Chapter One

Hope you like the story, lots of Finn/Puck and Klaine..cause I love my Klaine!

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Kurt noticed over the summer that Finn was depressed. Not just depressed like he was when his football team lost a big game, but like really depressed. He would try and talk to him, but he would always tell him he was fine. So he'd try and cheer him up with the only thing Kurt knew, food. He made his favorites, but it didn't matter, the boy wouldn't eat more than two bites. Anyone who knew Finn knew he was a human garbage disposal, that fact always disgusted Kurt, but now he was really worried. He wanted to be a good brother to him, but found it hard when Finn wouldn't even talk to him. He pulled out his phone; he needed to talk to Blaine, his wonderful, amazing, talented boyfriend.

You busy? - K

Never for you :) - B

:) - K

What's up - B

I know you kept asking me if I was okay, well I'm okay but Finn's not - K

What do you mean, what's going on with him? - B

He won't talk to me, he stays in his room, he doesn't even hang out with Puck anymore. I think they got in a fight at the end of the school year, cause he came home early from his house one night. He isn't even eating Blaine! - K

Oh my, Kurt do you think he needs like help? Are you afraid he'd hurt himself or something? - B

I honestly don't know Blaine; I'm at a loss of what to do - K

I'll come over tomorrow, meanwhile you talk to his mom and Burt, see if they can either talk to him, or maybe they know more about what's going on. - B

Thanks babe, don't know what I'd do without you. - K

Same here, love you - B

Love you too - K

Kurt got up and walked across the hall to Finn's room, he knocked on the door, he of course didn't answer. So he tried to open the door, and amazingly it was unlocked, he walked in and was in shock at the state of Finn's room. It seems most of his closet was on the floor, and he was just lying in bed, facing the wall. He didn't seem to hear Kurt come in, then Kurt saw why, he had his iPod headphones in. He walked over and sat on the end of his bed he reached over and nudged his leg a little. Finn turned, wiping tears from his eyes, Kurt knew something was wrong then, Finn NEVER cried. Kurt thought Finn would tell him to leave, or yell at him, but he didn't do any of those things. He did the last thing Kurt expected, he buried his face in Kurt's chest, clinging to him for dear life. He sobbed against his brother, Kurt wrapping him in a hug, telling him it was okay. Whatever was going on was a lot more serious than Kurt first realized.

During Finn's breakdown, which was loud, Carole came running up the stairs, knowing the sound of her son's cries. She walked in and almost started crying herself, there was her son being comforted by his step-brother. She walked over and put her arm around Finn, she knew something was going on with him, but was hoping he'd tell her before he let it eat him up like before.

"Finn honey, what's wrong?" she said soothingly.

The only thing that came out of his mouth was, "mom", in a strangled sob.

"Finn we're here, we're worried about you please tell us what's wrong", Kurt pleaded.

That's when Burt heard the commotion and came in the room, he was shocked to see it was Finn who was sobbing. He came over to the bed alongside his wife, "Finn buddy, come on, tell us what happened".

Finn sat up, wiping his eyes, looking from his mom, to Burt, to Kurt, "promise you won't be mad at me, or hate me or anything?"

"Honey, I could never hate you, Finn, Burt and Kurt love you too, just tell us so we can help you feel better".

"But you can't, you can't make me feel better, everything sucks, and I feel, I feel like everything crashed down at my feet".

"Why Finn", Kurt asked.

"Cause he...he ..told me to leave...he..wal..walked away" he said quietly.

Everyone was confused, what in the world was he talking about?

"Finn who are you talking about, is this about your fight with Puck?"

He just nodded.

"Why did he tell you to leave?"

Realization was dawning on Kurt, everything was making sense, and he wouldn't believe it till he heard it from Finn.

"I told him something, something I've known for a long time, but was too afraid to say. Mom I'm so sorry, I don't want to disappoint you ever."

"You can't ever disappoint me okay? Just tell me what happened, what was it you told him?"

Finn took a deep breath; the words that came out of his mouth make the breath leave Kurt, and everyone in the room.

"I told him, that I, that I was in love with him".