Nothing like digging out of your own grave, literally. Prue has to betray everyone she loves in order to save them while Piper is going through her own transformation and Phoebe is pulled to the dark side once again, as a young woman with red hair comes into their lives.

The Shadow Theft

Chapter 1

Digging out of a hole

A pale man with dark hair that came down to his shoulders sat on a log next to a freshly dug grave as the moon lit the small graveyard. He has been sitting patiently for over two hours as the dirt remained still. He decided to break his boredom by cleaning his fingernails that had dried blood and dirt under them. "Like I have time for this," he said as the dirt began to shift and move while a small grunt of someone underneath the dirt was breaking the silence of the night. "It's about time," he said as a hand broke the surface and then the upper part of a person or something not of this world anymore dug and clawed its way out. He smiled that his wait was over and now could begin the task of teaching his new pet and then moving on with his so-called eternity. He stood up from his resting place and walked over to the woman that was cover in dried dirt and clearly confused about her predicament. She stood up while her body shook uncontrollably mostly because of the night air that was cold and uninviting and because of fear. Her back was facing him and her dark blue tank top and jeans were covered in dirt and sweat. He approached her tentatively after picking up a bottle that held a dark red fluid. "Don't be scared," he said calmly. The woman turned around quickly and now faced the one who buried her alive or dead she was still unsure as she tried to take a breath in and found she could not. She expected her hart to be pounding vigorously but her chest was silent and unmoving. But all those things would take backseat as her curiosity to who the man was overwhelmed any other senses.

"Who the hell are you and what did you do to me?" she said and staggered backwards.

"I know this is unexpected, but I am here to help you," he replied and he continued to walk forward as she was doing something with her hands.

"Get away from me," she said through her teeth as her fear was turning to anger and confusion.

"What do you remember?" he asks.


"The last thing what do you remember?"

"Listen you twit if you don't tell me who you are and what you want, I will kill you," she replied.

He smiled at her threat and was slightly impressed with her gumption," I think not but my name is Drake La Mort and you are Piper is that correct?"

"Don't pretend you don't know me, Leo!" Piper yelled and tried to flick her wrist to freeze him but she was having issues tapping into her power.

"It is getting close to sunrise, I would suggest we discussed this at a safer location," he said and moved towards her again.

"Are you kidding me, you buried me alive and now you want to take me someplace safe. You are either their worst demon ever or completely stupid."

Drake raised his eyebrows and in any other normal circumstance he would have put her in her place, but he did not have time for this and needed to get back to his brother. "Piper I don't want to kill you, I saved you but we do not have time for this," he replied as color was coming to the sky that was replacing the darkness.

"No, Leo!" Piper yelled again but he did not come.

"I will take you by force!" he yelled back as his patience and his fear of being cooked alive by the sun was removing his normal calm demeanor.

"What do you mean save me?" Piper asks now more curious of his earlier statement then the heat she was feeling on her skin as the sun began to rise.

Drake could no longer wait or explain and moved so fast that he was a blur as he grabbed her. Piper was now in front of an old house and he moved her in quickly. "Let go of me dammit," she said as he moved her to the basement door. "You need to sleep and eat, we will discuss this tonight and your family is well aware of your situation," he said and closed the door as Piper could hear it lock from the other side.

