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Chapter 1: On Board the Orient Express

A shadowy figure moved around a dark room. Nothing about him could be made out at all, except that he was a man. He held up a picture to the sole light in the room, which was very dim. This picture was of a beautiful young woman, with long soft black hair. Under the picture was the name: Rin.

Man: "You shall be mine very soon."

A man with golden eyes, long silver hair, with a pressed white suit, stood at s train station of the famous Orient Express, waiting to get on the lavish train. Everything about him said sophisticated and proper of a wealthy man in these 1930's times. He was none other than Sesshomaru Taisho, a very powerful man indeed. In his arm was a black Scottish Terrier that was named Colonel. This dog was his loyal companion and has been for years.

Besides Sesshomaru there stood another man, but he had long blue-black hair that was tied up in a ponytail. He wore a more casual pale blue long-sleeved shirt and dark blue vest outfit, though it was still far from being truly casual. He was Byakuya Dream.

Byakuya: "Sesshomaru-sama, isn't it great that we both get to go on vacation and spend it together?"

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

"You don't sound enthused."

Sesshomaru merely looked down the train track, to see if he could see any sign of the train.

Byakuya: "Sesshomaru-sama, Naraku isn't the only one worried about your love life. Or rather non-existent love life. I am too."

Sesshomaru put his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes in exasperation.

Sesshomaru: "So, I've heard."

Byakuya: "Oh, you have?"

"Yes, numerous times."

"Oh, really?"

"Indeed. And I am already aware that this trip is to "help" my love life along, with you coming to make sure."

"Huh? Sesshomaru-sama, I am hurt you would suggest such a thing. I am only here to relax, such as yourself. Naraku merely thought it a good idea to send us together, that's all. He said we both have been working far too hard lately and I agree."


Byakuya remained quiet for a few moments before looking back at his slightly older friend and partner in their work. Sesshomaru was a world famous detective, solving cases many thought could never be solved. Though nobody knew exactly who he was, since to the public he was known by a different name, that being: Inu No Taisho. He stayed hidden in order to solve his cases with more ease.

Byakuya was a sergeant and always was with Sesshomaru when solving a case. He was always amazed at how Sesshomaru could solve a crime, when he himself had no idea how. He wasn't bad at solving crimes, he was good himself, just not near as good as Sesshomaru, who he was convinced that no one was. Despite this, he was worried about Sesshomaru, because of how the great detective led his life. Sesshomaru was a very intelligent man indeed, who based everything on reason, not believing in love at all. Not believing in love was the cause of his worry.

Sesshomaru and Byakuya both closely worked with Naraku Nakamura, who was a district attorney. He never gave Sesshomaru a case, unless it was worth getting the detective involved. He was younger than Sesshomaru, but older than Byakuya, and married to his longtime girlfriend, Kikyo Miko. Almost everybody at the station betted if he would ever propose to her or not, for it had indeed taken that long a time for him to. After he was married he was determined to get Sesshomaru hitched, unfortunately for the stoic man himself.

Naraku had decided that after all of the cases they had solved, Sesshomaru and Byakuya needed a break, so he decided to send them on vacation on this train. From the starting point to its destination it took a whole week to travel. It didn't have any stops in-between. It was lavish, almost like a mansion on tracks in a way. It was definitely the top choice train for the wealthy.

Byakuya: "Hey, Sesshomaru-sama, do you-"

Byakuya was cut off by loud yelling. They both looked over to see a woman screaming at a younger man. They looked like brother and sister, the similarity was very easily seen. Both were very rich looking.

Man: "But Sango-"

Sango: "No buts, Kohaku! Tell me! Did you or did you not?"



The young man, Kohaku hung his head in shame.

Kohaku: "I did, Sango."

Sango's anger flared at the admittance.

Sango: "How could you, Kohaku! How could you do this to Miroku and me?"

Sango did not wait for a reply before spinning around, and running off, leaving her little brother. Kohaku quickly took off after her.

Kohaku: "Sango!"

Byakuya: "What was that about?"

Sesshomaru: "I rather not know."

Byakuya let out a small laugh before turning back to his friend.

Byakuya: "Anyways, Sesshomaru-sama-"

Byakuya was interrupted yet again, but this time by the blaring whistle of a train. He looked where Sesshomaru was already, and saw the Orient Express coming into the station, slowing to a stop before them. They soon heard the instructions to come aboard, and they as many others did just that. The two of them sat down in the fanciest car on the train, and once everyone was aboard the train took off beginning its long journey.

Byakuya: "Well, now Sesshomaru-sama, as I've been trying to say... Who do you think is your type of woman?"

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to let out a sigh at that question.

Sesshomaru: "I don't believe there is a woman out there that is my taste."

Byakuya: "Really? What is your taste?"

"It doesn't matter. I doubt any exist in this day and age. Besides, I'm not interested."

"So, you mean if you met a woman that fit your exact criteria, you would let her go?"

"Indeed. If I were to marry, it would be just a marriage, so what's the point? As I have stated before, love does not exist."

Byakuya shook his head.

Byakuya: "Sesshomaru-sama, you are worse than I thought."

