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Chapter 23

Shoot to kill

It did not take long for Piper to arrive at the Council's headquarters right in the center of San Francisco. The black van she was in pulled into the underground parking as a large building with dark glass loomed above them and had at least 60 stories to it. The van parked close to an elevator with two guards standing on either side dressed in what look like SWAT outfits and had semi-automatic guns to go with the outfit. "How the hell could anyone not notice that?" she thought and then remembered that vampires can glamour. Dominick sat in the back with Drake who was also handcuffed with silver alongside her and no one spoke the whole ride over. She did not have the energy to rip Drakes head off and she could not use her power because her hands were behind her back. The silver was draining her and she has not fed since she has got up while the argument she had with her sisters was still playing on her emotions. "Great now I am going to die and I didn't even apologize," she said to herself as she cringed in pain by the smell of flesh burning filled the van slightly. Dominick was the first to get out when the vehicle came to a stop and the two guards roughly grabbed both her and Drake.

"Come we must not keep the Council waiting," Dominick said and closed the lid on his pocket watch as they all enter the elevator. It was hard for her to keep standing as she was completely exhausted and if it wasn't for the guards holding her up, she would have collapsed on the floor. Her face was still stained with the red tears from earlier and she was slightly dirty from sitting on the ground. She wanted to yell for Leo or Paige but she was afraid of them getting hurt and they may not come considering what she said to them. "I'm sorry Phoebe," she said to herself and closed her eyes tight to avoid crying. If she was going to die she was going to go down fighting and try to take out as many Council members as she could in the process, including Drake. Her mind pondered as she eyed him down while he looks straight ahead until the elevator stopped and the doors opened. The guards put the nozzles of their guns into her and Drakes backs to nudge the forward into the grand lobby. Piper looked up and could see more guards dressed the same on the balcony above them as they approached 20 foot-high doors that had carvings of vampires fighting werewolves and other creatures of the night. She could smell the silver that the doors were laced in and even Dominick stopped in front of them afraid to touch it. He looked up to one guard that was near a switch and gave a nod. The two large doors opened inward as the guards pushed Piper and Drake forward until one hit Piper in the back of the legs to make her kneel. Drake was next to be force to his knees as Dominick walked up to a large throne made of human bones. The human remains were lacquered and reflected the room's grandeur as Piper looked around. There were ornate antique chairs probably from the 14th century that aligned the sides and were occupied by vampires of various ages and dressed in the finest clothing.

"Do you think it is too much, I always believed it was gaudy?" Dominick asked as he stood next to the throne. Piper just gave a snort at his question as a woman's voice pierced the silence and even made Dominick straighten up.

"Look it's the baby vamp," Astra said as she came out from around the throne.

"Astra?" Drake said in disbelief mostly because he knew what Jezebel did, but did not know she escaped.

"Do I really have to quote Mark twain?" she asks while raising her eyebrows as she climbed onto the throne. Drake looked completely confused and before he could even answer, she did it for him." Yes Drake I am the Council."

"No your their headhunter," Piper tried to correct.

"Oh what evil webs Piper, you know I have gone through a lot of trouble for you I even had the place cleaned up, I know how much of a clean freak you are, a matter of fact I know everything about what you are," Astra said as she got more comfortable in a chair that was way too big for her. It would have been humorous if it wasn't for the fact that she was the one with the power now.

"You missed a spot," Piper said as she looked at the half-size vampire that still had concrete remnants on her clothing.

Astra flipped off a piece and smiled slightly," Not looking so good yourself."

Piper looked to her right and could see a man in ice on a platform that was misting and had odd symbols on its base. "The shadow thief," she thought.

"Yes Piper the shadow thief and how do you know what he is?" Astra asks as she read Piper's mind.

"Just get on with it," Piper replied and tries to keep her thoughts contained.

"Fine let's start with Drake, first you broke the main rule of not making another without the approval of the Council, second have been working with werewolves and third you lied to me about Max," Astra said as two guards were bringing out a man from an adjoining room he was handcuffed as well and also had shackles on his feet. They forced him to his knees as the vampires in the room extended their fangs and hissed.

"Aidan," Piper said but was not that concern for his well-being.

"The little dog ratted you out Piper, he told me about you killing Max. Which brings us to the reason why you're here? You killed another vampire among a few others along the way, you have not left your family and to top it off you're a witch," Astra said.

"What no trial of my peers?" Piper asks in a very sarcastic tone.

"This is not a democracy Piper now how do we deal with you," Astra replied as she put her finger to her chin while leaning back further in the chair." If we could somehow extract your blood and gain your powers it would definitely help in our fight."

