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Chapter 8: Comfort & Disturbing News

Sesshomaru, Byakuya, and Naraku were in an office, waiting for the news of the dogs. They had taken the dogs to Byakuya's bedroom and Kikyo was now bandaging them and doing all she could for them. They were sure that Fluffy would live, and was just unconscious, but they were unsure about Wolfgang.

Sesshomaru was glad that Rin had been asleep when they had returned. He would hate to have to tell her the news of her beloved pets being wounded, and not sure of one survival. He knew she would break down and be worried sick and he did not want to have to deal with that. As well as the fact he would hate to see her like that.

Sesshomaru: "Naraku."

Naraku looked away from his notes and over to Sesshomaru. A little shocked that Sesshomaru had said his name, especially after the long silence. Not to mention Byakuya, who stood beside him was shocked as well, and also curious.

Sesshomaru: "There was a lattice placed on Rin."

Naraku: "A lattice. That is very old. Did you dispel it?"

"Of course. I know of them, but I know you know more. What kind of person could place such a thing on her?"

Naraku looked away thoughtfully, recalling everything he knew on the subject.

Byakuya: "A powerful magic user."

Sesshomaru and Naraku both gave Byakuya a glare that said they knew that.

Byakuya: "Well, you asked."

Naraku ignored him and turned to Sesshomaru.

Naraku: "Well, other than what Byakuya pointed out, a weak magic user or even a non-magic user can cast it."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow in curiosity, but did not utter a word.

Byakuya: "Really?"

Naraku: "Yes. By sacrificing a human girl child."

Sesshomaru looked away, thinking of this new information.

Naraku: "Shame. That would've helped narrow down some suspects."

After a few moments both Sesshomaru and Naraku noticed than Byakuya looked a little paranoid.

Byakuya: "But that also means there could be a dead child somewhere."

Sesshomaru and Naraku locked eyes in realization, and then looked back at Byakuya.

Naraku: "Indeed."

Byakuya: "Oh! Why of all the things!"

Sesshomaru gave Byakuya a critical look that said demon paid no attention to.

Naraku: "What's wrong with you?"

Byakuya: "Child murders give me the creeps. Besides the victim, those murderers can just kill anybody."

"Yes. But you are a professional detective."

"So! What's wrong with you two!"

Sesshomaru: "It is very low to kill a child, but we must do our jobs."


Naraku: "This is why Sesshomaru is a great detective. He can put all emotions aside."

Byakuya made a face and rolled his eyes.

Byakuya: "Or he just doesn't have them."

Naraku: "True."

Sesshomaru chose not to say anything. Well, after all that is what he wanted people to believe and it was close enough to the truth.

There was a long moment of silence before Byakuya decided to speak up.

Byakuya: "Now where is that little imp Jaken with the information? What is taking him so long!"

Naraku: "Yes, he usually works faster. There must be a lot of info worth looking."

Sesshomaru: "On those people. Undoubtedly."

Both Naraku and Byakuya looked at Sesshomaru with curious gazes.

Naraku: "Yes, you are acquainted with a couple, aren't you?"

Sesshomaru: "Don't have to be to know that."


Byakuya: "Indeed. Well, we got to get to interrogating the suspects soon. All we have questioned is Kagome. Pathetic!"

"Indeed, but a lot been happening in this one."

"True. Never dull."

Byakuya looked towards his bedroom as if he could see it through the closes door.

Byakuya: "Until now! Seriously how long does it take to bandage a dog!"

At that moment the door opened to reveal Kikyo. All three looked at her, waiting for the news.

Kikyo: "Wolfgang shall live. Though he shall be out for some time."

Sesshomaru: "Good."

Byakuya turned to Sesshomaru with mischief in his eyes.

Byakuya: "Yep! You can tell Miss Rin now!"

Naraku looked at Sesshomaru, with the same glint in his eyes as Byakuya.

Naraku: "Indeed Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru glared at both of his co-workers, knowing exactly what they were up to. Kikyo herself was exasperated with them.

Sesshomaru: "Don't go there."

And with that Sesshomaru walked out of the room. Naraku and Byakuya both watched with smirks on their faces. Those smirks fell though when they saw Kikyo's scowl.

Byakuya: "What?"

Kikyo just shook her head.

Kikyo: "You two are so obvious with your intentions. Try to be more discreet."

Byakuya: "We were?"



Sesshomaru entered his room, his eyes immediately going to the young woman lying on his bed. She was still in a peaceful sleep, and Sesshomaru found himself not wanting to wake, but he knew he should.

Almost hesitantly, Sesshomaru went to Rin's bedside, and knelt beside her. He gazed at her pretty face, noticing that she still had a soft smile on her lips. He smirked, remembering he was the reason she fell asleep with that smile.

Sesshomaru gently took Rin's hand and began rubbing the back of it with his thumb. After a few moments of that, Rin's eyes fluttered open. She looked at him, sleepily, but upon recognizing who he was, she was wide awake, with a blush coloring her cheeks.

Rin: "Sesshomaru-sama!"

Sesshomaru smirked at the blush on Rin's face, wondering why he enjoyed seeing it so. He watched Rin's face as the gears in her mind turned. Her face was so open and expressive, which he found cute and endearing.

Rin: "Have you found my dogs, Sesshomaru-sama?"

Sesshomaru unnoticeable stiffened to most, though Rin did.

Rin: "Sesshomaru-sama?"

Sesshomaru reached out and took both of her hands; this caused Rin to blush, but to also worry.

Sesshomaru: "Yes, I found them. Rather Colonel did."

Rin eyes brightened and a smile once again graced her features.

Rin: "May I go see them?"

Sesshomaru: "Not now."

Rin face fell into confusion, and Sesshomaru was dreading what was to come next.

