Author's note: Hey, sorry again for writing a new story beofre compelting my other's but this one came to mind and I just had to write it. Actually I had a differnt story in mind, but while I was writing the story took a differnt path. So I hope you enjoy it, because I certainly enjoyed writing it. Oh, and I do not own any of the characters, settings, spells, etc.

"Severus Snape!" yelled a very furious green-eyed witch. Severus was brewing a potion, but he stifled his laughter as he knew why she was furious. For the past week they've been playing childish pranks on each other since they were determined to show the other that they could outwit them easily. She slammed the door open as she didn't even bother to knock.

"How rude of you, don't you know how to knock, or is your small feline brain incapable of holding little useful information like this?" Severus mocked her as her cheeks were flared with anger.

"You better hope I don't turn into a cat right now and rip your face off." she threatened him.

"Oh," he acted frightened, "a little cat scratch, what ever shall I do?" His voice came off in a sneering tone dripping with sarcasm. Her cold emerald eyes flared with anger as he stared right back at her as he found her anger amusing.

She then started to reprimand him like he was her student again. "I was in an important meeting with Igor-"

"You kissed him, oh I feel for the man." Severus interrupted her.

"No I didn't kiss him, and what's that supposed to mean?" she asked crossly as she had her hands were firmly placed on her hips.

"Well I mean look at yourself, Minerva, you're not exactly young and appealing anymore." he sniggered and with that she slapped him hard against the face and stormed out of the room. He rubbed his cheek as it stung and was sore. Damn she knew just the right place to hit him. She must have experience in this act before. He shook his head doubtfully. She was an old hag who wore loose fitting black robes that bared no skin to anyone except her head and hands. Her black hair was tightly held in the confinements of a bun. Not to mention she had a temper that was beyond anyone he had ever met. He'd rather face an outraged dragon than an outraged Minerva McGonagall. Severus shook himself as he got back to his potion. He wouldn't bore on her, though he did wonder how Igor would have reacted when he heard the sound of the whoopee cushion he had placed in her seat. He laughed at his evil mind.

Minerva walked briskly back to the safe haven of her office. She didn't want to talk to anyone at that moment. Snape words had stung as it replayed in her head over and over again. You're not exactly young and appealing anymore, played over and over again as they taunted her. Yes she was older than him, but not by much, though the stress she had endured over the years didn't help as they only aged her faster.

"Hey Min, Min, where're you goin'?" asked Rolanda Hooch as she saw her friend walk down the hall quickly. It looked like she was about to cry, but knowing how strong Minerva was she wouldn't let herself shed a tear for herself. Rolanda hurried after her friend as she rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Min, are you okay?" she asked, but Minerva just shook her hand off.

"I'm fine." she snapped as she bit back the tears. Why was he so cruel? She shouldn't let him get to her like this. She quickly walked to the door of her office as she opened it, and Rolanda followed after her.

"I know you're not alright by the tone of your voice. I've been your friend for many years; now please tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing." Minerva repeated. She collapsed down on her couch only to hear that terrible farting noise from a whoopee cushion. She screamed as she reached from beneath her, and threw the whoopee cushion across the room.

Rolanda clucked her tongue disapprovingly as she sat down beside her friend. "Don't let him get to you Min. He's a greasy ugly git."

"Yes, and I'm an insufferable old hag." she cried with her face in her hands.

"Did he say that to you? That bastard, I'll hex him for you, if you want." Rolanda offered which made Minerva chuckle a bit.

"No he said he'd pity Igor Karkaroff if he kissed me because I'm not exactly young or appealing anymore."

"Oh Min, he's just an ass, and you shouldn't listen to him. Heck, if I were gay, I bet I'd find you appealing."

"For some reason, that's not comforting."

"You're right, but still Min, you still have some flare in you. You just have to hitch up your skirt and let down your hair." Rolanda exclaimed. "Know what always makes me feel better?"


"Well you should, because the thing that makes me feel better is having the person eat his own words." Rolanda said and with that she pulled Minerva to her feet and stood back to look at her.

"Yeah, I can work with this." Rolanda told her as she stared at Minerva.

"Work with what? What are you talking about?"

