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"Can I please get your autograph?"

"Sure, sure."

Renamons signs the digimon's autograph book.

"Thank you!"

After he left, she turned around to continue to drink her cocktail.

"Was that another fan?" said the bartender as he came from the other side of the bar.


"You're getting real popular, you know that?"

"I know."

"Don't leave me and become a famous singer ok?"

"I won't, Guilmon. I love you and this place too much. There are so many great memories."

Guilmon places a kiss on Renamon's head.

"Well, you can only become famous if you remember to come back here and visit once in a while."

"But if I did, I wouldn't see you that often."

"Yeah, but I don't want to hold you back."

"You never did."

Realizing they were both blushing, they quickly turned away, Guilmon pretending to inspect the alcohol bottles and Renamon pretending to be interested in the music.

Guilmon glanced at his watch.'s almost time...

"Hey Renamon, the work day is almost over so I can watch your last performance of the night, and after that, we'll go to my place and have a nice dinner."

"That sounds nice. Can I sleep over too?"

"Don't you have dancers to teach tomorrow?" he said as he leaned on the counter with one hand supporting his

"Yeah, but you're worth it."


Guilmon stared lovingly at Renamon with his golden eyes

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry, I just remembered how beautiful you are."

Renamon blushes immensely.

"And how cute you are when you're embarrassed."

She now turns away, trying to hide her now crimson red face.

"What do you mean you just remembered? We have been dating for more than a 2 year now!"

He chuckles.

Guilmon glances at his watch again.

"I better get to the DJ booth and you better get ready for your performance!"


"Come on, don't be like that. I have a surprise for you after your performance!"

Renamon turned around quickly, curious to know more about her surprise gift.

"What is it?"

"I won't tell you!"

Renamon chases him to the DJ booth. They were like little children playing tag.

"Tell me!" she said.

"No!" he replied giving a big grin as he looked back ate her.

"Fine, but you better give it to me right after the show!"

"I promise!"

Renamon reluctantly goes on stage to perform.

As Renamon sings Guilmon checks his pockets to make sure he had Renamon's surprise with him.

I wonder if this is the right time...the right place...I just want her to be happy...

After the final note of Renamon's song, Guilmon's comes out in the stage and quiets down the crowd. goes...well, everything...Guilmon is handed a mike by one of the stage crew. Everyone on the staff knew what he was going to do, and they were cheering him on...

"Alright guys, settle down. A lot of you know that Renamon and I have been dating for over a year now. Well I think that's enough time isn't it?"

"YEAH!" screams the crowd.

Renamon was shocked. "Guilmon, are you saying that you don't see each other anymore?"

"No, Renamon I love you very much. It's the reason I'm doing this."

Guilmon comes over and takes Renamon's hands.

"Renamon, my dear, my angel , my goddess, I love you. Your scent is intoxicating as much as the drinks at the bar. Your eyes shine even in the darkest of nights, sparkling like two sapphires. Your fur is as warm and yellow as the sun. When you sing, even angels fall out of envy. I have always supported you and you have always supported me. I want to keep that support and I want to keep supporting you, for eternity. So will you give me the honor..."

Guilmon kneels down on one knee never leaving Renamon's eyes.

Renamon teared up. "Guilmon, don't tell me..."

Guilmon pulls out a little black velvet box and opens it to reveal a sapphire ring cut in the shape of a tear surrounded by smaller diamonds. It sparkled under all the stage's lights, almost glowing in a dark blue aura.

"Renamon, will you, marry me?"

"Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes!" chants the crowd.

Renamon is speechless.

"Guilmon, I can't say yes..."

Guilmon is frozen to the point of not even breathing. He kneels there like a frozen statue in a garden.

You could hear his heart break into two.

"Unless, you kiss me first."

Renamon pulls him up and they share a kiss, tears streaming down their faces. The crowd cheers.

"So, I take that's yes then?" Guilmon says to his future wife.

"You're big idiot, you know that?" said Renamon.

"That may be true, but I'm your big idiot."

"That's right, and don't you ever forget that."

"I won't. I'll always be your smiling bartender."

5 Years Later

"Daddy! Daddy!" says a dark red fox digimon, similar to Renamon, with hazard symbols..

"What is it Regumon?" says a much older and mature looking Guilmon to his little son.

"When is mommy landing?"

"Oh, don't worry. Her plane is almost here."

As if almost on cue, a plane approaches the runway.

On the plane, a certain singing star is reading a business magazine.

