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Bella's P.O.V.

I watch sadly as Victoria pulls away from the curb and speeds down the road out of sight. I close the door with a deep sigh as I pull out my phone to call Alice. The phone only has time to ring once before she answers.

"Hey Bella, how did your afternoon with Victoria go?" Alice asks almost like she knew something was going to happen after we left school.

"It went really well. We honestly had a lot of fun just hanging out and getting to know each other through terrible movies." I say with a faint smile as I remember all the fun we had.

"Well I'm glad you and Victoria had fun, but that doesn't explain why you're calling me. Oh wait! Did you call just so you could tell me all about the amazing things you discovered about your new friend?" I don't know how I feel about the way Alice said the word friend as though she meant something more behind it.

"I actually wanted to know if you and maybe Rosalie or Emmett could come over. I really need to talk about something that requires more than one opinion." I say again with a faint smile knowing full well that I'm to tell Alice everything that happened this afternoon when she gets here. Victoria honestly took me by surprise by how sweet and kind of cheesy she is.

"Rose and Jazz are out hunting so Emmett and I can come over to talk. Would you like us to come over after dark?" I look at the clock and see that it's almost 5 p.m. Charlie will be home soon.

"After dark sounds good to me, and it gives me a chance to spend some time with Charlie. Speaking of which Charlie will be home soon and I need to get started on dinner." I start walking to the refrigerator to see if we had everything I would need to make some pasta.

"Okay we'll be outside at around 8 let us in whenever you get to your room." Alice says before I hear shuffling on the other end.

"Bella? Why do you wish to speak with Alice and Emmett? What will it be about?" Edward asks trying to be his usual controlling self. I couldn't resist rolling my eyes at his antics.

"That's none of your concern Edward because if it was I would have called you instead of Alice." I say with a bit more hostility than I had intended.

I hear an argument taking place in the background before I hear shuffling again. "We'll see you later Bella." Alice says as I hear a shouting match taking place before the line goes dead.

I decide to shrug it off and start working on dinner. I try really hard to keep my mind off Victoria, but of course my efforts are futile as I feel my phone vibrate.

'Just wanted you to know I made it home safely.'

I probably had a really cheesy smile on my face, but I honestly couldn't care. It was really sweet of her to text me even though there wasn't a single doubt in my mind that she wouldn't make it home safely.

'Thank you for letting me know even though I knew you would.' I reply quickly before I set my phone down to get started on making the pasta and sauce.

I smile as I hear my phone vibrate against the counter. I quickly place the noodles in the water I had boiling on the stove and stir it before I grab my phone.

'Right being a vampire and all. Okay in all honesty I had an excuse to text you and I used it.'

'I think it was a very good excuse. I was actually just thinking about how much fun I had with you today.'

'Really? I was thinking about it too. I really enjoy spending time with you Isabella.' I could practically hear her calling me Isabella with her amazing accent.

I set my phone down as I go over to the stove to stir the pasta real quick before I started putting the ingredients together to make the sauce. While I wait for it to heat over I grab my phone again.

'I hope you know that I noticed that you seemed to know every single cheesy and terrible movie we watched.' I have a feeling she's watched Dodgeball and John Tucker Must Die before.

'I'm going to have to plead the fifth on that one.'

'You know that means you're totally guilty, right?'

'Okay so maybe I've seen those movies once or twice….' That was surprisingly easy. I thought for sure it was going to take longer to get her to admit that.

'I could tell. You practically quoted each movie word for word.'

'I did not! DX'

'You didn't, but it would have been cute if you had. ;)' Okay so maybe that was a little more flirtatious than I had intended it to be.

I slide my phone into my back pocket with a sigh as I move the pasta over to the sink to strain the pasta before I place it in a bowl I got from the cabinet. I quickly stir the sauce before I take it off the burner. In the background I hear the sound of the front door opening and Charlie's work boots.

"Whatever that is Bella it smells delicious." Charlie says as I hear him close the door before he starts walking towards the kitchen.

"It's just pasta Charlie." I chuckle as I go to the cabinet and grab some plates.

"Smells better than if I tried to make it myself. We both know I can find a way to set water on fire." Charlie says as he walks over to grab us some forks.

"That's terribly sad but very true which is why I do all of the cooking. We can only eat out so many times." I say with a cheeky smile as I dish both of us healthy portions of pasta and grab a spoon and pour the thickened sauce on top before I walk to the table and take my usual seat as I trade Charlie his plate for my fork.

Charlie and I spend the rest of dinner talking about how his day went making sure to leave out the fact that I ditched school early. We also continue to make jokes about his terrible cooking skills or lack thereof.

When we finish eating Charlie offers to do the dishes before he calls in an early night. I quickly give him a hug goodnight before I retire to my room. As I walk into my room and decide to quickly change clothes before Alice and Emmett arrive. I place my dirty clothes in the hamper and walk over to my window to open it. I grab my phone off my dresser and lie down on my bed to relax while I wait.

I look and see that I have another text message from Victoria and once again I feel a cheesy smile break out across my face.

