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Lelouch strolled down the street, looking up at the falling snow that was sticking to his raven hair. It had been a week since Lelouch blew up in Suzaku's and Rivalz's face about the kiss they shared, and Lelouch finally realized that he was truly overreacting about the entire thing. He apologized to both of them, and both were grateful that he was no longer mad at them for the incident. They mostly just smiled and embraced him, a quick peck from Suzaku, and a messed up hairdo from Riavlz.

He sighed as he stopped in front of a store, wondering what he should get Suzaku for Christmas. It was hard for him to shop for something personal like that; what did guys like after all? Sex? Well yes, but that happened a lot anyway...there wasn't anything "present like" about that... He laughed to himself as he kept walking, mulling it over in his brain as to what to buy. He didn't even have four days to decide on a gift. The stores were more crowded than a week or two ago, and quickly selling out of things.

He tugged at his blue plaid shirt, and the puffy dark blue vest that was over it. He looked at his white jeans that were tucked into his matching white snow boots, and smiled, "Maybe an iPod and new stereo system with surround sound speakers.." he kicked a lump of snow and continued his walk.

He somehow wound up walking the entire way to the mall, not realizing that he was freezing cold until he stepped into the warm building. He pushed past people, walking to the Best Buy store to find the iPod's.

"Hello, welcome to Best Buy, is there anything I can help you find?" a young man walked over, a smile across his face.

"I'm actually looking for an iPod for my boyfriend, what one do you recommend?"

"I personally enjoy the iPod touch, it's like the iPhone, has many features and games for download. This one is 64GB and is on sale for $300.."

"Okay I'll take that...a case for it and some screen protectors.. Do you have any stereos that fit this type of iPod? Maybe some good speakers that can be hooked up around the living room and kitchen?"

"We've got a nice Yamaha stereo for about $800, comes with surround sound speakers, and if you'd like we can get some others that will be hooked up through a wireless connector and placed anywhere in your home."

"Right, that sounds good..." he looked over the speakers and the system, nodding to the boy, "I'll take it.. is it hard to connect?"

"Not really, there are detailed directions in the box, each wire is labeled and you shouldn't have any trouble, but if you do we can send someone over to help with the installation." Lelouch nodded and watched the boy carry everything to a counter for him, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

"No, thank you.." he smiled and grabbed a $30 iTunes card from a rack and placed it on the pile as well.

The woman behind the counter rang him out before smiling, "Your total is $1232.92, can I offer you any replacement plans today?"

"No thank you," Lelouch slid his debit card, hitting the credit button before signing the slip the woman handed over.

"Have a good day," she smiled, waiting on another customer in the long line of impatient holiday shoppers.

The stereo was small, along with the speakers. He didn't have much to carry other than one large bag that he had to hold up extra high so it wouldn't brush on the ground. He hoped Suzaku would enjoy it, and not care that he spent so much money on something that was just for entertainment. But he didn't care as he stepped into another store, buying some wrapping paper, bows, and tags for names.

"Lelouch?" said boy turned, seeing Milly.

"Hey Milly," he smiled and walked over for a hug.

"Hey, what are you doing here all by yourself?" she smiled.

"Same to you," he clutched the bag in his hands, "I finally decided on a present for Suzaku...He's hard to shop for," he chuckled slightly.

"Yeah?" she smiled and walked with him from the mall, "I was just here getting some more decorations, Rivalz's parents are coming to visit along with mine...they're staying in hotels but I don't want my place to look under or over decorated!" she smiled, rubbing her stomach, "One more month."

"So close," Lelouch smiled and stopped at the bus stop.

"Silly, come with me, don't take that crowded thing home.." she walked with him to her car and slid into the drivers seat.

"Are you sure?" he smiled and got in with her.

"Of course."

"Do you have anything planned for tonight?" Rivalz smiled at his friend who had his head down on the desk before him.

Paper work was scattered around, and the two were absolutely exhausted. The holiday season brought about more accidents, speeders, drunks, and crazy people than usual. It was draining them and all of the effort the rest of the team had.

"I don't know.. Might just watch a movie with Lelouch or something..." he sighed and answered the ringing phone, a frown coming across his face, "Ma'am...no, this isn't- … do you realize you're abusing an emergency line? Yes.. If you are requesting travel information you need to dial 411.. No, 411... Ma'am? No don't hang up-" he sighed, hearing a click on the other end of the line. "Rivalz could you dispatch Martin to the address?"

Rivalz nodded and turned to his radio that was strapped to his chest, pressing the button, "Dispatch to 481 Parkway-" he continued to talk as he left the room.

Suzaku sighed and wrote some things down before placing his head on the desk once again. Riavlz returned with a cup of coffee and placed it in front of Suzaku.

