it so Suzaku could throw their friend on the couch. Suzaku turned and smiled at Lelouch, grabbing him by his waist.

"I want you...But Milly and Rivalz could hear, and that'd be rude..."

"Then fuck me in the car." Lelouch smiled and jumped up on Suzaku's hips. "Please..."

Suzaku smashed his lips against Lelouch's, sure to bruise them. Lelouch moaned and ground his hips into Suzaku's, feeling their erections rub together. The raven haired boy was thrust up against the door that lead outside. Suzaku started sucking on Lelouch's neck before undoing his pants.

"I thought- ah... Car?" he gasped and moaned quietly as Suzaku tried to devour the boys throat.

Suzaku nodded and carried his prince to the car, tossing him into the back seat. He crawled in onto the leather seat and closed the door behind him. He pulled Lelouch's pants off and started rubbing his hips, earning some cute moans.

"Tell me how you want it." Suzaku removed his own clothing and started kissing Lelouch's neck again.

"I want it hard...Then I want to ride you..." Lelouch moaned and rolled his hips against Suzaku's, begging to be penetrated.

"I'll fuck you as hard as you want.." Suzaku smiled and pushed himself into Lelouch, gaining a loud moan.

"Yes!" he screamed and grabbed onto Suzaku's back.

Their hips thrust together as Suzaku slammed in and out of the boy beneath him. Suzaku, being drunk, was more rough than he normally would have been. He gripped Lelouch's hips and breathed heavy as the younger squeezed around him.

"It's so tight inside of you.." he leaned down and kissed Lelouch roughly while he gripped the boys erection and began pumping it with his fist.

Lelouch began screaming and moaning with every thrust from his older boyfriend. "I've...never...felt, so... good!" he screamed as his prostate was pressed on, over and over.

"You like it?" Suzaku grinned and pulled Lelouch up so they were sitting together. "Get yourself off while riding me..."

Lelouch placed his hands on Suzaku's shoulders to brace himself as he bounced up and down, causing Suzaku's cock to slam inside of him. He kept screaming and begging for more as he rode Suzaku's lap.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Lelouch shouted and dug his nails into Suzaku's shoulders.

"Me too baby.." Suzaku grabbed Lelouch's hips and groaned. "I love your hips...They're so gorgeous."

"Suzaku!" Lelouch gasped and came, screaming as Suzaku continued to thrust his hips upward into his small body. "Stop! It's...too much!" he gasped and tried to remove himself from the brunettes hips, but was shoved back onto the seat of the car as Suzaku continued to thrust violently into him. "No, no! I'm cumming again!" Lelouch gasped and came to another orgasm as Suzaku finally reached his own.

"Oh, Lulu..." Suzaku moaned and slowed his thrusting down, laying on top of the boy beneath him.

"I- m-my.. legs feel like...jello.." Lelouch closed his eyes and relaxed. "Suzaku...?" Lelouch opened his eyes and looked at Suzaku, who was sound asleep on his chest. "Zaku!" he whined and started shivering from the cold night air that was leaking into the car.

Lelouch sighed and managed to push out from under his boyfriend and gather his clothing. He slid on his underwear and a shirt before pinching the skin on Suzaku's arm.

"Ow!" he woke up and fell from the back seat, onto the floor. Lelouch stood outside of the car and laughed.

"Get up and take me to bed."

"Yes my prince." he yawned and struggled up from the floor and carried Lelouch to the bedroom.

"You hurt me.." Lelouch frowned as Suzaku carried him bridal style to their room.

"I'm sorry...I get a little rough when I've had too much to drink."

"Not that I didn't enjoy it, that is..." Lelouch smiled as Suzaku tucked him into bed and held him closely.

Suzaku nodded and closed his eyes, dozing off to sleep again while Lelouch kept warm by his side.