When Jade texted her, she was still crying herself to sleep on Tori's couch. Tori begged her to go upstairs but Cat just wanted to be alone after her meltdown. It was five thirty in the morning and the sky was a light blue, and it had a cold morning air to it that made Cat shiver underneath her covers. Her phone went off, playing Rihanna's "Only Girl In The World."

She brought her face outside from her blanket and unlocked her phone. Four words, enough to make her sit up instantly. "Stay away from him."

Cat's mind flashed backwards to the kisses she stole from Beck, to the way she wrapped her arms around him. The way she whispered how much she loved him. Her eyes watered again and she just couldn't stop the sobs. She couldn't believe how this was turning out. Something that was supposed to just fall into place perfectly was shattering to pieces. She loved, wanted, and needed Beck- but to what cost. All these years of waiting for him to come around, waiting for him to make some sort of move or inkling that he wanted, loved and needed her back. What kind of girl was she...

She sniffled and let out one more tear, while singing a song she performed last year, "You deserve the best in life, So if the time isn't right then move on, Second best is never enough ...You'll do much better baby on your own."

A loud knock on the door made her jump in her place. She had been sitting up on the couch, her legs covered in her blanket, and her head in her hands. She looked at the door as another knock filled. She knew who it was, she could feel it in her bones. She started to breath heavy, and her body warmed as of instinct.

She went to the door, and she felt her soul-mate on the other side.


On the outside of the door Beck's eyes were fluttering in and out. He never craved anything more then that girl behind the that door. He placed his hand on that door. And he knew that she placed her hand on the same spot behind it. It was time to make things right.


Cat trembled her fingers on the door, resting it and letting her body relax at the thought of him there. Finally she opened the door wide, Beck was there leaning his head in, directly looking into her eyes.

"What do you want Beck?" She asked, she felt drained.

Beck closed his eyes, disappointed that was her reaction. "You, Cat. I want you. No more bullshitting, no more fucking obstacles, no more Jade, no more Tori, no more fucking Andre..."

Cat was so close to forgiving him, to making him hers. He just had to mention something that made no sense."Andre?"

Beck straightened himself out on the door. "Well I...I saw you and Andre that day..in school. Near the lunch tables."

"Saw me what?" Cat asked wiping her eyes angrily of past tears.

"Saw you two hug and -"

"God fucking damn it Beck!" Cat whispered fiercely, Beck looked taken about. He had said something wrong. This wasn't going to way he wanted. This wasn't going the way he had imagined. He had rushed to Jade's house, he had told her his heart belonged to someone else, they argued, they fought, and he had drove here hoping for this night to end right. For his life to be as it should.

"Cat, Baby.I don't want to argue-"

Cat frustrated turned around,"Whats that supposed to mean!" She wailed. She tucked her hair behind her ears. "Beck. "She said quietly and looked down in her hands. "Beck I can't do this anymore."

Becks entire body froze. "What?" All this time, ever since their argument. She showed love in her eyes. Texted him and tried to call. Obviously putting up a fight for them. He always counted on that. How is it possible that she didn't want him now?

"Beck. You..." Cat no longer showed sadness, just anger. She was supposed to be this happy go lucky person and she felt like he took that from her."All you do is take...and right now I have nothing to give."

Beck did not like that answer. He took her elbows in his hands, "Cat please." He pleaded. "Can't it just be easy this time? Can't it just be right-"

"No." She said, "The answer is no." She said more firmly, breathing heavy. Determined to make the right choice. Beck saw her struggle.

"No, you look me in the eyes when you say that!" He said, gripping her arms. She opened and closed her mouth twice. He took that as the sign he needed. He took the back of her neck and smashed his lips on gasped instantly in the kiss, and Beck took her opened mouth for invitation. He explored his tongue inside her mouth and pinned her against the door. She tried to struggle and push away but she knew she wasn't trying her best. Beck let out a moan in the kiss and Cat instantly went wet from it. He wanted her. She could feel it between her thighs, she was trying her best in her mind to deny him but she couldn't.

