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Bella's P.O.V

The drive to my house is mostly spent in silence. For some reason the silence wasn't exactly awkward, but at the same time it's not comfortable. Right now I just don't know what to feel about Victoria. After my dream last night everything just feels different between us.

"Isabella are you okay?" Victoria asks as she gently shakes my shoulder trying to get my attention.

"What?" I ask confused not really hearing anything she just said to me. I watch as her eyes fill with worry.

"I asked if you were okay. You were really quiet the whole way here. Also we've been sitting outside of your house for almost 10 minutes now." She says as she points past me and I see my house. I feel a blush break out across my face as I realize that I spaced out worse than I thought.

"I'm sorry. I guess I just have a lot on my mind right now." I mumble as I quickly unbuckle my seatbelt and start to get out of the car.

"Bella," Victoria sighs as she quickly but gently grabs my wrist to stop me. "If you need somebody to talk to I hope you know that I'm here for you." She says as she reluctantly releases me.

I sigh as I realize that I'm not ready for Victoria to leave yet. Especially whens she looks so crestfallen. "Would you like to come inside and hang out with me?" I ask before I even have time to think about it.

"I would love to hang out with you mia bella." Victoria says quickly before I even have time to attempt to retract my offer.

Victoria quickly exits her car and comes to stand beside me. I smile softly as I turn and start walking to the door. In no time we are both standing in the middle of my living room silently staring at each other.

"I would offer you something to drink, but yeah…..vampire." Why must I always be so awkward at the wrong time? I should be used to spending time with vampires, but I guess the whole not awkward thing only applies to the Cullen's.

"Is something bothering you Isabella? You seem rather on edge and I would like to help if I can." Victoria says as she walks closer to me and places her hands on my arms. Dear God even something as simple as touching my shoulders is confusing to me. I don't know what I feel for Victoria and it's frustrating me.

"Right now I have questions for you because everything about you is confusing to me." I sigh as I shrug her hands off of me and walk past her to the couch.

"Well if you have questions for me then please just ask me. I hate being the cause of any amount of stress to you. I have nothing to hide or lie about when it comes to you." Victoria says as she walks over to the couch and sits down next to me with a respectable amount of space.

"Why did you get so angry at Edward earlier?" I decided to start off with something simple. I want to hold off on asking the main question that has been plaguing my mind since we left school.

"I do not agree with the way he talks to you. If you were truly mates then he would not belittle you like he does. He's so disrespectful and he feels as though he is entitled to your love when he should be honored to have it. Being loved by something as sweet and genuine as you would be an honor to anybody and he in turn walks all over you because in his mind he thinks that is his right as your mate." I look between Victoria's eyes and her hands that are gripping her legs dangerous tight. I can clearly see that she whole heartedly means every single word that she says.

"Is that why you looked ready to attack him?" I ask her. I can clearly see the anger in her mannerisms and in her voice.

"He has no right to be so rude to you! He tried to tell you have you should feel towards him for god's sake! Who does that?" Victoria says letting some of her anger get the best of her.

"I'm used to it honestly. He used to do stuff like that all the time when we were dating. That's actually why I broke up with him. He acted more like my father than my boyfriend and I didn't need or want that." I say as I shiver at the memories of Edward always talking down to be.

"I will happily beat him to the ground if you would like." Victoria says with a devious smile as she looks at me with mirth in her eyes. I know for a fact that that's not an empty offer. Emmett and Rosalie have both made me the same offer. I can't help but smile at the thought of all three of them jumping Edward at once.

"I'm sure beating Edward up won't change how he acts towards me. In his mind I will always be inferior simply because I'm still human and he is an all powerful vampire. Over time I've learned to just block him out for the most part because I refuse to allow him to still have control over me." I say with a shrug as I sigh deeply and look down at my lap.

"If he was really your mate he would never try and control you. That's not what being mated is all about. He should love the fact that you want to be your own person and support your ideas even if they are dangerous and not well thought out. None of that should matter because he loves you, but with Edward that is clearly not the case. He should worship the ground you walk on instead of trying to make it crumble beneath you." I can see that Victoria is quickly allowing her anger to take over so I quickly reach over and grab her hand. I smile as I watch her body slowly start to relax again.

