In a World of Superheroes

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Story 1: In a World of Imperfection

New York…the city that never sleeps! The place where although the lights bright up the city, there are many dark secrets that rot at its core. Even with the sudden explosion of superheroes roaming the streets and brightening up the moods of kids walking along with their parents, begging for photos to be taken with them, like they were dressed up as Mickey Mouse or something…and most of these heroes have got names they could never repeat to a child.

Although there is one child in this city that wouldn't have to worry about that! The same child that is one of the few that doesn't feel much joy when thinking about people in tights and capes walking about trying to do good, cause she knows the truth, in a day or two most of them would be found gutted in the streets. This child has seen it all before, if you're not good enough to make it as a true superhero, you've got no chance. You have to be the best; otherwise you won't make it in this city.

''HELP!'' A woman's scream diverted the child's attention to the alleyway below; the sight of a woman being thrown about and treated like trash by three wannabe thugs set this child's heart ablaze with rage. From her utility belt, she pulled out her butterfly knife and rapidly made her way down from the roof of the building, down the ladder and into the alley behind the thugs who still proceeded to beat the woman.

''Hey assholes!'' The child called out to them. The three tugs turned and couldn't hide their amusement at seeing a little girl maybe no older than 12, standing there wearing a superhero costume mixed with purple and black and having an anime school uniform style. Mind you, they wouldn't be laughing their faces off if they knew who this girl really was, or if they saw the butterfly knife she held behind her back.

''Kid…'' One of the thugs shouted back at her. ''Unless you want to get cut too, I suggest you walk the other way!'' They all turned their backs to her and continued with their beating, big mistake! The girl dashed her knife at them, and it jammed itself right into the back of the thug that shouted at her. ''AHHH! WHAT THE…AHHH! GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT!'' He screamed as he tried to reach behind him and pull out the knife.

The other two didn't bother to help, and instead each pulled out a pocketknife and advanced on the girl. ''You're dead!'' The first one yelled as he slashed at the girl's head, but she easily ducked under BAM! And then kicked him right where the sun doesn't shine. The thug winched in agony and flopped to the ground like a fish, whimpering and cursing.

The second thug went for jabs; the girl continued to back off until she hit a dead end in the shape of a brick wall. The thug smiled in glee, believing he had her trapped. He jabbed once more; however he was caught by surprise as the girl grabbed his arm with both hands and jumped up putting her feet up against the wall before jumping off it and roundhouse kicking the thug in the face, knocking him flat against the wall. Before he could even drop to the ground, the girl pulled out a handgun BANG! And couldn't miss as the thug's brains splattered against the wall.

The girl thought it was all too easy; she walked by the thug still holding his privates on the ground BANG! Taking his pathetic life just as easy. The gunshots that rung down the alley forced the last thug with the knife still embedded in his back to turn and watch helplessly as the girl aimed her gun at him now. ''NO PLEASE, I'M SORRY! DON'T, NO, NO, NO…'' BANG! Useless pleas falling on deaf ears!

The woman who was being harassed looked up at her saviour, quite surprised to see it was a girl not even half the thug's size, and got a bit of a scare seeing the gun in her hand and knowing that this girl knows how to use it well. ''Thank you!'' she whispered weakly.

The girl just nodded, even with the mask on, it was clear that her expression never changed. ''Just try to be more careful next time.'' she replied before turning to leave.

''Wait…'' The woman called out. ''Don't you have a name?''

The girl stopped in her tracks; her body tense and near to the point of shaking violently as if the cold jabbed into her very skin. She sighed before giving her answer. ''It's Hit Girl, but I'm not using that name again until I know I'm ready…until I'm the best!'' She finished and jumped up to the ladder leading back to the roof.

She didn't want to repeat any heroics let alone say her name during this week, but if that were true, why would she bother putting on the mask and patrol? She needed to get through this week! She needed to do better! All that went through Hit Girl's mind was she needed a challenge this week to prove herself, to prove she was stronger now than a year ago this week…when her father was burnt to death.

