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Chapter Fifteen: The Right Thing To Do

Timmy opened his eyes slowly, having been awoken by a loud sound. What was it? It sounded like people were shouting. He would have gone out to investigate, but he felt too tired to do so.

His door opened, revealing two bickering fairy babies.

"Poof, poof, poof!"

"Who cares, this is a private room, you're not allowed in here!" Foop continued to try and hit the fairy baby.

"Poof poof!" Poof shouted back. It was true, he knew it, Timmy liked him more. He didn't want to see Foop.

"He never said that. Get out!"

"Guys!" Timmy propped himself up on the hospital bed, grabbing a baby and securing one under each arm. "Don't argue over that. You can both stay here, but you can't fight. Okay?" He took heavy breaths as he spoke.

The babies glared at each other, but complied. Their parents had told them Timmy needed quit and rest, claiming that too much noise was bad for him.

Had Timmy been in better shape, he might have wondered how Poof had gotten into the room, or where Cosmo and Wanda were. He would have tried to break out of the hospital (ever since his almost Twerpectomy he rather disliked the place). He instead leaned back and fell asleep once more.

Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Rip Studwell quickly ducked into the hospital, staying clear of the reporters and camera flashes.

"Anti-Cosmo, is it true Timmy is dead?"

"Is it true you beat him unconscious?"

"Is it true he's in for malnutrition?"

"How did they find out Timothy was here?" Anti-Cosmo asked, closing the door behind him. "And where did they get those crazy ideas?" He would never hurt Timothy, let alone beat him. Did they automatically assume he would hurt the child because he was an anti-fairy?

"I have no idea, but I swear, it was not me." The doctor would never tell. He had patient-doctor confidentiality to stick to, it couldn't have been him.

"Don't worry, my friend. I trust you."

"Well I don't!"

The two anti-fairies turned around to see their patient's former godparetns.

"I don't trust that doctor one bit!" Wanda pointed at Anti-Rip Studwell. No way would she ever let an anti-fairy doctor lay an untrained finger on her godson.

"Oh yes, because I'm sure that oaf of my counterpart is more qualified than I am!" How dare she! His counterpart was an idiot, only concerned with his image. "You know, I hear this hospital has the highest fatality rate. I wonder why?" Anti-Rip Studwell mocked.

"And I hear you're the reason Timmy had to come here!" Cosmo shouted back. He may have been an idiot, but when it came to his godson, he wisened up considerably. It was his fault they lost Timmy; he couldn't just stand by after hearing all those reports on the news. "Timmy never had to go to the hospital because of us!"

"Timmy almost died in a hospital because of you!" Anti-Cosmo knew of the time they left Timmy in Vicki's hands at a hospital. The child had told him in one of his many sugar rushes.

"Well Timmy's about to die because of you!"

"Unlike you, I'm actually doing everything in my power to make sure he doesn't!"

"Stop!" Anti-Rip Studwell shouted, ending the arguing. "We have more important things to tend to. Say what you want, you're not seeing or getting anywhere near Timothy! Now get out!" These fairies were starting to annoy him. He could see why Anti-Cosmo disliked them.

"This is the Fairy World Hospital, you can't kick us out." Wanda pointed out.

"Maybe, but then again, we don't have to sit here and listen to your nonsense." Anti-Cosmo drifted right past the two colorful creatures with his doctor close behind. The nerve, as if what they wanted made a difference.

Amidst the confusion outside, Anti-Binky remained hidden. He had thrown a colorful blanket over his head, helping him blend in with the crowd that had gathered outside the hospital. Slowly, very slowly, he drifted to the unguarded window.

He smirked; Anti-Cosmo should have taken more precaution. Any idiot could break into the Fairy Word hospital. He jumped in, shutting the window behind him and throwing off the blanket.

The private rooms were most likely upstairs. Getting there would be a piece of cake.

"Foop, Poof, what are you doing here?" Anti-Cosmo asked in surprise as soon as he entered Timothy's room. There were nurses on watch, no one should have been allowed in his godson's room.

"I came to visit Timothy, and this abomination came in spouting garbage." Foop pointed an accusing finger at his colorful counterpart.

"Poof poof!" It was the other way around. Foop was so full of himself.

