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Chapter One: Losing

"Turner, I knew you were stupid." HP smirked.

"But this one takes the taco!" Anti-Cosmo finished the sentence for the aged pixie. "We're racing Cosmo!" Seriously, they might as well be racing a snail. What was the child thinking, choosing Cosmo?

"Don't be so cocky! Cosmo will beat you fair and square." Timmy defended his godfather. Cosmo would never let him down like that…hopefully.

Said fairy's head rolled over to the quarrelling three. "Has anyone seen my body?"

"Cosmo, focus!" Timmy was a little embarrassed to see his godfather come in like this, especially in front of the two other magical creatures (considering the conversation they just had a minute ago). He picked up the tuft of green hair and re-attached it to the nearby body. "You're running the biggest race of my life!"

"You got it Timmy, and you won't be sorry you picked me-" Cosmo never noticed the duckzooka launch.

Anti-Cosmo and HP took off as the fairy continued his rant, unfazed by the absence of his two competitors.

"Because I'm laser focused. Nothing will distract me, because when that duckzooka goes off, oh boy, I'm gonna-"

"Run Cosmo, run!" The entire fairy team yelled.

They were screwed!

"It will be so nice to win. Perhaps you could come have dinner with me and my evil godchild this evening." Anti-Cosmo smirked when he saw HP frown. "We're serving up a huge bowl of you lose!" Oh, it would be so great to spend the night rubbing it into his face!

HP didn't react to the laughing face of his opponent, choosing to maintain his emotionless demeanor. "The only thing you'll be eating today is my dust." He dialed a number into his cell phone, conjuring up a motor scooter. "Later dude!" A puff of smoke came out of his scooter and he was gone.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Anti-Cosmo complained to no one in particular. "I like it!" He brought forward his own hovercraft, quickly catching up to HP.

Cosmo trailed lightly behind, taking his sweet time as he enjoyed the swirls of the green portal.

The anti-fairy and pixie continued to the age of the dinosaurs, wasting no time trying to slow each other down.

"Scott here, back with you at the finish line and we're waiting for our racers to return. Who will be first?" The announcer yelled into the microphone. "It's the anti-fairies followed by the pixies and no sign of Cosmo!"

"Anti-Fairies rule!" Anti-Cosmo cheered. The finish line was in sight! He would have Timothy for a godchild after all! His traps were set; there was no way he could lose. Little did he know, HP had had the same idea.

"Wrong again, punk." HP pulled a remote out of his sweat suit, activating his trap.

A metal wall sprung from the turf, stopping Anti-Cosmo in his tracks. The dark fairy raised his wand and created the same trap for the pixie.

"It looks like cheating has stopped out two leaders." Scott announced.

"But it hasn't stopped us for long." HP got off his scooter and began running. He didn't have time to waste on another magical transportation vehicle, running would have to do.

Anti-Cosmo turned to the same method, sprinting towards the finish line himself.

"It's neck to neck to the finish!" Scott Hamilton was about to jump out of his seat from excitement. "But where is Cosmo?"

Timmy pulled the microphone away from Scott. "Where are you Cosmo?" He cried into the microphone. "I don't want to wear evil shorts!" How he wished he had chosen another fairy for the task.

As if answering his prayer, Cosmo shot out of the portal at full speed, catching up to the pixie and anti-fairy.

"And it looks like it's going to be a photo finish! Who will win? Who will be the fairy world games champion?" Scott put an emphasis on each word in his last sentence.

Cosmo's head approached at Mach speed, threatening to reach the finish line before the two other evil magical creatures.

Good thing Anti-Cosmo's eye was quicker. He saw it approaching and quickly took action. He stuck his foot out and spun around, kicking the flying head backwards.

The head shot in the opposite direction of its approach, crashing into HP before landing a few meters back, away from the finish line.

Anti-Cosmo raised his arms and crossed the finish line.

In that instant, the very second, Timmy saw his world crashing around him.

