Sebastian Michaelis had just finished his work. He wanted no more than to relax with his kittens. When he walked into his bedroom at the end of the hall, he decided to change into something more casual. Right after he pulled his shirt off, he noticed someone in his bed. He could just make out Grell Sutcliff, the redheaded Shinigami he hated so much with a passion. He sighed and ignored him, pulling off his pants and replacing them with a pair of comfortable jeans, muttering curse words under his breath.

He turned around to face Grell.

"What are you doing in my bed?" Sebastian demanded in a hushed voice. "Never mind the reason, get out of my bed."
"Why? Demons never sleep," said Grell.
Sebastian sighed. He picked up the mattress, and ,with a slight movement of his wrist, he flicked Grell out of the bed.

Upset, Grell reached under the bed, nabbing three of Sebastian's precious black kittens, he jumped out the window, landing perfectly on the balls of his feet. He took off running, kittens tucked safely under his arms.

"Come get 'em!" Grell yelled over his shoulders.

And that was exactly what Sebastian was about to do.

"Pluto, come!" he called to the demon dog. Pluto woke up, wagging his tail. He stretched and ran after Grell as Sebastian jumped out the window, doing a back flip before landing on his feet and taking off soon after landing. He was muttering under his breath while he was jumping and flipping over every obstacle in his way. He was going to get his kittens back, even if it killed Grell.

"Block him off from running anywhere, Pluto!" Sebastian ordered. Pluto growled his and ran faster, weaving between carriages, never being seen by Grell.

There was a shovel conveniently lying in the middle of the road in town. He smoothly slid by and picked it up.

"Oh, great," he muttered. "Now my best pair of jeans are ruined."

He focused his attention on Grell's head, doing all sorts of math and physics in his head. He threw the shovel with great precision. His aim was perfect, and it would've hit Grell in the back of his head, but he made a quick turn left.

Sebastian jumped onto the roof of one building. This will be the easiest route to take to get my kittens back, he thought. He jumped from rooftop to roof top, throwing whatever was available to throw at Grell.

"Grell Sutcliff!" he heard William T. Spears say.

Sebastian slid to a stop on the roof, looking to where William's voice came from. William was on the ground chasing Grell to. Sebastian kept running, jumping onto the ground beside William.

"Why are you after him?" Sebastian asked.

Never looking at Sebastian, William said, "He's violated many regulations again, and he has not done his duties."

"Do you have your scythe on you?"


"May I borrow it?"

"To catch Sutcliff?"


"Be my guest." William handed Sebastian his scythe.

Sebastian focused on Grell's arm. He noticed Pluto watching him intensely.

"Pluto, shift," Sebastian ordered.

Pluto shifted to his huge wolf form.

"Pluto, fetch."

Grell saw Pluto chasing him, and he jumped onto the roof.

"Heh heh. Perfect." Sebastian jumped on the roof and threw William's scythe, stabbing Grell's arm.

Grell stopped abruptly, howling in pain, but never dropping a kitten. Sebastian threw a shovel he found on the roof, hitting Grell on the back of his head. Grell fell, unconscious. Sebastian hurried to Grell, snatching his kittens away. He kicked Grell off the roof onto Pluto.

"Control him," Sebastian muttered. "Pluto, dump it off. You don't know where it's been." Sebastian stepped off the roof, landing beside Pluto. He rubbed Pluto's side and they walked home, Sebastian petting his three kittens.

"That was one hell of a wild Grell chase."