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These short-ish chapters will be pre-movie exploring the relationship between Priest and Priestess after they first meet (just because I'm curious.) Its currently in Priest's POV, and I think that's how I'm keeping it.

Before the Endless Night Falls

She was only 12. How was she so young and so gifted? How did they find her?

I was one of the oldest chosen, which was a risk for them, I was told. My loyalties weren't questioned, however, because of how they found me. I was eighteen and more than faithful to the church, so they must have known my name through the clergymen that knew me well enough. They told me that I was chosen by God because I was meant for something more than the life I lived. My trust in God helped me decide to leave everything I loved; everything I still loved. But that lifeā€¦I don't know whether it would inspire me or hold me back. Either way, I was living a new life now, and I had to get used to it. Some trainees were already dropping out; they couldn't handle the pressure. But I knew I was stronger than that, and so was this young girl. I would become a Priest, and she, a Priestess.

The first time I saw her was when she registering for a room. One of the clergyman in charge of us had a tight grip on her small shoulder and was guiding her through the halls. I was standing outside of the room I shared with another boy. No one had names here, they had told us that names held us back; tied us to our old lives when we had to focus on training. We had numbers. My number was 11. My roommate's, 14.

Hers was 7.

The Clergyman led her down the hall and he made eye contact with me. We both nodded in acknowledgment; I earned that through my training. As they passed, I kept my eyes on the girl. Unexpectedly, her eyes darted towards mine. I could see her soul through those eyes. I'd been days since then, and I still couldn't get that look she gave me out of my head.

I saw her sitting alone in the dirt. Her legs were crossed, her arms lightly hugging herself. She was outside the girl's hall of rooms, probably getting some air. Maybe some peace. At the time, I didn't care if she wanted to be alone. She looked lonely enough. She was the youngest of the chosen ones and I couldn't imagine being her age and having to accept all this.

She looked up at me, I think, when she saw my shadow. It was dark, but then again, it was always dark. The distant streetlight lit half of her face and I could see faint tear streaks staining her cheeks. So maybe she wasn't as strong as I thought, but I couldn't judge. Time will tell.

The second time I saw her was in the training ring. She was being shown how to throw a knife properly. She wasn't perfect, but determined to get better. I was entranced watching her, although I never would have admitted it. She was stronger than she looked, and pain didn't seem to be a problem for her. I could tell that her muscles were aching by how she gradually began to slow down throughout the two hours of her introductory training, but she showed no signs of discomfort. It was like she'd already lived here as long as I have, which was about three months. We didn't meet eyes this time. She didn't even know I was there, I was hiding under the stands surrounding the miniature arena. At first, I had forgotten that I was invisible to her.

I sat next to her after she looked up, fearlessly looking into my eyes. She tensed some. We were silent while I was trying to think of what to say. What to say to this girl I hardly knew? Then it hit me.

"We'll be partners, you and I, when we enter the war." I tried to say this softly, so only she could hear me. It was a subtle sign telling her that I specifically wanted to talk to her; that this wasn't just a speech I gave to all the new girls. She understood with a slight shift in her energy. She was no longer tense. I had more to say, but was curious as to how she would respond.

She didn't say anything, but by the nod of her head, I could tell that she was either grateful for my company or grateful for what I had said.

I continued. "We'll have to look out for each other. We'll have to trust each other." I looked at her, willing her eyes to look into mine. They did. "Can you trust me?"

She nodded, then I heard her voice for the first time, although just by looking at her, I could've sworn I'd already heard it in my heart. "I trust you."

We formed a bond that day, something we both needed; something we'd both been without for a long while. She was so young; I felt I had to protect her. I had to do something for her. I felt like I already knew her. I'd heard people speak of this kind of connection; of past lives meeting again. I didn't know if I believed it, but it gave me comfort to know I'd be with her. It made me feel human to care, and I liked that feeling.

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