No, no, no, no! This could not be happening; this had to be a dream! A horrible, messed up, twisted dream! He must have been knocked unconscious by that weird camera! This could not be happening.

Too bad for him, it was.

Anti-Cosmo flew over to the boy, who was about to have a nervous breakdown. "I do believe we have an agreement." He waved his wand, the star glowing blue for a moment before Timothy was dressed in black. Oh yes, victory was indeed sweet.

Timmy looked down to see the evil shorts yet again, a black T-shirt with a white skull on the front, a black hat to replace his pink one, and a head of black hair. At least it retained its original style and not the mess of shaggy black Anti-Cosmo had originally given him. Before he could give a proper reaction, a shout or accusation of some sort, Cosmo and Wanda stepped in front of him, blocking him from the evil fairy's view.

"Pfft." Anti-Cosmo scoffed at their pitiful attempt to protect their godson. Correction, their former godson. "What Timothy and I had was a binding contract. There's no getting out of this one." He paused for a moment when he noticed the two had no intention of budging. "I am, however, a kind person. I'll let the two of you say your good-byes." He flew off with a sinister laugh ringing throughout the air. Their pathetic attempt was rather amusing. It almost made him sad to take the child.

Who was he kidding? He was happy to be doing it!

The remaining anti-fairies, still sitting in the stands, applauded and cheered loudly as Anti-Cosmo flew over them in celebration. It looks like anti-fairies really were the greatest species alive.

"Timmy!" Cosmo had tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't know, I-" The poor fairy did not know what to say. It was all his fault! He had lost his own godchild! Why had he dawdled like that? If he had just taken it seriously he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Cosmo!" Timmy stopped the fairy before he could continue. "It's alright. You did your best. Thanks." He tried his best to remain brave, but even Cosmo could see the fear in the boy's voice.

Cosmo grabbed his godson and cried into his shoulder. "Timmy! I'm so sorry!" He cried. Because there was nothing else he could do.

Wanda let her tears fall silently as she joined her husband in embracing Timmy. Something struck her thoughts in that moment. "Timmy, listen." She pulled away to talk to him face-to-face. "Until you leave with Anti-Cosmo, we're still your godparents. Make a wish! Wish you were somewhere else! Somewhere where Anti-Cosmo can't find you!"

"No, Wanda. I can't do that. It's a magical contract, even if it was verbal. You know he will find me, no matter where I go." Timmy had already thought about that. When he found himself with only five medal against the pixies' and anti-fairies' fourteen, he knew it was time to come up with plan B. Unfortunately, not much had come to mind. "As much as I wish-"

"You wish you had one of our magic poofers?" Wanda interjected. She flicked her wand, leaving a pink pen with a gold star on top of it in Timmy's hand. He had seen this before; it was the same kind of poofer he would use when he would venture to Neutron's world.

Wanda seemed exhausted from granting this one wish. "This is special." She explained, noticing the worry on Timmy's face from seeing her drained from only one spell. "It took a lot of magic, but Anti-Cosmo shouldn't be able to sense this. It's good for one poof, so use it wisely. It will poof you to wherever Cosmo and I are, not your bedroom." She closed the boy's fist around it. "Use it when you know Anti-Cosmo can't catch you."

"Wanda I-"

"Shhh…" She took the pen-like teleporter from his hand and placed it in the pockets of his evil shorts. "Now Timmy, you need to be strong." The pink haired fairy rubbed her eyes as the tears threatened to spill once more.

Another group hug ensued.

Within seconds, Wanda's strength fell and she let the tears come down in full force.

The two fairies cried until they had to pull away and dry Timmy's shirt with their magic.

Through the entire goodbye process, Poof had sat patiently on Timmy's head, unaware of what was to happen. He was bright enough to figure out that everyone was upset about something, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The blue fairy that looked like his father spoke in words too big for him to understand.

The new color of Timmy's hat caught his attention, making him forget about his family's current predicament. He was a baby after all. The hat ended up in his mouth as another one of his teething objects.