Mindy Macready's transformation from gang massacring superhero into normal everyday schoolgirl has been tough, as expected. On the first day of school, she got in trouble for beating up two boys…one had his whole hand broken. Luckily, they both started it by trying to take her lunch money and the fact they're older and bigger than her probably helped her case. Whenever she would try sports, she would get in more trouble for injuring someone else, or she would show off unintentionally to the point of her having to quit in order to throw off some suspicion.

But as the months went by, things improved. She hadn't got into as many fights, and when she did, the injuries weren't that bad. Her grades were mildly improving, and she was trying to make some new friends. As much as she wanted to live a normal life, this just felt wrong, it was too slow paced for her liken. So she did the only thing she could think of, and carried on with her duties as Hit Girl in secret.

Of course, it didn't take long for her guardian Marcus to find out. Being a cop after all, he dealt with kids trying to hide something all the time. No matter how much he tried to convince Mindy to give up this game and be a normal kid, deep down he knew she could never be, not when there was one more thing she needed to finish…Red Mist.

Mindy had always agreed with her father, believing it was the D'Amico's that took their lives and her childhood. Although she could never get it back, she needed to take out Red Mist before she could lose all of it. This week…the anniversary of her father's death was the perfect time. A time that constantly made her question her own skills, if she was better could she have saved her father? She wouldn't have even been able to avenge him if it wasn't for Dave and his magic jet pack. Nightmares filled her sleep with reminders of her own weakness, she needed to get better, she needed to be the best, unlike all the other douches that think they can put on masks and instantly become heroes.

Mindy sat at her normal lunch table surrounded by her 'friends', although only four of them she could remember the names of, and only two of them didn't drive her completely insane…those four weren't here. So she sat bored out of her skin playing with her food listening on, drifting in and out of what they were saying.

''You know what I heard?'' One of the girls asked. ''Apparently May had her first period the other day!''

''No way?'' Another girl questioned in shock.

''Totally, it won't be too long until it's our turn!''

Another girl gulped at the thought. ''Will it hurt?'' She asked.

''Who cares? It's the sign of womanhood.''

Mindy scoffed at the remark, perhaps a little too loudly as the other girls heard her. ''Something you want to say Mindy?'' The lead girl asked.

''Bleeding? That's what you call a sign of womanhood?''

''And what's your sign of womanhood? Knocking every boy's teeth out?''

''At least I'm not the one that's bleeding!'' Mindy replied calmly as she got up to leave. She couldn't deal with any arguments, not during this week. As much as she wanted to argue, how is bleeding from your vagina called a sign of womanhood? She thought. Sure, it's important part of growing up, but really it was just a way of showing parents their little girl hasn't been knocked up yet. If getting covered in blood were the sign, Mindy would be a fully blossomed woman years ago.

Taking a break near the water fountain, it wasn't hard for her to hear the heavy steps of her friend and crime-fighting partner sneaking up on her. ''Hey Bigfoot, you sneak into Katie's room like that?'' She teased.

''I do not sneak…'' Dave Lizewski mumbled back hoping he wasn't blushing as much as he thought. ''It's not sneaking when she allows me into her room.''

''Whatever!'' Mindy muttered before whipping her face. ''Look, I know why you're here.''

''You do?''

''You know what week this is…more specifically, what day it is tomorrow. So please don't go on and change the subject to make me feel better, I don't mind talking about this stuff to you and Marcus.''

''I just don't want to talk about it if you're not comfortable…''

''Comfortable, it's the hardest thing to talk about. But it's painful as fuck keeping it bottled in.''

''Mindy, we talked about the language in public…'' Dave told her when he noticed faces turning to them hearing Mindy's words. But most of them were used to it anyway; you should have seen the school when the rumour spread about Mindy dropping the C word at another bully.

''You're changing the subject already!'' Mindy grumbled.

Dave sighed in frustration. ''Marcus says you've been going out again.''

''And? You got out as well!''

''Exactly, we're on our own. Why have you been doing everything solo lately?''

''Just need to convince myself.''

''Convince yourself of what?'' He asked.