'Okay so I know we're doing the whole friendship thing, but since tomorrow is Friday I was wondering if you would be willing to spend the weekend with me. In a strictly friendly manner of course, but I would really like for you to meet my family.'

I read the text message over and over again. I can see that she sent it over an hour ago, but right now I'm kind of glad I didn't notice it before. Sighing I throw the phone next to me as I stare at my ceiling.

"What's got you so down Bells?" Emmett's usually booming voice asks in a softer tone. I turn to look at my window and see Alice and Emmett staring at me with concern.

"I really need your help right now. I'm so confused because my head and my heart aren't on the same page and I don't know what to do." I groan as I sit up and cross my legs.

"How about you start by telling us what's wrong and then we'll take it from there." Alice says as she walks over and takes a seat next to me on my bed. I watch as Emmett grabs the chair from my desk and places it close to the bed and promptly takes a seat.

"Victoria told me that I'm her mate." I say as I decide to just get straight to the point of why they're here.

"Well do you believe her or do you think she's lying to you like Edward did?" Alice asks as she looks between Emmett and I.

"I don't think she was lying. She seemed too genuine and vulnerable to be lying to me about something this serious." I answer without taking time to really think about what I was saying.

"Would you be okay with being mated to Victoria?" Emmett asks me sounding more serious than I can ever remember him being since we met.

"Maybe….but I'm not really sure. I'm so confused about everything because thanks to Edward my last experience with being mated to a vampire was terrible. I'm afraid of what might happen if I like something like this happen again." I would like to believe Victoria wouldn't hurt me in the same ways Edward did, but I don't know for sure.

"If she truly is your mate then she will be nothing like Edward. True mates would die before they ever hurt or disappointed their mates in any way." Emmett says still being his unusually serious self right now.

"I think I might like Victoria." I admit with a faint smile as I remember the afternoon we spent together having fun.

"Bella if you're not sure of anything then don't worry about it. Just enjoy being friends with Victoria for now and take it from there. She's not trying to rush you into a relationship or anything, right?" Alice asks and I watch as Emmett stiffens and moves to the edge of his seat.

"Oh god no! Victoria was extremely sweet about everything and would never rush me. She was just happy to at least have a friendship with me. That's all she really wanted." I say as I quickly defend Victoria to my overprotective big bear of a brother.

"Would you tell us if she was?" Emmett asks still sitting like a statue that couldn't be moved.

"You would be the very first person I called Emmett." I say with a cheeky smile. My smile widens as I see Emmett's signature goofy smile break free as he finally relaxes.

"So you never told us what happened after you and Victoria left school. I'm dying to know how you two spent your afternoon." Alice says with a sarcastic yet knowing smile. I knew she was hiding something from me! I never knew pixie vampires could be so devious.

I happily spent the next hour or so replaying everything that transpired this afternoon. I even went as far as to tell them about the text messages we shared after my phone call with Alice ended. I felt like I had been talking forever and I could still find more to say about Victoria. There are just so many things I really like about her.

"It sounds like you two are going to make great friends. You just have to figure out if your feelings go deeper than that." Alice says as though she could sense the constant battle I'm having within myself. I know I need to choose if I should listen to my head or if I should listen to my heart.

"Bella, just do what feels right to you. If you and Victoria are truly mates then it will all fall into place. Just stop thinking about it all the time and for once just enjoy it Bells. Stop trying to compare Victoria to Edward and just live your life and be happy." Emmett says as he quickly stands up and pulls me into a bear hug.

Alice also gives me a hug once Emmett releases me. They both promise to pick me up in the morning and tell me about what happened after I left school yesterday. They quickly leave afterwards and I walk over to my window to close and lock it for the night.

I release a deep sigh as I plop down on my bed as I replay Emmett's parting words in my head over and over again. He is so right. I need to stop thinking all the time and stop trying to compare two very different people. I should just go with what I feel and just enjoy my life. I smile as I grab my phone and reply to Victoria's text.

'I would love to spend the weekend with you and meet your family. Would you like me to come over right after school?' Before I even have time to put my phone down I get a text.

'I was terrified I had overstepped.' I feel really bad for worrying her like that.

'I'm sorry I worried you. I just had some soul searching to do over some of the stuff we talked about today.'

'I don't know if that sounds good or bad, but I'm not going to ask. If you wish to talk about it with me I will happily listen. And to answer your question I would love for you to come over after school.'

'Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow morning when I see you bright and early.' I really enjoyed spending time with her this morning.

'Oh? Is that our new thing?'

'I would like to think so yes.'

'Then I'll see you bright and early. I would never pass up the chance to spend time with you whenever possible.' She somehow knows just what to say to bring a smile to my face.

'I enjoy spending time with you too, but I should probably head to bed if I plan on going to school at all.' Honestly if I didn't go to bed now I might stay up all night texting Victoria. She's just so easy to talk to and knows just what to say to make me smile.

'I don't need the poor human tired tomorrow so I will let you sleep. Goodnight. 3'

'Goodnight. 3' I quickly plug my phone into its charger and get underneath my covers. I slowly fall asleep thinking about Victoria.

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