"And what fight is that?" Drake asks.

"Unfortunately for you, you will not see," she replied and nodded to the two guards that were holding him. They lifted him up roughly and took him away, Piper yelled for him even though he betrayed her loyalty she felt was strong and she struggled with the guards that held her in place. The door slammed shut and she knew he was going to die. "Have you fed today Piper?" she asks and a seven-year-old girl came out from behind the throne with the help of Dominick holding her hand. Piper's hart sank when she saw how frightened the little girl was and furious with the suggestion.

"She is just a child!" Piper yelled.

"Blood is blood and I need to see your power at work, so I need you at full strength," Astra said and Dominick took the girl to Piper as she held a doll clenched to her chest. "Now feed or I will kill her."

Piper evil eyed Astra and wish her power resided there but unfortunately she was not Prue.

Meanwhile outside of the building the others hid out of sight in an abandoned building across from it as they discussed what they were going to do. Phoebe was putting a small chain around her Voodoo doll while humming an unfamiliar tune.

"Phoebe are you with us?" Prue asks.

The once baby sister stopped and looked at everyone a little confused," What?" she asks and then looked at the chain she put around at doll," Why did I do that?"

"We really need you to stay with us here Phoebe," Paige said.

"I know – I know it just happens," she said as Jezebel walked into the building with Van Helsing.

"The pack is waiting for us to start," she said.

"Who is the person on the inside?" Prue asks as she stood up and grabbed a bag filled with wooden spikes.

"We will know once we get to that point," Jezebel replied.

"We need to be careful I don't want to accidentally spike my wife," Leo said as he looked at the bag Prue was holding.

"Don't worry Leo," Prue said and they took a deep breath except for Jezebel and Van Helsing.

"Let's go knock," Jezebel said with a smile and blurred away along with Van Helsing as the others walked to the main entrance.

"So we are just going to go through the front door?" Paige asks not convinced this idea was going to work.

"I guess so," Prue replied and could hear gunshots being fired from inside.

"Shit that is not very discreet," Phoebe said and started running towards the door with the rest in tow. Leo could not orb in as it was protected somehow and that means they know about them, so it was going to be old-fashioned way of just breaking in. Phoebe was first though the main door and had to step over bodies to get to Jezebel who is lighting a cigarette. The entire room was riddled with bullet holes except for the two vampires that seem to avoid them. 10 bodies in total with a variety of wounds, ranging from slice throats to their spines being ripped out.

"Great now they know we are here," Prue said as she wrinkled her face while stepping over a body.

"Wait these people are human," Phoebe said as she noticed they were not the bloody gob she was used to seeing after killing a vampire.

"They are human companions of the Council; don't tell me you're squeamish?" Jezebel replied and then looked at the elevator," Your up," she said to Van Helsing and he put a small round metal device and hit the inside button to go up." We take the stairs," she said and headed for the stairwell.

"Man I wish we could orb," Paige said as the realization of climbing 60 flights made her wish she exercised more. The others followed and started their assent up the stairway while a loud explosion rattled the building. "That little thing did all that?" Paige asks as she remembered the small metal ball Van Helsing put in the elevator, but he just smiled.

One of the guards took off Piper's handcuffs and she immediately felt the relief as the burning sensation ended. She looked at her wrist and they were bloody and had large gashes going around them. She wanted to try to blowup Astra but she was too weak and with all the other vampires around it was also too risky. She did not want to hurt the little girl but she did not want her to die. She put her shaking hand on the girls wet cheeks," I will not hurt you I promise," Piper said through sobs as her red tears flowed once more. Piper extended her fangs and let the numbing drug that came from them drip off before she pulled the girl in close to her. "Do you know any lullabies?" Piper asks as she hugged her tight. The girl just nodded and Piper could feel her tiny body shake against hers," You should sing one ok," she said and looked deeply into the girl's eyes trying to glamour, trying to make her forget and do what she asks. The little girl's eyes glazed over and she began to hum a child's lullaby while Piper tilted her head slightly to get access to what she needed and craved.

The group finally made it to the top with the help of the vampires but was still slightly exhausted as they breathed heavily.

"Ok that sucked," Paige said while putting her hands on top of her head to help her lungs from aching.

Jezebel came from around the corner after checking to see how many they would need to fight and had a mischievous smile on her face," What the hell are you so happy about?" Leo asks as he too was out of breath.

"There is a lot," she replied still smiling.

"There is something seriously wrong with you," Phoebe said.

"I don't get much action these days, me and him will go first and then you guys follow got it?" Jezebel asked and all of them nodded as Leo pulled out a spike from Prue's bag along with Paige. "Your power should work but you just can't orb in or out," she finished.