Timmy pulled the fairy baby off his head into a hug. "What ya' got there, Poof?" He asked, playfully tugging on the hat in his mouth.

Poof gave a squeal of delight, thinking Timmy was going to play with him. He placed the visor end of the hat into his mouth and began tugging back.

Timmy humored the baby fairy with a few more tugs before pretending to lose their mini game of tug-of-war.

Poof cheered at his victory. He flipped the hat into the air, letting it land perfectly on his head over his crown. "Ta-da!" He proclaimed.

Timmy gave a soft chuckle as he removed the hat from the baby's head and placed it back on his. "Black's not your color lil' bro'." He pressed Poof closer to him; his own tears finally spilling over.

"Poof, poof?" The lavender-clad baby shook his rattle, but it did nothing.

Timmy was still crying.

"Isn't this simply splendid?" Anti-Cosmo took his wife's hands into his own. The thing they had spent the better part of their life fighting for was finally happening. They were getting a godchild!

"Yeah!" Anti-Wanda was extremely excited. She knew that godchildren brought joy to their fairies. More importantly, she knew they filled the void left from being unable to have children. She had hoped for years to have an anti-fairy baby of her own, but even months after Poof was born, her stomach remained flat.

"Just think of it!" Anti-Cosmo continued. "Our very own godchild!"

The two embraced in their fit of joy.

"Now, my dear, I do believe I made dinner plans with HP." How could Ant-Cosmo forget about the bragging rights he just earned himself by winning these Olympics?

"Are we gonna show off?"

The monacled fairy smirked. "I like the way you think." There was a reason he chose this women over the other anti-faires!

HP frowned as he saw the head of the anti-fairies approach him. "Congratulations." He droned out of politeness. "Now that you've won, what can I do for you?"

"You know HP, my invitation to dinner with us still stands. It would be most unbecoming if you were to miss out." Indeed, what would Anti-Cosmo do if he couldn't spend the whole night taunting him?

HP's frown did not change. He knew what Anti-Cosmo was trying to get at. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Splendid!" Anti-Cosmo said, a little too excited. "How does 6:30 sound?"

"That sounds fine."

Seeing Timmy say goodbye to his godparents made all the other fairies realize how much they too were at fault. Timmy had believed in them the entire time, but they only started believing in themselves when it was too late. They might have won had they not listened to Jorgen.

Cupid was the first of the bystanding fairies to approach the now broken family. "Don't worry, Timmy." He put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "We'll get you out of this." He was pretty much obligated to.

"As shall I!" Juandissimo joined the group. "Or I am not the sexiest fairy alive!" He flexed his muscles, tearing his shirt to shreds in the process.

"Guys!" Timmy shouted, stopping the other fairies from making their own vows to rescue him. "I made this decision on my own. I won't have you guys getting in trouble or risking your lives to bust me out. I don't want anyone to come save me!" Who knew what Anti-Cosmo might do if he caught them? He couldn't have the conscious.

The other fairies looked at each other nervously. There would be horrible consequences, probably even fatal, to face if they were caught in Anti-Fairy World without proper clearance.

Why did Timmy have to be selfless now of all times? He was the perfect godchild. No wonder Anti-Cosmo wanted him.

"Now, now Timmy." Mama Cosmo pinched his cheek. "Don't you try and be the hero. We'll take good care of you."

"Yeah, what she said!"

The fairies gasped at the voice that had chimed in.

By the time Timmy turned around to see whom had spoken he was already tackled to the ground by a black and blue blur. When he regained his senses, he was in the arms of his soon-to-be godmother.

Floating only a foot away from the two was his soon-to-be godfather. "It's time to go, Timothy; I hope you've said your goodbyes." With a wave of his wand, they were gone in a cloud of anti-fairy magic dust.

"AAAAH!" Jorgen snapped up from his state of unconsciousness. "I just had a horrible dream that Cosmo lost the final event, the fairies lost the Olympics, and the anti-fairies took one of the godchildren."

