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Chapter Seven: Ace as a Substitute Teacher?

"I still say that a light pink with white would compliment you, Shanks."

"Hancock. I may be gay, but I have some dignity!"

Smoker kind of had to disagree with that declaration. With the red Hawaiian shirt the English teacher was wearing, he wouldn't say that he had any dignity at all. Yes, it was another hectic day at One Piece High School. Well, at least things were going hectic in the Teacher's Lounge. When news had spread out that a certain English teacher and a certain head of the athletics department were going to tie the knot in a few months, all of their closets friends and loved-ones offered to help out, already settling on where the church would be, what food would be there, what the people in the wedding would wear, what the grooms would wear, and the rest of that wedding business that Smoker heard woman at the station gossip about. Currently, Shanks was being harassed by Hancock and a few of the other female teachers on what colors he and Mihawk would wear while Smoker watched.

"But pink is the color that all brides are wearing. Pink is the new yellow!" defended Hancock.

"Since when was it decided that I was the bride in the relationship?" asked her fellow teacher as he was throwing away the wrapper of his bought sandwich.

"For one thing, you were the one who was proposed to. Second, Mihawk would rather stand in the middle of the school nude than to be called a bride. And three, we all still recall that one Sports Festival Day where Mihawk dragged you into the nearest closet and the entire school could hear you two-"

"Alright, ALRIGHT! I get it. I'm the bride, I'm the uke. I get it. That still does not change my mind on my first choice. Mihawk wears black, I wear white." he said. The French teacher crossed her arms on her large chest with a huff.

"You men have no taste! Too old school, never with the new 'it' factors." she said a matter-of-factly before walking away. Smoker rolled his eyes. Shanks caught him.

"Heh. Man, everyone really is getting crazy over this wedding, huh? All my family and friends want to be invited and Mihawk's only letting very little of his family come over. He said that his niece, Perona, would be coming." said the red-head with a nod. Smoker gave a nod and he took a drink of his usual coffee.

"Sounds hard." he said, putting down. Shanks nodded.

"You got that right. Is this one of the reasons why you're not dating, Smoker?" asked the redhead, ducking just in time as a large hand was about to back-hand him. "OK, sorry I asked. No need to get me a concussion." he joked, shimmying away from the gym teacher before he would be inflicted with another assault. Smoker lets out a rough breath and a shake of his head, not feeling the need to go after Shanks. Standing up, he threw away his coffee cup by a nearby trash can and he walked out of the Teacher's Lounge.

There was still a good three or two minutes till Lunch ended. Students were walking or getting to class, eating snacks bought at the vending machines or just chatting with their friends. The grey-haired man walked past them with his intimidating look and one had accidentally ran into him. He was about snap at the kid with the ever-so popular, "No running in the halls!" when he stopped himself, seeing a very (though not really, only One Piece High-known) legendary (again, only known around school) straw hat.

"Whoa! Sorry, Coach Smokey! I was only trying to- and then Usopp and Chopper- and-and-!" Smoker sighed as his hand lightly bopped on the boy's head, not too hard but enough to make the brown-eyed boy shut-up.

"Just get to class." he muttered, looking at the two other school boys before the trio nodded and ran down the hallway. He shook his head and he decided to patrol the hallways for a while. After at least ten or fifteen minutes, nothing weird or strange was happening. Things were quiet.

Too quiet for his liking.

As sure as his skin was pale as ash, a rhythmic and acoustic beat was echoing across the hallways.

Party rocking in the house tonight!

Everybody just have a good time!

And we gonna make ya lose your mind!

Everybody just have a good time!

'What the Hell?' wondered Smoker, following the bombing beats of the music.

Party rocking in the house tonight!

Everybody just have a good time!

And we gonna make ya lose your mind!

We just wanna se ya… SHAKE THAT!

Smoker finally found the room, not acting so surprised that the dancing music was coming from the Music Room. But he was also confused as well. Brook 'Dead Bonze' Satan was known to play classical, soft and normal rock, a little bit of jazz, and the occasional soul. But never had Smoker would have think that the old violin player would play music as wild as this. He opened the door and blinked in bewilderment, his jaw dropping by just an inch.

The students were out of their seats, performing wild dips and curves that could only be described as dance moves. Girls were swaying their limbs, men jumping and rocking with their feet. The stereo was turned up so loud that it was jumping on it's own, making the desk and walls vibrate. Smoker looked around and his mouth and eyes widen a fraction as he spotted a familiar mop of black and slightly wavy hair.

In the club party rock, looking for your girl? She on my jock.

Nonstop when we in the spot, booty movin' weight like she on the block!

