Two months and I've been Leah-free.

Well not entirely.

Lonely nights forced me to stalk her Facebook profile and go through her pictures. I won't deny that I haven't been wanking it every so often with her picture before me either.

Ever since she's been single, she's become one of those girls who get thirty or more likes for one photo and they were mostly guys. And it wasn't even the type of photos where her tits are halfway out of her shirt but of her just simply smiling or doing something cute. I wasn't surprised about how the guys who used to be on my football team were liking her pictures and commenting with winky faces.

At first, it anger me but I'm kinda over it cus I've been in their position before. They want Leah; everyone does. She had become the "it" girl of Forks High even though she was in college now. I wonder if us being a couple had something to do with her sudden rise in popularity.

To have a laugh or two, I enjoyed going through the album she made labeled "Us" which was a numerous amount of pictures we have taken together. Our friends commented, telling us we're the perfect couple which made me chuckle. I won't lie; I missed being her boyfriend. I'm not sure if I wanted her back but I do miss her.

I have been happy though because there's a lot to be happy about.

The art festival in Los Angeles? Nora's studio won.

Our concept and symbolism stuck out from all the other competition, making us unique, elegant and more "memorable" as one of the judges put it. My idea won and now me and Bree's naked body bodies were gracing a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard with an even raunchier commercial floating all over TV.

Speaking of Bree, Nora gave half of the cash prize to her a birthday gift/ financial start on moving out of her parent's home and getting her own place. Things hadn't gotten much better for them and Bree temporarily stayed with Nora and I. And with her living under the same roof as me, we had even more intense conversations where she revealed that she had actually began dating again back in November.

Staying in California was a good decision considering I'm a free man and I can actually enjoy my time here. And when I say enjoy my time I mean going to the beach, sightseeing and let's not forget the gorgeous women: a species of beauty, grace, and intelligence that I didn't know they possessed until dating the wife-worthy Leah Clearwater.

Yes, I'm over what she did to me but I can't seem to get over her. As said before, I missed her.

Especially today of all days.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Ja-cob. Happy birthday to you," Nora's terrible singing came from down the hall and echoed into my room. I couldn't hide my smile when I swiveled around in the computer chair to face the doorway.

Bree held a huge piece of what looked like chocolate cake with a single blue candle through it in her hands. I couldn't help noticing the blue icing staining her tongue as she sang along with Nora.

"Aw, for me? You girls are so sweet. What's the occasion?"

Bree snickered. "Ha ha. Happy birthday, Jacob."

"Thank you. You guys make this yourself?"

Nora bit her tongue to keep from giggling as Bree answered. "No, cus if we did I wouldn't do this."

And just as she had said that, the aroma of frosting and cake batter entered my nose and mouth with a force. Bree pulled back and was in a fit of hysterics along with Nora as the chunks of chocolate cake dropped off my face.

"Good one," I mumbled and began to lick my lips of the frosting. "So original." I guess I kinda had that coming.

"Well thank you. It was my idea," Bree sounded proud. I'd get my revenge. "Well you should clean up cus your gifts are-"

The all too familiar Skype beep rang from my computer and I jerked my head around to see who it was. My heart almost dropped into my stomach.

leahanna is calling you!

Oh shit.

My immediate reaction was to get this food off my face so in a very neanderthal way, I snatched my bed covers and wiped away as much as possible.

"Who's that?" Bree asked.


Her eyes widened. "You gonna answer it?"

"As soon as you two leave."

Nora burst into laughter and grabbed Bree's elbow to lead her out the door. "C'mon, Bree. He wants some priv-" she couldn't even finish the statement before laughter took over and she lost it.

At the sound of the door shutting, I pressed the green button and nearly dropped dead.

Leah-looking as beautiful as ever- was already making eye contact with the camera, her eyes practically glowing. She was wearing a red cardigan with a v-neck underneath that was pressing against her marvelous breasts in such a subtly seductive way. Her hair was in its natural curls with a black beanie on top. She wore no makeup.

Fuck, she was so cute.

"Hi, Jacob."

I opened my mouth to speak. "Ughhhh," is all that came out.

"Um, is that cake and icing on your face?"

Embarrassed, I continued wiping again. "Yeah, just a surprise from Nora and Bree."

"Oh. Well, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday."

"Oh, that was sweet of you."

She turned red. "Um, I, ugh...I actually wasn't planning on Skyping you but I ugh..."

"You what?"

"I just wanted to tell you in person...sorta. It seemed right just considering we, ugh..."


I wondered if she was fighting the urge to jump through the computer screen and kiss me as much as I was resisting to kiss her. Her beautiful pink lips were a tempt to me and I wanted to bite them so badly. She began to talk again and my whole body couldn't take it.

"So, um...how's Nora?" She was biting on a fingernail and a glint came over the screen from her finger. She was still wearing the ring I made her. I hid my own hand so she couldn't see I still wore mine as well.

"She's good. Actually, you know that little art festival thing we had?"

She nodded and played with a piece of her hair.

"We won."

"Oh, wow. That's fantastic."

"Yup, so now I'm all over California."

"I knew you'd get around."

Funny. "Yeah, I guess so. And there's this other thing."


"So um...the studio is going on a promotional nation wide tour this spring and Washington is one of the first stops."


"I was just wondering-if you're cool with it-that maybe we could chill while we're up there?"

Curse my weakness for her.

Her eyes lit up and she began to fidget in her seat. She readjusted her shoulder and I caught a glimpse of the sweatshirt I made her hanging on the back of the office chair. I blushed now.

"Um, sure that sounds cool. I'd love to hang."

"Jacob!" Nora hollered from downstairs and I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, I have to go but um, Leah?"

She took a few seconds to say something. "Yes?"

"I don't mean to be nosy but have you, ugh..ya know-"

"Found someone? No."

I tried hiding my smile. "Oh."




Nora called me again.

"Um, Leah?"


My teeth were biting down hard on my tongue, begging me not to say what I was about to. "I've missed you."

Her eyes widened slightly before she continued to twirl her hair around again. "I've missed you too." She sounded so innocent. No way this was the same girl. Her whole being was just different and off but kinda in a good way. A refreshing and new way as if to say she's changed. I liked it; it's cute.

"And Leah?"


"I love you."

Her smile was broad and contagious when she replied with a shy, "Still?"

My smug grin and shrug followed with her whispering it back to me as if we were the same people we were when we first started dating.

I ended the call when my name was screeched for the third time and she said her goodbye. Two months of hard work and resistance gone within five minutes.

Okay, maybe I couldn't entirely quit Leah Clearwater but I couldn't say I didn't try. In my opinion, going back to your ex probably wasn't the best idea but maybe we could at least be friends.

Who is to say that maybe she'd come to me this time for tutoring? Cus we all know where tutoring between Leah and I leads.

And if sex is all that will ever ressurect from our relationship then I was fine with that. It's a hell of a lot better then jerking off and missing her constantly.

I may be a low down, dirty dog but at least I've got my education.