"Where is the pack?" Cole asks as he formed a fireball in his hand to make sure she was correct.

"On their way," Van Helsing replied and left with Jezebel. They all waited for the sounds of fighting and after a few seconds the gunfire rained.

"Keep low!" Leo yelled as he ran into the main hall where bodies were dropping from the walkway above him.

"Leo look out!" Prue yelled as a guard ran up to him and pointed the gun right at his head. She used her telekinesis to toss the guard to the other side of the room as a vampire blurred next to Phoebe and grabbed her. "Prue!" she yelled but her instincts kicked in and before he could bite she flipped him over her shoulders and plunge the spike into his chest, causing him to explode and blood to go everywhere. She was unfazed as the fighting continued and the sound of howling could be heard in the distance. "The pack," she said and felt a little better about their predicament.

Paige was near Cole who was throwing fireball after fireball and vampires were blurring in at a fast rate. "There is too many of them," he said while backing up until a whistling sound buzzed by his ear. He watched as a metal star like object took off the heads of three vampires and then came back towards him. "Shit," he said and Paige forces his head down as it grazed her hair cutting a few strings off. Van Helsing caught the spinning projectile and now she got a good look at it. It was an oversized throwing star with five blades that were curved and definitely laced with silver. He raised his eyebrow and then continues fighting alongside Jezebel. Cole finally stood up and looked at Paige," Thanks," he said as more were coming while the alarm began to ring.

"We have company," Dominick said to Astra as Piper took her first bite and the little girl continued to sing her lullaby while Piper felt sick to her stomach with each swallow, but could feel her energy coming back. She stopped and rare her head back as the little girl dropped to the floor and landed on Piper's lap, still singing but clearly dazed with two puncture in her neck.

"Dominick you really did not expect this, I was hoping for it, her family is here to save her, but we will kill them all and drain them dry and use their powers to send the world into chaos," Astra said and got up from her throne as the other vampires in the room stood up as well. "Now you show me what you can do," she said as she walked over to Piper who cradled the little girl in her arms. She looked up and her fangs still extended with her eyes dark and hate filled. Piper could hear what was happening outside the door but most of all she could feel her family the connection was strong.

"My power does not work on witches Astra," Dominick said as he was showing a little fear in his eyes.

"There are enough powerful vampires in this room to take out a small country, I don't think we need to worry about that do you?" she asks and then focused her attention on Piper once more. "Now show me what you can do."

Piper kissed the girl on the four head before standing," You want to see my power, fine," she raised her hands and blasted Astra across the room but she did not explode and only laughed as she stood up.

"Ouch," she said while brushing herself off and the other vampires joined in the humor." I am 2500 years old do you think I am that easy, or them," she said while pointing to the other vampires in the room. "I did not become head of the Council by being stupid and naïve, now let me show you what I can do," she said and put her hand in front of her with her palm out. Piper felt a force hit her in the chest equivalent of a wrecking ball and she went flying across the room skidding on the tile floor.

Outside the large door a battle was raging as Van Helsing was surrounded by human companions and vampires alike. Because he could see things in slow motion it was a pleasure to see would Jezebel was about to do. First she blurred to one and right when the man pulled the trigger on his shotgun, she moved it up so when it fired it blew off the man's head. She then moved to the next one and sliced his throat while Van Helsing just moved an itch to avoid a bullet that was fired so it hit the man behind him. A woman vampire was next to feel the speed and accuracy of Jezebel as she felt two hands on her head and then felt it get ripped off after Jezebel gave it a hard twist. It only took 2 seconds for all of this to transpire in front of him, but when it was done the six people that were going to kill him were now dead.

"Didn't even break a sweat," Jezebel said and blurred away as Van Helsing just rolled his eyes," I could have killed them," he whispered as the fighting continued.

"Is every vampire in the world here?" Phoebe asks as she stood up from being knocked down by a guard and she used the butt of his gun to knock him out.

"We haven't even made it to the door yet," Prue said as she looked at the silver lined barrier between her and Piper. The pack was now with them and was fighting in their wolf form as some were getting shot and stabbed by vamps and guards. She looked around trying to get account but the room was filled with enemies and friends as a vamp rushed her. She used her telekinesis power on them but they regained quickly and started at her again. Prue Astor projected out of her body and grabbed him from behind while her other body was still active. She was confused at first and then realized her power was growing. She used her telekinesis mixed with her own strength to break the man's neck and he crumpled to the floor. Paige used her power to send a spike on the floor right to the man's chest and he exploded next to Prue.

