Another Junjou oneshot about Aki and Suzu! Yay! Read on, and REVIEW! But don't flame please! :(


"Bowl... bowl..."

Akihiko shifted onto his side, sighing and burying his ead into a soft pillow. He could feel the warmth that radiated off of Misaki beside him.


Said rabbit's eyes opened quickly as he sat up, determined to find the source of the noise interrupting his sleep. Aki stood at the foot of his bed, Spongebob pillow in hand as he sucked a tiny thumb.

"Aki, what's wrong?" The rabbit rubbed his eyes and looked down at his son, annoyance immediatly fading away.

The toddler trudged to his father's side of the bed, taking his thumb out of his mouth and saying, "I hadded a bad dream." He raised his arms up and wiggled his fingers, signaling that he wanted to be held.

Akihiko picked him up and sat him in between himself and Misaki. He noticed that the man was still asleep, though the brunette had always been a heavy sleeper anyway.

"A bad dream, huh? About what?"

Aki hugged his pillow to his chest and looked up, thinking.

"It was about a biiiig cookie."

"... A... cookie... I see..." Akihiko didn't see. He was confused. Though Aki tended to leave most people that way.

"A eeeebil cookie."

"An... evil cookie..."

"And he ated my Muffy."

"And... he ate Suzu?"

"Yep! And he went like dis!" Aki held his hands up and curled his fingers inward, imatating claws. He growled and roared quietly, mindful that it was still nightime.

"And why would an evil cookie eat Suzu?"

"He was chocolate chip."

"Yes... but why would he eat Suzu?"

"Um... I dunno. He duh'nt like 'im I guess." Aki stared at his father for a while, the man staring at him right back.

"And do you have these dreams often?" "Maybe it's time we get him tested." Akihiko thought to himself.

"Hm? Sometimes."

"What else do you dream about?"

"Let's see... Cookies and dinosaurs and... blueberry pancakes and monsters and gold!" Aki smiled.

Akihiko blinked. Twice. Thrice. "Okay..."

"But I dream about Bowl da MOSTEST!"

"Shh, keep your voice down." Akihiko warned as Misaki stirred.

"In my dreams, Bowl takes me to da zoo, and da circus, and to work, and..." Aki stopped suddenly, smile fading.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Akihiko put a hand on Aki's arm.

"I tired. Time for night night. Byebye, lub Bowl." Aki crawled over his dad's legs and off of the bed, hauling his spongebob pillow behind him and trotting back to his room, thumb in mouth.

"Yep. We're getting that child checked out." Akihiko scratched his forehead and layed back down, intent on going back to sleep.

And that was Aki stalling his bedtime by 15 minutes. A pointless yet cute conversation between a father and his toddler son, what could be sweeter? :)