''That I'm better than I was a year ago. When I lost my daddy, and when I almost died if it weren't for you.''

He lowered his head knowing he would probably get a can of whoop ass for mentioning this, but better that than letting Mindy beat herself. ''But like you said, if it weren't for me your dad would still be alive.''

She turned and looked at Dave with sympathetic eyes. ''Don't know that do we? D'Amico would have sent Red Mist after us anyway; we would have fallen for it like the gullible idiots we were, and it would have been me and him in those chairs, who would have saved us and taken down D'Amico then?''

It was a mixture of frustration and embarrassment Dave felt whenever Mindy won a conversation between the two of them. ''You can't keep doing this to yourself…''

''Doing what?'' She snapped. ''Making myself the best there is?''

''Punishing yourself over something you had no control over!''

''If I had no control I wouldn't have saved your sorry ass. I need to prepare myself and get better every day. What would I do if it were you or Marcus next in that chair? I need to be strong!''

''You are strong Mindy!''

''In your eyes maybe, but you're the one that takes the beating. I need to dish it out; I need to be at least twice the hero I am now. Until that happens, I won't stop until I know.''

''How will you know when you're the best though?''

''When I have Red Mist's head, and the nightmares of my daddy stop!''

Mindy had no disrespect for Dave whatsoever; in fact, from the first time she heard of him, she'd never hated him. She had an awful lot of respect for the guy. He wasn't the best fighter…or even a good fighter at that, but he was determined and enthusiastic about being a superhero, even with balancing that life with the one he has with Katie. But Mindy didn't want that yet, she needed to know she was good enough first before she could take a rest.

She felt alone, however she had to bare it, she needed to be alone until she was ready. How can she prove herself to be an independent and better person if she's got Dave always looking out for her? She didn't hate Dave for it, she was grateful to have Dave look out for her when she needed some help, but the best shouldn't need help.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she noticed a black limo pull up on the other side of the road. Out of it, a large man exited and walked into the alley followed by at least four bodyguards. Something was going down; this was Mindy's chance, tonight was the night to show herself she was capable. This was that night…exactly one year on from her father's death.

Ducking and weaving her way around the alley, she followed until she came right at the end of it where the large man and his bodyguards stood. Beyond them was someone dressed in costume; brown jacket over a red costume, his mask in the shape of a lion and his face emerging from the mouth with an eye mask covering his face. ''You got the package?'' The super villain asked.

''Of course!'' The large man spoke and nodded to the one bodyguard who was carrying a briefcase. ''You heard Wacky Warrior.'' He chuckled causing the other bodyguards to laugh as well.

''Hey I'm working on the name!'' The villain snapped back at them and took the briefcase from the guard. Some kind of deal was going down; finally Hit Girl can have a real challenge to prove her worth instead of crap thugs and muggers. She rolled around silently and hid behind a trashcan, her small size doing well for stealth. She pulled out two handguns…

SLASH! SLASH! ''AHHHH!'' She jumped a bit when blood curdling screams and the sound of something hacking away at bodies echoed around her. She quickly flipped over and got quite a shock with the sight she saw before her. Already, the bodyguards were dead…no, slaughtered. Their guns only just in their hands, they were taken out before they had a chance. Just then, the body of the large leader slumped to the floor; his chest down to his stomach practically ripped open. Even though Hit Girl was used to these sights, she felt uneasy…even more saw when the limp body of Wacky Warrior was thrown in her direction by the cause of all this carnage.

Standing in the middle of the alley was a tall, lean man with a short beard, sideburns and moustache, probably in his early 40's. Wearing black and red ornate clothing with a crucifix pendant around his neck, he was like a Spanish version of Dracula. His attire consists of a wide-brimmed black hat and a long, open black coat with red, flower-patterned sleeves and collar. Across his back was something she couldn't quite distinguish, but it looked like some type of weapon that could spring out any second.

''What the hell?'' Hit Girl blurted out before she could stop herself. The man turned his attention to her and stared her down like a Hawk over a mouse. She looked around for any weapon this man could have used, he surely couldn't have done this damage without one, and then she noticed the man's fists drenched with blood. He did all this with his hands? Either this guy was really good, or really psychotic…perhaps a mixture of both.