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

"You only care for the Colonel. Well, there's hardly anyone that doesn't like the Colonel."

Sesshomaru looked down at the small dog besides him. Yes, it was true that many liked Colonel. All of the ones that worked at their station referred to him as the Colonel, and were always doting on him. Many made remarks that the Colonel was an awful good dog to put up with Sesshomaru. Though the dog did like everybody at the station, it was quite obvious his favorite person was Sesshomaru, and nobody could figure out why. There was a bond that the two had which was indescribable.

Sesshomaru: "Indeed."

Byakuya thought for a moment before saying something completely out of the blue, that it caught Sesshomaru off guard.

Byakuya: "I thought dating you would be like dating a wall. But turns out you're not the most emotionless person there is."

Sesshomaru: "Excuse me?"

Byakuya looked over at Sesshomaru, snapping out of his thoughts.

Byakuya: "Oh, sorry Sesshomaru-sama. I was talking about Kanna. You're emotionless, but not like her. Though dating her is like dating a wall, she's a lovely wall."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow in question.

Byakuya: "Oh, sorry Sesshomaru-sama, I keep forgetting how anti-social you are. Kanna is our photographer and evidence examiner. You know her. Well, we're dating."

Sesshomaru: "How does she stand you?"

"I don't know..."

Byakuya then understood what Sesshomaru was referring to, and half-heartedly glared at his friend.

Byakuya: "Hey!"

Sesshomaru: "The truth."

Byakuya didn't get a chance to respond for a man walked up to them, wanting their attention. This man was dressed to show-off which was obvious, by wearing a very flamboyant suit and top hat. He smiled at them a smile, which made Sesshomaru and Byakuya wonder.

Man: "I am Miroku, and if you two were lesbians, it would break by heart."

Byakuya looked over at Sesshomaru questioning, who had a raised eyebrow at this strange remark. They watched as Miroku bowed elegantly.

Miroku: "Would you do me the honor of bearing my children?"

Miroku smiled up at Sesshomaru and Byakuya with closed eyes.

Miroku: "Any one of you, lovely ladies. Or both."

Miroku opened his eyes to see Sesshomaru glaring at him and Byakuya's eyes twitching.

In a blink of an eye Miroku found himself unconscious on the floor. Sesshomaru, who was obviously the one that had caused it, had one of his hands raised with his eyes closed in satisfaction of what he had just done. Byakuya, on the other hand, was staring at Miroku, one of his eyes twitching still.

Byakuya: "He needs his eyes and ears checked."

Sesshomaru: "He needs more than that."

"He does. Something of the likes that would lead to us getting arrested."

"I agree."

Byakuya looked over to Sesshomaru, who was glaring at Miroku.

Byakuya: "I was joking about going that far, though I admit it's tempting. Seriously you need to lighten up, Sesshomaru-sama."

Sesshomaru looked over at Byakuya with his intense gaze still in tack.

Byakuya: "Yes, you definitely need to lighten up. You are even wearing a tie on vacation! Good grief!"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes.

Sesshomaru: "What is wrong with that?"

Byakuya sighed before answering.

Byakuya: "I am positive that ties are the root of all evil. And you have proven it true."

Byakuya looked over at Sesshomaru, who was giving him a death glare.

Byakuya: "Countless times have you proven it true. Look at your view on love for instance."

Sesshomaru let himself sigh this time, as he stood up, with Colonel in his arm. He stepped over the still unconscious form of Miroku and walked down the aisle away from his partner. Byakuya merely watched before propping his feet where Sesshomaru once sat, laying himself out on the cushioned seat.

Byakuya: "I told you we shouldn't push him, Naraku. I knew it wasn't a good idea."

Byakuya then closed his eyes for a nap.

Sesshomaru walked down the aisle until he saw a place where he could sit. He slid in without noticing the young woman who sat across from him and he didn't look up at her either. After a while of being ignored the woman decided she had had enough of the silence.

Woman: "Um, hello?"

Sesshomaru looked up at the petite woman for the first time, his eyes slightly widening as he beheld her. She was very pretty and he let his eyes roam every inch of her. Her black hair, luscious and soft, went down to her knees. Her body was not the curviest he had seen, but she definitely wasn't a stick, for she was filled in all of the right places. Her skin was pale and soft, which showed off her exquisitely curved neck. Her pink lips looked rose petal soft, and her cheeks were rosy. Her chocolate eyes were her best feature, so innocent and bright. And he soon learned that her smile was able to rival her eyes, for when he looked at her, a huge smile as bright as the sun adorned her face. It was enough to take Sesshomaru's breath away, though he did not show it.

Sesshomaru: What an unusual woman...

Sesshomaru: "Yes?"

Woman: "My name is Rin Aria. What is yours?"

"Sesshomaru Taisho."

Rin's smile got even brighter, which Sesshomaru wondered how that was possible. He had grasped her hand and kissed it in a gentleman's greeting before realizing he had. The gesture caused Rin to giggle, and Sesshomaru smirked slightly at causing that.