"Regardless, go find your mother. You can't be here right now." Anti-Rip Studwell ushered Poof out of the room, gently shutting the door once he was out.

Anti-Cosmo picked up his own son, holding him in his lap while he sat next to Timothy. "How are you feeling?"

"Like crap."

He ran a hand through Timmy's hair, trying to comfort him. There wasn't much he could do; Smoof poisoning was a painful thing. They used to use it to torture war prisoners. It always worked like charm. The poor captives would be spilling secrets left and right after such a small injection.

"Well, all the machines should be ready by tomorrow. Don't you worry a thing." Anti-Rip Studwell checked over the boy once more, making sure nothing had happened while he was gone.

"Tomorrow? I can't wait." Timmy feigned enthusiasm. It would be such a relief to have all this pain gone.

Anti-Binky quickly knocked out yet another nurse, slamming her head into the wall. They were all over the place! It was quite annoying.

How was he supposed to sneak about if he was stopped at every hallway by a nurse? Not wanting to do any explaining, he simply took the violet method out.

It didn't really bother him, it was even enjoyable. Like a little warm-up for what he would do to Anti-Cosmo tonight.

That pansy fairy had been sleeping here in the hospital, making sure nothing happened to his brat. He was able to force it out of one of the nurses working on the case. Apparently he slept in a chair next the boy's bed so he could be there in case the child needed anything late in the night.

Anti-Wanda had gone back to Anti-Fairy World to clear up any suspicion. When people asked for her husband, she told them he was busy with work. It wasn't a big surprise or anything. As supreme anti-fairy, work was usually a number one priority. It would only be suspicious if Anti-Wanda had disappeared too.

Good thing he was so suave, or he would have never been able to get that information out of Anti-Cosmo's secretary.

Night was almost here. Soon, the paparazzi would have to clear the front and visitors would be escorted out. Anti-Cosmo would be left alone.

Then, he would strike.

"All right, get outta here!" The security guards began pushing the news reporters back. "Go home guys, call it a day!"

"Aww come on Bernard, you can give me special access, can't you?" A reporter shouted.

"Not today, go home guys."

Disappointed, the fairy, and few anti-fairy, reporters began scattering. No point in staying if they knew they weren't going to get anything.

From the air vents inside the hospital, Anti-Binky watched them scatter.

It was a shame they couldn't stay, it would have been nice to have Anti-Cosmo's defeat aired all over the magical realm. Looks like hell just have to settle for satisfaction of crushing that wimp's neck by himself.

Anti-Binky pulled himself forward, crawling through the vents. He should be able to get to the brat's room from here.

As soon as the visitors were escorted out, the security guards would lock up and call it a night. He would be able to fight Anti-Cosmo once more, only this time he would win.

He could see it now. Anti-Cosmo's death would be a big deal. The funeral would be grand. Naturally, as second in command; he would say a few words about the deceased. Lots of magical creatures would show up. It would be broadcast all over T.V on almost every channel.

Then, once the whole charade was over, he would take over. First thing, he would destroy this miserable place.

The colors were so nauseating, he would be glad to be rid of them.

Anti-Cosmo set his sleeping son down next to Timothy on the bed. He should have sent the baby home with his mother; the hospital was no place for such a small child. The place was crawling with the germs.

He settled down in his own chair off to the side. The morphine kept Timothy's pain down, allowing him to sleep. He should probably get some rest himself, tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Somewhere in his dreams Anti-Cosmo was hearing the clanging of metal. Like someone was slamming all their weight against a wall. There were horrible screeching noises followed by shouts. Then he felt it, like someone had knocked him into a wall.

Then he was awake, in a heap on the ground. This was no dream.

"Nice to see you finally awake." Anti-Binky stood above him menacingly. "We have some business to settle."

"Anti-Binky? What the blazes are you doing here at such an hour?" Still half-asleep it hadn't quite registered to Anti-Cosmo that the anti-fairy was the one who had knocked him into the wall.

"Well, you said you wanted me to resign, and I thought about it. Then I realized, you should resign. I'd make a better leader."

"You came to Fairy World, knowing you could have been attacked, to discuss this? Go home; I'm not changing my mind. I know that this is entirely your fault. I won't forgive you." Although, in a way, he had forgiven him by sparing the other anti-fairy the humiliation of public disgrace.