"Suzaku you've been working double shifts for the past three days...You should go home and rest, even Lloyd said so..."

Suzaku picked up the coffee and spoke, "Bill is on vacation, I'm filling in for him..and working my regular hours...It's no big deal."

Rivalz sighed, "Go home, I'll finish the papers here..you don't have that many left... Milly and I will come over tonight for a quick dinner to see you and Lelouch..go inform him," he smiled and patted Suzaku on the back.

"Thanks for inviting yourself," Suzaku smiled and stood, coffee in hand, "Lulu and I will make something nice for us.."

"See you at your place," he smiled and sat in Suzaku's seat, rushing through the papers.

Suzaku yawned as he walked from the room, stumbling to pull his keys from his belt. He walked through the snow to his car and got in with a sigh. As he got through the door to their apartment, he smiled at his younger boyfriend. Lelouch was sitting on the floor, his legs crossed, as he stacked up some wrapped boxes.

"Welcome home," he smiled brightly, standing to greet the brunette.

"Thanks," he wrapped his arms around Lelouch, kissing him softly, "What's all this?"

"Presents for you," Lelouch leaned against him, kissing his neck softly.

"Mm.." Suzaku smiled, running his hands up and down Lelouch's sides.

"Suzaku!" Milly screeched upon seeing the boy.

He spun around, Lelouch still in his arms, "Hey Milly; where did you come from?"

"I was in the bathroom," she smiled and waddled to the couch.

"Ah, Rivalz is coming over after work..dinner I guess."

"Oh?" Milly questioned.

"I've already started cooking, I was going to invite them.." Lelouch smiled and placed kisses along his boyfriends neck again.

"Not now, Lulu..."

The raven pouted, but gave up and sat down in a chair. He covered in a blanket, watching Suzaku remove his uniform. He tossed it into their room before pulling on a t-shirt and sliding beside Lelouch in the chair.

"How was your day?" he asked Lelouch, kissing the top of his head.

"Fine, and yours?"

"Busy as hell..." he groaned.

"I'm sorry," Lelouch ran his fingers through Suzaku's hair, smiling as he rubbed gently at his temples.

Suzaku relaxed and shut his eyes, laying against his smaller boyfriend. Milly spoke quietly with Lelouch as Suzaku dozed off to sleep. He groaned quietly as Lelouch carefully removed himself from the chair, retreating to the kitchen to check on dinner.

"Suzaku.." Lelouch said quietly, kissing his boyfriend awake.

"Hm...?" the brunette blinked and smiled softly.

"Dinner is ready...Rivalz is here too.."

"Oh.." he yawned, stretching out of the chair. The brunette made his way over to the table and sat at the front of it, beside Lelouch and Milly, "Smells good.." he rubbed his eyes and tried to wake himself up.

"It's just chicken and rice," Lelouch shrugged and began serving everyone.

"Lelouch, I wish I had your cooking abilities... Suzaku, you should have seen him- he grabbed a bag of rice, didn't have enough for four people so he dug through the cupboard and tossed in a few cans of corn, peas, tomatoes, and green beans..then the chicken, again not enough for four! So he roasted it and tossed it in with the rice and veggies!" Milly took a spoonful of food and ate it.

"When you're low on cash and don't have a lot around the house, you learn to manage," the raven shrugged and sipped his water.

"Well, no matter..it's good," Rivalz began shoveling food into his mouth.

Suzaku smirked, "Next time I'm stranded in the woods with no supplies I want you with me babe."

Lelouch laughed, "Why would we be stranded in the woods?"

"I don't know, but just in case...would you get stranded with me?"

Lelouch laughed again, "Sure."


"Promise," he grinned and resisted throwing peas at the goofy brunette.

"Merry Christmas!" Lelouch bounced on his boyfriend who was sound asleep in bed.

Suzaku jumped and looked at the grinning boy. "Good morning to you too."

"Come on, let's go, get up!" Lelouch kissed him and began pulling him from the bed.

"Jeez..calm down..the gifts aren't going anywhere..."

"I know but I've made us breakfast and it's going to get cold..you must come now," he smiled.

Suzaku yawned and pulled himself from the comfort of his blankets, only to wind up in the living room with his bouncy boyfriend. Lelouch hurried to the kitchen, bringing back a tray filled with pancakes, syrup, sausage, and eggs for the two of them.

"Eat up," he sat beside Suzaku on the couch, serving himself a plate of food.

Suzaku nodded and made his own plate, eating quickly so he could give Lelouch his gift. He pushed the dirty plate away from himself and walked over to the tree, picking up a small box to bring it back to his boyfriend. He handed the small wrapped box to Lelouch and watched as the boy set his fork down on the plate before opening the parcel. Inside of the wrapping paper was a black velvet box.