"Min, you're an attractive woman, you just don't show it." Rolanda said as she moved Minerva to a mirror and pulled out her friend's bun despite the fact that she was glaring at her. "See, look at yourself Min, you're hot."

"Ro, no I'm not, and I'm okay with that. I was just hurt when he said it, but I'm over it now." Minerva said defiantly as she never thought of herself attractive.

"Min stop denying what you are, and let me do you a favor."

"I don't need you to do me any favors."

"I could do you a makeover Min. It's exactly what you need, and it's about time I repaid you for all those favors you've done for me."

"No, and that's final. It's late, and we need to get to dinner, so just drop it." Minerva yelled and then stormed out of her room. Rolanda followed her out and they walked in silence till they got to the Great Hall. Minerva reached her seat by Albus's side and looked down at her seat to make sure there wasn't a whoopee cushion. Rolanda saw Dumbledore was there and she knew he would agree with her.

"Oh Min, please let me do a makeover for you." Rolanda begged loudly again so Dumbledore could hear her.

"No Ro, I told you already. I don't want a makeover no matter how much you think I need one." Minerva snapped as she sat down irritably. Dumbledore smiled as he looked down at her.

"Min I think it would be a fabulous idea, if you allowed Rolanda to give you a makeover." he told her with his blue eyes twinkling at her. "Not that you need one Min, you're lovely as always, but I think it would be fun for not only you, but for everyone to see a different side of you." Minerva smiled and slightly blushed when Albus told her she was lovely, but he was only being polite thought Minerva. She wasn't lovely at all. She had an incurable bad temper, and she was an old prude. Then Snape walked in which ruined her happy moment as he had to open his mouth to say something.

"Oh, Minerva's here, everyone brace yourselves." Snape warned the people at the table as he pinched his nose. Minerva glared at him as others looked at him questioningly.

"Min please except Rolanda's offer, do it for me." Albus asked with his dazzling blue eyes that bore into her. Damn, why was he given those tantalizing blue eyes she thought.

"Fine." she said dejectedly as she had given in.

"Yes, thank you Min. You won't regret it, and don't worry, this isn't the first makeover I've done." Rolanda replied jumping with joy. Minerva rolled her eyes and smiled as she saw her friend rejoicing, but it was ruined when she heard Snape choke on his drink.

"You give Minerva a makeover?" he said incredulously as he looked over at the two older women. "And I thought Minerva couldn't look worse, but I guess I've been proven wrong." Both Minerva and Rolanda loathingly glared at Snape.

"Severus, I think Minerva looks just fine, and if I'm not mistaken, I remember I had to confiscate a picture you drew of Minerva when you were a seventh year." Albus broke in as his eyes kept their sparkle. Minerva was shocked for she never knew about that as Snape looked embarrassed.

"Besides, I'll be there to make sure Minerva still looks appropriate." Dumbledore added and Rolanda smiled as she looked thankfully at Dumbledore.

"Would you really? Oh, it would be nice to have a man's opinion." asked Rolanda as she looked gratefully at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore nodded as he said, "I'd do anything for Min so I'll be there, as long as she doesn't mind." He looked at Minerva for her reply as she still looked shocked. She didn't know what shocked her more, Albus saying he'd do anything for her, or that Snape had drew a picture of her when he was a student. She just nodded her head as she didn't trust herself to open her mouth.

"Excellent, then I'll see you two in Min's room after dinner." Rolanda said happily. "This is going to be great." She then went to take her seat as looks for Minerva ran through her head. Snape kept silent, thank Merlin, for the rest of the meal.

Then Minerva broke the silence as she said quietly to Albus, "You don't have to be there, Albus. I know you're very busy, and I'd hate to distract you from anything important."

"Min, you're not a distraction at all, and if you were, you wouldn't be a bad distraction. Plus I would love to be there for you, and you know better than to think I would miss an opportunity to see Rolanda dress you up." he said smiling at her and Minerva just shook her head. Of course he was doing it because he found the thought amusing. He wasn't doing it for her.

