Chapter 14: The Ending Celebration.

Bub and Bob walked back home from their long and tiring adventure, they had a lot of fun busting a move on all of those bad guys.

As they got home, Bubble and Bobble had made them both a cup of hot chocolate, and they celebrated their win to the town.

"You guys had a long adventure did you?" Bubble asked them as she greeted them.

"Yeah, you guys deserve a long rest." Bobble added.

Bub and Bob both nodded as they went to the celebration party in their small town.

The party lasted till night fall and all of the people went back to their homes safely, so did Bub and Bob.

That night Bub was at his house sleeping and dreaming of their win. He liked that adventure.

And he hoped that he could go again, like if time can go back. It would be like it all never happed, but for Bob it would also be the same. Even if it killed them before they got home.

All's well that end that ends well!

The End!