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Many thanks to Aesop for beta reading, and to Paperspiral for corresponding all my ideas with!

This story is inspired by the comic "What If? Wolverine: Father", which got me thinking about what if Sabretooth had raised his son, Graydon Creed? This fic takes place after the short story published in the comic "X-Men Unlimited (VOL 1) #40". For those who haven't read that issue, below is a brief description: -

Sabretooth is at his campsite in Germany when a beautiful woman stumbles upon him, pleading for food. He allows the woman to stay, though in return he demands certain 'favours' from her. Having not too many options, the woman agrees. Sabretooth then arranges passage for them both on a freighter to Canada, and during their journey, Sabretooth reveals that he has smelled that she is a mutant and that he, too, is one. After he reveals his abilities, the woman shows him her own gift. She can change her appearance, and goes by the name Mystique. Sabretooth tells her that there are others like them in Canada who he wants to join and fight with. She agrees to join him, but also starts manipulating him, as she pits him against the sailors, claiming that they wanted to blackmail her into having sex with them. When the freighter arrives in Canada, the crew are all dead, and Mystique and Sabretooth join some other mutants in a bar. Creed makes it clear that he will be the team's leader, and later that night, when Mystique reveals that she is pregnant, he thinks that it couldn't get any better. However, Mystique drugs him and gives him up to the military who cart him off.



My name is Uatu.

I am a member of the Watchers, an extraterrestrial species who, in the distant past, stationed ourselves across space to monitor the activities of other races. I was assigned long ago to observe Earth and its solar system.

In that time, I have witnessed many strange, wondrous and devastating marvels in this seemingly insignificant star system. From the awesome destructive power of The Incredible Hulk, to when the malevolent entity, The Phoenix, took on the life of the X-Man, Jean Grey, and threatened all of creation. I have seen it all!

In addition to seeing all that occurs in the cosmos, I also see into alternate universes, parallel worlds that never were, but what easily could have been.

I see an Earth on which Spider-Man joined the world's mightiest fighting team, making it the Fantastic Five. I see an Earth on which the Nazis won World War II and fly their flag over the White House. I see an Earth on which the planet's premiere fighting team is the Squadron Supreme.

I even see an Earth on which the dreaded assassin Sabretooth was able to claim his son, the demented anti-mutant spokesman, Graydon Creed.

The man I speak of was very different to his father, and yet was also much like him. Graydon Creed was neither a mutant nor a skilled assassin, but when it came to rage he was every bit his father's son. His life had been filled with nothing but hate for those born different, his rage knowing no limits.

From what I observed, all this hatred seems to stem from the neglect and abandonment he suffered at the hands of his mother, the mutant shape-shifter Mystique.

In this new world I see, I watch his parents meet in a way different to how they did in the Earth I usually observe. I see them meet and actually reveal their true identities to one another, before Mystique betrays Sabretooth. I see how after the betrayal, the two of them went their separate ways, more or less following the same paths as their counterparts did.

But my sight is drawn to another Earth, where Sabretooth was able to track down Mystique after his incarceration.

I must admit, I have always been curious about what kind of life that poor wicked man, Graydon, might have had if he not been raised by his mother, but by his father instead.

It is this Earth that I now examine.

To Be Continued…