Where the drank? I gots to know, tight jeans, tattoo 'cause I'm rock 'n' roll!

Half black, half white, domino, game the money, op-a-doe!

"Oh, hey, Smokey! Or should I say, Mr. Smokey!" laughed Ace. His feet were shuffling across the white tiles, the small ringlets at the ends of his hair bouncing along with his head as his lithe yet muscular body danced to the beat. The young man danced over to Smoker, throwing a suggestive wink and slapped his own rear as he danced. Smoker could've sworn both drool and blood were dripping on his chin. He then got mad, realizing that the volume of this music was strong enough to crack the glass windows.

"Oi! Portgas, turn that music down! And just why the Hell are you here in the first place!" yelled the silver-eyed man, glaring at the dancing demon, who was swaying his hips. Ace grinned and he shimmied his way to the stereo and he turned it off just as the last line played.

Everyday I'm shufflin'-



All the students scurried to their seat at the barking command of the gym teacher's voice, all of them shaking like leaves. Smoker then turned his attention to the black-haired fiend tuning up his cherry-red and onyx-black guitar, not having a care in the world. He threw a smile at Smoker.


"Just what the HELL are you doing here!" he yelled. Mind you, though he and Ace were in a beginner's relationship, the older male would still get angry at the younger male. Ace picked at his ear.

"Geez, get me deaf, why don't'cha. As an answer to your question, Brook had to travel to his old hometown to check on old band he use to hang around when he was younger since they got a concert or something coming up. So, he asked me to come around and help his class out. I was just teaching them how to shuffle." he said. Smoker shook his head, wondering just why these kind of things happened to him, before taking a seat.

"Fine. I'll stay and watch. Making sure that your teaching methods aren't going to effect their minds." he said, recalling those tantalizing dips and flips Ace had done when he was a 'pirate' for Singles Night. Damn, that boy knew how to move. No wonder he looked so sexy when he was dancing just a while ago.

Ace shrugged and he look to the class, which also included his brother and his friends.

"Alright, guys. I'm gonna be showing you how you can alternate to different pitches in your voices. It's a song I made up a while ago and it's been really useful. Just watch me, and then join if you get what I'm going with." he said, tuning the silver strings on his instrument one last time. He then began playing at a fast tempo with his voice at a low yet tender baritone.

"Oh, this is how I choose to sing.

Oh, oh, soft yet low is my way to go.

Oh, oh, oh, my mouth forms a 'o' and-

Oh, oh, oh, oh, this is how my singing goes."

Ace then went up a few strings and his vocal cords went from a soft baritone to a wandering and loose tenor.

"But what if we were to change those lines?

To something higher, yet more sublime?

Oooh, this is how I choose to sing.

Oooh, oooh, loose with jumps is oh-so fun.

Ooh, oooh, oooh, my tongue rolls back and-

Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, this is how my singing goes."

Ace threw a wink and many of the female students swooned. Smoker gave a snort and Ace let out a laugh before his notes changed and his tenor bumped up to an alto.

"And now lets kick it up a notch!

'Cause we're only half-way through this song.

Ah, this is how I choose to sing.

Ah, ah, notes of plenty, oh-so many.

Ah, ah, ah, right where teeth and tongue meet and-

Ah, ah, ah, ah, this is how my singing goes."

Everyone was caught off guard when Ace stood on his chair and his strings serenaded with a jumpy beat, the lad's voice going at a high yet amazing pitch.

"And now here we are at last!

Singing high with our heads thrown back!

Aaah! This is how I choose to sing!

Aaah, aaah! Voice so high with many rhymes!

Aaah, aaah, aaah! I'm laughing with pride and-

Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah! This how my singing goes!

"Now lets add those beats together now!

And see what will be the brand new sound!

One, two- here we go!


This is how my singing goes!


This is how my singing goes!


This is how my singing goes!

Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!

This is how my singing goes!"

All at once, the room burst into applause, Luffy being the one jumping and clapping the hardest with his pals. Smoker sat in his seat, pretty stunned and amazed. Ace took a bow just as the bell rang. It had been an hour and twenty minutes already?

"Well, that's the last class, guys. Make sure to take home the notes Brook assigned you yesterday. See ya!" called Ace, waving and high-fiving the students. He patted Luffy on the shoulder and had a quick word with him before the boy laughed and followed his group out of the room. He closed the door just as hands trapped him and his curiosity was planted.

"Smoker?" he asked, turning around and meeting the Commodore's red face, the older man looking at his own feet before muttering something. Ace had caught it though.

"Good job."

Ace smiled at him.