''Is this what the world has come to?'' The man spoke in a very thick British accent. ''The battle of good and evil now becoming nothing but child's play?''

''Child's play?'' Hit Girl scoffed sarcastically. ''I never play!''

''If that were true, these common thugs would have been dealt with long ago by your hand. Unlike me, were these mediocre thugs are below my standard.''

''Then why fight them?'' Hit Girl asked.

At first it seemed as if he ignored her question, walking over to the briefcase and quickly taking whatever content was inside. Now Hit Girl's curiosity was at peak, all this for something in that briefcase, it couldn't have been that large as the man easily slipped whatever it was into his sleeve. ''They were wasting space,'' He responded finally, not looking back at her as he inspected the ground as if looking for something else. ''Just as you are right now!''

''What?'' Hit Girl replied sharply, ticked off with this guy's tone. ''Who do you think you're talking to asshole?''

''You will watch your tongue when speaking to your elite!''

''My elite? Dude you think you're Superman high on sunlight?''

''Know this name well girl, for you should respect it. I am Hex, leader of the Supreme Heroes, the best in the world at what I do!''

Hit Girl's smile started to disappear as those words sunk in; this guy thinks he is the best? Her mind shifted from what was in the case to seeing what this man was made of, and since he was giving her stick like this, this was just giving her a reason to test him out and finally prove herself as a fighter. But she held back, she was certain Dave wouldn't like to hear how she got into a fight with another superhero. ''Well remember my name, I'm Hit Girl. Daughter of Big Daddy, and future best superhero in the world!''

''You obviously didn't hear me. I am a Supreme Hero, the level beyond your common group. You and your father are of no concern of mine!'' He spoke calmly as he turned to leave.

Something tugged at Hit Girl inside, hearing this guy talk crap about her father like that. ''Don't talk about my dad like that asshole!''

''I believe I told you too watch your words girl!'' Hex called out while walking away. ''Being a superior I can talk however I want to about you and your father.''

''He's more of a hero than you'll ever be!''

''So where is he?'' Hex asked with curiosity. When Hit Girl didn't give an answer, he chuckled slightly. ''Dead no doubt, you call him better than me, and yet he dies at the hands of common thugs, pathetic.''

''Take that back!'' She hissed, however Hex didn't respond and instead turned and started to walk away. Not on his anniversary, not on this day was she going to let anyone talk about her father like that. She charged at full pace towards Hex and went for the fly kick. Just before impact, Hex blocked with his arm hardly using any effort. Hit Girl jumped back and pulled out her double-ended blade.

''By attacking me, you are now eligible to be killed at my hands. You should be honoured!''

''I'll write that on your gravestone. Now shut up, and pick your weapon!''

Hex only gave the little girl a grin. Neither were intimidated by the other; she had taken on opponents twice this guy's size, yet he had unknown years amount of experience. He says he's the best and she wants to be the best. Hex reached for the pendant around his neck, and pulled it apart revealing a knife too small to even be considered a pocketknife. ''This is the weakest weapon I have, it should be more than enough.''

''Cute, compensating for something?'' Was her only comment before the battle began! She charged and spun around, swinging her double blades at the man, who backed off from the attacks. She was giving him no chance of pulling a counter, or at least she thought she wasn't…BAM! At almost Bruce Lee speed; Hit Girl was struck in the chest with a punch, a punch that could have knocked the wind out of her if she wasn't wearing her bulletproof suit.

She thought he just got a lucky shot; she ran to the wall and jumped off it, giving her to momentum to kick at Hex, who leaned back to dodge yet again. Once on the ground, Hit Girl leaped up back into the air and slammed her blade down. CLASH! And got quite a surprise to see her blade blocked by the tiny dagger. BAM! BAM! Two rapid punches to her chest again, before Hex grabbed her and threw her behind him.