"Thanks sis," she said and Paige nodded as more were coming. A vampire opened his mouth and revealed his fangs to Phoebe. She opened her mouth to scream for help but then saw something glimmer in her eye and she could not help but smile as everything went black.


Phoebe was standing in a tent with two young women," How did I get here?" Phoebe asks as she backed up but was stopped by the large tent.

"You are not here," the woman replied and the other started making ticking noises with her tongue on the top of her mouth. "Alright mother I will," the woman said as she was interpreting for the other.

"You're the voodoo goddess aren't you?" Phoebe asks nervously.

"I am her daughter and her interpreter, her name is Erzulie, Voodoo Goddess of Love," she replied.

"Are you kidding me not the goddess of war or mayhem, love that is not what I need right now," Phoebe said clearly frustrated with the answer.

"This is voodoo and not is what it seems, my mother was a fierce defender of women and the warrioress who fought with her people during the Haitian revolution. Her own people cut out her tongue so that she would not tell their secrets should she be captured," the woman said and narrowed her expression.

"That is horrible and what is the secret?" Phoebe asks.

"You will find out once you enter that door, we have a score to settle, oh by the way she loves knifes," the woman finished and Phoebe was back but she was holding too long knifes in her hands and with three vampire dead next to her. She was covered in blood but not her own as her sisters looked at her with astonishment. She then remembered what her eye got a look at; it was the two long knifes the vampire had inside his jacket. "Oh my," she said and then smile a bit at the fact she killed them or her new friend did.

"Phoebe what the hell, where did you learn how to do that?" Prue asks with her mouth agape.

"I will tell you later, now let's kill some vamps," she said and felt a new confidence while Leo was stabbing a guard in a leg with a wood spike. Cole was throwing fireballs and Jezebel was killing at speeds she could not even imagine, while Paige was orbing anything sharp at anyone who got too close, but this was the easy part for what lies beyond the door will not be so easy.

Piper stood up and hissed at Astra and started blasting one after another but Astra was too fast and pinned Piper against the silver door. She screamed in pain as her skin began to burn," You just don't get it do you," Astra said as she squeezed around her throat tighter even though it was useless. The other vampires stood waiting for their opportunity to fight and began to face the large door.

"Get off of me!" Piper hissed and Astra tossed her across the other side of the room landing near the throne. She decided a different tactic was in order and flung out her wrist again but this time froze the room. Astra was in mid-motion blurring towards her but she was in slow-motion and Piper smiled," Stop that bitch," she said and blurred herself and the little girl to a corner of the room. "Stay here ok it will be ok," she said and used her glimmering ability to put the girls sleep. Astra was still in slow motion along with the rest of the room and realize that her power was increasing as she looked for a way to open the door. "Dammit!" she yelled as she could not find a way to open it and she could feel the power wearing off. She backed up and shook her hands out as the room unfroze and Astra turned around looking for her new playmate. Piper through her hands out and blasted the door with more force than she is ever have before and the door open just enough for her to push it the rest of the way. She screamed out in pain as her hands were burning from the silver. She looked in and could see her family along with the pack of wolves fighting fiercely as the other vampires in the other room hissed.

"How did she get past me?" Astra asks Dominick.

"She has another power that must affect time, that must be how Drake got away from me," he answered and now Astra was not quite as confident.

"Kill them but leave her intact," Astra said as she backed away from the group and Dominick extended his fangs readying himself for the fight.

"Piper!" Leo screamed out when he saw her but before she could even exit she went flying backwards as Dominick grabbed her from behind and blurred away," NO!" he yelled and ran to the open door. Piper tried to fight him but he was too strong and she felt the handcuffs clicked into place behind her back and a chain go around her neck that went around a large column. "Stay put," he said and was gone in an instant. Leo did not get far as he felt hands on him and the next thing he knew, he was hitting a wall hard and cracking his head open. Blood began to seep out of the wound over his eyebrow as he stood up slowly and groggily while a vampire was about to bite, but it exploded as Paige sent a spike right into him. Leo blinked his eyes rapidly trying to focus as his wound healed and gave Paige a nod of appreciation for the help. Prue Astra projected again creating two of her and she was surprised when her power worked for both. She was able to push the group of vampires back but they were too powerful and managed to take out her clone quickly as one put his hand right through the clone's chest. Prue went to her knees and felt the pain but was thankful it was only her duplicate. She stood up but then was struck across the face hard and she topsy-turvy in the air before landing on the unforgiving tile floor and felt a rib brake on impact. "Leo!" she yelled while Cole sent a fireball to the vamp that hit her but instead of blowing up the vampire it was just was thrown backwards," Shit these guys are stronger," Cole said as he looked for Phoebe who was being attacked by two. He tossed a fireball at the one that was hitting her and she managed to get away from the other. He picked up a wooden stake and through it at the one that held her, it connected in the vampire exploded," Thanks," she said as blood trickled down her lip.

