Anyone seen Maroon 5's music video to Misery? It makes me think a lot of how I imagine Zim and Gaz's relationship. O.o

For those of you who haven't figured it out by now, Zim and Gaz's relationship consists of blowing out the others fuse unless the other agrees the irritation or emotion is worth it.

Starting off like the chapter says.

Summers over. Skools in.

Enjoy the beginning of the end!

Chapter 1
"Skool Is In"

The rest of the summer had been boring. But anything was better then Skool, of course.

But Gaz had to admit, the first day was probably the best she'd ever had.

It was historic event, really. All three of the weirdest kids of the Skool, one of which who was a consistent loner, one who hated the other weirdo (and accused him of being an alien daily) and the girl who made the principal cry on her first of Hi-Skool, all walking in together. Of course, Gaz and Dib always walked in together but Zim never walked in with anybody.

And there was a fourth addition the odd little group. Zim, not trusting Gir to stay at home with Minnie-Moose supervising anymore (not after a certain incident over the summer), had him disguised as his little brother, in a costume Gaz had helped put together for the 'realistic' look.

So all in all they were quite a sight. Zim had entered looking around suspiciously until Gaz had smacked him on the shoulder and demanded he stop acting like they were doing something wrong. They had proceeded to begin arguing in hushed tones, leaning rather surprisingly (for those who weren't used to it yet) close to one another. Not only that but the new kid (Gir) and Dib were interacting as well. Gir was talking animatedly to Dib, who looked rather frightened of the strange 'little boy'.

Dib, actually, should've graduated that year. However, during the summer, one of the only eventful things was that Dib had unintentionally blown up a portion of the Skool. If Dib had not been Dr. Membrane's son, he would've been expelled and thrown in prison. However, after quite a few strings had been pulled, they'd settled for Dib being held back a year instead, to suffer another unnecessary year of Skool.

But lunch had been the best by far.

Not only did Zim sit with other people, but with Dib? That would've been surprising but the real reason made people's jaws drop, food falling from their mouths as they stared.

Zim and Dib had arrived first, which was why people had assumed they were now friends. They'd only been alone about thirty seconds (spent sitting uncomfortably at the whispers and stares) until Gaz had entered the room, doors bursting open as she shoved them angrily.

"Zim!" She shouted, silencing everyone's conversations as they turned to stare at her.

At once the alien-boy turned, looking alarmed. He jumped to his feet upon seeing her murderous expression and in the deathly silence the sound of his shoes against the floor could be heard. Gaz met him halfway and there they stopped, having approached the other.

"What is it?" Zim asked, staring at her.

Gaz bared her teeth at him as she hissed, "Do you know where Gir is at this time?"

At once Zim's wide eyes turned tired, the exact image of someone who knew what was to be expected. "What did he do now?"

"See this?" She reached into her mostly empty bag and pulled out her handheld. Onlookers gasped, quietly. It was well-known how protective Gaz was of her gaming devices. If Zim's little brother (as the information had now spread) had done anything to mess with it, it would be a wonder if he was still breathing and in one piece.

Zim groaned, "I told him not to touch it!"

"He did more then touch it," Gaz insisted through her teeth, unconsciously stroking the thing with her fingers as if it was her child. "Your stupid little brother tried to eat my game! Look, he got his stupid little-boy slobber and bite marks all over it!"

Her voice had suddenly turned slightly pouty, to the surprise of the cafeteria. Gaz never whined, much less pouted. She was all fury and suppressed hatred of all living things. A stick of dynamite with an impossibly short fuse. And she was complaining to Zim? The very thought was just too unbelievable.

"He bit it, you say?" Zim gently removed the object from her hands, examining it. Gaz crossed her arms as she waited, scowling. Zim was impossibly careful with it and everyone seemed to hold their breaths as he handled it with care.

The damage was slight but prominent. Scratches consisting with someone attempting to gnaw on it were all over the outside cover and opening it, Zim saw that it was indeed wet with spit. He scowled, planning to handle Gir when he next saw him, if Gaz hadn't already.

Zim gave her an apologetic look, placing the device in his PAK for later. "I apologize for his behavior. I'll have this fixed when I return home."

"Good," Gaz replied, still pouting but seeming to not be angry. They headed over to their table, where Dib sat, the only one in the room (including the cafeteria staff) that hadn't even looked up at Zim and Gaz's little spat.

This wouldn't have been so surprising had Zim not put his arm around Gaz, oblivious to the looks, and muttered his apologies and reassurances to the health of her game into her ear. People were positively choking on air and tensed, expecting Zim to be in pieces soon. To their ever-growing shock, Gaz hardly reacted besides a sideways glance at him. So they turned to Dib, anticipating some sort of fight. But everyone was disappointed to see him just make a face of disgust and say nothing but ask how their classes had been so far.

True, it was not the first time Zim and Gaz had been seen in public together, on Skool grounds or otherwise. But it was the first time the two had made it known that they were together together. Not that they cared really, or even took notice to everyone's reactions.