"Do you mean it kitten?" He muttered red as he began to suckle on her neck.

"I do..."She whimpered as he took her legs and wrapped them around her waste. He carried her over to the couch that she had been sleeping on, kicking the door shut. "I mean it a lot." She let out a large moan while he kissed downward, she couldn't keep his name off her lips while he practically ripped her clothes off. "Not here. Tori's house..."she said huskily.

"MmmHmm" Beck answered back as he removed her pajama pants and underwear, Cat flushed deep red, and she touched his shoulders in a finale attempt to stop him. Beck kissed her belly button and finally went down, he gripped her hips as he dropped his mouth down on her most private area. He slide his tongue down her slit and his kitten gripped his hair. He groaned on her clit and she bucked her hips at the vibration. "Oh,...oh..." She muttered as she continuously let out breaths and bit her lip. He sucked and licked and enjoyed. She tasted so sweet..

Fuck. She tasted like his.

He rubbed and sucked her clit flicking his tongue around in circular motions at times. She was bucking her hips and gripping his shoulders. She started muttering incoherent words but the most that sounded bold and right was "Please." He picked up his pace, grazing his teeth in the right areas and finally her entire body shivered with her orgasm her back arched and Beck rubbed her legs while her toes curled, never stopping his actions.

Her breathing was jagged as she rejuvenated herself. He kissed upward, moving her shirt upwards. His head pulled it over her head and before she had time to protest he kissed her lips passionately. He then leaned down and whispered, "I love you Kitten, there's still one thing you can give me..." He slide his hand in her wet pussy and her body practically jumped.

"Its always been yours," She tugged at his shirt and he helped her remove that as well. She ran her hands down his chest till she reached his jeans that she began to unbutton, while he kissed her shoulder. All the while he glanced at the clock. 6:30.

She began to stroke him and he hissed in was so gentle and sweet, shy but not. He pumped himself into her hand and gripped her slim shoulder. All the while admiring the lovely body that was next to him."Your so beautiful, my love." She kissed his lips tenderly, which he returned, but deepened soon. He climbed himself back on top and positioned his cock at her entrance. He looked down at her face and saw her face full of lust. He slide his cock between her lips without entering. Her wet slick lips. "God Cat,"He meant to tease her but he was only teasing herself.

"Oh god Beck, please.."He begged. She wrapped her legs around his waste and pressed him closer. Becks back arch and his head thrown back at the friction. He couldn't help it when he rammed himself into her. She bit her lip hard to hold back a scream when he broke her walls. He looked down almost in panic, "Cat? Baby, are you okay?"

"MmHmmm" She hummed as she adjusted to him inside of her. She felt him kiss her forehead and she smiled fluttering her eyelashes. She then made the first thrust and he groaned. He made the second thrust, and the third, and soon they began to move together. " Their movements were slow but rough and she felt like a junkie and he was her drug.

He began to pick up the pace when she started to thrust a little harder. Grinding hips in circular motions. He took her hands and pinned them to the sofa. He thrusted in and out and he could feel it building. "Beck.."She shuddered as he body began to tremble. He felt her walls tighten around him and he trembled with her. "Baby, Baby I-"He thrusted harder then ever and he came inside her. He laid on her, the hands that he was using to pin her down ran upwards to entangle her fingers in his. "I love you, Kitten."

She smiled and kissed her cheek,"Good God, you better.."She chuckled. She then checked the time, 7:30. "Oh gosh, their going to be up any second. Get off!" She squealed, nearly kicking him off. She then hissed at her mistake. She just lost her virginity, and the light blood that was forming hurt a little more by removing him so abruptly.

"Baby, are you okay?" He asked as he placed his clothes back on. She nodded, though wanting to complain about her sudden soreness.

"Drive me home?" She asked, after placing on her tank top.

"Mine or yours?" He asked quietly. She smiled and replied, "What do you think?" He grabbed the bookbag she had as she wrote a note for Tori. he grabbed her hand and lead her to his car.

She was his.

And today he marked her as such.