Ace time!

The Nightmare King flew and located the house of the pilot, Ace. "Okay, now to…What?" But when he reached his room, he found that The Kid wasn't there and that there was a note on the bed. He opened the note, which read, 'Dear whoever is reading this. In case you're wondering why I'm not home, I have gone to the Marshmallow Mayans with my new girlfriend. Yours truly, Ace.' "Well, that is just $#%*^ perfect! Stupid Kid! Stupid job! MOTHER $#&! MOTHER $#&! %#&#*! &##(! ))#)#_!" After his long tirade of cursing, he flew off.

He finally reached the land of the Marshmallow Mayans and found Ace and Henrietta sleeping in Ace's plane. "Ugh! Finally!" With that, he gave Ace his nightmare.

Inside his nightmare, Ace walked through the doors to Gallagher Elementary, in which all the girls turned to him and began giggling. "What's with them?" he asked himself. He then noticed Kuki by her locker and walked over, leaning next to her. "Hey, Kuki! Wanna go get some ice cream after school?"

Kuki looked to him, then began holding in giggles. In a matter of seconds, she burst into laughter, along with all the other girls.

It was then that Ace realized that he was in his underwear. "AH! What's going on? I could've sworn I put on clothes!"

"Man, you look dumber than me!" Wally exclaimed. Ace just shielded his eyes in embarrassment as everyone laughed at him.

"AH!" Ace screamed, waking him and Henrietta up.

"Ace, vhat's wrong?"

"I just had a crazy dream!"

"Vhat happened?"

"I went to school in my underwear!"

"Is zat all? Zat dream is more overdone than ze 3/4!"


"Uh, nothing. If you vant to hear a veird dream, I vonce dreamed I vas at ze zoo, and zere vere a bunch of unicorns flying in ze air, zen night came and zey turned into demons."

"Wow, talk about a crazy world you live in."

"I vas a boy for five years. Of course I live in ze crazy vorld."

"You sure do!"

"Vell, if ve're done, I'd like to get some sleep."

"Okay. Good night."

"Good night." With that, they went back to sleep and the Nightmare King came out of hiding.

"Man that was a long flight. Well, back to Virginia. I have to scare…Hoagie." With that, he made the long flight back.

Well, there's Ace's Nightmare and more trouble for the Nightmare King. Next time, Hoagie. Well, later.