The fairies squirmed uncomfortably. Someone was going to have to break the bad news to the overly muscular fairy.

When the dark dust cleared, Timmy found himself standing in Anti-Cosmo's castle, the common room to be more precise.

There were a few pieces of antique furniture, all with a navy blue frame and red upholstery. An organ stood on one side of the room, various paintings of dark scenery hung on the walls, a dark rug was draped across the floor, and a fireplace stood at the opposite end of the room. It was like something out of a horror movie.

Timmy continued to look around the room. This place was going to be 'home' for a long time.

"Just a little heads-up, Timothy." Anti-Cosmo waited until he had Timothy's full attention before continuing. "HP and Sanderson will be arriving for dinner at 6:30."

Anti-Wanda looked at the grandfather clock beside her. "It's almost five. I better get cookin'." She flew off through a door farther down the room.

"Why don't you join her Timothy? I have a few things I need to do, but I shall join you upon their completion." It would be good for Timothy to start spending time with his godmother.

Timmy didn't respond. He continued to stare at Anti-Cosmo in silence, not really knowing what to do or say. Five minutes in and it was already awkward.

Anti-Cosmo noticed the boy's awkward state. At least it wasn't rebellious. It was the boy's first night here. It would take a while, but eventually the boy would lighten up around him. "Go on, now." He gave the boy a little push in the direction his wife had disappeared to.

Timmy strolled out of the room into what was presumably the dining room. The table was enormous, able to easily seat over forty people. When you were supreme anti-fairy, you probably had to entertain a lot of other anti-fairies at once.

At the end of the table was a set of swinging of double doors. Seeing as there was no other way to go, Timmy continued to the doorway.

Inside he found the kitchen. It had a pretty modern design, mostly steel appliances with an island in the middle.

Anti-Wanda was floating over the stove, stirring the contents of a simmering pot. She hummed a little song, completely out of tune, donning a white apron over her dark attire. She turned to Timmy upon hearing the door open. Her face lit up instantly. "Hi sweetie!" She flew towards him and circled around him. "What are ya' doin' here?" Did he miss his godmother already?

"I came to help." Timmy responded, much less excited than the dark fairy in front of him.

"Sure thang, sweetie." Anti-Wanda waved her wand and levitated the boy on top of the stove, next to the pot. With another flick, she gave Timmy a white apron over his clothing. "Can ya' stir that for me?" She handed him the ladle. "I'm gonna get started on the roast."

Anti-Cosmo drifted into one of the many unoccupied bedrooms in the castle. This one would be perfect. It was directly across from his and Anti-Wanda's bedroom.

Now that Timothy would be living with them, he would need his own bedroom.

Anti-Cosmo began with the basic outline. He created an exact replica of Timothy's current bedroom and worked from there.

The walls became dark, the floorboards turned into a stone design, the four poster bed turned into a navy blue color with torches burning at the end of each poster. The dresser became gray and old, and all of the posters disappeared from the wall.

Anti-Cosmo stared at the spot in the room where the T.V had once stood. Should he give Timothy one? Being here, he would only receive channels from the magical creatures, none of his human programming. Oh well, what harm could it do? He raised his wand and conjured up a television. It would serve as a good distractor when he had the Anti-Fairy Council over.

For the finishing touches, he filled the closet and dresser with clothing. Black T-shirts, evil shorts, long black jeans for days when it was cold, some solid black button-up pajamas, a few formal pieces hanging in the closest, and lastly socks and underwear.

Anti-Cosmo stood back and admired his work. Everything was perfect for his godchild.

His godchild!

Oh, it has such a nice ring to it!

Still, there was one more piece of business that needed to be taken care of before he could begin celebrating.

This was the piece he was most worried about. He would have to win Timothy over before the boy could find out he had cast this spell.

Good thing he was Supreme Anti-Fairy, or he would have never been able to use this much magic.

Timmy slammed the dough against the table sending a white cloud of white dust flying into the air. He wiped the flour from his eyes and continued to knead and beat the dough.

