Nine. Two

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Chapter 1

(Ebony P.O.V)

I was in the basement, the door was locked and no matter how hard I hit it, it wouldn't budge. Not once. I hit it again and again, yelling to be let out. Nobody came. My hands bled, and didn't heal. Suddenly, the door was thrown open, hitting me, bringing me crashing to the cold stone floor.

"Stop making such a noise, freak!" My biological mother, Sophie Davies sneered.

She kicked me in the stomach, then knelt down and grabbed my hair, yanking my head up. "No body is coming for you. You're stuck here. Get used to it. You are nothing. Nothing but a pawn. Get it through that thick skull of yours, and maybe I'll let you out once in a while. Now, I'm having guests over for dinner. Be silent." She stood, and turned.

"You're wrong." I said.

She turned. "What did you say?"

"You're wrong. Dad's coming for me. You can't keep me here. I'm no pawn. Dad won't let me be used. He'll come for me."

"No one is coming for you." She hissed. "Because no one cares for you. He's not coming for you. He's probably glad you're gone."

She aimed a kick for my head, but just before the blow connected, I woke up in my bed, panting. I was in my room, at home. I could hear dad, asleep in his room. I got up out of bed, and walked over to the window. It was still dark, but the moon shone brightly, illuminating everything I could see.

I turned and quietly padded out of my room and downstairs. I walked outside, and sat down on the porch.

The house dad and I lived at was two stories, not including the basement we used for some training, and surrounded by forest, with a single road leading away. It allowed us privacy we wouldn't get in a town. It gave us peace and quiet and a place to train without attracting unwanted attention.

I heard the door behind me open and close, and then dad sat down beside me.

"I thought you were asleep dad." I said. "Sorry if I woke you."

"You're not getting enough sleep Cub." He stated. "Something's stopping you. What's wrong?"

"I'm fine." I said. Big mistake.

Dad growled loudly, and grabbed the back of my neck with one hand, and my chin with the other. "What's. Wrong?" He asked again, forcing my eyes to meet his.

"It's just a recurring nightmare dad. Nothing more."

"You need sleep cub. You know that. What's bothering you? It's been going on since you came back from school. Probably longer. What's bothering you so much that it's stopping you sleep?"

He kept our gazes locked, not allowing me to look away.

"You're right. Not long after I went back to Hogwarts from Xaviers, I was heading to the Library. Hermione and I were going to research a few things. One second, I'm walking down one corridor, about to go onto another, next, I'm waking up in the Hospital wing, no memory of what happened and Harry telling me that Hermione had found me in the corridor that I'd just been approaching. The nightmares started that night. I think their linked."

"What are they of?" dad asked.

"I'm in a basement, and I'm banging on a door, yelling to be let out." I told him all of it. Every last detail that I could remember.

He was silent for a moment, before pulling me into a hug. "I will never leave you in a situation like that, Cub." He assured me. "We are family. I promised to protect you, and I'll do just that. When Rufus gets here tomorrow, I'll ask if there's a way to find out if the dreams are connected to when you blacked out. For now, I suggest you go to bed, and go to sleep. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow."

"I'll only have another nightmare." I said, shaking my head.

Dad sighed. "Cub, you need as close to ten hours sleep as possible. I don't know what Rufus is going to start with, but I know it'll be tiring. Apparently it tires out powerful witches and wizards who've reached their magical maturity, so God knows what it'll do to you, when you haven't reached your magical maturity."

"I'll be fine." I said, trying to get him to believe me.

Dad growled lightly, and then he smiled. "Have I thanked you for passing that power onto me?" He asked.

My eyes widened as I realised what he meant. I was about to move away, but dad was quicker. His arm tightened round my shoulders, and he shifted the strap on my top. He swiftly bit down on my shoulder, injecting the venom that allowed us to knock people unconscious into my blood.

I had never had it used on me before, and it worked quickly through my system, knocking me out. The last thing I heard was dad saying that he wasn't going to let Sophie hurt me any more.

(No P.O.V)

Victor looked at his cub's unconscious form. There were several scars on her arms, but they were barely noticeable anymore. He remembered what they'd looked like, when he'd first found her. Some of them were still open, her healing factor having slowed due to the lack of food she'd been given after the adamantium bonding procedure had been successful. Others were half healed, and a couple had been a raw pink that stood out against her pale skin. The sight had made his hackles raise, and had invoked a sense of protectiveness for the small girl. That was when he knew she was his cub.

Now the scars only served as a reminder for them both to stay on guard. Stryker and other threats were out there, and they had to be prepared to face them.

Which was why Victor was worried. The bags around his cub's eyes were steadily growing larger and her healing factor, slower. He felt his anger spark. How could a frail cause his cub so much harm? How dare they interfere with her life like this, or at all for that matter? Ebony never would have seen her again, if it wasn't for Dumbledore paying her to try and take her from the care and safety Victor provided for her. Dumbledore… something told Victor that the old wizard had something to do with his cub's nightmares. She wouldn't have just collapsed and forgotten a portion of events. This had magic written all over it.

Victor gathered his cub in his arms and picked her up. He carried her into the house, and to his room. Maybe being able to smell his scent would let her subconsciously know that she was safe. He was her father, and she recognised him as her protector. This might help her rest for the remainder of the night. Victor placed her on the bed, and then lay beside her, ready to wake up and wake her if she started showing the signs of a nightmare.

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