After Dinner her hair was tugged this way and that as Rolanda had picked out her out fits for the whole week and Albus approved them all as he made sure they were still school appropriate. Minerva liked his elegant taste as he would take out things that she found vulgar and too revealing to replace it with something that was tasteful and beautiful. The next day she had her hair put into a loose casual French twist. She wore a lovely ruffled silk gray shirt with a tight pleaded pencil skirt that showed off three of her lovely features, which was her thin waist, the curves of her hips, and her long legs. She also had on black shiny high heels that made her taller and made her calves look lovely. Rolanda spun Minerva so she could see herself in the mirror. She had to give it to Rolanda as she did look nice.

"Look at that sexy Professor." said Rolanda proudly of herself as Minerva wacked her on the arm for calling her that.

"Oh, and give me these." Rolanda said as she took Minerva's glasses. Minerva went to reach for them back, but Rolanda took them away from her grasp which was a hard thing to do since Minerva had long arms and fingers.

"Ro, I need those to see!" Minerva said defiantly as she didn't give up.

"BS, both of us know you only wear these things to look stern when really all they do is hide your lovely emerald eyes." Rolanda told her as she ran away from Minerva as she chased after her.

"This isn't funny Ro, I need them." said Minerva looking stern.

"Min…." Dumbledore began to say, but he was at a loss for words as she truly was stunning. He stared at her as he unconsciously gaped at her.

"Albus close your mouth and Ro…." Minerva said not thinking but then suddenly looked at Albus. "Albus, what're you doing here?"

"Well I was going to ask if you'd like to walk with me to the Great Hall, but Min you look wonderful." Dumbledore told her sincerely as he smiled at her. Minerva felt her cheeks get a little hot.

"See Min, you could see Dumbledore fine without your glasses, and you better hurry to breakfast if you want to see Snape eat his words. I mean you look younger than him at this point, so if you call you an old hag then I give you full permission to deck that git." Rolanda said smiling as her friend smiled back.

"Thank you Albus, let me just get my outer robes and I'll be right with you." replied Minerva as she ignored Rolanda's comment.

"I'll be right here waiting." Dumbledore said smiling. Rolanda took that as her cue to leave. She smiled and then left the room and went to the Great Hall as she wanted to see everyone's expressions when they saw the new Minerva that she had made. Minerva walked out of her bedroom and she found Dumbledore standing there as he offered her his arm. She smiled and accepted it. They walked to the Great Hall together. When they reached it, Minerva caused quite a number of jaws to drop as they had not expected to see their strict Professor to look the way she did.

"Damn." commented Lee Jordan, a proud dark skinned Gryffindor.

"She looks…"

"Wicked." George ended Fred's sentence as their minds instinct being red-headed twins.

Their little red-headed brother, Ron, chocked on his orange juice. "Bloody hell, Harry turn around!" He ordered his best friend do to. Harry was a boy with messy black hair, green eyes, and a peculiar lightening scar on his forehead. Harry wondered why everyone was making such a fuss, but then he turned around and found himself gaping at his professor. Minerva blushed and smiled as she heard some whistles from the crowd. Even Snape gaped at her. When she took her seat Snape found himself sitting straighter than he normally did as he stole some glances at her. Damn she looked fine. He was not expecting that; he was not expecting that at all. He thought Rolanda would dress her up in something completely revealing when she didn't have anything to reveal, but he was wrong…he was completely wrong. She was dressed respectively and did have a lovely body as it wasn't sagging anywhere. She caught him staring at her as she gave him a triumphant smile. He quickly looked away. Damn she had caught him looking at her.

The bell rang as it meant breakfast was over and classes would begin. Minerva got up as Rolanda had seen her and rushed right pass her which caused Minerva to fall right into Severus's lap.

"Sorry Min, forgot to get something for class!" apologized Rolanda as she continued running.

"Walk much?" Severus asked sarcastically. Minerva glared at him as she quickly got up. She flattened her skirt and held her head raised high.

"Sorry Severus." she said with coldness in her voice before she continued on to her own class. Just wait until he gets to his class thought Minerva as she smiled at the thought. Even though her look had changed, her way of teaching certainly didn't. She walked through her class as she demanded for attention just by her gait. Hushed murmuring went through the class as guys were commenting on the way she looked and girls were wondering why the sudden change.