"Thank you. I'm glad you liked my song." he said, before landing a chaste kiss on Smoker's lips before laughing a little. Their eyes then met, the warmth of that small kiss leaving their lips rather quickly. Slowly, Ace kissed his again, putting on a little more pressure before sneaking a small bit of Smoker's bottom lip between his own lips and sucking softly. He then pulled away, a blush dusting his freckle-scattered cheeks. Smoker stared at that cute face, before lowering his own head slowly, and kissing Ace longer.

Ace's eyes widen. This was only the second time that Smoker had made the first move for a kiss. And it was just as amazing as the last one they had. Their lips massaged slowly against each others, tongues meeting once and a while every time one made a stroke at one's lips. Ace gave a light mew before wrapping his arms around Smoker's neck, the other placing his large hands on Ace's hips. Smoker felt that this small dance of lips couldn't get any better.

Then a slim and slender leg wrapped around his own, bringing a warm bulge to his, rubbing sensually.

Fuck it.

Ace yelped as his other leg with yanked along with his wrapped one, the both of them now on Smoker's waist and their crotches closer than ever. Ace gave a gasp as strong hips bucked into his own, a dry orgasm sending shocks into the pit of his stomach.


Thin lips seized his own as a tongue delved it's way into his mouth, relentlessly nipping, sucking, and rubbing while Smoker's pelvis rubbed their hard-on's together. Ace could only whimper in pleasure as hands moved from his waist to his ass, large fingers rubbing in between the cleft of his clothed globes of flesh. Ace gave a whine and he pulled his mouth away, panting against Smoker's neck as the man's mouth toyed with his ear.

"What's the matter, Portgas? I thought you were an entertainer at Whitebeard's as some sort of sex fiend. Want to admit that someone is finally taming you?" growled Smoker, hoisting Ace to the wall and pressing him against the door. Ace panted, his eyes fogging with lust for the older man. He pressed his lips to Smoker's neck, his tongue lapping at pale skin in a needy way.

"Fuck, you little-" Smoker could only muster up that snarl before pulling Ace from the wall and moving them to a large desk. He let Ace down and turned him around, forcing his upper-body to the desk. In a quick and fluid movement, he undid his belt and fastened it around the boy's wrists, keeping him from using his hands. Ace's eyes opened a bit as his jeans were pulled down and he looked over his shoulder.

"What the- oh!" he let a pained yet aroused sound just as the wood of a ruler met his ass. He looked at Smoker with wide yet lust-filled eyes. Since when did the man whip out that ruler in the first place?

His thoughts were cut off as the ruler smacked across his rear, the pleasurable sting making his cock twitch in his jeans.

"Wh-why are- I don't- ah! Ah! ah!" Ace gave satisfied and pained whimpers as the ruler spanked him, not enough to bruise but strong enough to bring out the masochist in him. Smoker felt his own member filling with blood from those pitiful sounds. He eyed Ace's ass, the rump dressed in a pair of white boxers that were decorated with blue spades. The man let out a smirk.

"Hmph, were you dared to buy these, Portgas?" he asked, pulling back the elastic band of the boxers back before letting it go, the sharp snap of the cloth hitting his hip making Ace jump. The adolescent bucked his back side and it met Smoker's groin, causing Smoker to give a deeply-throated groan.

"Th-They were a gift from… from my brother-ah! Oooh!" moaned Ace, biting his lip to hold back his groan as the relentless stick of wood kept spanking him. He looked to Smoker, his chocolate-brown eyes filled with pleasured tears, "Smoker- ngh! aah!- l-let me… let me touch- ooooh! uhhhn! Pl-please!" whined the boy, his voice practically begging. Smoker smirked wickedly before setting down the ruler, turning Ace around with his hands still bonded behind his back.

"Alright. Lets see what you can do, boy." chuckled the man, waiting to see what Ace could do. The younger licked his lips wantonly before dropping to his knees, diving forward and playfully licking at Smoker's clothed crotch. Smoker gave a pleasured grunt, encouraging Ace to rub his nose into the large bulge. Wanting to get more of that hidden package, the young substitute music teacher caught the silver tab of the jean's zipper with his teeth and he dragged it down, the teeth of the strap letting out a low and rippled sound. Using his teeth, Ace tugged down Smoker's jeans, along with his briefs, and his eyes widen at the size the erected organ, silver hairs around the base with the tip flared and shinning.

'Shit, did he get his hair dyed here, too?. And damn, He has to be at least ten or eleven inches! Fuck, this guy!' Ace mentally groaned as his tongue began licking at the base of Smoker's cock, a moan winding off his lips at the taste.

