Humans are such a nuisance. They disgust me. Envy was watching the busy people on the streets rush to their next meeting or the next train. Not even bothering to disguise himself, he started to feel blood lust as he watched the pests continue with their insignificant lives. Envy hated them all; those things didn't deserve to live. They're so weak and pathetic. The sin stared at an individual. It was a man, around his early twenties. He was stopping at the flower shop to pick up a bouquet. Stupid humans, with their human emotions. All love does is slow you down and stop you from going anywhere it life. Envy was glad he couldn't feel love, or be in love. He believed that it was a weakness.

His thoughts were interrupted when it began to rain. Perfect setting Envy thought. For some reason, he was so much calmer when it rained. He could actually pass off as nice if people didn't constantly mess up all the time. But it really should be snowing; it's around Christmas after all. Lust and Sloth both hated the rain; they said it would "ruin their hair". Woman, who needs them? Another thing that separated him from the other homunculi is the fact he's not interested in the opposite gender. Even Gluttony has a crush on Lust. No body of the opposite gender really was interested in Envy anyway. Greed always used this to annoy Envy. So what if girls don't interest him. That doesn't mean I'm gay right? I'm just too busy for that type of stuff.

The green haired sin watched a young couple walk by. They didn't seem like they were in a hurry, despite the bad weather. On the contrary they seemed to enjoy their stroll down the side walk. The man was holding the umbrella for the woman. When a chilling breeze brushed past her causing her to shiver, the man gave her his jacket. Typical humans, willing to risk their own health for others they "loved". Envy always hated the expression "It's better to love then lost, then never to have loved at all." It didn't make any sense to him. If you fall out of love with someone, then it means you never loved them at all. The homunculus would rather never love anyone then to watch them walk away. Luckily this will never happen, or so Envy thinks.

As Envy was still walking collecting his thoughts he realized something. He quickly looked around to find he wandered off to the other side of town. Damn it, it'll take me hours to return back at Dante's even with my speed. Envy couldn't get in a taxi either; there were none around to hail. Envy thought he was going to have to wait at the park but this rain seemed it would stay all night. As if on cue he turned to find the Chibi walking out of a deli. Perfect. Envy changed into a puppy, trying to look helpless and lost. He ran up to the alchemist and began to whimper. Edward turned to see a little puppy lost and was begging for a rescue. But there was something odd about this puppy, and then it struck him. What creature has purple eyes?

Edward transmuted his auto mail arm into a blade, ready to fight. The puppy smiled before turning back to its preferred form. Envy smirked saying,

"Well done, you figured me out sooner than I thought you would."

"Shut up! What do you want anyway?" Knowing Envy, it won't be anything good.

"I'm hurt Chibi, why can't I just pay a visit to my favorite midget?"


"Hey don't have a cow; I just need a place to stay until it stops raining Chibi."

"Do you really expect me to let you, a villain, and a cruel hearted bastard, in my house for the night? And on top of that after you insulted me?"

"Yes," it was fun to push Chibi's buttons. It wouldn't be long until he explodes.

"Give me one good reason, and then I'll let you stay but only for tonight," Edward thought Envy would be stumped.

"Because I have this," Envy said while holding Edward's state alchemist watch up. Edward's mouth hung wide open, it would hit the ground if was open any wider.

"How did you?" He looked around to find a hole in his jacket. It looked like it was scratched open. Damn it Al, why do your cats keep messing with my stuff?

"Fine, but you try anything funny-"Edward was cute off as Envy replied.

"Don't worry, besides I'm not allowed to kill you or your brother."

A few moments later, Edward was opening his apartment door. I've gone nuts; I'm standing her, opening my home for my enemy, someone who would kill me if they could. Why didn't I just fight him for it back? Whatever it's too late now, my clothes are too drenched. Edward opened the door to find Al playing with his latest edition.

"Al keep your cats away from my stuff," Edward said dropping his coat on the couch.

"Brother! Envy's behind you!" Al was about to clap his hands when Edward stopped him.

"I know! I know! Look it's raining and I lost a bet so he's staying for tonight." Al looked at him, his body language screamed "you can't be serious". Edward replied by saying "Yeah I am". Edward's eyes soon wandered off to Envy. The sin's clothing made it easy for everyone to admire his features. Edward seemed mesmerized by the muscular body until Al snapped him out of it.

Envy was glad that Al was more excepting after the Chibi explained what happened. Envy just changed himself so that his skimpy clothes were dry as well as his hair. Edward glared at Envy, almost with jealousy.

"You can have the couch," Edward dragged a blanket and pillow to the sofa.

"Thanks, oh yeah here." Envy tossed him the watch. The alchemist stood there clutching the watch in his gloved hand.

"What?" Envy said wondering why he was still standing there.

"You actually gave it back to me, "he sounded as if Roy rode a unicorn while in a dress.

"Yeah, if you don't want it," Envy joked.

"No, it's just that you actually held your end of the deal." Envy shrugged and said,

"A deal's a deal." Edward mumbled and walked away from the reliable sin.