"Silence please." she ordered the class and the side conversations were put to a halt. "Today we shall continue on working with transformation of our beetles into buttons. As same as always, creativity in the design is extra credit." She then flicked her wand and the jars with the students' beetles were passed out.

"So why do you think she changed?" asked Ron to his best friend Harry.

Harry shrugged, "dunno, maybe she just woke up today and decided to look different."

"Huh, you guys are so clueless." huffed Hermione.

"Are alright then, Hermione you're a girl, why do you think she looks differently?" asked Ron as he was trying to transform his beetle, but was failing miserably.

"Gee thanks for noticing." Hermione snapped at Ron looking irritable. "I think she might be trying to catch a certain Professor's attention so he'll ask her to the Yule Ball."

"Oh right, Harry we have to get dates for that and we're running out of time. We only have four days left." Ron nudged Harry to get his attention.

Harry sighed as he replied sardonically, "Yeah, we have to do that."

"You say that as if you won't want to go with a girl, you're not gay right?" joked Ron.

"Ew, no Ron, what's wrong with you?" asked Harry as he looked at Ron in a questioningly way.

"Ron you're so blind." Hermione butt into the conversation. "Harry likes Cho, but Cho already got asked by Cedric."

"Oh sorry Harry, maybe you can ask my sister, and Hermione, would you like to go with me since you're a girl?" Ron asked and Hermione looked at him furiously.

"Yes Ron I am, and someone already asked me, so no, I can't go with you."

"Really," pondered Ron as he found it doubtful, "who is it?"

"It's none of your business." she snapped.

Ron shook his head and smiled. "It's okay if you don't have one." Hermione glared at him as it wasn't worth arguing with him. The three sat in silence as Harry could feel the anger resonate off Hermione while Ron was just clueless as ever.

"Well I don't think Professor McGonagall will have a problem finding a date." Harry said just to break the silence and hopefully lighten up the mood.

"What was that Potter?" asked Minerva who had overheard them while she was trying to help Neville. Ron tried to stifle his laughter as Harry grew red in the face with embarrassment. Hermione just gaped at the whole scene.

"Um…nothing…" Harry started as Ron interrupted him.

"Hermione just thought you looked lovely today for an admirer you might have." Hermione stared incredulously at Ron that he would say such a thing. Professor McGonagall just looked at them questioningly and then just let it go. The things that went through children's mind, she'd never know.

"Carry on with your transformations." she told them and Hermione was glad that she just ignored what Ron had said. The bell rang and Hermione was furious as she collected her books.

"You are unbelievable!" she hissed angrily at Ron before she stormed out of the classroom. Ron only laughed.

Severus's free period was over as he had his sixth year class to get to. He cleansed his cup with a cleaning charm and then put it back in its proper place in the cabinet. He shut the cabinet and proceeded to walk out the door when he ran right into Minerva almost causing her to fall over. He grabbed her wrist to keep her steady.

"How many times are you going to run into me?" he teased with his eyebrows raised. She pulled her wrist from his hold and looked at him disdainfully.

"Watch where you're going." she retorted as he looked her up and down. "What are you looking at? Don't you have a class to get to?" She had pulled him out of his trance. He looked up at her emerald eyes and noticed she didn't have any glasses on.

"No wonder you keep colliding with me, you can't see without your glasses." He pointed out and then walked right past her. She folded her arms as she watched him leave her presence. That irritable man she thought before she continued into the staff room for some tea. Once she had retrieved what she wanted she returned to her classroom to grade some essays.

Severus had walked into his classroom without saying a word. He raised his wand to the black board as words started to appear on the black service. They were instructions how to make a certain potion they were making that day as most of them sighed. Severus took pride in their misery and took a seat behind his desk only to jolt right back up in pain. He felt like he had just been shocked. He rubbed his rear as some student stifled their laughter. He gave them glares which silenced them immediately. Severus then looked down to see a joy busser stuck to his comfortable black chair. It was undoubtedly glued on by a sticking charm. That witch he thought. She got her revenge today twice. First, by proving him wrong in the fact that she wasn't old at all, and that she was still attractive. Second one was by sticking the juvenile joke toy to his seat as a joke. Oh he'd get her, and he'd get her back good.