Suddenly a yip caused Sesshomaru look to Rin's side to see two dogs. One was very large, while the other one was very small. The big dog was no doubt a Husky, and it was pure white. The dog looked lazy, but one could tell he was very protective of Rin and would attack anything and anyone that threatened her. The little dog was a red and white Pappillon, who was obviously a lap dog, for she was cuddled up in Rin's lap.

Rin eyes brightened when she realized Sesshomaru was looking at her dogs.

Rin: "These are my dogs, Wolfgang and Fluffy. They are both sweeties."

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

Rin looked up at Sesshomaru's dog, who was not as interested in things as hers were.

Rin: "What is your dog's name?"

Sesshomaru: "Colonel."

"Does anybody call him 'the Colonel'?"

"Just everyone."

Rin laughed, and Sesshomaru found himself liking it immensely.

Sesshomaru: "Are you traveling alone by chance?"

Rin looked nervous for a few moments, before shaking it off.

Rin: "Oh, yes, I am. I decided a trip would be nice. And it's such a lovely train."

Rin looked around the train adoring its splendor.

Rin: "I always wanted travel on a train. A long one too. When I heard that it took this train a week to reach its destination from its starting point, this was the one I wanted to travel on instantly. It always sounded so much fun!"

Sesshomaru watched as another smile lit up the petite woman's face, and he found himself admiring her beauty. She looked over at him and her smiled widened, which caused him to smile slightly.

Sesshomaru: What an unusual woman. I have never reacted to one like I have her. She is so innocent and naive. I can tell by the way she talks and acts. Also her eyes...

For several hours Sesshomaru sat listening to Rin chatter away constantly about this and that. He would occasionally say something, but most of the time it was her. Colonel liked her immensely, though Rin had to refrain from petting him since it got Fluffy very jealous. The obviously pouting dog caused Rin to laugh, which Sesshomaru then determined that the sound did indeed sound like bells.

Sesshomaru: She is as bad as Byakuya on chattering too much. Though strangely, I don't mind it with her. It's not irritating, but rather refreshing...

Suddenly the sounds of a child's cry erupted through the air. They both looked over to the side to see a little girl of four, lying on the floor, crying. Rin's eyes widened in concern, and she rushed over to the child's side. She picked the crying girl up and held her close to herself, patting her back in comfort all the while.

Sesshomaru watched the whole scene with much interest.

Rin: "There, there, you'll be alright."

The girl looked up at Rin, with big round eyes in shock and Rin smiled gently down at her.

Rin: "Do you feel better now?"

The girl slowly nodded and stood up. Rin allowed her, but remained kneeling herself.

Rin: "Be careful from now on. Okay?"

The girl nodded, before running off. Rin smiled and returned to her seat, smiling brightly when she saw Sesshomaru intently watching her. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, which caused her to laugh. Strangely this didn't upset him like it would have if anyone else had.

Miroku was still lying unconscious on the ground. Everyone was absentmindedly walking over him or around him, not worried at all. Soon, the young man, Kohaku walked up to him. He shook his head when he saw Miroku unconscious.

Kohaku: "Same thing I bet."

Byakuya opened his eyes to see Kohaku helping Miroku, who was still out of it, to stand.

Byakuya: "Finally someone is taking him away, I was wondering if he would be there all night."

Kohaku: "You're not worried about him?"

"I might be if he hadn't had asked me to bare his child."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed when he said what had been asked of him and Sesshomaru. Kohaku noticeably winced when he heard it, especially from the tone.

Kohaku: "Sorry, he is quite a lecher and ladies' man."

Byakuya: "That's no excuse."


Kohaku then half dragged Miroku away to one of the luxurious cabins on the train. By then the lecherous man was completely awake.

Miroku: "What happened?"

Kohaku: "What normally does."

Miroku looked over at Kohaku and glared.

Miroku: "The nerve of you to help me. After what you have done!"

Kohaku winced at the harsh tone in the older man's voice.

Kohaku: "Sorry, Miroku."

Miroku: "Don't act all innocent and kind to me. I know your true nature. You can't fool me like countless others. You are completely idiotic to think you can. Especially after what you did to Sango and me."


Miroku angrily stood and towered over the younger man, who seemed to be scared.

Miroku: "You are absolutely disgusting how you lure in people with that sad and kind act of yours before doing your true intent. And what you have done to Sango behind her back is truly unforgivable. Things would be better off if you were dead!"

With that Miroku stormed out of the cabin, leaving Kohaku, who looked coldly at the closed door.

It was now night and Sesshomaru had been listening to the delightful chatter of Rin the whole time. It was simply amusing for the stoic detective to listen to her. He never tired of it. He enjoyed watching the emotions flutter across her face, and the brightness in her eyes as she said things. Her mannerisms were cute to watch. In fact he had deemed everything about her as cute, and he had never used the word before in his life. She was truly amazing indeed.

Sesshomaru: How is she able to remain like this in this day and age?

Sesshomaru sat and listened to Rin's pleasant child-like voice, as the train continued on its way, unknowing what all he would be doing for the girl sitting before him. He would risk his life and career numerous times all for her, before this train reached its destination, and he would never be the same again.