Piper was struggling vigorously with her restraints while a war was commencing a few feet from her. Leo was done healing Prue as Jezebel and then Van Helsing tried to keep the group at bay, but they were severely outnumbered at there must have been 50 or so in the other room. Even for Jezebel it was difficult fight and she was starting to show her injuries while trying to avoid being spiked. Paige also had many problems as she was being tossed around like a rag doll by two vamps that were clearly having too much fun. She pulled out a potion bottle and threw it at one of them once she landed on the ground. At first it just puffed out and he smiled at her attempt, but then it started burning his skin and he screamed in pain before exploding. Phoebe was using spells and for the most part it worked on some but not others and she was grabbed by one. Before she could even react she was tossed over the group and into the main room and hit hard on the tile floor. Piper could hear bones break and crack as Phoebe slid a few feet away from her," Phoebe!" Piper cried out but she was unconscious and not moving," Leo!" she yelled as she heard Prue also yell for Phoebe.

"I can't orb to her," Leo said as he was holding his broken arm that was slowly healing. Dominick made his way to the group and focused his gaze on the few remaining werewolves. They just collapsed and morphed into their human form unconscious, he then tried it on Cole but it did not work nor did it work on Leo, 'Fine then you die," he said and rushed Cole with a long blade in his hand. Cole tried to blast him with a fireball but it had no effect and he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. He looked down and could see the long blade plunged into his abdomen. He tried to shimmer out to get to Phoebe but he could not and just collapse onto the ground holding his stomach. Dominick could see Leo healing Paige and rushed him, Leo went flying towards the wall and hit hard again as he picked up a wooden stake. Dominick was about to plunge it into Paige's chest as she started to come too, but Jezebel was able to stop him by grabbing his arm and tossed him to the other wall. She helped Paige up as the remaining vampires began to close in while Cole tried to get up but was too week and losing blood quickly.

"We are so screwed," Paige said while backing up and could see the bloodlust in the vampire's eyes.

"I have something to finish before I die," Jezebel said and blurred away somehow making it through the crowd killing a few as she did so. She was now in the main room as the other vampires had their backs turned ready to pounce on the other group. Astra was standing in the center almost waiting for her as Jezebel extended her fangs and tightened her body.

"You really don't know how to treat guest," Astra said with a smirk.

Jezebel did not reply and just rushed her; the two would punch scratch and kick as the other's tried to fight their way in. Jezebel would push Astra against the wall causing large cracks in the concrete and to flicker off, and Astra would return the favor as Prue used her telekinesis to push the vampires back into the main room.

"We need Piper," Prue said as they walked forward but it was a struggle to even do that. Van Helsing was helping as much as he could but even his little gadgets were not enough to kill them all. A vampire got a lucky shot and distracted him for a brief second and Dominick used it to knock him unconscious with his gaze. Prue managed to push the remaining 30 vampires back into the room as Dominick shut the door behind them and now they were trapped. Leo was holding up Cole behind them as the door latch and shut and Dominick smiled wide. They were out of potions and the spells were no longer working, Phoebe was still unconscious on the floor and Piper was still held by the silver chains around her. But in all the commotion everyone forgot about Aidan who shape shifted into a wolf and managed to get free of the silver chains. Piper felt hands on her wrist and then felt them to be free as the chain around her neck was also removed.

"Here drink from me you need it," he said and held out his arm. Piper was hesitant at first because of what he did, but right now her family needed her and she sunk her teeth and then felt her energy come back. She stood up and could see them surrounded and flung out her hands and froze the room. Prue could see that the vampires were moving slower along with Jezebel and Astra whose fight seemed to be and still motion.

"Piper," Prue said and smiled at her as she picked up a wooden spike off the ground and started stabbing away along with Paige. But the power did not last for long and Prue felt something sharp go into her shoulder and come out the other end as she looked at it. She then felt it exit as Dominick pulled out the long knife and Prue grabbed her shoulder in pain. He then tossed her to the wall and she slid down it leaving a blood as she slid down.

"Ass hole," Piper yelled and tried to blow him up but it just pushed him back as he rushed her and she felt the burning sting of the blade as he pinned her to the wall. "You just don't listen," he said and left her pinned but when he turned around the once unconscious sister was now standing, holding the voodoo doll in her hand as Paige ran to Prue.