The next day Minerva was in a new laid out planed outfit for her. She looked at herself in the mirror as she was wearing a loose baby blue stripped collared top that looked a bit wrinkled. She also had a thin braided leather belt on her waist and blue faded skinny jeans that showed off her long legs and her tones calves as if she hadn't shown them off enough yesterday. Then she had on boots that had been of a cream color, but she made sure by Rolanda that it wasn't real animal fur. On the heel of the boot it said Huggs. She never heard of the brand, but she found them to be more comfortable than the heels she had to endure yesterday. Her hair was French braided and it was long as it swayed from side to side when she walked. She kept on buttoning her collared shirt as she didn't like the three top buttons would be undone.

"Would you stop buttoning them? I told you that they're staying that way!" scolded Rolanda as she swatted Minerva's hands away from the shirt.

"Why do I have to wear this shirt? It looks sloppy like I just woke up from my lover's bed, and had none of my own clothing, so I just pulled his shirt out of the hamper."

"It's a cute look as it has a name. It's called the boyfriend top, and you say that as if you've done that before."

"No I haven't." Minerva answered quickly as she went back to complaining about the top. "Why do I have to have the top buttons unbuttoned? It reveals too much."

"Min, it doesn't even come close as you're wearing a tank underneath the shirt so it doesn't show your bra, so stop complaining." reprimanded Rolanda at Minerva. She then turned to get something as Minerva looked at herself. She thought the shirt pocket needed something as she went to grab one of her tartan handkerchiefs.

"Step away from the tartan." warned Rolanda as she turned to see Minerva reaching for the green tartan handkerchief.


"Nope, you are banned from tartan for the next three days since I'm in charge of what you wear and how you look."

"There's nothing wrong with tartan." Minerva protested with her arms folded.

"No there isn't, but when it comes to you, yeah there is. You have an unhealthy obsession with tartan Min."

"I do not."

"Do too, and don't try to deny it. I mean look at your room. Your curtains are tartan, your blanket over your damned uncomfortable couch is tartan, and the towels in your bathroom are tartan. Your towels, Min, your towels, how is that not screaming obsession?" yelled Rolanda as she had proven her point. There were many other things that she hadn't mentioned of Minerva's that were indeed tartan.

"Alright, fine then, but for today…" Minerva started to say as she took the handkerchief and tucked it into the shirt pocket and Rolanda stalked towards her.

"Min, I told you NO TARTAN…..actually that doesn't look to bad." Rolanda said disbelievingly as she looked at Minerva.

"You see, tartan isn't so bad." Minerva huffed as she walked out of the room proudly for she won that argument.

That day Minerva was in the library as she was looking for a book that she could recommend for one of her students to help with their animagus skills. Severus was there as he was sitting in an arm chair watching as she scanned the books. Igor was complaining again to him about the dark mark, but Snape merrily waved his hand and Igor huffed madly as he thought it was directed towards him. He didn't retort as his thoughts was disturbed by the sound of a book falling to the floor. He looked over to see Severus with a finger indicating for him to be quiet and pointing to the aisle behind him. Igor peered through the books and saw what Severus was pointing at. It was Minerva McGonagall as she looked different, but stunning none the less. She gave the fallen book a quizzical look for she hadn't touched it. It just fell right at her feet. She bent down to pick it up and the two perverted wizards watched her with hawk eyes.

"Nice body she has there." Severus was the first to comment as he whispered it to Igor. Igor thought it was safe enough to comment too if he had just commented on his colleague.

"Yes, she has a fine ass." he said, and then Severus swatted him in the back of the head. Igor made a muffled yelp in the sudden inflicted pain. Minerva rose up quickly as she looked around suspiciously.

"Hold your tongue old man, wouldn't want your wife to hear this." Severus threatened Igor, but then Minerva's voice broke the tension between the two wizards.

"Hello… anyone there?" she asked, but then she felt it was a stupid question. She was just being paranoid as she went back to her search. Severus waved his hand again as the book beside her hand fell, and she grabbed it before it hit the ground. Damn he thought. She looked around suspiciously once again. Igor rubbed his head as he looked at Severus.