She slowly picked herself up; this wasn't happening right? No one has been able to get this many hits on her before she could even land a punch, at least not since her and Big Daddy when they would train. Just the thought of her dad reminded her of why she got into this; she needed to be the best, to make sure no one would ever die right before her eyes again, when she could have stopped it.

She ran towards her target once more; she stabbed her blade into the ground and flipped up on it and tried to stamp him into the ground. Hex blocked once more; while in the air, Hit Girl pulled out another blade with a string attached at the end of it. As she landed, she wrapped it around his arm and went to kick at him. Instead, he kicked her own blade and used it to block her attack, then pulled on her own string, bringing her to him BAM! BAM! He gave her a double punch to the face that would rattle her ancestors.

She sunk to her hands and knees and coughed out a mix of saliva and blood, as well as a baby tooth that was starting to feel wobbly anyway. This can't be happening she thought, not tonight, of all nights she can't lose tonight. Especially not to someone who verbally slammed her dad like that! She screamed in frustration and became a blind fury; punching and kicking out at Hex with a vengeance, but couldn't land a single hit.

Wanting to end it, she pulled out two handguns and jumped above him ready to shoot him down. Using the string still wrapped around his arm; Hex whiplashes it at her face, causing a scar to form over her eye. BANG! BANG! This also caused her to lose aim and miss her shoots. He grabbed her around her waist and then slammed her into the wall. She slumped to the ground, broken and battered to the point of tears…but it was the emotions she was feeling that hurt more, disappointment, frustration and anger.

''Stay down girl! Never fight what you can't win.''

''I'm going to win…'' Hit Girl responded defiantly, and got back to her feet, much to her own surprise as well as Hex's.

He didn't attack, he allowed her to get back up, too see what else she had to offer. ''How old are you?'' He asked out of the blue.

''None of your Goddamn business!'' Hit Girl screamed before going on the attack again. She roundhouse kicked at Hex, who blocked once again. She rolled to the side and grabbed her blade again; spinning around she slashed at him, he blocked with his tiny blade. Grabbing the blade himself he jabbed, thanks to Hit Girl's small figure she ducked out of the way. BAM! But could do nothing as Hex's knee connects with her face.

That's when she felt it; the sharp pain enters her side. She grunted and moaned, and it wasn't until she saw Hex's knife jutted into her that she started to panic. She punched away at Hex, hoping to knock him back just to check her wound. She's had stabs like these before, but never one this painful, nor in a situation this bleak. She was losing all hope of winning, all hope of ever seeing another day or seeing Marcus, Dave and anyone else again.

BAM! Hex punches her down to the ground, the knife coming out of her. She weeps on the ground holding her side; thankfully due to the knife's small blade it didn't strike any vital organs nor cause a gash deep enough to risk large amounts of blood lose. It was just the fear she was feeling now that scared and hurt her more.

''Why are you doing this?'' Hex asked, now the curious one. ''Getting involved in something that people like you can never escape from. You have some skill I admit that, but you're still a commoner, a pathetic example of what heroes are these days…dreamers! Your father is probably cursing your name right now.''

''Shut up!'' She hissed, and was once again up on her feet. She charged at Hex once more; he was going for the kill now, tired of this petite game. He jabbed, but Hit Girl flipped onto her hands and did the splits while doing a handstand, the knife just missing her. She kicks out and the knife goes flying out of Hex's hand. She flips back onto her feet and takes another battle pose while Hex's eyes never leave his now empty hand, a face filled with disbelief. ''You know, I heard a rumour about men with little knives.'' She taunted.

''You disarmed me?'' Hex whispered and then did the last thing Hit Girl expected…laughed his head. ''Has this world really come to this? For the first time in years, a mere child has disarmed me? What is your game girl? Why do you continue fighting?''

Unlike before, where she would hesitate answering a question like that, she responded proudly. ''My name is Hit Girl! My dad died, and I'm continuing his legacy. So no one ever has to die again, I will not let the nightmares hurt me. I will be the best!''