"Prue oh god wake up," she pleaded the as the remaining 10 vampires approached her. Leo was also fighting to keep Cole alive as he felt both Piper's and Prue's pain but not Phoebe's.

"Oh the one who doesn't have an active power, pity this will be so easy," Dominick said and opened his mouth wide to show his fangs but Phoebe just tilted her head to one side and started making a ke-ke-ke-ke-ke sound caused by her tongue clicking on the roof of her mouth. Dominick closed his mouth slightly as he remembered that sound," That is not possible," he said and Phoebe let go of the Voodoo doll that was attached to the chain around its neck. It landed on the floor and Dominick started to rush but the minute he did Phoebe pulled on the chain and swung it to one side. It hit the column hard and Dominick along with the other vampires including Piper went flying across the room. They were at least 20 feet in the air as they hit the high walls and some even broke through columns. Piper was now free of being pinned but now she was being tossed back and forth like a rag doll. Over top of Phoebe's head vamps were powerless as she swung the doll back and forth. The sound of bones breaking made Prue wake up as Piper went over her head and slammed into the far wall.

"Shit Phoebe stop your killing Piper," Paige yelled as she ran to her with Leo in tow. The carnage was massive as the remaining vampires except for Jezebel and Astra and of course Dominick along with Piper was the only ones left alive are badly injured. Piper was bleeding badly and was struggling to even move while Leo tried to heal her. Prue crawled over to her family leaving a blood trail along the way and Paige helped her over while Phoebe was not herself at the moment. Dominick rose to his feet as Jezebel and Astra continued their fight both bleeding badly but were determined to kill each other as Phoebe readied her two blades to fight as she put the doll back in her pocket. Dominick did the same and they both circle each other as Phoebe continued to make that noise he hated so much.

"Stop it its not possible!" he yelled as his wounds slowly healed themselves. Phoebe gave a sideways smile and rushed him with her two blades being held like a pro. Their knifes clashed causing sparks and the sound of metal hitting metal echoed the room. Astra finally took a moment to look around and could see she was now outnumbered and bleeding severely from her chest as Jezebel got in a few good hits," The artifact," she thought as she looked at the throne but Jezebel could read her mind. "Piper freeze the room!" Jezebel yelled and Piper did what she asks as Leo was now healing Prue. Paige looked down at her leg and could see a large gash on her inner thigh and she was bleeding. She quickly leaned against the wall as she felt dizzy and nauseated. She tried to get Leo's attention but it came out as a whisper as her eyes closed shut. Astra had her hand outstretched and was moving in slow motion while reaching for something on the throne and Piper on unfroze Jezebel. She felt her normal movement come back and the 2500 year old vampire was now going to finish what she started. She picked up a wooden spike and rammed into Astra's back and after a very loud scream she exploded and Jezebel went to her knees out of exhaustion and so did Piper. Phoebe and Dominick also regained their normal movement to continue their fighting. Somehow she was matching his speed and to everyone else who was watching it was all a blur except for the occasional sparks and blood splatter that would come out. Phoebe would strike with one blade and block with another as she cut a large gash across his chest and he would cut her a crossed the arm and legs.

"Piper can you freeze it again?" Prue asks as Piper looked at Paige," Leo heal her," she said and he ran to her. "No I can't I don't have anything left," Piper replied and they both had to see who wins. They were moving too fast for Prue to even use her power on Dominick not to mention she was exhausted as well.

"Kick his ass Phoebe," Prue yelled in support for her sister while she held onto Piper.

"Drake," Piper said as she remembered him being taken away.


"We need to safe him, don't ask me why considering he turned me in," Piper said and stood up slowly with her sister's help and made a run for the door he was taken behind.

Phoebe was dodging every blow he would try to make and get a stab in when he missed. Finally the motion slow down as Dominick was losing strength and blood out of wounds she created. Jezebel finally got to her feet and took a look at the man encased in ice. She read the symbols and began to push buttons as the sound of machinery turning and clicking on could be heard.

Dominick finally went to one knee and Phoebe methodically walked up to him with her two bloody blades. She placed one on one side and placed the other on the other side of his neck creating a V shape.

"How?" he asks weakly as he could barely stand.

Phoebe shook her head as she was now back from wherever she was," You, you glamour her own people to cut out her tongue to keep you a secret," she answered as it all became very clear of why she hated him so much," You were on the other side of the revolution and tried to enslave them for food," she continued as she put more pressure on the blades.