"Are you going to watch her pick up books all day?" he asked, and then Severus turned to face Igor which caused him to scurry off. He went to resume his little fun with Minerva, but she wasn't there. Damn, where'd she go he thought. Then he fell to the ground unexpectedly under the sudden weight of the books that fell on top of him. He looked up to see Minerva standing over him with her cheeks flushed red with anger and her hands on her hips defiantly.

"Now you can pick up all these books yourself." she mocked as she threw a book at his head before she left. "Dirty bastard." He sighed as he had been caught. Man did she have a temper, but oh how much he loved to provoker her. Her cheeks would always flare red as it lined her cheek bone giving her striking look instead of petrified look. She wondered why he always smirked when she yelled at him, and it wasn't because he was confident, but because of how beautiful she was when she flushed furiously. Also the way she put her hands on her hips and angled her chin defiantly was wonderful.

The next day Severus made his way to the staff room to grade essays as the noise from the Slytherin common room was deafening. When he walked into the staff room it was warm and bright like always. Rolanda was curled up contently in an arm chair with her quidditch magazine. Pomona Sprout and Filius Flitwick were whispering sweet nothings to each other in a corner, while Minerva was sitting at a table accompanied by a stack of essays to grade, and her usual cup of tea. He smiled as she had become so predictable over the years. What was it with her and her tea he thought as he made his way to accompany her at the table. He pulled up a seat across from her. She didn't acknowledge his presence, but he knew that she noticed him by the way her body shifted away from him when he sat down. He noticed that she wore a white knitted sweater with black skinny pants. Her hair was in a left in a casual bun with loose strands of hair that framed her face. She looked lovely again that day.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, and the things I said to you the last couple of days." He said without looking at her and trying to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. She looked at him surprised as she tried to read his face, but it was illegible.

"That's a first." was her only reply as she averted her eyes back to her essays. He smirked and started on his first essay.

"Oh listen to this." Severus said as he read the essay aloud. "The way to make a love potion is with love and one of the lover's possessions. For example of a possession could be a piece of hair or their nickers." Minerva smirked and shook her head.

"Sick minds they have these days, who wrote it?" she asked.

"A Gryffindor." He answered with a pleasant smirk plastered on his face too.

"Well then, want to know what a Slytherin wrote?" she asked now making this a challenge. "Ah, listen to this one. A situation for a vanishing charm could be simply to remove another's clothing as it is fast and efficient. You can easily get right down to business."

"Humph, typical, does five points from Slytherin suffice?" he asked her as she just smiled at his response. "Alright listen to this one. A love potion does not make another person fall in love with the other, but instead have a sick obsession with the person. It's like Professor McGonagall with tartan. That woman can't get enough tartan for her life. A love potion could have benefits, but also has down sides. For example, drinking tea relaxes the nerves as Professor McGonagall does it all the time. The down side on it is that she must taste like tea when you kiss her. Don't want to get stuck under the mistletoe with her."

"Enough, which Gryffindor wrote that?" Minerva asked irritably as she wanted to know which of her cubs had dared bad mouth her.

"I did." he smirked as she just simply kicked him under the table. "Ow, sorry, I couldn't resist." he apologized again.

"Two apologies in one day, that must be an all-time high for you." Minerva said sardonically. Severus smiled as she didn't sound furious with him, but she still had that flare in her cheeks that he loved.

"To you, yes it is."

"So why the sudden change?"

"Let's just say I don't want to get slapped again." he merely answered and she smiled pleased with herself.

"Did that hurt, I'm sorry." she apologized with her words soaked in sarcasm.

"Oh yes it really did." he replied with equal sarcasm. "You know, enough reading what goes through the minds of our perverted students, and play some chess."

She was surprised by his offer, but she kept her smile as she saw the playful glint in his dark eyes "Are you sure you're up to that? I remember I beat you pretty badly last time." He laughed at her teasing.

"Sure, I don't care if I lose, I just want to get away from those essays." he explained, but it didn't convince her. "I'll get you ice cream if you play with me." He tried to bait her.

"Eating ice cream in the winter?" asked Minerva. "I think we'd both prefer a nice glass of wine maybe."

"I like the way you think." he told her as he waved his hand. He had conjured two glasses with full bottle wine and a bottle of fire whiskey. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at the fire whiskey and then at him.

