Bust A Move Bash Adventure 1:

The Great Quest.

Chapter 1: The Ninja Boy.

In a Small neighbor hood was four houses. One was Blue, the second one was Green, the third one was Yellow, and the four one was Pink.

Bub, who lived in the green house was in bed, sleeping. And so was Bob at the blue house. Bubble was the Pink Dino who and Bobble was the Yellow Dino, and they where in their houses sleeping away as well.

Bub got up with a stretch and a yawn, he went to Bob's house and knocked on the door. The door opened as he greeted Bob.

"Hey Bob!" He greeted the Blue Dino.

"Hey Bub! He greeted the Green Dino Back.

"Hey, do you want to see what's going on at Denny's shop?" Bub asked Bob.

"Sure, I can go for it then." He answered shyly.

They both walked into the small town, and heard a big sound. It was a ninja boy, he gave them a letter. It was from Develon The Dragon. It read: "I'm going to destroy your small town! And no one is going to stop me! Hahahahahahaha!" They closed it.

"So we can make this town our own!" Said the Ninja Boy.

"No way Ninja Boy! Not if we can bust a move on you first!" Bub snapped back.

"Oh, so you want to fight me! Then come on! Show me your best moves then Dino Breath!" Ninja boy Said with a grin.

Bob hid from the fight, Bub knocked the Ninja boy to his feet, but that didn't stop him. The Ninja Boy threw a stick at Bub, Bub dodged it. Bob, threw 10 Spikes at the Ninja boy, The Ninja Boy was now bleeding and he couldn't stand it any longer.

So he cried to his sister: Ninja Girl.

"That was too easy." Bub said as they walked on.

"We have to find this Develon Dragon dude before our town is gone into pieces!" Bob panicked.

"Don't panic Bob, we will save our town, and Develon won't get away with it." Bub promised Bob.

"Okay Bub, if you say so. I know that we can do it." Bob said.

They both walked into the meadow, following the path, until they saw a pond with beautiful fish in it.

"Hey Bub!" Bob called.

"Yes Bob." Bub answered.

"Did we bring food?" Bob asked.

Uhh… Yeah! It's in my bag, I always bring my bag when I go to the shop for food and drinks." He answered.

"Oh, okay. I was just making sure, besides I will get hungry later." Bob replied as they looked into the pond.

They both saw something splash out, it was Ninja Girl! She stepped towards the two happy Dinos as she too out her stick.

"You two hurt my brother and you not going to stop out leader Develon from destroying your town! Hahahahaha! Prepare to fight Dinos and don't try to throw any thing at me!" She said as she laughed in an evil tone.

"Let's bust a move Bob! Ready!" Bub said with anger.

"I'm ready, I think." Bob said.

The two Dinos charged at Ninja Girl, But Ninja Girl jumped and she hit them with her stick.

They both yelped a painful ouch.

"You guys stink!" Said Ninja Girl.

"No, we don't stink, but you do!" Said Bub as he went behind her and attacked her with his sharp claws.

Ninja Girl screamed as the pain oozed out of her. Blood came out of her back. Bob kicked her and pushed her into the pond water.

"Ow! Ow! My back! My back! It hurts! Mommy! Help, those two Dinos hit me!" She cried as she went home.

"That was too easy as well, but the stick gave me a head ache." Bub said as they took a break and ate their bread and cookies.