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Med-Labs and Microwaves

The Master sat impatiently on the white hospital bed, tapping out a four rhythm beat on the metal frame. His face was thinner and paler than it had once been due to the strain of the past few days. However, his mental condition had greatly improved. His eyebrows creased with concentration and the heart monitor began to jump around erratically.

"No, no, not quite right…" He muttered and his heart rate returned to normal.

The Doctor stood over him holding a small square medical device, scanning his body. The heart monitor began to beep wildly again. The Doctor glanced up, confused, then looked at the Master suspiciously. He shook his head wearily, already becoming tired of his patient's antics and resumed his scanning.

Finally after the heart monitor repeated its performance several times, the Doctor threw down the scanner and glared at his patient.

"What are you doing?" The other Time Lord gave no sign he had heard him speak. The Doctor leaned forwards.

"Oi!" He snapped his fingers in front of the Master's face. The Master blinked and looked up.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"What were you doing?" The Doctor demanded. The Master smirked then his face went blank.

"Hey!" The Doctor said indignantly, the insistent beeping beginning to irritate him.

"What are you doing?" He asked again.

"You're boring me to death so I had to seek the only entertainment available in this God forsaken place. I'm trying to synchronise my heartbeat with the drumming and your heartbeat; my heart's slightly faster than yours but the pattern merges every fifteen minutes. Anyway, why have you got a 23rd century microwave in a med-lab?" The Master replied without losing his concentration or moving his gaze from somewhere just beyond the microwave. Throughout the whole explanation the Doctor's forehead had been creased in confusion but at the mention of what was probably one of his 'ingenious' ideas his face lit up. He bounced over to the counter and placed his hand on the microwave.

"I used the microwaves to boost the clarity of the handheld MRI," he explained happily. "It was quite simple really, just a bit of tinkering on the internal wiring; I changed some of the solar energy converters; de-polarised it all and added a Henson's extractor to merge the non-compatible systems. Besides, it cooks baked beans in half the time it did before…" His voice trailed away as he turned back to the now empty bed.

"Master?" He walked back over to the bed and something small, square and luminous yellow caught his eye. He reached up and peeled off the Post-It note stuck to the heart monitor. The Doctor squinted to read the Master's messy, spidery handwriting.

'Couldn't take it any longer.'

The Doctor leapt to his feet and sprinted out into the corridor. "Wait! I haven't checked the reflexes on your injured arm!"

Meanwhile on the other side of the TARDIS the Master chuckled to himself and dug into a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

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