"Hmm, looks like his business is doing well. I'll need to congratulate him..."

She takes a sip of her wine. Hmm, it's delicious as always. Made by a man that really has a taste for alcohol. He really has a gift for making great wine and liquors. Well, he did tell me he had a palate (taste) for those kind of things.

"Excuse me madam, we will be landing so please buckle up." says the flight attendant.

"Thank you, for telling me."

The planes lands on the runway and the door opens.

As the famous star walks down the steps, she is greeted by cameras and reporters.

"Are you going to start another tour?" asks a reporter.

"When will you release your new album?" asks another one.

Renmon sighs and walks past them, ignoring question after question. Then she heard something she could not stand for.

"Is it true you're having an affair with another star?"

She turns around and slaps the reporter. The paparazzi goes quiet.

"Look here! I am happily married and I plan to stay that way. I will never cheat on my husband! Not after all he has done for me! If I ever cheat on him, I will gladly take my own life without even the slightest of hesitation! Also, if you dare attempt to ruin his life or will be hearing from my lawyers!"

She storms off, fuming with anger, and the paparazzi, to scared to move. When she finally gets away from the press, she hears very familiar voices from behind her.

"Mommy! Mommy!" says Regumon as he hugs his mother.

"I really like what you said back there."

Renamon looks up to see Guilmon, arms crossed, smirking.

She runs up to him giving him a giant hug.

"I missed you," Guilmon whispers into her ear.

"Me too."

They share a long passionate kiss.

"Eww," says their 4 year old son.

"Hey, when you're older, you going to do the same thing with your wife." says Guilmon as he places Regumon on his shoulders.

"No! That's gross. You guys are trying to eat each other!"

"You'll learn what it means when you're older." Renamon says.

"Hey, Regumon do you want stay over at Uncle Terriermon and Aunt Lopmon's house tonight? Me and mama have to work. We'll spend the day tomorrow at the beach with you, ok?"

"Yay! The beach!" Regumon shouts out loud.

The happy couple laughs.

That Night

Guilmon puts down some papers on his desk. He sighs.

"This is so boring!" He says as he slumps down on his desk.

"Then why don't you come out and DJ a bit?" says Renamon as she walks into the office.

"Actually...I would like to go home and eat dinner, I'm starving. Just let me call Gabumon to cover for me."

Guilmon calls Gabumon.

"Hey Guilmon, what's up?"

"Can you cover for me? I want to go home and have dinner with my wife. Don't worry about the DJ. Gomamon has got that covered."

"Sure, if you let me have 3 bottles of your company's wine!"

"That sounds fair. Just be sure to not drink all at once."

"I'm going to use it at at party, so don't worry."

"All right, thanks again."

"No problem. I'm not the VP for nothing!"

"Actually yes...because I own the bar and wine company...remember?"

"Oh yeah...well, I guess it helps to have great friends!"

Guilmon chuckled. "Tell you wife I said hi."

"Will do!"

Guilmon hangs up.

"So?" Renamon asked.

"It worked out."

"Yay!" Renamon jumps at Guilmon.

"Ahh!" Guilmon screams. They fall to the ground with Renamon on top of Guilmon.

Guilmon stares at Renamon with loving eyes.

"Stop staring at me!" Renamon says giggling.

"I can't. I'm in love."

Guilmon sits up and kisses Renamon.

After they break apart, Renamon notices Guilmon's smile seems more happier than usual.

"Why are you always smiling Guilmon? Ever since I met you, you've always have kept that smileon your face. What maeks you so happy?""

"Hmm? Oh that's easy, you. Actually before I met you I was miserable. I was always sad because every girl I met only wanted to screw with me. None of them treated me as a friend. Even though you were cold at first I thought you were a sensible person and would be a good friend even if you hated me. I would have never imagined I would marry you. I sure am lucky. I'm in charge of a successful wine company and a world famous club. I'm also married to one of the biggest singing stars in the world and have a wonderful son! Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming, like this is too good to be true."

Renamon helps Guilmon up off the floor.

"Well tell me if this is just another dream."

Renamon leans into a kiss with Guilmon.

"It still feels like one." Guilmon said after they broke apart.

"I love you, Guilmon, and I will never leave you or Regumon. No matter how successful I become, I'll come home and spend time with you both."

"And no matter how tired I am I'll always make sure I'll be home waiting for you."

They share a hug.

"Never leave me, Renamon."

"As long as you don't leave me."


They go home holding hands, smiling all the way.

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