A/N Just a preview, kids.

She's the only girl I ever loved.

Like truly loved and would devote my whole life to.

Even though I bombed her ass out yesterday like a tough guy, on the inside I was a wimp.

A wimp who literally stayed in bed all day and wallowed in his self pity. I did my best not to cry.

Guys dont cry, not for anything. Not for death and especially not over some girl.

Yeah, that's it. She's just a girl. Leah was just a girl.

I sighed and covered my face.

No, Nessie was just a girl. Leah was...

I swallowed the lump in my throat and fought back tears. I was a man. I did not cry. Ever.

Leah was everything to me.

When she called me out on my shady shit back in high school, I listened because I knew what she was saying was going help me. To be perfectly honest, when Leah had blossomed into the vixen she was today, I kinda wanted to fuck her. We did grow up together and at some angle, I did see her as my sister but that summer from being a sophomore to a junior, something happened. Of course, back when I was a junior, I wanted to fuck every living thing on Earth and I was so horny all the time that even Leah was a target. The night she decided to tutor me I thought was a perfect opportuny to just fuck her senseless.

But then I saw she wasn't like every other girl I had banged before. She was smart.

And sweet.

And pretty beyond all reason.

And she was a virgin.

My intentions were to just do her and be done with it. But from that first kiss, I was hooked. I wanted more of this girl who I had known all my life.

Now I was in love with her. She had done the unthinkable and crushed me.

God, what was this feeling in the pit of my chest? It just seemed like a flame was devouring my heart in its rapture, showing no mercy as it did. My palm flew to my chest and I squeezed to make it stop. My chest eased a little but not my much.

I moaned in agony, hoping it would stop. I tried burping but that didn't work.

Now, I knew how Nessie had felt. I broke her badly.

I used her up and left her, like she was trash. I never should've done what I did cus, karma is a bitch.

It came back and bit me right on the ass. The things I did to her came right back around and hit me where the heart was. While I was in my own pool of sadness, Nessie was enjoying her summer with her boyfriend.

I grabbed my phone from the counter and looked through the contact list. I found the one I wanted to talk to and called.

"Hello?" The matured voice answered.

"Hey, it's me," I muttered and prayed she wouldn't hang up.

"Jacob? Is that you?" she asked, her voice lightening up.

"Yeah, it's me." I repeated and uncrossed my fingers.

"Hey, how's it going? How's Leah?" she wondered.

I exhaled in pain. "Nessie, I need to see you."