Not until Dib did, jerked his chin towards the prying eyes, and Gaz turned around and shot everyone looks.

"What are you all looking at?" She snapped.

Immediately everyone turned away and spoke to their companions, about anything.

Anything to get Gaz to stop looking at them like that, really.

Zim and Gaz had every class together, thanks to Zim hacking into the Skool's registration. She threatened to kill him if he did if so, so he'd done it just to spite her. He'd smirked at her the whole time after showing her his classes for the year, laughing even after Gaz had punched him in the face.

What a weird couple they were.

That had been about a year ago. Now all three of the were Seniors, save Gir, who was a Sophomore.

Currently, however, they were a little over a month into Skool, and they were in gym class. It was the beginning of October now.

And Gaz was in her gym clothes while Zim sat on the bleachers, in his normal clothes, with a forged doctors note that excused him from P.E. due to one of the many side-effects of his 'skin condition'. Once again he had rigged the Skool system into getting all of his classes with her. It was weird, Gaz had never expected to even be in a relationship, let alone one that had now lasted two years.

However, at the moment, Gaz could've killed him.

"Having fun?" Zim asked her, leaning over the railing and smirking at her.

Gaz wore the signature Skool colors, light blue and orange. The short-sleeved shirt was what was light blue and the shorts, reaching at about mid-thigh for her, were orange. White socks and dark sneakers, standard regulation for the P.E. uniform, completed the outfit.

It was insanely amusing to Zim that Gaz, the self-proclaiming most dominant of the two (because really they were both dominant in their relationship) was being forced to perform such a meaningless task of running repeatedly around a track while he didn't and got to watch. It was the ultimate form of entertainment for him and the perfect way to harass her effortlessly.

Having been bent over stretching out her legs, as far from the other girls as possible, Gaz stood up and glared at him. "Care to join me?"

"Not really, no." Zim replied back smugly, leaning back and folding his arms behind his head. "I would prefer just to watch."

"Mm," Gaz made a contemplative face, glancing backward to confirm no one was looking at her. When this was proved, she removed her necklace (tucked under her shirt to avoid getting scolded for wearing jewelry during P.E.), and lit up a small flame on her finger. "And if I burned your vision, do you think you would still have so much 'fun'?"

Yes, Gaz's 'ability' had not disappeared over the rest of the summer. In fact, much to Dib's dismay and Zim's growing intrigue, the uncanny malfunction in her system caused by the dissolving of Iggin's controlling electrodes, her ability to create balls of fuchsia energy had yet to show any signs of going away any time soon. In fact, she was getting rather good at getting it to appear. Currently she was practicing not arching her fingers, but, as you can see, she can only get small flames.

Zim's smirk disappeared at the flame and he leaned forward again, speaking quickly and warningly. "You shouldn't be so careless with that. Someone could see you."

Gaz shrugged, evaporated her flame, and tucked her necklace away once again. "They're too stupid to notice."

Zim didn't seem quite as optimistic. For someone who had been hiding on a foreign planet for years, he allowed himself to be careless, but he knew his boundaries. Like public places that could easily identify you, such as Skool. Gaz, however, clearly had even less faith in her race then Zim did. That was hard to believe but not impossible.

"Gaz!" The P.E. teacher barked. "Break is over. Stop harassing the cripple and get your butt over here!"

"Cripple?" Gaz's brow rose.

Zim's eyes twitched. Then suddenly his face broke out in a rage. "CRIPPLE? How dare you call the Almighty Zim a cripple! You will pay for your choice of words, insolent sweat-monkey!"

It was true. Mister Kelpo, their P.E. teacher, always seemed to be sweaty, no matter what they were doing. And oddly, no one ever seemed to see him doing any sort of physical activity, hence the lovely pot-belly he sported. There was a rumor going around that he was sweaty because he was attracted so heavily to his students. The debate was whether or not he liked the boys, the girls, or both.

Mister Kelpo's mouth gaped, jaw flapping like a fish. "W-What did you call me?"

Gaz took a more tactical approach to intimidating their gym teacher, turning with one hand on her hip and wearing one of her more venomous glares. The display attracted a few looks from the students, who nudged their friends. Soon the whole class was eying Gaz as she approached Mister Kelpo, one hand still on her hip as she glared.

"Did you not hear him correctly?" She hissed. And though Gaz was a good few inches shorter then her teacher, he felt like she towered over him and sweat began pouring off of him at her look, making people think it was the girls he was attracted to, not the boys. Or maybe he was just afraid. It was hard to tell but this was just fuel for the debates that were held on a regular basis. "Why do you need him to repeat himself?"

"Young lady, don't talk to me like-!"

"Like what?" Gaz demanded, stopping about a foot away from him. When he didn't answer she smirked. "Mm, that's what I thought. You've got a bit of sweat, by the way." She eyed him with disgust. "Everywhere."

Gaz spun around and strutted off arrogantly to the beginning of the track, turning her head to see Zim rolling her eyes at her display before sitting back down to watch her classmates try and keep up with her. The rest of the students turned back to what they'd been doing beforehand, also going off to the beginning of the track. Mister Kelpo began wiping his forehead off with sweaty palms, nervously, flicking off large beads of sweat before blowing the whistle for them to start.

