Me: Yay! Fourth story! I feel accomplished

Renamon: *drunk*

Guilmon: Uh..., should we really be in the same room with a drunk Renamon?

Me: She is your love interest so you take care of it.

Guilmon: *sigh* Fine.

Renamon: Touch me and you die!

Guilmon: *gulp*

Me:While Guilmon handles Renamon, you guys read the story and reveiw!

The Smiling Bartender

Chapter 1

Renamon sits in a club, downtown, depressed.

"He dumps me just like that? I give him a year of my life and I find out he is cheating on me. I even forgive him, but he then dumps me for that stealing bitch!"

Renamon looks around the club. She notices the drinking bar.

"I need a drink, maybe two."

She heads over there and sits down.

"Get me something strong and make it snappy." Renamon orders the bartender.

"Having a rough night?" he asks as he pours a shot of liquor for her.

"Yeah. My boyfriend just dumped me for a bitch and I'm pissed as hell."

"That's too bad. He missed out on a good looking girl." Renamon looks up at the smiling bartender.

"My name is Guilmon." he said still smiling.

"My name is Renamon and look, I just got dumped, so don't think that you can take advantage of that!"

"Oh no, I just meant to cheer you up! It's not like that at all."

"That's a likely story. Men are all the same."

"That's sorta mean." says Guilmon as he leans on the counter, across from Renamon. "I'll have you know, Renamon, I'm not perverted like other men and screw girls just for the fun of it. I actually want to have a relationship with he and I'm still a virgin. I just work here because it pays the bills and I have a good taste in drinks. I can also tell you that you've been dumped many times before and still a virgin at the age of 25. I have had lots of experience."

"What's it to you!" she barked.

"Whoa! I guess I should leave you alone for a while."

Guilmon was about to leave but Renamon quickly stopped him.

"Wait! I'm sorry, I didn't mean that!"

Guilmon turned around. He smiled at Renamon.

"It's not that. I have other customers too, but I'll be back."

Renamon felt a wave of relief. Then she just realized that she was happy. Why am I happy? I shouldn't be happy! I'm supposed to be depressed about my break up! The fucking guy tried to take my virginity without thinking about me at all.

She sighed.

After a couple of minutes Guilmon came back.

Renamon asked for a few more shots, drinking them quickly.

"Whoa, there. Easy on the alcohol. I know you're depressed but don't get drunk."

Renamon giggled and hiccuped at the same time.

"Hey, Renamon are you ok?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah! Just peachy!" She as she swayed back and forth.

"Are you drunk?" he asked.

"NO! Ooh, I feel dizzy. Hehe."

"That makes it official."

"I'm going to go dance!"

"Uh...sure, but be careful!"

Renamon went to the dance floor and was immediately the star of the club.

As he served his other customers, he watches Renamon dance. He was still concerned about her dancing in a club full of drunk perverted men, when she was drunk herself.

Renamon danced as much as she was drunk. A Cyberdramon walked up to her and took her by the hand. He tugged at her hand and Renamon followed not knowing what she was doing or going.

Guilmon saw this happen and leaped over the counter top and rushing to find Renamon.

He saw her near the exit with Cyberdramon and ran over there pushing every one and thing out of his way.

"Where are you taking to her?"

"Back off. I saw her first and I need to have a good time." he said as he looked at Renamon's body.

"With my wife?"

"Wife! Yeah right! You two don't even have a ring!"

Guilmon pulled out a wedding ring from his back pocket.

"What about her? I dont' see a ring!"

With a sleight of hand Guilmon made it look like that the second ring was in her purse.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't know!"

"Just don't ever touch or even look at her again." he said. Guilmon's glare would have even made grown men wet themselves.

The Cyberdramon ran away.

Guilmon took Renamon's hand and led her out the back door.

"Where are we going?" asked Renamon asked still drunk.

"Some place where you'll be safe." explained Guilmon.

Guilmon walked to his car.

He and Renamon got in and they drove away.

Half-way through the Guilmon glanced over at Renamon. She was fast asleep.

Guilmon smiled.

