I had it in my grasp. I summoned the Cauldron-Born. Victory was mine.. How did it come to this?

If it weren't for that foolish boy, I could have accomplished my goal.. If it weren't for that wretched Pig-Keeper, I wouldn't be here. Here! Here within the very thing I sought after for so, so long!

I am imprisoned.. Here, within the very thing that I searched for for so many years.. Here, within this hell, this 'Prison of eternal torture' for all eternity..

Here, I will endure endless pain and suffering. I cannot rest. I cannot scream. I cannot escape. I am alone.. The only form of comfort that I can find.. Are of the thoughts of having my fingers wrapped around that boy's throat and squeezing the life right out of him. But that isn't enough.. I want him to suffer.. Wriggle and writhe like a worm!

Hate is the only companion that I have here.. Hate is the only thing that comforts me. But alas, even hatred cannot sooth the pain that I feel here..

My insides burn, my lungs feel as though it's filled with burning ashes. My arms and legs shackled by red hot chains. Burning blades kissing every inch of my body. I am drowning! I try to swim to the surface, but try as I might, I find myself being dragged back down again.

I am exhausted. I ask.. I kneel before him, begging for rest! But his answer is always the same..

I suppose it is a good thing that I never was one to believe in hope. Hope was for the weak.. "Those who have no hope are easy to control, but those with hope are even easier" I say.. There is no hope for me. The things that I have done.. No one would ever forgive me for the things I have done. No one would weep over my grave. My death has probably become a holiday.. I suppose this is my punishment, hmm?

Oh.. How I long to inflict pain and suffering on that Pig-Boy.. If I were to ever, EVER, escape from this prison, he would wish he had never been born in this world.. But these are merely wild dreams. My body has been destroyed. Only my soul remains, and it will forever be trapped here within the Black Cauldron.

I wonder if he suffers the same, he whom offers me no peace(not that I deserve it)? He was, after all, the first to have been imprisoned by the Black Cauldron. Though he certainly doesn't show any signs of feeling any pain.. All those years of being sealed away has probably driven him to madness. Am I to be driven mad by all this pain as well after a certain amount of time has passed? Not that time has any meaning to me anymore..

It feels as though an eternity has passed, then another eternity. Then another.. And another.. And I cannot do anything.. I cannot rest. I cannot scream.. And I can never, ever escape..

I am drowning in pain. The same pain that I felt as my insides melted, and my flesh torn from my bones..

But I cannot die.. I've already died.. My body was destroyed, and my spirit imprisoned within the Black Cauldron.