"Erzulie," he said and Phoebe used all her might to close the V and cut off his head. It went rolling away from her as her body shook and now realize just how much pain she was in. The cuts were deep and she had some broken ribs and maybe a punctured lung why her head throbbed. "Leo," she whimpered as she went to her knees and finally collapse to the floor. Cole was fully healed and ran to her as Prue and Piper finally got the door open to a room filled with sun light. "No!" Piper yelled as she tried to enter but Prue held her by the waist to keep her from killing herself," Piper stop!" Prue yelled as she looked at Drake who was burning right in front of her and had almost no skin left.

"I will get him," she said and pushed Piper away from the door to get Drake out. After a few agonizing moments she managed to pull him out and into the main room. He was smoldering and the smell of flesh almost made her vomit as Piper note down next to him and bit into her wrist. "Come on drink," she said as she held her now open vein for him to drink. Drake felt the warm blood on his lips and at first he just suckled but then began to drink as he grabbed her arm to hold in place. Piper could feel herself getting week but could see it was working as his body began to heal. Leo makes it to Phoebe with Paige behind him while Cole cradled her head," She is dying," Cole said as tears ran down his face.

Jezebel watched as the man in the frozen cage began to come back to life and he took a deep breath in as he collapsed to the ground. She took a knife on the floor and cut her arm so he could drink from her but he just pushes it away.

"I don't drink blood," he whispered.

"Right sorry you're a shadow thief," Jezebel said as she helped the man to his feet.

"Where am I?" he asks and looked around at the blood coated floor and it became clear where he was," Oh."

"Are you ok?" she asks.

"Now I am thanks for saving me," he replied.

"Don't worry you will return the favor," she said and walked over to Drake who was now almost completely healed and being helped up by Piper and Prue but could see that Van Helsing was dead as a spike was sticking out of his chest and he was no longer breathing. The werewolves in the other room were also waking and could see the fight was over. They decided to lick their wounds and leave the building feeling very proud of their accomplishment.

"Well that was interesting," Jezebel said with a smile.

"Tell me about it," Phoebe chimed in and was now healed from her injuries but was still a little dazed.

"You kicked some ass," Prue said and hugged her.

"Yeah don't remember," she replied and then looked at Piper who played with her hands and clearly uncomfortable," Piper I know you didn't mean it honey," she said and hugged her.

"Oh god the little girl," Piper said as she ran to the corner of the room where she left her with Leo in tow.

"What?" Phoebe asks while Jezebel and the man walked up to them.

"Who are you?" Prue asks.

"The shadow thief," Jezebel replied as Piper walked up holding the little girl who was completely healed and awake.

"Mommy!" the girl yelled and clamored to get out of Piper's arms. Jezebel froze in her spot as she heard the little girl's voice with her backed turned. If she had a beating heart it would have stopped as she has not heard the voice in 2500 years. Piper let the girl down and saw her run towards as Jezebel turned around slowly as the girl embraced her mother's leg.

"Elizabeth," Jezebel's voice cracked at the mere mention and she bent down and looked into the girls eyes. Piper could not hold back her tears as well while guilt ran through her.

"How?" Prue asks as Brutus entered the room.

"Astra must have turned her," Jezebel said through her teeth and hugged her daughter tightly.

"But I saw," Phoebe started but Brutus put his hand on her shoulder.

"You didn't see all of it she must have came back for her before Jezebel got to her," he said.

"I found a body," Jezebel whimpered as she stroked the little girl's hair.

"She must have replaced it with another," Brutus said and then everyone looked at him a little confused.

"And where the hell were you?" Prue asks.

"Who do you think let the dogs in?" he replied with a raised eyebrow and then looked right at Aidan," Sorry no offense," he said and smiled.

"None taken bloodsucker," Aidan said and smiled back.

"Wait how come the doll didn't affect her?" Paige asks referring to the voodoo doll that Phoebe tossed around.

"She was unconscious at the time and maybe that's why," Piper replied and hoped no one would ask.

Leo put his arm around Piper and kissed her on the head as Jezebel picked up her daughter and could not get rid of the smile on her face.

"Look mommy I still have the doll you gave me," Elizabeth said as she held it up for her to see.

"That's my girl and I think you need a new one it has had better days," Jezebel said as she looked at the tattered doll.

"It seems I owe you a favor," the man said.

"You can turn me back right?" Piper asks hopefully and he nodded.

"And me along with my daughter," Jezebel chimed in and Brutus looked away.

"Brutus I don't want her to live like this and I don't want to outlive her again," Jezebel said as she put her hand to her makers face.

"I always knew you were a softly," Prue said as she put her arm around Paige's waste and Phoebe's pulling them in close to her.

"I understand," Brutus said but his lower lip quivered.

"Are you my daddy?" Elizabeth asked and he paused for a moment contemplating the question.

