Spinners End was a dreary part of muggle England. The sky was full of gray clouds despite Summer having just begun. Sirius Black stood, slumping slightly, beside fellow Gryffindor, Lily Evans on the sidewalk while her muggle parents took their luggage out of the car. Lily's older sister, Petunia, scowled at the witch and wizard from the car.

The Evan family home was possibly the least dreary on the street, with flower baskets hanging from each of the four windows and nice grey-blue door. Sirius chuckled and looked to the redheaded young woman standing beside him. "Nice place you got here, Evans." He glanced sideways to a group of young muggles playing hop scotch a few houses away.

"I like to call it home." said Lily, a bright smile on her face.

"Thank you for having me." He murmured, hiding partially behind his dark fringe.

Lily patted Sirius on the back, "It's the least I could do, my parents are thrilled to have you."

Just then Petunia abruptly got out of the car, slamming the door behind her. She scooted past the two, muttering "anything for their favourite."

"Lily dear, could you grab the trunk for me?" Mr. Evans asked, the blond man stumbled to carry his daughters bags, which were heavy with books and knick knacks from Hogsmeade. Lily closed the trunk of the car and offered to take a few things. Her father refused and made his odd way to the house after the auburn haired Mrs. Evans. Sirius followed Lily into the pale blue mud room and took off his shoes and jacket.

"Would you like some pie Lily, Sirius? You've had a long journey." Mrs. Evans asked from down the hall.

Lily looked at Sirius, who nodded, "Yeah, mum, we'll both have some."

Mr. Evans put the bags down beside Sirius' in the hall with a small, laboured huff. "I could use some too, dear." He pleaded, heading into the kitchen.

"Come on." Lily said, levitating all the luggage with her now drawn wand, "I'll show you your room." Sirius followed the witch up some winding stairs that came just off the mud room and down a short hallway, Lily turned left at the first door. "Ta dah."

"Wow." Sirius held in the urge to laugh. The room was painted a trio of colours. Green hailed three of the walls while the last was half white half bright red. "Festive." The bed was small and princess-esque with pink sheets, the walls were littered with potion instructions, Quidditch posters, and still photographs of Lily, Petunia and a dark haired boy who was probably some muggle neighbour of theirs.

"It was my room before I started at Hogwarts. Mostly just a clutter hole now but..."

"It's perfect." Sirius said. "Thanks."

"Aww, Siri ..." Lily strode the few short steps between them and threw her arms around her friend.

Suddenly breaking the magic, Mrs. Evans voice traveled up the stairs "SEVERUS! EILEEN! Whatever are you two doing here? Oh dear, Eileen, come in. You too Severus, would you like some tea and pie? Lily's just upstairs, she'll be down in a moment with her friend. You know him, right Severus? Sirius Black. Very nice boy."


Severus' body went stiff. How could Black be here, in Spinners End. It was bad enough as it was, with Petunia practically drooling over him, his mother's whimpers, Mrs. Evans constant fawning, and Lily's indifference. But add one of his mortal enemies into the mix and who knew what would happen. There was some shuffling sounds coming down the stairs and there they were. Lily Evans, the most amazing woman he'd ever meet. Sirius Black, the handsome man he most hated, both glaring down at him from the top of the landing.

"Come, come." Lily's mother took Severus' mum by the hand and lead the poor woman into the serene yellow kitchen. Severus looked away from the Gryffindors with as much disgust as he could muster before making his way down the hall. "Tea, Severus?"

"Please." The gangly young man said, gingerly taking the china cup from the older woman. He ignored Lily and Black as they took the empty seats on either side of him and instead focused on fixing the sugar level of the beverage to his liking.

"Now Eileen, what's wrong?"

Mrs. Snape sobbed softly into her handkerchief. "Tobias..."

"What about Tobias?" Mr. Evans asked, licking his fingers.

"My father has once again let his stupidity get ahead of him." interrupted Severus, "as always." He glowered into the sweet, dark tea.

"No..." Mrs. Snape cried. "Don't talk of your father like that." The poor woman sobbed again into her kerchief, dark hair hiding her features from view.

Severus stood, slamming the cup and saucer roughly on the table, "Very well." with that he turned and strode across into the living room. He sullenly sat himself down on an overstuffed sofa.

"Hey, there." A sultry voice said. Light footsteps followed the pale teen into the sitting area. Arms wrapped around Severus' torso, the woman's breasts pushed uncomfortably against the back of his head.

Severus cleared his voice "Petunia," He said whilst getting free of her thin arms. He faced the older muggle, "Please refrain from touching me."

The blonde pouted in a way that reminded him of a certain black haired witch. She quickly turned it into what she seemed to think was a winning smile but only made her out to look off her rocker. "You know you love it."

"No." Severus flatly stated, "I assure you I don't." He hated to be touched by anyone, especially this woman. That he knew for certain.

"But Severus... I could be." Petunia batted her eyes and bit her glossy bottom lip. "I can be whoever you want."

"You have a boyfriend."

The woman giggled. "What Vernon doesn't know won't hurt him."

"You're not my type." The young man muttered. He moved away from Petunia's coming embrace and towards the kitchen, the safe zone. He could feel Petunia's glare poring in the back of his head, but he easily ignored it.

"Shh, shh," Mrs. Evans sat beside Severus' mum and rocked her back and forth.

"Ma'am, would it be okay if my mother stayed for dinner?" The pale teen asked.

The woman nodded. "Of course, dear."

"Thank you, I'll pick her up at ten."

"Please stay, Sev." Petunia pleaded from behind him.

Severus turned and bowed shallowly. "I have matters that need attending to Evans."