"I hope you're not trying to get me drunk."

"What would possibly give you that idea?" he asked acting shocked, but she just chuckled which was music to his ears. "Fire whiskey is courtesy from the stock in my room as I thought it would be nice to wash down the wine with the whisky. Besides we deserve some since today is the end of the half of the year."

She waved her hand as the stack of papers disappeared and a set of marbled chess pieces had appeared. "Chess set courtesy from my rooms." He nodded and poured out some wine for them and handed her a wine glass.

"May the best wiz win at the end?" Severus said as he raised his glass. She raised her glass along with him before they both took a sip of their drink. She was white so she went first. They played silently as their pieces moved strategically across the board. She took down his pieces ruthlessly as he smiled every time he saw her triumphant look. Truth be told, he was letting her win as he preferred to see her smile instead of scowling and swallowing her pride. He watched as her eyes would reveal every emotion she had hidden in the past. He smiled as he watched her strategic thinking as her eyes traced the remaining pieces on the board. Her long slender finger would then rub against her bottom lip as she was deep in thought. Her musical voice would then command a piece to move, and Severus would have been awoken from his trance

The game ended when Severus's king had took off his crown and the queen took him down. Minerva sat back in her chair and looked around the room. She hadn't noticed that the others had left which meant they were alone in the room. It was dark outside already as the moon made the snow below glisten. Severus continued to watch her silently with admiration and dare he say it, with love.

"Well that was a good game. I'll see you tomorrow Severus." she said as she got up.

"Hold it lassie, but you didn't have a glass of fire whiskey yet, and I think you'll need it for tomorrow." He stopped her as he held a glass of fire whiskey.

"You're right. If they write perverted things in their essays, imagine what they'll do tomorrow night?" Minerva questioned. She then looked down at her watch as she was surprised to see what the time was.

"Oh Merlin, sorry Severus I had a lovely time, but I'm late." Minerva said quickly and then took a long sip from her fire whiskey as she winced from the strong burning after taste. She grabbed her papers she had put aside and before she knew it she kissed him on the cheek and ran off. Severus was thunder struck as he was just kissed by Minerva McGonagall, the woman he had compared to a dragon. What was he thinking? He was smiling like a love sick puppy as he lightly traced her kiss with his long thin fingers.

Minerva transformed into her cat form as she sprinted down the hall. The Gargoyle saw her coming and stepped aside immediately. She then transformed back as her normal self as she straightened herself, and did her rhythmic three knocks. A smile had crept on Dumbledore's face as he heard Minerva's knock. He thought she had forgotten him, but apparently she hadn't.

"Come in Min." he said and the door opened as Minerva slipped in gracefully. "You look lovely as always Min. Please come and sit. I have the chess board set up already." He indicated to the chess table that was set in front of the fire. She sighed as she went to sit in her usual chair by the fire. Dumbledore frowned by her reaction.

"Is something troubling you?" he asked her and she smiled and shook her head nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry Albus. It's just that I had just played an unexpected game with Severus a few minutes ago. That's why I was so awfully late."

"No need to apologize Min, here I have a different game that doesn't evolve much calculated thinking." He waved his hand as a deck of cards appeared. She eyed him suspiciously as he smiled at her curiosity. He then opened the pack as he shuffled them and then dealt them out in two even piles.

"So what's this game that requires no thinking?" she asked as she knew it was going to be ridiculous, if Albus had suggested it.

"Well it's a game that I haven't played since I was a wee lad, but I think you should enjoy it, it's called Slap Jack."

"Slap Jack?" she asked as she couldn't imagine Albus as a young boy playing cards.

"Yes, my muggle friends were very fond of the game." he explained as he got out a jack from his pile. "Whenever you see these cards with the "J" on it, you just simply slap it. We pick up the card on the top of the deck and flip it over at the same time. We repeat the process until a jack appears. The first to slap it gets the cards on the bottom. If we don't notice the jack until we flip our other card, then you can't slap it. We play until one person is left without any cards at all." Minerva looked at him with a smirk as she softly chuckled.

"So we just simply slap the jack?"

"Yes just simply slap the jack. For this game all you really need is quick hands." He smiled as he raised his eyebrow teasingly. "Shall we play?" His blue eyes had a playful young look on them and Minerva smiled to see him like he was one of her first years.