"You know?" Anti-Binky mocked. "Good, then I won't have to explain this." He threw his fist fast, striking Anti-Cosmo once more. "I'm going to kill you tonight and no one will stop me."

Anti-Cosmo stood up quickly, whipping out his wand. If it's a fight he wanted, it was a fight he would get. He would make the fool pay for what he did to his godson.

Anti-Binky smirked. Looks like the pansy had some fight in him after all.

Anti-Cosmo scattered dust into the air, circling the both of them. When it cleared, they were standing in the hospital's courtyard. He didn't want to fight in the same room, they might risk hitting Timothy.

"Alright Anti-Cosmo, show me what you've got." Anti-Binky charged, aiming for the kill.

Anti-Cosmo quickly dodged to the side, avoiding a hit to the chest. Anti-Binky meant business. Knowing the brute's strength he would have to avoid any physical attacks. The damage could be irreversible. He fired a blast of raw magic from his wand. He may not have been insanely strong, but it took intelligence to use magic. Anti-Binky had no chance at using counter spells.

Timmy had woken up when Anti-Binky had first come into the room. What was with that guy and dropping in at the most inconvenient times possible? Must have been some kind of weird hobby.

Foop floated upward, looking for his father. "They're gone."

"Gone? Gone where?" Timmy asked him.

The baby drifted to the window. "In the courtyard, They're fighting."

"What?" Timmy threw the sheets off and pulled himself out of the gurney. Using the nearby furniture as leverage, he pulled himself to the window.

Fighting was an understatement. They were moving so fast, he could barely see what was going on. Magic was being fired left and right, while the ground was coming apart as a result of the punches being thrown.

Timmy watched as Anti-Binky managed to land a hit on Anti-Cosmo, sending him crashing through the wing of the hospital.

"Come on Anti-Cosmo. Is that all you've got? My grandmother could do better!" Anti-Binky chased after him to continue his attack.

Timmy had to get down there. Anti-Cosmo wouldn't stand a chance against attacks that strong! But what could he do when he got there? He was in no condition to fight. Even if he was, he would be no match for Anti-Binky.

There had to be something he could use.

He looked about the room frantically. Maybe there would be some sedative lying around he could use against the crazed anti-fairy.

On the medical table across his bed sat some test tubes with his blood along with some other medical supplies.

There was Smoof in his blood! He could use that to his advantage!

"Foop, can you get to Anti-Fairy World from here?" Timmy asked the floating baby.

"Yes, why?"

"I need you to there and find Anti-Rip Studwell. Bring him here, tell him Anti-Cosmo's in trouble." After all the blows his godfather had taken, he would definitely need a doctor.

"Okay." The magical child waved his bottle, teleporting out of the room.

Anti-Binky picked his nemesis up and threw him across the room. "Are you having fun, my friend? Because I'm just getting started!"

From the other end of the room, Anti-Cosmo stood up weakly. He was in great pain. He could feel the broken ribs in his chest, not to mention all the internal bleeding that was probably happening. He couldn't give up; this guy was going to kill his godson! "Don't be so cocky!" He fired his wand at the mirror beside him.

The raw energy bounced off the metallic surface, heading straight for Anti-Binky. The opposing anti-fairy never thought the magic would bounce off. He was unprepared when the blast struck him in the side, burning his clothes and some of his flesh.

"Still trying to use brains, I see." Anti-Binky grabbed his side while standing. "It won't save you this time around."

"Or so you'd think." Anti-Cosmo fired another blast, striking Anti-Binky's crown.

Anti-Binky jumped into the air. He turned around, falling head first. At the last second he held his fist out, striking the ground.

Tremors filled the room, shaking all the equipment in sight. The ceiling began falling piece by piece.

The two anti-fairies quickly fled the room.

In their rush to get out, Anti-Binky grabbed Anti-Cosmo and threw him into the room once more. "It's been a blast Anti-Cosmo, but you're running out of power. Let's see you save yourself."

The building came down on the anti-fairy trapping him inside.

