Rated: T

Pairing: BritainxRussia

Warnings: Violence, swearing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia Axis Powers and I receive no money from writing these fanfics

Summary: Russia has been watching Britain; although the former Empire was disturbed he does find the other nation intriguing. Soon Russia will learn how Britain managed to become so great.

They had all gathered at the World Summit, once again America was at the podium talking rubbish about the credit crisis to which German had to take control of the situation and forcefully move the younger nation back to his seat next to his twin brother and across from Spain.

Pointless. The blonde haired nation thought to himself; Every time we gather we always end up fighting, I thought after the second war things would be better. Apparently not.

Out of the corner of his eye the former Empire spotted violet eyes gazing at him; that's odd… He was ready to admit that he was scared of the other nation, who wasn't, but that didn't mean he was afraid of the nation.

"Is there a problem Russia?" He called the other out.

Every nation's eyes watched to see what Russia would say, or do. Very few were brave enough to ask the cold nation a question, very few, as in could be counted on one hand.

"Hmm?" Russia blinked and smiled that child-like smile which fooled no one into thinking that he was an innocent nation, if anything that made them even more wary; "I was just wondering why you were so quiet,"

"Ah!" France exclaimed and turned to Britain with a smirk; "It's the Royal Wedding, non? L'amour!"

Britain glared at his sometimes enemy and sometimes friend, today he was most definitely an enemy; "No frog, you seem to forget that there is the Olympics to deal with, not to mention the Duke of Edinburgh's birthday func…" He was about to list everything that was going on when someone interrupted him.

"Ve ~ That's the old guy who insults people right?" Italy asked with a smile.

I suppose the Duke is like Italy's own boss… Britain slowly nodded, only the Italy would think positively about such a thing, only Britain would catch the connection.

America laughed; "The dude insults everyone, he gets it from Britain!"

Germany sighed in frustration, although no one knew if it was due to America or Italy; "Italy the man is 90…"

"But he's like my bo…" Italy began to protest and was drowned out by the other arguments taking over the room.

"There'll be a party, da?" Russia asked over the commotion.

Britain turned to look at him; "No, just functions, small functions. Due to the Wedding the Duke decided against anything big." Although there was talk about some kind of commemoration for him, bloody David Cameron.

"Ah, with him being so old, he needs to watch himself," The Russia stated and Britain was about to nod in agreement when America interrupted.

"Dude, you can't just threaten one of Britain's boring and really useless monarchies!"

Britain glared at his former charge; "He didn't threaten…"

"Oh come on! You're not that old. This Commie bastard threatened to kill your monarchy and as the hero I'm going save the day!" He stood on the table and walked over to where the Russian was sitting and pointed down at him; "You better…"

Before he could even begin he was tackled off the table and punched, the other nations looked on rather disappointed in the sudden turn of events, they had all wanted to see America and Russia fight it out, and so they turned to Germany.

"Ja, we'll meet up at the same time tomorrow," He said, feeling a headache come on as he packed up his notes and the other nations did likewise, avoiding the fight between the other two.

"The sooner they become lover's the better," France said with a roll of his eyes as he left the room.

Russia was smiling at the sight before him, he never had anyone jump in to protect him, or even argue for him. He had been angry at the island nation for interfering with his own battles, but as he watched and listened, he learned that maybe he should appreciate it, after all Britain was doing all the work for him. It made him feel…. Special?

Me? Special? Nyet, that can't be right. Russia thought to himself and noticed the fight had stopped, with Britain landing a final punch in America's gut.

"You stupid… Bloody git! Did you not listen to what Russia said? It was not a threat! Had it been I would have been the first to tell him off! You bloody, bloody wanker!" Having yelled at the younger nation Britain stood, dusted himself off and grabbed his notes, quickly leaving the room.

"You Commie…" America began as he slowly stood up, although he was stronger than Britain, that didn't mean to say that the blows didn't hurt.

"Nyet," Russia said shaking his head; "Your threats are empty and all they did was upset Britain, da? You might need to watch what you say,"

The blue eyed American got to his feet and was ready to punch Russia only to find that the nation had already walked across the room and was almost out the door.

"No way, no way am I going to be cowed by you!" He exclaimed, but if Russia heard he gave no sign and just left the room; "Damn it,"


Russia wondered around the city, he was enjoying the sunshine, even though he was still wearing his long scarf and coat, and also the flowers were in bloom though they weren't his beloved sunflower they were still pretty flowers regardless.

This country is lovely. Russia mused to himself; But what to do now? He spotted Britain at an outdoor café by the local park, sipping some tea.

He debated whether he should go over and say hello when he noticed those emerald green eyes go wide in shock; Best to go back to the hotel.

"Russia?" Britain called over to him, although he just looked back in surprise.

Did he call me over? Russia slowly went over; Maybe I'm hearing things…

"Da? Hello Britain," He said still cautious, after this nation might only be an island, but it hadn't been that long since he was an Empire! One of the last great Empires that the world had seen. When he was younger he longed to be as powerful as Britain, but now he could see that it wasn't meant to be, he had lost his two sister's and the Baltics, if only he had tried to befriend Britain earlier… If only… If only.

