~Bella's Point of view~

With a little smile, I went walking down the hallway, leading Edward back to his bedroom, and shutting the door behind us. He slowly turned to face me, playing with a piece of my hair with my fingers.

"What are we doing in here?" He wondered, and I bit my lip as I looked back into my human-like brown eyes. For a moment, I felt the burn rise in my throat, so I sat down onto Edward's couch, letting my hand rest on my lap.

He now looking down at the hand I was controlling, that once had belonged to him, noticing where I had placed it with warning eyes.

"I think it's time for you to sit down, and finally just accept that you are the most perfect man in the world, I mean, look at you," I said, and gestured towards his body.

He now rolled his eyes, shaking his head, which caused my brown mess of curls fall a bit off my shoulder.

"No, Bella real perfection, is right here," He spoke, and gently my hands where now trailing up and down my human body. Not a sign of hesitation in each movement to my glee.

"Edward, seriously, you really need to understand, before we can move ahead, that to me, your more than perfect," I spoke, and smirked as I made his hands roll down over his crotch.

Edward's eyes widened as he watched me fondling his body.

"Bella— He started, his face turning pink as he watched me.

"Shh, i want to show you how much you really matter to me," I said, my hand sliding inside his pants, feeling his dick begin to stiffen under the contact.

"This isn't- Edward began, but suddenly his eyes closed, and his head fell back, groaning softly.

I watched him curiously, and slowly began to pound his dick slowly between my hands, keeping my eyes locked on his face.

He now began to pant quietly, moans falling from his lips.

That's when I had noticed, that by touching Edward's body, I felt nothing, it was like I was numb, while Edward on the other hand…

"Bella, oh god," He forced between his teeth as I quickly picked up the pace, moving into vampire speed.

"Yes Edward?" I couldn't' help but chuckle.

But before I could say anymore, Edward shocked me as his hand disappeared down my own pants, his hand moving just as fast as mine.

My body was now being hit with a wave of pleasure, and I closed my eyes, moaning as well. Loving the friction that seemed to be rolling around inside of me, I clutched onto the leather couch, my one hand still pounding down on Edward's dick as fast as I could manage. At the same time I began to hear rips as my fingers went down through the material of the couch.

I watched over at Edward, noticing how his hips would buck against his fingers, bringing a wave of bliss to rock through my body.

I had never felt so amazing in my life.

"Edward please," I spoke out breathlessly. "I want you,"

He looked over to me, face flushed, and heart pounding loudly, looking conflicted.

Please, let him finally understand and give in….


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