"Well, my friend, it's been a pleasure knowing you. Don't worry though; I'll say something sweet at your funeral." He let out a barking laugh. This was what he lived for. The rush of fighting, the pleasure of winning, and the power that would come with each person he defeated. There was nothing quite like watching the life drain from your enemy's eyes.

A heap of rubble blasted from the pile, revealing a panting Anti-Cosmo. "I'm not quite finished yet."

"Oh yes? Tell me, what can you do in your state?"

Anti-Cosmo couldn't do anything. His magic was running low and so was his blood supply. He was pretty certain his left arm was broken and his vision was swimming. In his disoriented state, he saw Timmy leaning out of a window. Looks like he was losing his bearings already.

Timmy waited for the perfect moment, when Anti-Binky was floating directly underneath his window. Then, he jumped.

Anti-Binky suddenly felt something land on him and stab into his neck. Looking on his shoulder, he saw the brat holding a syringe.

"Hi there!" Timmy said as he finished injecting his contaminated blood into the anti-fairy.

"What?" Anti-Binky could not believe it! Smoof reacted much faster in magical creatures; he could already feel his body entering a state of paralysis. His body froze as he fell to the ground, unable to even keep himself afloat. From his peripheral vision, he saw Anti-Cosmo approaching.

"Normally, I would have allowed you to suffer for what you've done, but I don't ever want to see your face again." Anti-Cosmo held his hand out, allowing his fingers to sharpen into claws, just a little defense mechanism found in most anti-fairies. "Isn't it funny how the tables have turned?" With his broken arm, he painfully reached out and pulled Anti-Binky up off the ground.

Anti-Binky watched in horror as Anti-Cosmo ran his hand through his chest. He felt his hand tighten around something.

With one swift movement, Anti-Cosmo tore out Anti-Binky's fagiggly gland, the life sustaining organ of all fairies.

Anti-Binky's eyes went dark, his body went motionless.

He was dead.

Anti-Cosmo dropped the corpse and rubbed his brow, happy the whole mess was over. He looked over to his godson, who was now lying on the ground. "Timothy, what are you doing out of bed?"

"Saving your butt!" The boy laughed. "You're welcome, by the way!"

Anti-Cosmo carefully picked up the child and ruffled his hair, happy to see the boy in good spirits. "Let's get you back inside."

Anti-Cosmo sat outside of the hospital room, his wounds dressed and his face washed of blood. Of course, no amount of washing could make the bruises and scrapes go away.

The machines were ready and his godson was inside, finally getting the treatment he so desperately needed.

Anti-Rip Studwell had laughed so hard when he arrived on the scene last night with Foop. He never thought he would see Anti-Cosmo fighting again; it was rather amusing on his behalf.

He quickly wrapped the two up, treating their wounds and disposing of Anti-Binky's body. He had it sent back to Anti-Fairy World where it would be prepared for burial.

Now, Anti-Cosmo waited outside, as even he was not allowed inside the room during the treatment process.

More importantly, he waited outside because he had called a certain two fairies to meet him.

Said fairies approached him, a little wary.

Wanda was shocked to see his condition. He looked pretty beat up. He was fine yesterday! What had happened? "We're here. What did you want?"

Anti-Cosmo toughened up his exterior. "I want you to take Timothy."

"What? Is this a joke? It's not very funny." Cosmo folded his arms over his chest. Had his counterpart called them over to pull their legs?

"I'm serious. A godchild is too much trouble. I don't want him anymore, he's all yours."

The two fairies looked at each other. Was he serious?

Anti-Cosmo watched their confused looks. He couldn't tell them the real reason he wanted them to take Timothy.

This whole mess had started with his feud with Anti-Binky, yet Timothy had still gotten dragged in it. It was all his fault Timothy was in such terrible condition. Even though he hated the idea of Timothy being with these two numskulls, it was still better than being with him.

He had been sending Timothy to school alone every day, something he had yelled at them for, but before all that, Timothy had still refused to make a wish. He knew it had been too good to be true.

The boy had adjusted to life so well; he had never even seen him cry about missing his biological parents or godparents. The child must have been keeping it bottled up inside.

It would be better to send him back with Cosmo and Wanda. He was safer in Fairy World.

It was the right thing to do.

"You can go see Timothy when the treatments done and tell him yourself. I'll say my goodbye later."