''I see…'' Hex spoke now in a soft and sympathetic tone. ''Then so be it. I will now fight you not out of pity…but respect!'' Just then Hex pulled out something from behind his back, it looked like a handle to a sword. Her theory was confirmed as he flipped it, and a metallic sword sprouted from the handle. ''And as I sign of respect, I now fight you with my strongest weapon!''

''Oh shit.'' Hit Girl muttered in fear.

''Still…you will have to do something about the language…if you live through this!'' Hex said just before he jumped forward and gave an almighty swipe at Hit Girl. She just managed to roll underneath Hex, and turned back to watch as a trashcan that Hex hit was literally sliced in half, with the classic sound effect and delayed reaction as well.

''No way!'' She muttered as Hex continued his assault. Maybe it was the sheer size and weight of the sword, but Hex seemed to be moving an awful lot slower than before giving Hit Girl the chance to move aside and jump forward for the attack. BAM! Once more, Hex kneed Hit Girl right in the stomach. BAM! Before punching her in the back, causing her to collapse to the ground.

''Tell me again, why are you continuing to fight?'' Hex asked as he stood over her.

''I told you! I need to be the best!'' She snapped back at him.

''That title cannot be given to a commoner like yourself. Now tell me again why you are continuing to fight?''

''Maybe if I hit you, you'll get my answer more clearly!'' Hit Girl punched again, Hex stepped aside and it was he who was now on the back foot as Hit Girl charged forward at him. She jumped up to kick at him; but he kicked forward as well and hit the top of her knee causing her to fall to the ground. BAM! Then uppercut her in the chin, knocking her back once more.

''I will get my answer with another question, how did your father die?''

''Shut up!'' Hit Girl screamed and kicked again. Hex grabbed her leg and held her in place. He wasn't going to let go until he had an answer so she gave him one. ''He was ambushed! Someone played him, and it cost him his life!'' She swung and tried to give a haymaker. Hex leaned forward and head-butt her square in the face before sweeping her legs and knocking her to the ground again.

''And you?'' He swung his sword down slowly, giving her time to roll aside and dodge the attack.

''I tried to save him, but I couldn't! I'm not the best, so I couldn't save him!''

''You're right, you are not the best!'' Hex jabbed again. Hit Girl rolled to the side, jumped up and double kicked, which Hex blocked once again. ''But if you were the best by some miracle, would you have saved him?''


BAM! Hex roundhouse kicked her in the face. It was getting harder and harder for her to get up, but she would always find a way back on her feet and carry on with the fight. ''You will never know that! By your standards did you do your best?''

Hit Girl thought the question over, remembering what happened that night a year ago. It was dark, all the thugs were fully loaded, and it was harder still with her father being burnt to a crisp. ''I did do my best!'' She yelled at him. Then something caught her eye, Hex's pendant blade. She quickly grabbed it and attacked Hex with it, he just kept walking backwards not bothering to block or counter anymore. She was so lightheaded and weak now, she couldn't find a good aim to strike at him.

The light reflecting off the tiny blade gave her frightening thoughts; the thoughts of going through that dark warehouse again with her light flickering brightly and rapidly to distract the bad guys. She was giving the fight of her life then, just like she was tonight. ''It was hard, I tried to save him…''

''And you didn't!''

''I know that mother fu…'' BAM! She took another blow to the face causing her to stumble back.

''Watch how you talk to me!'' Hex smirked. Losing it, the little girl screamed and went on a rampage at him again with his little blade. She was fighting the impossible, at this stage she was too weak now to stand up from another hit, and they both knew it. So why wasn't he trying to end it anymore? It was like he wanted to know what was really driving Hit Girl on…and that's when she let the world now…

''I know I didn't save him! But what could have I done? I did the best I could! I did the best I could! I DID THE BEST I COULD!'' She screamed one final time before jumping forward. Hex needn't do nothing but step aside and leave Hit Girl to land face first against the wall. She crashed once again to the ground, holding her bloody and bruised face. Her purple wig had fallen off, revealing her bright blond hair. She lifted her eye mask slightly to reach for her nose, feeling the blood from the impact she just gave to herself.