It turned out that Anti-Wanda liked making her food from scratch, and she was actually a pretty good cook, but she had one big problem. She didn't know when to stop.

She would complete the dish, perfectly too, but then it would 'need something more' in her eyes. So she would season it more, add more ingredients (which got stranger and stranger in larger quantities), and cook it more (even though it was already fully cooked) resulting in a black mass which just might eat you!

Luckily, Timmy had been able to convince her that the soup and roast were fine, pushing her to start on something else. Like the breadsticks.

He liked kneading the dough. It was mindless work, yet it still occupied his thoughts, preventing him from thinking about his recent defeat and what it meant for him.

"That'll be good, sweetie." Anti-Wanda took the beaten dough from him and began rolling into cyndrical shapes for the breadsticks, still keeping her eye on Timmy.

He had been silent for the longest time, keeping any answers to questions she may have asked short and to the point. Maybe he was just shy.

"Timmy, are ya hungry? I can make ya something real fast if ya' want." Anti-Wanda asked, trying to get the boy to speak.

Timmy was about to turn down her offer when Anti-Cosmo rejoined them. "Something smells scrumptious in here." He announced, sniffing the mouthwatering aura of the roast.

"Dinner's almost ready, hon." Anti-Wanda placed a kiss on her husband's cheek. "Timmy here was a huge help." She ruffled his hair, sending a rain of flour down on his face.

"Yes, I see." Anti-Cosmo pulled the handkerchief out of his jacket pocket. He brought it to the child's face, gently rubbing the flour off of his face.

"I can do it myself!" Timmy exploded in a shout. He snatched the handkerchief out of his godfather's hands and quickly took the flour off.

Anti-Cosmo frowned. He couldn't say this wasn't to be expected. At least the boy wasn't throwing a full out temper tantrum or getting violent.

Anti-Wanda flew around excitedly when the doorbell rang. "They're here, y'all!" She yelled out.

"How are you feeling, Timothy?" Anti-Cosmo placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, trying to reassure him. Maybe this was a little too much or the boy's first night.

"Fine." Timmy answered curtly.

"Well then, let's go great our guests." Anti-Cosmo followed behind the boy to the foyer.

Timmy looked around the table awkwardly.

HP had the seat of honor at the head; Sanderson was to the right of him with Anti-Wanda next to him. To the left was Anti-Cosmo followed by himself.

Anti-Cosmo was totally showing off. He was bragging about the anti-fairies victory and using any opportunity to make physical contact with him. It would something simple like ruffling his hair or a pat on the shoulder, but Timmy could see right through it.

When it came to conversation, Timmy wasn't really paying attention to anything they were talking about. He was mostly rolling his food around on his plate.

Anti-Wanda drifted to Timmy's side, noticing his reluctance to eat. "What's wrong sweetie? Ya haven't touched yer food." She put her hand on his forehead. "Are ya feelin' sick?"

"No, I'm just tired. Can I be excused early? I want to go to sleep." Timmy didn't have the stomach for food right then. He just wanted to knock out and pretend none of this happened.

"Of course, sweetie." Anti-Wanda led Timmy out of the room, quietly as to not distract her husband's company. She led him up the stairs, down the hall, and to the bedroom she knew Anti-Cosmo would have chosen for him. She used her magic to change his clothes for him and roll the covers off of his bed. She levitated him from the floor onto the sheets and brought the covers back up.

Timmy was a little surprised to see the torches dim and turn a very light blue on their own. Anti-Cosmo really did think of everything.

"Do ya want anything else?" Anti-Wanda asked. She heard children sometimes liked a glass of milk before sleeping. Maybe Timmy would want one too.

"No. I'm good."

A little disappointed, she continued. "If ya need anything, my and Cozzie's room is right thar'." She pointed across the hall to the room directly adjacent to his. She then placed a kiss on his forehead. "Goodnight." She left the room quietly to return to the dinner.

Timmy gazed about the room. This was it.

He quietly cried himself to sleep.

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