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The first rays of sun were lighting the sky when Jake arrived home, creeping into the apartment, with the well practiced stride of one used to not making a sound. He walked softly across the room, feet padding on the worn carpet. He was halfway across the room when something caught his eye.

Tiffany was slumped over the rickety kitchenette table, coffee cup in hand, cheek pressed against the cold plastic. He sighed, taking in her bitten nails and wrinkled brow. Gently, he took the cup from her hand, walking over to the sink to pour the ice-cold coffee down the drain. Leaning against the counter, he looked at his little sister, frowning in concern.

He had stayed out too late, but had been too...preoccupied to check the time. Once he had, Jake knew Tiffany would be freaking out. He had known by the sound of her voice on the phone she was scared, but he would never admit it, and neither would she. And she would never admit to waiting up, just in case Jake didn't come home.

Jake felt guilty. Tiffany was supposed to be the teenager, staying out late, making him worry, not the other way around. Truth be told, Jake hadn't had much of an adolescence either, too much of it take up with raising Tiffany, making sure they had a place to sleep, that she had enough to eat. Even if it meant that he had to go hungry. He didn't regret it for a second, but she shouldn't have to grow up as fast as he did.

Reaching up to the top of the cupboard, Jake extracted a box of cigarettes, waiting until he opened a window before lighting one. Tiffany hated him smoking, so he kept it a secret. It was only one every so often, and everyone has things they keep to themselves, right?

Leaning out the window, Jake blew the blue smoke into the grey sky, the smell reminding him of countless bars and clubs he had worked in. They didn't have that kind of thing in Whoville, obviously. It was all balls and soirées here.

He watched the sun rise, reasoning that if he had to get up in two hours there was no point in going to bed. Maybe that Emilee girl would bring him a coffee or something later. If she was even going to speak to him, that is.

All he knew is, it definitely wasn't his fault that her boyfriend decided to call around at half twelve at night. He just gave thanks for the fire escape outside the window. He was on the street and running before she could begin to panic. Girls on this side of town might be a little more reserved, a little better at acting, but they were all the same really.

He took one last drag of the cigarette, before flicking the butt out into the now daylight sky. Secreting the box back to its hiding place, he glanced at the clock and then at his sister.

He went to her room and got her alarm clock, winding it up and placing it next to her ear. Then he flicked on the kettle and headed to the bathroom, counting down the seconds until his plan came into action. Sure enough, as he switched on the shower, the alarm went off, and Tiffany and the kettle screamed in unison.

He chuckled, what a lovely way to start the day.

Jojo could see Tiffany lying under their tree as he approached. After a month, it was their meeting place, their chosen spot to sit and view the world. To the rest of Whoville, it was "that tree where those two weirdoes' hang out".

He smiled as she sat up and waved, jogging the last few places. He was on his break, and so was she, an hour in which they could spend together. It was his fabourite part of the day.

He flopped down beside her, sighing, and they shared a moment of silence. They had a lot of these moments. Anyone else would call it awkward, but not Jojo. It was a friendly silence, a hush in conversation in which they would think, or draw or just observe the park. Several times during these quiet breaks between talking, Jojo had caught Tiffany staring at him while scribbling in her sketchbook. Whenever he caught her, she would blush and hug her sketchbook to her chest, refusing to show him.

Tiffany smiled as Jojo sat beside her. The past month had been...perfect, really, meeting under the pink trufulla tree every day. She had gotten a job in a cafe, and she was getting more and more confident that Whoville could become her home. Her days with Jojo flew by. He had shown her around Whoville, and she had been surprised to find that he could draw, just as much as he had to discover that she could had told him, her family were almost bred to be singers...among other things.

he didn't really draw like she did though, he drew perfectly measured blueprints and designs, or scores of music. He often got frustrated over these, and once stormed off in anger over a blueprint of a music box that looked perfect to Tiffany. He came back fifteen minutes later with ice creams and an apology.

Jake had noticed Tiffany spending time with Jojo, and had taken every opportunity to tease her about it. His jibes got Tiffany flustered, because whatever she might say, she was beginning to like Jojo a little.

Ok more than a little.

Now, as they sat there in silence Jojo was, most unusually, the one to break it.

"um, y'know my family?" he asked, slightly hesitantly. Tiffany looked at him and raised an eyebrow. She had, last week, discovered that Jojo was the son of the mayor, and had nearly freaked out. It had evolved to a long talk about how Jojo didn't want to be mayor, and why and now Tiffany knew almost as much as Jojo about te mayor and his work.


Jojo shifted uncomfortably.

"They, ah, want to meet you..." he mumbled.

"You told them about me?" asked Tiffany, blinking in surprise. Jojo blushed.

"In a way..."

Jojo had, in fact, kept Tiffany a secret from his family, but with ninty-nine members, secrets are hard to keep, and little sisters with big mouths had betrayed his covert friendship to his parents. At the dinner table. In front of everybody. And they had used the world "girlfriend". It had taken a whole hour to convince his parents that she wasn't, and another for them to convince him to invite her to dinner.

It had taken him so long to ask, not because Jojo was afraid that his family would embarrass him. He was afraid that Tiffany would say no.

And so it was with bated breath that Jojo asked "Will you come to dinner?"

Tiffany seemed to think, and for a moment a look of doubt crossed her face and Jojo's heart plunged. But then she grinned at him.

"That would be...really nice Jojo, I'd love to." She said sincerely, and Jojo sighed in relief, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

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