"Are you?" Jezebel added.

"If you want me to be," he answered and then walked over to Prue.

"I do care for you but I love Jezebel," he said and took her hand into his.

Prue fought back the urge to cry as she was falling for him a little too hard, but she understood and smiled lovingly at him and understanding.

"So we stopped the Council from ending the world I say we go to Disney World," Phoebe said and everyone gave a small laugh.

"How about we get these guys fixed first and take a long nap before we had off to play land," Leo suggested and all of them left the building.

"I can't believe there's no police," Paige said as they exited but Piper could not get near the door as the sun was rising and neither could the other vampires.

"Leo can you orb now?" Piper asks.

"I think so," he replied and orbed the vamps to Jezebel's penthouse along with the shadow thief.

"As for the police well let's just say I took care of it," Brutus replied to Paige's question before orbing away.

"A man of many talents," Paige said and orbed Prue, Phoebe and Cole to the penthouse as well.

The shadow thief held up to his word and turn them back into the living again. The process was very similar to being turned and it took hours for them to emerge from their sleep. Piper was first to step out of the bedroom and took in a long deep breath as she felt her heart beat for the first time in a month. She had her hand to her chest and smiled wide. Even though her clothes were dirty and she had dried blood on various parts of her, she never felt so alive. Leo has been waiting impatiently for hours for his wife to emerge and he could now see she was back. He held her tight feeling her chest move in and out and her warmth over his body. Prue and the other sisters could not contain their excitement and they all embraced. Piper's stomach began to rumble and all of them backed away for a moment not sure what to do. "What I'm hungry who's up for a cheeseburger?" she asks.

"You know after that you think you be a vegetarian," Phoebe said and hugged her again.

Next to emerge was Elizabeth and she went right to Piper who was very nervous about the encounter.

"Thank you for finding my mommy," she said and hugged Piper's leg as Jezebel was next and she too took in a deep breath.

"Thank you Piper for protecting her, she told me what happened," Jezebel said and hugged Piper.

"Don't mention it," Piper said and felt relieved that Jezebel was not angry.

Shadow thief was the last to come out and looked a little drained but happy all the same as he too was now free from his prison. "I don't know about you guys but I'm famished," he said.

"Cheeseburgers it is," Piper said and slapped her hands together out of excitement for eating real food again.

They all went their separate ways after dinner and Prue was the last to go to sleep as usual while she made her way to the attic after checking on everyone. It did not take long for blue-and-white orbs to light the room and an elder to be standing there.

"We destroyed the artifact and the Council is pretty much done," Prue said getting to the point quickly as she was exhausted.

"You did well and we were able to flush out the elders who were connected, they are being punished as we speak," he said.

"Good then we never need to talk again."

"Prue it would be best if Piper did not know the truth about what transpired," he said.

"Right the greater good thing."

"Yes I am not sure how she will react and you guys need to stay connected," he said.

Prue never wanted to tell Piper the truth but keeping a secret would be impossible especially since the whole family knows. Phoebe was not the best secret keeper and knew that in a couple of days she would just let it out. The elder knew this as well and handed her some memory dust in a small bag.

"Just in case," he said.

Prue took the small bag," I will not use this unless I have too," she said and started out of the room.

"I am sorry for what we put you through," he said and she turned around.

"No you're not you did what you thought was best as you always do, dam the consequences," she said and left to go to bed. She put the small bag under her mattress and decided to talk to her sisters about keeping the secret. She made her way to each of their bedrooms and had a discussion except for Piper's who was fast asleep with Leo beside her. They all agreed it was best and even Phoebe had to Pinky swear.

Drake made up a lie about why he turned her in and told her that he was just buying time until her family showed up. Aidan also lied about why he told Astra about her killing Max so he could help when she got arrested. Piper was angry at first but understood that everyone was just trying to protect her, and he did save her when she was tied to the column.

Jezebel and Brutus would get married and raise Elizabeth in her penthouse. She continued to run her club but decided to get out of the vampire business and make it legit. Piper went back to running her club and of course cooking magnificent dinners for her family. She would meet with Jezebel on occasion as that friendship would never die and help her with establishing her club. Prue went back to 411 magazine and Phoebe went back to school as Paige started working for social services. The shadow thief would go on his own way starting his life over again of course with their help. Everything was back to normal including the demons that would come periodically but found the power of four was much to contend with and came less frequently. The voodoo goddess served her purpose and was no longer attached to Phoebe. Prue always kept the powder under her mattress just in case one day she had to use it but the guilt of betraying her family would always sit in the pit of her stomach.

The end


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