She stood there a moment trying to grasp what he just said, "My family is aware then why aren't they here?" she thought and made her way down the creaky steps and into a completely black room. Her eyes were adjusting quickly to the thick darkness and there was a mattress on the floor that has seen better days. She was exhausted in a way she could never explain as she looked at a bottle that had something red in it. "Like I am going to drink that or sleep on that," she whispered with a snort. "Dammit Leo!" she yelled again but again no bright lights filled the room. There was a chair near the wall and she decided that's where she would rest as she could barely stand. Her eyes were heavy and she was thirsty not like a normal thirst but like she has been in the desert for days without water. The bottle became more enticing and seemed to put her under a trance as she looked at it. Her voice was hoarse from yelling and from lack of moisture as she picked up the bottle and twisted the cap. She put it to her nose not sure what to expect but it smelled sweet and bitter at the same time. She closed her eyes and allowed the fumes to fill her nostrils as her body went calm as the lip of the bottle made its way to her lips. She was unaware of her actions like this was natural as the first taste touched her tongue. It was an explosion of flavor unlike anything else and now she was guzzling it as some escaped through the corners of her mouth. Her once week body became strong again and she could feel her blood moving through her veins like electrical pulses. But she was so tired and let the bottle hit the ground breaking into small pieces as she fell asleep with her head down and her body slumped. She could not keep her mind from drifting into dreamland as she went to sleep.


She was putting money away in a cash register at the bar as the place was crowded and the music was blaring.

"Busy night," one of her waitresses said as she handed Piper some money.

"Thank god," Piper replied and put it in the register.

"Piper," a man's voice said behind her but Piper did not turn around and just said "Yeah."

"Piper Halliwell?" the man asks again.

She turned around to see who was asking for her and before she could react all she saw was a flash and then sharp pain in her head. She landed on her back staring up at the ceiling as Phoebe came into view and then Prue.

"Piper oh god, Prue what do we do?" Phoebe said but to Piper it was mostly muffled and hard to make out as darkness was moving in from the sides of her vision. She could see the panic and fear in their faces until there was finally nothing but blackness. She could feel her blood leaving her body at a rapid rate but she was unable to move or respond.

Piper's eyes flashed open and she almost fell out of the wooden chair as the basement door opened.

"Morning sunshine," Drake said from the top of the staircase as the lights came on. She let her eyes adjust to the eminent light and can now see the room clearly in the broken glass by her feet. She smelled like sweat, dirt and dry blood as she looked around. She could hear him coming down the steps and immediately stood her ground.

"Well not exactly morning, more like sunset," he said and entered the room." Sorry about the accommodations but we were both unprepared for the recent events."

"You said my family knew and what did you do to me?" Piper asks as she backed up a little from his approach. It was now that she could see him clearly. He was pale but his complexion was flawless his eyes were a dim blue and his hair perfect.

"You might want to freshen up your family is expecting you," he replied and tossed some clothes for her to change into. "There is a bathroom upstairs and you can take a shower, don't worry all your questions will be answered soon," he replied and left the basement.

Piper wanted to see her family and hoped it was not a trick but considering her power was not working, and Leo was not hearing her she decided to take a chance and do what he wanted. So far he is not asked her about her powers or the book for that matter and she was not that afraid of him. She made her way up the steps and he was leaning against the wall with his arms folded near the bathroom. "I will give you some privacy," he said and moved out of her way to let her pass. She entered the bathroom and placed a T-shirt and jeans on the toilet seat. Piper then decided to look in the mirror as she could feel dirt all over her and turned on the faucet before looking up. If she had a breath to spare it would have escaped as she got a good look at herself. Her hair was tangled tattered her face had dirt smudges all over it but around her mouth was the most frightening. Dried blood created a streak mixed with dirt that came from the corners of her mouth and then she remembered drinking out of the bottled," Oh god," she said as she put her shaking hands into the running water and immediately went to the task of washing her face. "What did I do?" she thought and started the shower wanting desperately to remove any evidence of the night before. She let the hot water hit her skin and washed her hair out thoroughly as dark thoughts ran through her mind. She was still thirsty but not for water or any other substance but for something she could not explain and had flashbacks of drinking out of the bottle. "Fuck stop it," she said through her teeth as she tried to move the desire for her unquenchable thirst. After about 15 minutes she emerged from the bathroom devoid of any mischievous from the previous night. She didn't bother to dry her hair is the need to get to her family was far more important than vanity at the moment.

"You look civilized," he said and motioned heard to the front door.