"Cosmo? Wanda? No way!" Timmy jumped up at the sight of them. He gave each of them a bone-crushing hug. "What are you doing here?"

"We came to see you, Sport." Wanda was so glad to see Timmy alive. Anti-Cosmo had refused to tell her what happened. He told her to be happy that it was over.

"We have good news for you." Cosmo circled him.

"Oh yeah? What is it?"

"You're coming home with us!" Wanda hugged him again. She was going to have her baby back!

Timmy's smile fell. "What?"

Cosmo was slightly shocked to see the boy not jumping up and down for joy. What had happened? "Anti-Cosmo is giving you back to us. You'll get to stay here in Fairy World!"

"Sport, what's wrong?" Wanda rubbed his back. Maybe he just wasn't feeling well. Smoof treatment did have its side-effects.

"Well, I'd love to visit and see you guys, but I can't go back with you. Not permanently."

"What? Why not?" Cosmo asked.

"After spending so much time in Anti-Fairy World with all the anti-fairies, I realized that they're just like you guys. You guys used to tell me they were horrible vicious creatures, and granted they have done evil things, but I can't leave. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda need me. This whole fight between anti-fairies and fairies is over who gets the godchildren. If I left, nothing would get better, it would probably only get worse. They need me. I have to stay."

Wanda did not want to let Timmy, but she couldn't force him if he didn't want to. That would be no better than what Anti-Cosmo had done on the day of the Olympics. "Sport…are you sure?"

"Positive." By staying with Anti-Cosmo, he would be living proof that the anti-fairies were capable of raising godchildren.

Sure, he had gotten into a nasty little mess, but Anti-Cosmo pulled through to save him.

It would take a while, but eventually. He'd get it done.

He'd see to it that both the Anti-Fairies and Fairies each had their very own godchild.

Anti-Cosmo paid the hospital for his and Timothy's treatment (and the repair costs from last night's battle).

It would be best if he left without a goodbye, he didn't want to lose his resolve to leave Timothy. He loved the child, that's why he was doing this. It was for the best. Nothing good would ever come out of forcing Timothy to grow up in a dark world.

"Geronimo!" A voice shouted from above.

Anti-Cosmo looked up and quickly pulled out his wand, catching the falling child. "Timothy! Has all that morphine gone to your head? You jumped out of the third story window!" Was the child trying to give him a heart attack?

Timmy laughed as he was set on the ground safely. "I knew you'd catch me." He jumped up, pulling Anti-Cosmo into a hug.

Anti-Cosmo was taken aback a bit. The boy had never embraced him. He returned the embrace, happy to see Timothy doing alright.

"You were going to leave without saying goodbye! Why?" Timmy demanded, wanting to know why Anti-Cosmo would abandon him after trying to so hard to get him.

"Well, I didn't want to make a big deal out of it."

"Too bad. I'm not going with Cosmo and Wanda; you're still stuck with me!" Timmy answered happily. Laughing at his own little joke.

"What? I thought you wanted to go back."

"Did I ever say that?" Well, maybe in the beginning, but Anti-Fairy World was nice once you got accustomed to it.

Anti-Cosmo thought it was because the child already knew the answer to that request. He never asked because he really wanted to stay? "Timothy, aren't you angry with me? You've never made a wish, I can't even spend that much time with you, and it's my fault Anti-Binky came after you. Don't you think you're better off with them?"

"Is that what you've been worried about?" Timmy couldn't believe it. "I didn't make a wish because you gave me everything I needed. I didn't have to worry about terrifying baby sitters; I didn't have to deal with food that could eat me, and a baby is no problem. I've taken care of Poof before."

Anti-Cosmo was happy to see the child wanted to stay with him, but he couldn't allow it. "Go inside Timothy; don't keep Cosmo and Wanda waiting."

"I'm not going with them. They already left." He had planned this out. Good thing it was working.

Sighing, Anti-Cosmo smiled. His resolve faded. "Well, looks like I am stuck taking care of a brat, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are. And!" Timmy jumped up. "I have a wish!"

"Pray tell, what is it?"

"I wish we were home!"

Laughing, Anti-Como hugged the boy, sending the both of them home to Anti-Fairy World.

It was so nice to have a godchild.


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