As Zim sat, he pondered what he'd been noticing since a week after Skool had started. The student population had been paying them more attention, as if they were slowly and unwillingly becoming something to be admired to them. He suspected it was something about their rebellion and the natural attraction most humans had to those that did what they could not. The respect and admiration they gave. Even the annoying Dib-filth was starting to get attention, and it clearly unnerved him. The four of them (including Gir, who was apparently adorable to all the dim-witted females of the Skool) were all starting to have to blow people off more then before.

It was really starting to get on Zim's nerves.

The only thing that was really keeping him sane was Gaz. He eyed her rhythmic and easy running now. Even at her 'leisurely' pace, she was still leaving her class in the dust, almost half a lap ahead of all of them, including the boys. Zim smirked at this, eying her face, which was blank and stern as she looked around at nothing in particular. Since that whole incident with the LEECHY, that seemed like forever ago now, Zim had become truly fascinated by his human.

She was consistent, true, but Zim always set limits on her cruelty that she always surprised him. Sometimes she'd be much more merciful then expected or far harsher then he'd have thought. In a way, she was unpredictable, but Zim could normally get a general feel of what decision she'd make.

Gaz was running and suddenly got a bad feeling. Immediately her eyes went to Zim, just out of sheer habit. Some people would've stopped but Gaz, for a reason unknown to her, just began picking up her pace, heading towards him.

She became alarmed at once.

Zim was staring at nothing in particular, but it wasn't natural looking, even for his weird attitude. His eyes were wide, staring straight forward. Zim's body was unnaturally stiff, entirely rigid. And though Gaz couldn't tell from this far away, she was also pretty sure he was losing color.

Gaz broke into a serious run, racing past Mister Kelpo, who was about to announce her time. He was left instead with a mouth full of track dust for his troubles as Gaz met the bleachers just as Zim's eyes drifted shut and he fell backwards on the bleachers. Gaz jumped over the railing without breaking a stride and was next to him in an instant, flipping her watch open (the only 'jewelry' allowed) that she had altered to calls Dib's a few months ago.

Her brother was in class. But she could hardly care.

"Zim?" She snapped, sitting him up and shaking his unnaturally still body. "Zim!"

It was completely stiff.

Like a corpse.

Gaz shoved that thought of her mind as Dib answered. It was clear he had run out of his classroom to answer as he looked nervous and apologetic before looking down at his wrist. "Gaz? What-?"

"Get your car and bring it around the the parking lot, next to the track," Gaz ordered. Her eyes flared with hidden panic and fire, leaving no room for questioning her demand. "Now, Dib!"

Dib jumped but nodded, looking wary, but not willing to cross her. "Um, okay. It's already there, actually, but I'll meet you-."

"No, get back into class then." Gaz growled, frustrated she hadn't remembered that detail. Weak people panicked and forgot the obvious, not her. "I'll call you back after Skool. Take care of Gir today. Make sure he doesn't do something stupid."

"Gaz, is everything-?"

She hung up on him, looking down at Zim. Sure, he wasn't as heavy as he looked, but still. Gaz wasn't exactly as strong as everyone had assumed she was.

But there wasn't time to be hesitant. Zim was only looking stranger to her.

Gaz bent down and bent him over her shoulder, the easiest way for her to carry him. By now, the rest of the class noticed there was something wrong and were heading over to her. Gaz had to hurry. If they took Zim to the hospital-.

She didn't think about, focusing on getting Zim and herself the hell out of there. Gaz managed to get both of them up to the top of the bleachers, preparing to jump off. Unfortunately, the whole Iggins ordeal hadn't given her extra strength of grace and the extra ability she did have wasn't going to be any help in this situation.

Gaz couldn't exactly flame Zim to help.

She jumped off, trying to balance herself to land correctly. Somehow she managed to do it though and Gaz quickly began running to where Dib had parked the car (with her in it, she remembered, berating herself for needing to call and involve Dib at all, since it would only lead to questions she really didn't have time for). Already people were shouting, closing in. The sound of feet pounding as they ran up the bleachers reached her just as Gaz found Dib's car, opened it, and shoved Zim inside.

True, Gaz would've preferred to be otherwise dressed. But really, what could she do?

Gaz jumped in the driver seat after slamming the passenger door. In her rear-view mirror she saw people standing atop the bleachers, eying and pointing to the only started car in wonder and excitement. Nobody knew what was going on.

That was fine with her.

She peeled the car out, throwing it into drive, and then shot out of the parking lot just as Mister Kelpo, huffing and puffing, reached the top. And when asking students what happened, they insisted they had no idea. When asked where Gaz and Zim had gone, everyone claimed they'd gone to the bathroom because Zim wasn't feeling well.

Not a lot of dialogue, more of an explanation to the time jump.

Yes, two summers have passed and now they are seniors. So its been a year since the Iggins thing and 2 since the LEECHY thing.

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