16. Home again - Epilogue

We were back in Forks – like always at this time of the year.

We lit candles for Edward and Alice and said our prayers. The graves were not visible anymore, but it didn't matter. Nothing was here anymore, except in our memories.

I lit a candle for Jacob and Charlie as well. They were buried in what used to be La Push, but I couldn't go there since we still respected the border. Even though the last descendants of wolves were long gone.

After that we went to the shore and sat on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the sea. I glanced at Jasper's eyes - they had that slight hint of redness in them, just like mine. The animals and the humans were very different these days.

I felt so tired, but I gave Jasper a small smile. I reached over to take his hand, and he grasped mine tightly. He was the sole constant in all this. He was my savior, my solace, my sunshine.

And as long as he chose to remain in this world, I would stay by his side.


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