Envy couldn't get the smell of wet dog from his hair. Ugh which means I have to take a shower. Envy despised showers; the water was always too hot or too cold. Plus the soap always got in his eyes. He walked down the hall, and went inside the bathroom. Quickly changing his body so now the skimpy clothing was gone, the sin turned the handle to turn the water on. Envy reached his hand out so it was right underneath the nozzle, he was checking to see if it was warm enough. Soon the Sin walked in and closed the curtain. But one thing about showers he liked was the privacy. It was a place where he could just be alone with his thoughts. Envy started to mumble out loud, and started to talk to himself. "Why did Edo look so surprised when I actually gave back his watch? Sure I'm a villain, but by now he should know that I always keep my end of the deal." Then while he was rinsing off the shampoo another topic came to mind.

"Why was Chibi checking me out?" It couldn't be because I'm hot or anything. Everyone knows I'm not but it's weird. Envy stepped out of the shower wearing nothing but a thin towel covering his waist and a towel on his head. Sure Envy could just change his body so it was dry, but he wanted to test Chibi to see if he really was interested. This idea excited him, the fact that someone was attracted to him. So what if it was a guy, Envy was technically genderless but preferred to be a boy. Edward was reading a book when Envy stepped out and plopped down on the couch. Edward's eyes widened as the half dressed homunculus sat next to him.

"Envy! Please put on some clothes!" Edward said trying to hide his face. His blushing face was so cute; Envy loved seeing the teen struggling to control his raging hormones.

"Why? It's not bothering you, is it?" Envy said leaning in.

"No, it's just weird to have uh a half naked guy uh next to me okay?" Edward stuttered. Damn, why am I having trouble controlling his speech? Why am I even nervous it the first place? And why am I checking out Envy? Envy's a guy, I'm a guy, and this isn't supposed to be happening. Although if I am gay, it would explain why Al as attracted to Winry, like the rest of the guys in 3rd grade, and I wasn't. But it's Envy, my enemy, right?

Envy couldn't believe himself. Why was he lowering himself to a human? Even if this human like him, why should he care? After all they're just little insects waiting to get crushed, right? Humans, they're weak. They're just pathetic things that can easily be broken and replaced. I have killed so many of them, so why can't I bring myself to kill this one? Besides the fact I'm not allowed to, by Dante's orders, I couldn't do it. I'm supposed to hate him. I hate him! But I don't…What's wrong with me? I hate him, right? He did take everything away from me; he received all the things I was supposed to have. But besides the jealousy, there was something else. Wait, what am I saying? I don't need him, imagine me, Envy, needing a human. And on top of that, it's Chibi-san. He's just a human, so much lower than me.

Edward had an urge to kiss the other male. Without even thinking, Edward followed his urge and leaned in. Envy's eyes widened in surprise at the Chibi's move, he couldn't believe that the alchemist kissed him. Why can't I stop? Stop! What am I doing? Why am I not pushing him off? This feeling, I've never felt this way before. Why can't I stop, why don't I stop? Slowly Envy felt his eyes and close and finally sink in. Envy had believed he had given in to the enemy. That he had betrayed Dante and the others. If he believed that he did all of that, then why didn't he stop? Why didn't he want to stop? Envy broke the kiss; a red flushed look now covered his face. Both men were breathless from the passionate kiss. Envy turned away and said,

"It's getting late; you should probably go to sleep now."

Edward opened his mouth to protest that it was only seven, he got the message Envy needed to think about it. Edward left without saying another word. Envy thought about what just happened, and how could he let a human effect him so much. It's impossible for it to be "love". There's no such thing in a homunculus's world, it's just another stupid human vice. But then why did I let Edward kiss me? Envy gasped, he had never called him by his real name. Not even when he thinks about him. Envy buried his head in the pillow yelling "What's happening to me?" Homunculi can't feel love; well maybe the others can but not me! Every time I was attracted by someone, I would kill them. That's the end of it, and I wouldn't feel anything else but blood lust. Why is it different now? I couldn't bring my self to hate the Chibi, let alone kill him. Why…why…why do I feel this way?

Envy woke up in the morning to the smell of pancakes. Homunculi don't need to eat but some do it for the pleasure like Gluttony or occasionally Wrath. Envy never did eat, and never will. The smell of food was too disgusting. Envy was rubbing his eyes when he glanced over to find Chibi's brother making breakfast.

"Morning," Envy said as he was about to walk out the door.

"Wait, won't you stay for breakfast?" Al said holding up a stack of pancakes.

"Nah can't be bothered by that thing you call eating, I better be on my way." But Envy's eyes glanced over to the window. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He ran to the window to find nothing but snow blasting in from all directions. Envy groaned it must have snowed a foot or two. He couldn't go home in snow, he hated the powdery substance, reminded him of dandruff.

"Yeah, I see you've noticed the situation. Looks like we'll be stuck in this apartment for 3 days at least," Al said as he warmed up some coffee. Envy's jaw dropped.

"3 days?" He spit out. He couldn't be stuck here, not after what happened last night.

"Yeah or 4 days, "Edward now entered the scene. He was not dressed yet, wearing only black leather shorts and a black tank top. Envy lowered his head looking down.

Great, looks like I'm stuck with a crazy cat tin can and a raging hormones teen with a bad temper, sounds like the holiday spirit alright. Why did I have to question the rain?