"I don't know what you did, but I assure you, that you will die for it," Piper said as she past him and went out the front door. Drake rolled his eyes at her comment as he closed the front door behind him. Piper waited outside for him and looked around for a car. Normally she would have ran for it but she had no idea where she was and if he was going to kill her, he would have done it already. He stood beside her and then took her arm and before she could protest they were gone in a blur and she was now in front of her door of the manner.

"See just like I promised," he said and ring the doorbell. The sound of feet moving at a fast pace could be heard on the hardwood floor as they ran towards the door. It opened and Prue was standing there wide-eyed and completely relieved. "Oh thank god," she said and hugged her.

"Prue what the hell is going on, why didn't Leo come for me?" Piper said as she hugged her back and Phoebe with Leo came out of the kitchen also looking exuberant.

"You didn't tell me she was vocal," Drake said while raising his eyebrows.

"Piper we will explain everything," Phoebe said as she hugged her while Leo waited patiently inside.

"Oh you bet you will."

Prue walked back into the manner with Phoebe as Piper tried to enter but almost felt that she was going to pass out before even taking a step as Drake just rolled his eyes again. "We have to be invited in," he said and Piper just stared at him as too many things were falling into place. "This is my home," Piper said as Leo walked up to her. "Sorry you can come in," he said and the nausea feeling that she felt earlier was gone and knew she could enter.

Phoebe and Prue were in the living room as Piper and Drake entered with Leo in tow.

"My favor is done I need to go," Drake said but Prue stopped him.

"Drake wait, we have no idea how to handle this," Prue said as Piper sat down and felt safe for the first time since this happened.

"It is not my problem Prue," he replied but she stopped him again.

"Dammit Drake please," she pleaded.

He stopped and closes his eyes and lowered his head, "Fine here is a person you can contact that will help in her adjustment. She is older than me but not as well tempered so treat her with respect," he replied and handed Prue a card with the name Jezebel Night on it with an address and phone number.

"Thank you," Prue said and he was gone in a blur as the door slammed behind him.

"Well I would say don't let it hit you on your ass on the way out, but that doesn't seem possible," she said as she walked back into the living room where Piper was clearly showing impatience.

"What the hell happened and why didn't you come for me?" Piper said as she looked at Leo.

"Sweetie what is the last thing you remember?" Leo asks and sat next to her. The normal warmth and energy he felt from her was gone as he could no longer sense her. He put his hand on hers and it was cold and devoid of life as he struggled to keep his emotions in check. Piper could feel his hand and even his heart beat through the skin and it was hypnotic as she tried to focus on the last thing she truly remembered.

"I was at the bar counting money when someone said my name and I turned around. I remember a flash and a lot of pain and you guys are over top of me and that's it," Piper replied hoping he could fill in the gaps.

"Honey you were shot in the head and you were dying, Leo could not heal you because it was not a demon but a human," Prue replied and bit her lower lip knowing that what was coming next would frightened her more.

"Then how am I here, Prue I don't feel right, I feel different?" Piper replied as Leo squeezed her hand which only made her focus much harder.

"There happened to be a vampire at the club that night and he offered a way to save you," Prue replied and held her breath as Piper's eyes widened and narrowed quickly.

"What!" Piper yelled and stood up clenching her fist. "You let him turn me into a vampire, are you insane?"

"Piper we didn't want to lose you and we know we can fix it," Prue replied and stood up as well.

"I crawled out of a grave and slept in the basement and I think I drank blood Prue!" Piper continued with her voice still raised.

"What?" Leo said and was now standing as panic struck him.

"Oh god Piper did you kill someone?" Phoebe asks completely terrified of the answer.

"No it was in a bottle," Piper replied.

All of them went let out a sigh of relief and sat back down trying to calm her nerves.

"Well I'm glad everyone's okay with that, because I'm sure the hell not. How could you and why weren't you there when I dug out of my own grave?" Piper asks still furious.

"Because he wouldn't let us, he said according to the rules it has to be the maker and technically you're not opposed to be here but we were able to convince him to let you come back here," Prue replied.