"You shouldn't allow Edward to make you so upset he really isn't worth it." I say as I gently squeeze her hand so I can keep her calm for the rest of our conversation.

"He just has a way of getting under your skin and saying all the wrong shit! He can honestly say whatever he wants to anybody else but not to you. You have done nothing to deserve such mistreatment and it's not fair." I don't know why but what she said gave me a warm feeling in my chest that I rather enjoy.

"Okay, I understand that, but for me will you let this go with Edward. I don't want you fighting him at school outside of school is up to you." Honestly the only reason I don't want her fighting him in school is because she might expose her as being a vampire other than that I would be all for it.

"For you I will try, but I can't promise that I won't fight him eventually. He has a very irritating personality that you can't help but want to punch repeatedly...with a chair...that's on fire..." She says the last part with such an innocent smile that I can't help but laugh at how cute it makes her look.

"Victoria, can I ask you something?" I ask as I remember something she said from earlier.

"Well technically you just did, but you can ask me something else if you want." She says with a cheeky smile that I can help but want to mimic.

"Would you be honored?" I ask softly. I don't know what answer I'm seeking exactly, but I want her to answer me honestly regardless.

Victoria looks down as she closes her eyes and takes a deep unnecessary breath. She looks back up at me with such intensity that my breath catches in my throat. "Honored would not even begin to describe how I would feel Isabella."

I close my eyes and take a shaky breath as I steel my nerves before I ask her the golden question. "Am I your mate?" I don't know what I want her answer to be, but either way I need to know.

"Isabella, please don't ask questions you don't want the answer too." Victoria says as she looks at everything in the living room except for me.

"I wouldn't ask unless I wanted you to answer." I say as I slowly shift closer to her on the couch. I still don't know if I'm ready for her answer, but I still need to know.

"Yes," she whispers as she looks up at me and our eyes lock. As I look closer I can see the conviction deep within her eyes, and I know without a doubt that she's telling me the truth. I could never say that about Edward.

I nod slowly as I move to stand up. I feel Victoria's hand on my wrist in a split second trying to keep me from moving away from her. I smile as I reach around and grab her other hand and pull her up with me. I wrap both of my arms around her waist and hug her as tight as I can. "Thank you for telling me the truth. You could have easily lied to me, but you didn't." I smile as she wraps her arms around my shoulders and hugs me just as tight.

"I would never lie to you Isabella." Victoria says as she reluctantly releases me and steps out of my reach. "Would you like for me to leave now?" Victoria asks as she crosses her arms over her chest as though she's trying to protect herself.

"Why would I want you to leave?" I ask truly confused. Does she want to leave now just because I asked her to tell me the truth?

"I thought you might want some space after what I just told you. I'm sure it wasn't something you were planning to hear today." I really appreciate the fact that she's willing to let me have time to myself, but right now I still want to spend time with her.

"I don't want you to leave. The fact that you just told me I am your mate when Edward has been telling me the same thing is….confusing I will admit. Still I want to spend time with you and I still want to be your friend." I watch as her eyes quickly fill with sadness as though I'm rejecting her. "I don't know about being mates right now, but if you're willing to be patient with me then maybe one day." I'll admit I'm not completely opposed to the idea of being mated to Victoria, but I think it's too soon to be in another serious relationship. Especially one that truly means until death do us part.

"I would never try and force you to be with me Isabella, but the fact that I have a chance is all I need. I would try and rush you either so if friendship is all you're willing to offer right now then I'll take it." Victoria says with a truly happy smile.

"Great now come on. We're going to watch painfully awful movies and I'm going to eat junk food and maybe I'll get you to eat some with me." I say with a playful wink as I turn around and head into the kitchen.

"I would love to see you try Isabella." Victoria says as she quickly follows behind me.

I need to talk to Alice and probably Rosalie once Victoria leaves, but right now I just want to focus on spending time together. I still don't know how I feel towards Victoria in a romantic sense, but I really enjoy her presence and right now that's all that matters to me.

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