Disclaimer: If I owned this hhmmmmmmmm…. I DON'T think it would be as good as it is now

Midnight: Hello my peoplez and welcome to..

All: Pandora Dares!

Midnight: My audience never gets it wrong :) and a few notices:

1. I still need more yes's and no's for the CAM's and if any of you have forgotten I'll add a new one in today.

2. I'm sorry to say yaoi and yuri are not allowed, sorry for the people who read it.

3. I know, I know I didn't keep my promise for Sat. but I was close it's still a week later that counts right? *gets shot*

Midnight: *bursts back to life* Alright who was that? I'm sewing 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,002 and I can't die I have INFINITE lives! Now time for the characters *presses button*

Alice and Oz: *Are playing with Cosmo*

Gil: *well ,uhhh, he's just standing there…..and Echo too!*

Midnight: What are you doing with Cosmo he's no pet!

Oz: Are you sure? He's the cuddliest, cutest and kindest thing I've ever seen in my life

Midnight: It's not supposed to be this way! What did you feed him?

Alice: Let's see mostly milk and sugar filled cookies

Midnight: No wonder he's being kind!

Gil: At least he stopped gnawing on my hat

Midnight: You know what, come to think of it I have a bigger CAM in the basement (bum dum BUM). I think I should introduce Death the meanest most sugar hating CAM I have. Kill moves you think you can bring him up here

Kill moves: *nods head and heads downstairs*


Echo: Was that a dragon?

Midnight: Yup! Say hello to Death the dragon (1)

Death: *flies through basement ceiling* ROAR

Oz: :O Oh my flipping God first a rabbit now a dragon and he's so cute*starts running around in circles* I want it, I want it!

Midnight: That wasn't as hard as I thought it's be

Gil: (thoughts: Fu*k now the dragon's gonna kill master and then me thanks to the stupid rabbit and if anyone asks for a reason I don't have one)

Midnight: Take good care of Death and I give no warnings whatsoever. Now let's begin with a dare I had left behind from last week:

"I dare oz and alice to do a romantic scene together! they should not try to avoid it"

Gil: *raises hand* Can they try to avoid it?

Midnight: Can you not see or hear the gigantic TV?

Gil: …..No

Midnight: What do you mean no?

Gil: I've gone blind

Oz: That's not true. Just this morning we went to the eye doctor and he said you have 20/20 hawk eye vision.

Gil: :O ( thoughts: What would it take for the kid to be quiet?)

Midnight: Anyhow let's start the scene* romance music turns on, a table w/ candle and two wooden chairs appear, rose petals scattered all over the table and the ceiling turns into a starry night scene*

Oz: Shall we

Alice: Y- *huge boulder falls on Alice's chair and rolls to the other end of the room*

Alice: WTF?

Midnight: I figured we would do dare #2 while the romance scene is on by Sorceress of the Abyss:

"I dare Alice to be chained to a chair (or a boulder or something so she couldn't move) with a large steak in front of her (out of reach)."

Alice: *is chained the boulder an inch from the steak* Steak?

Midnight: Yes, steak

Alice: *starts to reach for the steak, bight her arm off, hysterically cries etc.*

Oz: *sits and tries to eat food while Death roars and Alice cries* WHAT A WONDERFUL EVENING WE'RE HAVING!

Midnight: *starts to laugh hysterically*

Echo: *stands there plainly :P*

Gil: *looks at his master like the dragon might eat his head off if he doesn't get some of the steak*(wink, wink)

Midnight: Gilbert, you looked worried

Gil: I AM worried at the scene I'm witnessing

Midnight: :O But I thought you had gone blind

Gil: *whispers* I can't believe this

Midnight: don't worry coz that's the least of your worries

Gil : Huh? Midnight: Dare #3 by Sorceress of the Abyss:

"I dare Gil to get rid of his hat (either feed it to Cosmo or throw it into the hole)"

Gil: No,no it's my hat and a gift from lady Ada

Midnight: That's too bad *grabs hat and throws it to Death who chomps on it immediately*

Gil: XO Oh my fuc*. Why? WHY would you do that?*starts rolling on the floor crying*

Midnight: I see your upset, moving on Dare #4 by…


Midnight: …Aoife the Shadow: (note: the one with glen and jack was removed coz it made me feel uncomfortable)

"For echo, beat your master until his death"

Echo: What?*baseball bat appears in hand and Vincent appears*

Vincent: Echo! What a pleasant surprise! Uhh.. why are you holding a baseball bat.

Echo: Will Echo get in trouble for this?

Midnight: Nope keep going as long as you don't kill him

Echo: :} *starts beating Vince*

Midnight: *looks around at the chaos (which hasn't stopped from minute one, mind you)* Wow well that ends today's rather chaos filled day I guess.

(1) Death is a medium-sized black dragon with a long tail w/ red spikes, red claws, huge red eyes that go with his cute flat ears and golden cross neclace, and huge black wings(he stands on two feet)