''If you did the best you could, why do you continue to hurt yourself?'' Hex asked. Hit Girl froze at the realisation. She did do the best she could; there was no denying that. There was nothing more she had to give, Big Daddy was going to die however good she was and it was until now she realised, after a full year of pushing herself from something inevitable, she broke down in tears.

Hex flipped his sword and it folded back into its handle, which he placed on his back before taking his leave. Hit Girl heard his footsteps leaving and looked up at him. ''How did you do it? Be the best?''

Hex didn't stop to answer instead he just called back. ''You are only the best when you have nothing to lose. I am one that has nothing. You, I can tell fights for beliefs and people that will always cause you to question. You'll never be the best, if you were and you lost…what would you do then?''

Hit Girl's face dropped to the ground, she was exhausted to the point of passing out. It had been ages since she's taken a beating like this, but it didn't hurt as much now. She was finally free of her self-torment. Then she realised something. ''What was in the case?'' She didn't get a response off of him. After that, she noticed something else. ''Hey asshole, your knife!'' She calls out before throwing the little blade at Hex's feet.

He grabbed it, giving it a quick clean and placed it back on his pendant. ''If it wasn't for your vulgar mouth, you would be one for me to watch. I reckon in a few years, you could become something special, perhaps someone I can respect even more.''

''Like what you are? A Supreme Hero whatever that is?''

''Not that good!'' Hex gave his final words before disappearing into the night. Leaving Hit Girl to collect her things, tend to herself just so she could have the strength to make it back home…oh boy, Marcus was going to kill her!

''So Mindy what's all this about…'' Dave stopped in mid-sentence once he entered the gym. Around the room were pictures of boxers old and new from David Haye to Rocky Balboa. Weights, punching bags, treadmills, and in the middle of the room was Mindy dressed in purple shirt and jeans with her eye mask on. ''What's going on?'' Dave asked.

''You got your costume?'' Mindy asked ignoring his question. Dave lifted his rucksack suggesting he remembered it. Mindy walked up to him, showing him her battle scars from her fight the other night.

''Jesus…Mindy? What happened?'' Dave panicked.

''Relax I'm fine now. I've got a lot to say…''

''You going to start with how you got yourself hurt like that?''

''No! I'm going to start with an apology. I'm sorry for biting your head off the other day, I was so eager to be the best there is that I got in over my head and tried to become something I'm not.''

''Which is?''

''The best! I'm only a girl, I make mistakes. I just need to shut up and keep taking them. Besides, I'm better than your sorry excuse for an ass.''

''Hey I'm improving, I'm starting my own homemade training regime…''

''It's not working dude, in fact I think you've lost a bit of muscle the past year. So that's why I've called you here. Marcus has permanently grounded me…''

''I'm guessing not the type of grounded like stopping you from seeing movies and stuff.''

''He threatened if I were Hit Girl again, that would actually happen…'' They both laughed lightly before Hit Girl brought out of her training kit a pair of boxing gloves and pads. ''You don't become a world class hero by putting on a jacket and taking it off over and over…''

''It's actually wax on, wax off.'' Dave pointed out.

''Not when it's Jayden Smith,'' She joked before throwing him the boxing gloves, Dave caught them and then the look of realisation frowned upon him as Mindy continued. ''I'm already the best I can be, you on the other hand still have a lot of potential.''

''You're training me?''

''Got that right!'' Mindy answered as she put in a mouth guard and put the pads on her hands. ''Now hit me''.

''I'm not going to…''

''Hit me!''

''But what if I actually do…''

''Hit me!''

''Does Marcus know about this?''

''Hit me or I'll tell the school about yours and Katie's night-time activities!''

''How did you know…I mean…AHHH!'' Dave charged holding out his arm to hit her. Hit Girl just leaned forward on her hands and knees, and flipped her leg forward kicking Dave right in his nose. He fell flat on his back instantly. If it weren't for his metal plates, he would probably be out cold for days.

Hit Girl stood over the wounded hero and lowered herself so she was face to face with him. ''Remember, getting hit is what makes us human. Just shut up, take it in and keep moving forward!''

The End!