"-Open it," he pressed on, sitting on the arm of the sofa.

Lelouch sighed and opened the box, blinking at the diamond ring that was settled between two cushions.

"I can't accept-"

"-You're my boyfriend and … well .. don't you like it?" Suzaku removed it from the box and placed it on Lelouch's ring finger. "I hope the size is right...I didn't want to wake you up while trying to size your finger...so.."

Lelouch looked down at the ring and smiled, "It's beautiful, Suzaku," he leaned in and kissed the brunette softly, "I love it," he stood and walked over to the tree, "I hope you like your gift...it's nothing like this but ..."

Suzaku stood up and walked over to the tree and began unwrapping the boxes marked with his name. He pulled out the iPod and smiled at Lelouch, "Wow, neat. Can't wait to download some music!"

"Open the rest!" Lelouch sat on the floor and pushed the gifts toward him.

"Okay okay..." he opened the next box, showing the stereo, "Lulu," he looked at the raven haired boy, his green eyes wide as dinner plates.

"I thought you'd like to have a sound system, when you're home and we're having a party or … well … making love on the floor or something... we can listen to music..."

"It's wonderful, can't wait to set it up," he kissed the boy quickly before looking into his violet orbs. "Make love on the floor...?"

Lelouch smirked and crawled into Suzaku's lap, kissing his neck softly. Suzaku was preparing to pull Lelouch's shirt over his head when there was a loud knock at the door.

"Mm.." Suzaku frowned, "That should be Milly and Rivalz..."

"Ignore them..." Lelouch whispered and pushed the brunette over, running his hands up Suzaku's shirt.


The door slammed open, causing the apartments contents to shake. The two sat up quickly and looked to the door where several men in black suits were making their way into the room. One man pointed toward Lelouch, speaking into the radio that was connected to his ear.

"What's going on?" Suzaku jumped up, looking for his gun.

"Lelouch vi Britannia come with us," one man stalked over and grabbed the small boy.

"What? No!" he noticed the coat of arms upon the mans jacket and began to struggle, "He has no right! He has no right!"

"Let go of him!" Suzaku marched forward, ready to attack but was apprehended as well.

"Suzaku I-" Lelouch began to shout, but was quickly silenced by a rag being stuffed into his mouth and tied around his head. He was placed in handcuffs and dragged from the apartment, Suzaku and the other men following behind.

Outside of the apartment complex was a group of black cars, and one limo that they were currently headed toward. Lelouch was roughly shoved into the limo and sat up from the floor, blinking into the darkness of the car. Suzaku was shoved in as well, landing on top of the boy who fell again. Two of the suited men joined them in the car and shut the door, the locks clicking down as the limo began driving away.

"Mmph!" Lelouch rolled out from under his boyfriend, looking toward the dark figure in the back of the car.

"Lelouch...it's been a while," the voice sneered from behind a cloud of cigar smoke.

The boy growled and made to kick at the man, but was held back.

"I figured..why should I take the money back from you? You may keep the money...for all I care, that doesn't bother me... but it's a wonder, really, what I should do with you. And who is this? A Japanese?" he scoffed, "Of all the people my son ..." he flicked his cigar onto the brunette who was beside his son.

Lelouch sighed and sat back against the seats in the limo. There was no point now. They would be arriving at an airport soon, no questions asked, and shoved into an airplane with or without Suzaku. He kicked out his feet and looked over at Suzaku who was, oddly enough, analyzing the situation. The raven haired boy turned to his father and mumbled something through the rag in his mouth.

"Let him speak," the man said to his men.

One of the men leaned down and untied the rag from around his mouth, allowing him to spit out the one that was nearly blocking his airway. He coughed slightly and allowed himself to relax before turning to the man he knew was his father, "I assume there is some other reason behind this other than getting my share of money? Money that I deserve?"

"You are of legal age in Britannia, Lelouch. Do you not want diplomatic power like your brothers? You could rule your own area in the country...we have had many plans to conquer Japan...Each island will need someone in char-"

"What? You think I would want something like that? If there's anywhere I would want to rule it would be Britannia but only so I could put you into your place you old man! You disgust me y-"

"-Re-gag him. I'm bored listening to these words spill from his lips. No son of mine should speak that way, unless they are speaking of those beneath them. Do you think that I am beneath you, Lelouch? Because I believe not...I am, as a matter of fact, not the one tied up and sitting upon the floor. You can be retrained. You will be retrained."

"Hmm?" Lelouch mumbled around the rags, rage coursing through his blood.

He scooted himself over to Suzaku leaning against the brunette for some form of comfort – if not for him, then for Suzaku. They looked up together out one of the limo's windows, seeing that they were now at an airport, and apparently on a tarmac. They were headed straight toward a plane, and no one would see them going.

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