Smoker's head arched back the second that warm tongue met his hard and hot flesh. The long appendage was doing wonders, lapping at his scrotum with teeth nipping slightly with the tinniest of kisses following shortly after. One of his hand's found it's way into Ace's hair, massing the scalp and letting Ace know he was doing a good job. With this treatment, Ace finally took Smoker in his mouth, hallowing his cheeks and taking the length in until the cap of it nudge with the back of his throat.

"Shit, Portgas. You- You know how to… to put that mouth of yours into better use than talking-!" muttered Smoker, using his hand to bob Ace's head up and down on his length. Ace slid his tongue around all the while, making sure his tongue swept and caressed everywhere. He could taste one drop of Smoker's essence on his tongue and he let go of Smoker's erection, his tongue probing the tip for more. Smoker grabbed a fistful of the younger's black hair, pulling him up and crashing their lips together.

While their tongues were clashing and fighting to get into the other's mouth, the older of the two wrapped one arm around Ace's waist while the other hand drew down Ace's boxers, the younger's cock impressive but not as big as the older's. Smoker brought the two shafts together and with his large hand, he rubbed the two of them up and down, glistening pre-cum slicking the two pieces of heated flesh.

Ace's hips moved with ecstasy, his locked hands swinging onto Smoker's neck as the taller man went faster. Hot breaths, moans, grunts, and whimpers escaped from the gaps of their parting mouths as Smoker went faster and faster, the coiling release in their stomachs ready to let go. The room's temperature was at a boiling point as their lust-ridden frot went steadfast. Finally, with muffled groans, their pleasures were released, white coats ejaculating onto their chests. Smoker released the two now-flaccid organs and he allowed Ace to lean on him, the both of them panting. Ace looked up and smiled at Smoker before tugging on his restrained hands.

"Mind undoing the belt for me?" he asked, pulling his arms up. Smoker undid the belt and Ace rubbed his slightly sore wrists, taking a seat on the desk. He then looked to Smoker with another smile.

"Damn, I could get use to this side of you." he said, grinning and chuckling. For a small moment, Smoker gave a grin back.

"I bet you would."

"Hey, Ace. Are you OK?" asked Luffy a few hours later, he and Ace in Ace's car as they drove to Whitebeard's for Ace's late shift. Ace turned to the younger.

"Yeah, I'm good. Why ya ask?" asked Ace, making a turn into the parking lot and parking his car.

"Well, you've been humming the whole day and you've been grinning a lot, too. That, and you didn't get mad when I spilled soda on the couch today. How come you're suddenly happy? I'm not against it or anything, I'm just curious." said the black-haired boy as the two walked out of the car. Ace gave a grin and he ruffled his cousin/brother's hair.

"I'm cool. I just had a nice chat with Smokey after school." he said, grinning as he walked into Whitebeard's with a spring in his step. Luffy cocked his head, but he shrugged and smiled as well, glad to see that the male he considered to call his older brother was happy. He planted himself at a table as Ace went off to get his apron for work. Luffy pulled out his PSP from his school bagand he amused himself by playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Marco and Thatched walked over then.

"Say, Luffy. Got any idea why Ace is so cheery today? I've never seen him like this before." said Thatch, placing down three plates of chocolate cake for the three of them as he and his blonde friend sat down. Luffy already had half of his piece down his throat and he gave a grin.

"Something about Smokey. They're dating." he said. Marco blinked in bewilderment.

"You mean Ace and that grey-haired guy are together now? Damn, I knew Ace went for older guys but I wouldn't have guessed it. Damn, first you and your boyfriend, then we hear that Law and Kidd are going steady, then Penguin and Killer, then Mihawk and Shanks plan to tie the knot, and now Ace and that commodore. Damn, since when is everyone going gay?" asked the dark-skinned man to himself. Thatch gave a laugh.

"Why don't we try it? It would be fun- ahk! Marc-ahhak!" chocked the brown-haired man as Marco yanked harshly at the ends of his kerchief, causing Thatch to choke and hack. Whitebeard stepped out of his office with Stefan just in time to see the semi-chaos.

Ace was happily skidding to and fro around the restaurant, taking orders with a smile more genuine than any of his other ones while Marco was chocking Thatch, the blonde looking passive while Thatch was trying to escape. Luffy had chocolate sauce staining his lips as he played his PSP, unaware of anything, as per usual. The old man looked to his dog.

"I have the oddest sorts of sons, don't I?" he asked.

Stefan only barked before bounding after Ace, in hopes of getting the plate of fried octopus that was going to fall out of Ace's hands from the pile of plates that he was already carrying.

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