Rin: "Why? Is there something wrong?"

Sesshomaru: "They were injured."

Rin's face filled with shock, her eyes wide.

"What! Shall they be okay?"

Sesshomaru looked into Rin's eyes that were filling with tears about to be shed. Without thinking he gathered her into his arms, holding her in a comforting embrace. He felt her nuzzle her face into his chest, and her small hands taking a hold of his shirt, clutching tightly as if he was her lifeline. He began to stroke her back, in a calming manner.

Sesshomaru: "They shall be fine. Fluffy is just unconscious, but Wolfgang was struck hard. He shall be fine though. Don't worry. Don't cry."

There were a few moments of silence before Sesshomaru heard Rin's soft voice.

Rin: "How..."

Sesshomaru: "I don't know. And I shall find out whom, I promise."

Sesshomaru pushed Rin away from him just enough to see her face. She smiled at him, and he could see her tears had stopped. Satisfied Sesshomaru pushed her back onto the bed.

Sesshomaru: "Rest and by the time you awake, you may be able to see them."

Rin nodded, her smile widening some. Then without thinking, Sesshomaru leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Rin's eyes immediately widened, and a deep blush stained her cheek. She started at Sesshomaru as he pulled back and looked at her. His eyes were slightly wider in disbelief at what he had just done. He quickly got up and left the room, leaving the flustered Rin, who could do nothing, more than hold her hand to her cheek.

On the other side of the door, Sesshomaru was leaning against it, thinking back to all he just did. He touched his lips for a moment, and then looked at his fingers.

Sesshomaru: What is it about her that makes me...?


Sesshomaru looked up at the sound of his name being loudly yelled. He was just in time to see Byakuya round the corner, who was obviously the one whom had called him. Naraku was right behind him. When the two saw Sesshomaru in front of his room, smirks crossed their features, and if Sesshomaru was a lesser man, he would have rolled his eyes at the sight, which he almost did.

Byakuya: "I had no idea you were still with Miss Rin."

Sesshomaru: "I just left."

Naraku and Byakuya exchanged looks, and Sesshomaru did not even want to know what the duo was thinking.

Naraku: "That's good. Well, we got some work to do."

Byakuya: "Indeed."

Byakuya looked at Naraku with a confused look.

Byakuya: "Now, what is that again?"

Naraku: "We are going to look around Miss Rin's room for evidence. The murderer may have been there or planted something there at least."

"Good thinking."

"Then we are going to the storage car."

Byakuya gave Naraku a strange look.

"What for?"

Naraku looked at Byakuya, the look on his face clearly saying that he should know.

Naraku: "If the child's body is not in Miss Rin's room, then it would be there."

Byakuya: "Oh!"

A few moments later, Byakuya realized what was said, and a look of unease came over him.

Byakuya: "We are going to look for a child's body? Oh..."

Both Sesshomaru and Naraku gave Byakuya a look, which he was too busy thinking of what they were searching for to realize they were. Naraku rolled his eyes, and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and began to force him to walk.

Byakuya: "Hey!"

Naraku: "You are coming too. This is why you are being paid."

Sesshomaru watched the scene with emotionless eyes, and soon followed his co-workers.

Not long after all three were in Rin's room, searching around, looking everywhere for evidence. Sesshomaru found himself looking through Rin's underwear draw, which made even him uneasy, feeling like he shouldn't, but knew he had to.

The other two was looking elsewhere around the room, and to Byakuya's great displeasure he got the closet to look through, while Naraku checked the bathroom.


Sesshomaru and Naraku head's jerked up at Byakuya's scream which was more like a gasp. They saw him in front a small closet, with the door open, and a child-sized doll lying on top of him. He glared at the toy and threw it to the side.

Byakuya: "Stupid toy."

Sesshomaru and Naraku shook their heads and continued searching, which Byakuya reluctantly did as well. He began tearing through the closet searching both quickly and cautiously.

After a while the tree detectives stood in the middle of the room.

Naraku: "I found nothing."

Sesshomaru: "Me either."

Byakuya: "Me too. Thank goodness!"

Sesshomaru and Naraku gave Byakuya a look, but chose not to say anything.

Naraku: "Well, to storage."

A look of dread crossed Byakuya's face.

Byakuya: "Wonderful."

Sesshomaru and Naraku ignored Byakuya completely that time, and headed for the door, with Byakuya trailing behind.

Byakuya: "Seriously! Where is that imp with the background check on the suspects!"

Meanwhile the little green imp, Jaken was running around the office scurrying to get his work job.

Jaken: "C'mon! I have to get this done for Sesshomaru-sama!"

Jaken was a little annoying at times, but his loyalty to Sesshomaru more than made up for it.

Jaken quickly read the telegraph sent, and his eyes bulged even farther if that was possible.

Jaken: "How can they be this shady and all on the same train!"

Poor Jaken had a lot of work to do.

The detectives soon found themselves searching through the dark storage car, much to Byakuya's displeasure. Not that he minded the place, but what they might find he was dreading. He had jumped at several things, earing glares from his older co-workers, who actually thought he found something.

After a long time of fruitless searching, they concluded that no child was sacrificed in there. Byakuya was very much relieved. Sesshomaru did find something very peculiar in a corner. It couldn't classify as evidence, but whatever the thing was might be, and he was very thorough in everything, so he decided to keep a hold of it.

Naraku: "This does not rule out the possibility of a sacrifice. Both options are still open."

Sesshomaru stiffly nodded in agreement.

Byakuya: "Great."

With that the three detectives left the storage car.

Meanwhile inside the luggage car, some of the suitcases and bags had been tossed around, and some were lying open with their contents scattered around. And in the middle of the large car a big pile of luggage moved...

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