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Chapter 6

"Well if ya would keep teasin' Daisy it weren't no wonder she pushed ya in the poison ivy" Tilly teased as they came into the kitchen

"I didn't tease her that bad" Coy defended "I only told her that Hughie Hogg liked her"

"Yeah after you'd done told the rest of her class...and yours" Tilly replied "And told her he wanted to kiss her. If you'd done that to me I woulda done more

than push ya in the poison ivy" she continued giving him a poke in the chest.

"I don't doubt it for a second" He grinned grabbing her hand so she couldn't poke him again.

Tilly looked at him and smiled "Ya know it's kinda strange"

"What is?" He asked still holding her hand

"After not talkin' for all them years, all the things we've done,...we still get along just like we used to"

"Any reason why we shouldn't?"

She shrugged "I guess not. Its just nice to know things ain't changed coz we've grown up"

"Ain't no reason why it should" Coy kissed her hand quickly and let it drop as he turned away. "But at least now I can cook, so it should be quite safe to let me

loose into your kitchen"

"Ya don't have to cook for me ya know"

Coy turned from the pans he was preparing and grinned "I know, but it's the least I can do for ya puttin' me up. And I make the best danged jambalaya this

side of the Mississippi... even if I do say so myself"

"Great cook and modest with it" Tilly teased sarcastically.

Coy pulled a face at her "If ya gonna keep teasin', woman, git outta my kitchen"

Tilly grinned "Yes sir" She saluted "I'll just take Pop his mail before I forget again"


Daisy put down the phone and came back into the kitchen where they were all gathered around the table. "That was Lulu"

They all looked up quickly waiting for news.

Daisy stood by Uncle Jesse's chair and put her hand on his shoulder as she continued. "They got wind that we were cancelling the party."

"Don't seem right to be partyin' under the circumstances" Uncle Jesse said sadly.

"But Lulu and Boss want ya to go ahead" Daisy explained "Boss's words were 'It ain't right for my old friend Jesse Duke to miss out on a good time with his

family coz of me' He wants ya to go ahead Uncle Jesse and he even said he will try and come along if he's up to it"

Jesse looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well if it's a dyin' man's wish, who are we to deny him. Not when it could be his last." Uncle Jesse stood up and left the


Daisy went to go after him but Bo stood up and wrapped his arms round her.

Luke stood next to them "Let him be for a while. I'll talk to him in a bit"

They turned back into the kitchen.

"This ain't gonna get supper on the table" Daisy said sadly

"We'll help" Bo gave her a weak smile.

As they began to bustle about Luke looked at Vance "Have ya spoken to Coy today?"

Vance shook his head "He was out of here before sun up. I'll go give him a call"

Luke nodded "Better let him know what's goin' on."


"Hey Chef. Something smell's good" Tilly said coming in and walking over to the stove

"Wait till ya taste it" Coy replied stirring the pot

Tilly smiled "Lookin' forward to it. Here... this was ringin' in the truck as I came passed" She held out Coy's mobile phone to him as she went over to look in the

bubbling pot.

"Musta dropped it earlier" Coy looked at it "It was Vance. Wonder what he wanted"

"One way to find out " Tilly glance over her shoulder at him

"Yeah later" He flicked the front down on the phone and put it on the table as the puzzled look was replaced with a grin."Ya just can't keep out" He grabbed

her around the waist and pulled her away from poking at the steaming pot.

Tilly squealed at the unexpected contact and movement. She turned to slap him playfully on the chest and Coy retaliated by wiggling his fingers that were still

holding her waist and tickling her sides.

Tilly squirmed "Hey cut that out", her hands on his shoulders gently pushing him off.

Coy stopped tickling her "What if I don't?"

Tilly's eyes narrowed and she sucked in air noisily as she thought. "I might have to make ya sleep in the barn"

Coy chuckled and shook his head "Guess I'll cut it out then" He said more quietly looking deep into her eyes.

Tilly shuffled cautiously suddenly realising how close they were. Something was going on here and she wasn't sure what it was. Physical contact between her

and Coy had always been easy. A hug, play fights, holding hands . It didn't mean anything. I was just the way they were. It was the same with Bo or Vance or

any of the others. Pictures of them all as kids ran through her head: piggy back races, cuddled up around a camp fire, hands extended to help each other up

trees or over rocks. But this suddenly wasn't the same. The look in Coy's eyes reflected the conflict that she was sure was evident in her own.

Without saying anything, Coy carefully moved his face closer and kissed her slowly and carefully on the lips. Lingering for just a moment to give it meaning

before pulling back.

As he looked back into her eyes, he cursed Vance for encouraging him to go for it. No, it wasn't Vance's fault. He had overstepped the mark. He had just done

something that could ruin a brilliant friendship. That look Tilly was giving him as she was trying to work out what happened was confusing him. She wasn't mad.

Was she? She hadn't moved or pushed him away. That was good wasn't it? He remember the punch she could pack if she wanted to. At least she wasn't that

mad. But she was silent. If Tilly was silent that was worse.

Tilly realised she was still staring him, saying and doing nothing as thoughts ran through her head. His cheeky look was rapidly being replaced by panic.

"What was that for?" She eventually asked, breaking the nervous silence.

Coy took a deep breath and gave a cautious smile. Typical Tilly to question everything."Dunno" He shrugged "It just felt right"

Tilly looked at her hands still resting on his shoulders as she processed his answer and tried to work out what to do next. This could be complicated. Very

complicated. A voice in her head had started a chant "Take a chance! Take a chance!" She looked back into his eyes

"I guess it did" She smiled fleetingly before placing her lips gently on his. His kiss had been tentative and questioning and while hers started like that it quickly

became something else as Coy pulled her closer