He stopped in front of a regular looking house and carried the sleeping Renamon, bridal style, into the house.

He carried her into his bedroom, careful not to wake her.

He laid her down on the soft bed.

As Guilmon was putting Renamon on the bed comfortably he remembered that he had wore a vest and dress shirt all day and was starting to feel hot.

He unbuttoned his vest and dress shirt, throwing them both on the floor. The cool air felt nice on his bare chest.

He grabbed a few blankets and pillows from his closet and set them up on the couch.

Guilmon tucked Renamon in and put a bucket to the side of her bed, knowing she was going to need it sooner or later.

He had one last look at Renamon, before closing the bedroom door and falling asleep on the couch.

The Next Morning

When Renamon woke up she had the worst headache of her life.

"What happened last night?"

She got up and stumbled into the bathroom. She turned on the faucet and washed her face. She took a towel and dried off.

As she dried her face she smelled the aroma on the towel. It wasn't hers.

She took a look around the bedroom. This isn't my bedroom! Where the hell am I? What did I do last night? Did I fuck with somebody? Great, just great. I come to a drunk guy's home right after I meet a nice guy. I must have been pretty drunk last night. I can't wait to strangle the guy who took my virginity. I'll make sure he can never have kids or screw again.

As she left the bedroom she looked around the room. It looked like a real bachelor pad. The kitchen had its own bar and there even a small garden in the center of a lowered Living room.

Wow! This place is awesome! This guy must be loaded!

She walked around touring the place. Then she saw something very shocking. Guilmon was sleeping on the couch half naked.

"YOU!" Renamon shouted, making Guilmon jump up off the couch and hit his head on the floor.

"Owww." said Guilmon as he rubbed his head.

"You LIAR! You said that..why...I"

"Whoa ,whoa,whoa... What are you talking about?"

"You fucked with me last night!"

Guilmon was at first stunned. Then he laughed all over the floor.

"Why are you laughing? You said that you wouldn't fuck me and you did! To make it worse, you did it when I was drunk! How could you take my virginity and not feel bad about it?"

Guilmon got up and sat down on the couch. "Look, Renamon, I did not take your virginity. I did nothing to you except take you here so you wouldn't be raped."

"How can I trust you! You are half naked!"

Guilmon looked down at his body.

"I guess that's true. I know! We could go to the doctor and find out!"

"I'm not going anywhere with YOU!"

"Then again, you don't have a ride."

"You bitch."

Guilmon drove Renamon to the nearby clinic.

"Stay here, and if you move I promise rip your balls off."

Guilmon smiled and chuckled to himself.

Renamon walked into the clinic requesting an examination.

When she finally got the results she was shocked.

"Oh my god, he was telling the truth!"

Renamon paid the desk nurse and left the clinic.

Guilmon was listening to the radio when Renamon came back.

"So? Are we friends?"

Renamon said nothing.

Guilmon laughed.

"Do you want me to drop you off somewhere?" Guilmon offered.

"My house, please. I need to get to work after I change," Renamon said.


Maybe he is different from the other guys I've dated she thought to herself.

On the way Guilmon asked "what is your job anyway?"

"I'm just a dance instructor."

"Really? That's awesome. What kind of dance?"

Renamon blushed at his praise.

"I do all sorts of stuff, but I'm no expert."

"Yeah right," Guilmon said, "Maybe I should take one of your classes! I need to work on my dancing skills anyway."

"Um..." Renamon actually wanted Guilmon to be in her class.

"It's a little late to join. It's like more of an academy."

"Then I'll just have to take private lessons from you. You could also teach the strippers at the club that I work at, a thing or two about dancing."

"That's ok with me."

"You are the best!"

Guilmon dropped Renamon off at her house.

"Thanks again for everything, Guilmon."

"No problem! I'm just looking out for a friend, that's all."

He had on his big goofy smile.

"I'll give you a call later. I have to get to work."

"I'll be looking forward to it."

Renamon looked at the back of Guilmon's car until it disappeared.

Sigh. I have a bartender as a friend. You think it would be more be predictable, but now I'm thinking, who knows? It just might work out.