"I…" Britain looked sheepish; "Well, I was going to apologise for that idiot's behaviour, but there wouldn't be any point in that would there?"

Russia smiled shyly; "We know how he feels about me really. He is who he is, da?"

Britain just looked at him and laughed; "I guess so," His emerald eyes gleamed and he smiled; "But still, don't threaten him Russia," The other nation looked confused at this request and wondered if that was a threat to himself; "Just warning you, you understand. America produces empty threats, his President won't allow him to fight you without a valid reason, and to saying something against my Royal family is hardly a reason,"

The taller nation nodded and Britain gestured for him to sit down; "Da, I see," His violet eyes roamed to the park near them; "Italy is a lovely place,"

Britain sighed quietly, knowing that Russia was so busy looking at the flowers to hear him, if only the other nation knew that he secretly hated the place, sure it was a lovely country, but having spent so many times trying to leave the damn country back in the second war, well, it lost its spark.

"It's a nice change for the rain; to see a clear sky and know that the risk of showers is less here is refreshing,"

"And all the pretty flowers," Russia pointed to the shrubbery.

It struck Britain how child-like Russia was, sadistic of course, but he still had that innocent part of him that the other nations had shed… Apart from Italy, but Romano made up for that.

So much bloodshed happened, there was barely a pause for him to gain any kind of normality, and everything kept changing for him. He thought to himself and realised that Russia was still a young nation, not as young as America or… Canada, but still he was younger than himself.

"Have you ever looked around Italy before?" He asked, taking the last dregs of his tea, knowing that Russia was likely to say no.

And the taller nation shook his head in a negative; "Nyet. I always wanted to go on my own but…" He looked around himself and then looked directly at Britain; "But everyone seems to be afraid of me,"

Britain nodded and smiled slightly; "That used to happen to me too," Lie; "But over time they got used to me," Lie. They never got used to me; myself and France still dislike each other. Although he knew that was also a lie, he and France had a complex relationship, hatred was part of it, but so was friendship, it was confusing and so he left that thought alone.

"Well, let's have a wander around the park, there are sure to be lots of different flowers in bloom," He said and stood up, Russia followed suit.

"They wouldn't have sunflowers here?" He asked as he looked at the variety of colours of the flowers before them.

"Er… No. If I remember right, a sunflower doesn't like heavy heat…"

Russia just nodded as they continued to wander the gardens, the taller nation enjoying the beauty of the smaller flowers while the older nation found it fascinating how child-like the other appeared to act.

Not that he was going to go out of his way and tell anyone about this little trip, but it was interesting to learn a little about the cold nation.

Maybe we can do this again sometime. Britain thought to himself as they headed back to the hotel.


As he lay down on his bed he thought over the day, or tried to, when France burst into his room.

Why do I always forget to lock the bloody door? The blonde thought to himself.

"Britain! What happened?" France exclaimed, worry in those blue eyes.

He sat up and looked at the other in confusion "What are you talking about?"

"Do not play games, what hold does he have over you?" France began to pace; "I know you aren't as strong as you used to be, but that is no excuse to not ask for help!"

"Bloody hell frog, I say it again, what are you talking about?" Britain demands to know, trying to calm himself so he wouldn't hit France.

"Russia!" France shouted; "Italy heard from Romano who saw the two of you walking through the park together! Oh Britain, why him?"

"You stupid…" He paused, France was a gossip after all, so he needed to be careful; "All we did was talk about America's behaviour during the meeting, then Russia said that he never explored this country before,"

"And that is it? No more? This isn't a clever little rouse so that you can become a big empire again?"

"I think Russia could be a top bloke if given the chance," He admitted and saw the shock in the other nations eyes.

"Non! Don't you see mon cheri, he could kill you! Look how he treated the Baltics…"

"He could easily have killed any of us, but he hasn't, he could have killed any of the Baltics, but he never did. Given Russia's own history has been so bloody and violent…"

"So have our's," France interjected.

"There has hardly been a decent period of peace time for him, it's not hard to see why he is so…"

"Scary? Insane?" France supplied; "But Britain, America…"

"To hell with America, he is his own country now, he can do what he wants and so can I. I just want to see what makes…"

"Ah, it is l'amour," France nodded slowly, almost disappointed.


"I always thought it was America that you wanted, but now I see that is not so. Whenever you began to obsess over a country Britain, you would take over it. Thankfully this won't become a war, but still…" France began to explain, but he felt a hand roughly grab the collar of his shirt and drag him to the door; "Mon ami! What do I tell America?"

"Whatever you bloody want frog," Britain muttered and slammed the door shut; he also locked it in case and lay back down on the bed.

He wondered if France had a point, although he loath to admit it; No point worrying about it. He thought as he decided to get ready for bed, going over to the wardrobe and quickly flicked the switch for the kettle.