"Alright." She agreed as the intense game of slap jack started. First there weren't any jacks until Minerva flipped a Jack over and both their hands shot out for it. Since the card was closest to Minerva, her hand reached there first, but Dumbledore was right behind as he laid his right over hers as some of his fingers were trapped under hers.

"Darn." He said teasingly as he didn't remove his hand. Minerva looked at him with a playful smile.

"Let go of the pile Albus, I won it fair and square." He removed his hands as he returned the smile.

"You won the first jack, but there are still several more to go." he replied and the game continued. Dumbledore would win some as she would win others, but who ever won it, it was very close. Sometimes it was a tie as they would split the pile evenly and Dumbledore would be kind as he'd let her keep the jack. Her skin was soft as he felt it when they went after a jack. His felt warm and strong as it would meet Minerva's hand, but it was reassuring and kind when her hand reached the jack first. She was surprisingly having fun with this mindless game. Never in a million years did she ever think she would play a muggle card game with Albus where their hands would constantly clash together. Fawkes had a prudent look in his eyes as he thought he saw some sparks fly. Even the portraits started whispering as they knew the old wizard had always had a thing for his deputy.

In the end Albus had been victorious as Minerva was getting tired and decided to let him win to see his conquering smile and dazzling blue eyes twinkle in the light of the fire. Dumbledore had gotten up as he poured them a glass of fire whiskey.

"Sorry, I don't have gillywater." Dumbledore apologized as he handed her the glass of fire whiskey.

"Oh that's okay." She assured him as she saw him sucking on another lemon drop. "Could I try one, a lemon drop I mean?" Dumbledore eyed her suspiciously.

"Who are you and what did you do to my Min?" he asked her teasingly. She laughed as she saw the shock on his face.

He got out his bag of lemon drops from his pocket as he handed her one. "You never wanted one in the past when I offered, so why the sudden change?"

"I know I just got curious to why your always liked them, and besides, every time you asked me if I wanted one it was during an argument." She explained after she popped it into her mouth and he laughed as he saw her face scrunch up. "Oh my, Albus these are so sour."

"At first, but then after a while it becomes sweet. Sort of like Severus in a way. Bad and sour in the morning, and then sweeter as the day goes on." She laughed at his joke as he chucked along with her.

"So, I never asked, but who won the chess match?"

"Oh I did, though he didn't give up easily."

"That's good." He said as there was a peaceful silence. He then looked at Minerva as he saw how she had a few stray strands that softened her face. He smiled as he liked how she looked as it made her youthful and exceptionally younger. She looked calm and her stress level had been lowered dramatically. Silently and without really caring about the consequences he vanished the table and had reached for her feet. He had removed her shoes and started to message her feet. Minerva had been deep in thought as she thought about the Yule Ball and the chaperones. She hadn't noticed that Albus had her feet until she felt a strong thumb rub against her heel which sent shiver down her back. The feeling was beyond her and Dumbledore smiled as he smiled at the reaction he got out of her. She then looked at him surprised. He just smiled like he wasn't doing anything, and she smiled back appreciatively.

"May I just say that you look wonderful tonight." he said, and she removed her feet from his grasp as it was becoming all too much for her.

"Albus, thank you. I had a good time, and I'll see you tomorrow at the ball." she said nervously as she had put back on her shoes and left the room before he could say anything. Dumbledore was left to wonder if he did something wrong, or whether she was just tried and wanted to leave.

"Poor guy." said headmaster Dippet and Fawkes nodded in agreement.

"Yes, if only he'd tell her how he feels." replied Headmistress Spore irritably. "I'm sick of seeing him sulking around whenever she leaves him in such haste, though he is cute when he waits anxiously for her to come."

"Well he can't damn well tell her if she keeps on running off like that." said Headmaster Black as he looked annoyed as well. Some of the portraits looked socked since he never really did join in their so called useless gossip.

"Brave Gryffindor, please spare me." He sneered.

"Well maybe he'll let her know tomorrow at the Yule Ball." suggested Headmistress Derwent as she sighed and all the other portraits nodded their heads. They hoped so too.


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