"So how do we fix this?" Piper asks as she headed for the attic.

"Piper there is nothing in the book but we are looking everywhere to find a way and we will fix this," Phoebe said as she followed her up.

"What do you mean there nothing in the book?" Piper asks as she walked over to it but when she tried to touch it went flying across the room. "Great it thinks I'm evil."

"No honey it just doesn't know you right now, here try again," Prue said and after picking it up off the floor handed it to her middle sister and hoped it would not reject her again. It took a few seconds for her to fight through the shield but it did let her touch it. "See its ok," Phoebe said in relief.

Piper began going through the pages quickly until finding a caption labeled demon vampires. "I thought you said there was nothing in here?"

"You're not a demon vampire, you're legit," Leo replied.

"What's the difference?" Piper asks.

"Demon vampires are half breed between human, vampire and demon. You are what they consider a pure blood but you are still a witch at least we think," Leo replied.

"My powers didn't work on him," Piper said as she remembers trying to freeze him earlier.

"According to Drake there might be a delay he thinks you powers will come back, plus and vampiric ones as well," Prue said and sat down on the couch.

Piper was overwhelmed and decided to sit down on the couch as well as her thirst was becoming unbearable. Leo could tell she was struggling and from what Drake told them, she would need to drink a least five times a day for at least a week to gain her strength. He knelt down in front of her and placed his hands on her knees that were shaking.

"Piper you need to drink something, here," he said and offers his arm to her but Piper looked at him with disgust and pushed it away.

"Leo I am not doing that," she said and got up from the couch.

"Piper I am self-healing and you need it to survive until we find a cure," Leo said and grabbed a knife off the table along with a goblet. He took the knife and made a large cut on his forearm and tried to hide the sharp pain from her as the crimson blood poured into the goblet. She could not help but stare as intense thirst increased in her body. The color was vibrant and glowed around it and she could even smell that sweet scent, if life itself had a smell it would be of Jasmine and the ocean all wrapped into one. Piper was so focused on the flowing life force that she did not notice her eyes change to a bright light blue as her two teeth extended to sharp points. Prue and Phoebe backed away as she changed in front of them. She was like a hungry lion getting ready to pounce as Leo finished up and his wound healed. He picked up the glass to hand to her but before he could even turn around she was in front of him and ripped it out of his hands. All Prue and Phoebe saw was a blur as she moved to fast for their eyes to register. Piper put the goblet to her lips without hesitation and drinks as some escaped down the sides of her mouth. Leo's blood was different than what she drank before; it was euphoric, pure and untainted. It was bliss in liquid form and she could feel her whole body get stronger with every gulp. How could something taste so good that normally would make anyone vomit at just the thought? She finally drank the last drop and closed her eyes while a smile unwillingly came upon her face. But after she came back to reality she looked into Leo's concerned eyes and could now feel the fangs in her mouth. She covered her mouth with her hand as she dropped the goblet and felt ill from what she just did and how much she liked it. She could not help but cry but unfortunately that was another mistake is the normal clear liquid tears were replaced with bloody ones. "Oh god what is wrong with me?" she said as she wiped her face and could now see the blood clearly.

"It's ok Piper its normal," he said in hopes to comfort her.

"Normal, Leo there is nothing normal about this," she replied and ran to the bathroom.

"Just give her some time," Prue said as she picked up the goblet of put it back on the table.

"Did you see how fast she moved?" Phoebe said as she was impressed with Piper's new ability.

"Phoebe I know that you might be a little excited about having power, but Piper never wanted it," Leo said and was clearly upset with her comment.

"Leo I didn't mean it that way," Phoebe said as Leo left the room to check on Piper.

"I know sweetie we are just exhausted and need some rest," Prue said and put her arm around her baby sister. "I need to call Jezebel Night, to see if she can help us."

"We definitely need help, Prue do you think there is a fix for this?"

"Yes Phoebe it might just take us some time to find it."

To be continued…