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title: battle day
summary: Bonny and blithe and rotted away. — Melodia.






The game goes like this:

Her fingers slip into the darkest nooks and crannies of people's minds and squeeze. She knows it—people hide their darkness in the recesses of their minds where they think no one will ever find it.

But Melodia had always been good at hide-and-go-seek.

And finding the dark things is like a present at Yule because, oh, look at you, you know that this is wrong, don't you? You know how disgusting and dirty it is.

But it's okay, though. I understand.

Ingratiate yourself, Melodia learns. Smile and laugh and settle fights because she's the Lord Calbren's granddaughter, and people will tell her things if they think that the Lord's granddaughter cares.

And so Melodia knows secrets that the people themselves don't know. She knows what boys like and what girls like and what parents like. She knows it all because she needs to know it all.

It's preparing to control the world on a smaller scale.

Melodia has Mira in the palm of her hand, and she knows it.

Just a little longer, and she will rebuild the world. She will rebuild it and destroy those that stand in her way (how dare they stand in her way these fools who know nothing who do they think they are?), because she is Melodia and she is the only one who understands that Malpercio is freedom—that God must be reborn to truly be alive.

And the wait builds and builds until her lungs are choked with it. Two years of waiting, two years chock full of stupidity and humans.

Melodia hates them.

Oh, how she hates them.

But they are intrinsic to her plan. Her new world will need inhabitants, and perhaps the dirty humans can be the base point.

She shudders at the thought.

It feels like the light in her stomach and it seethes and grows with her as she waits. A child is useless, Melodia knows. But a girl—sixteen in a good age to start a war or two. She is sixteen, and she knows that men watch her.

Melodia will have the world in the palm of her hand in a matter of months.

And she will rule.

The shivers race along her spine at the thought, sparking up her skin into a cacophony of electrical charges like excitement. She will rule, and all will fall before God.

All for God.

Melodia sits on Mira's throne and rots in her soul, waiting for her Darkness to begin.






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