In which I give you insight into how much this story, and even my other stories, changed.

Surprisingly, this was actually supposed to go in My Hostage Not Yours 2: The Revenge of Player 2. This was before I even began writing it, when I was still wriiting the first of this saga.

Originally it took place during Skool, not summer.

So here it is.

Gaz was really hating this new policy.

The world, and apparently the Skool Board, was reverting back to the idea that females needed to be petite, girlish things and men needed to be the strong ones. So they'd apparently taken a page from Japan's book and were now requiring the girls to wear new P.E. uniforms; a skirt and a tucked-in, fitted sports jersey. Of course, as with every new policy, people protested, but all that resulted from that was a change of curriculum for the girls. No longer would they be playing sports but now, Gaz would be mainly doing track and yoga.

This was utterly ridiculous.

So Gaz was running the track now in an orange skirt that went to her thighs and a short-sleeved, light blue top. She wore sneakers but had half expected the Skool to make her wear heels. Girls beside her gave Gaz annoyed looks as she had tripped a few of the more giggly ones. The teacher was informing them they had break now, for ten minutes, before they started up again. Gaz snorted as the petite, weak girls in the class panted gratefully and came to a stop, flopping down on the benches. The classes were gender segregated now as well and glancing into the fields, Gaz could see them all playing sports or something. She scowled at that.

And Gaz was so busy glaring at the boys, who really had no fault in the matter but deserved to suffer nonetheless anyway in her opinion, that she did not notice the person creeping up behind her. Said person grabbed her arm, snatching her and jerking her intothe bushes, unnoticed by any of the onlookers.

Gaz was about to land a solid punch on her attacker when she saw who it was and glared at them. "You're an idiot."

"It's good to see you as well," He retorted, snorting. "Find a way to get out of class. There's something that I need to show you."

Her brow rose. "Did you find something on Iggins?"

"Yes, but I don't feel comfortable saying it out in the open." Zim growled, looking around suspiciously.

She nodded and then smirked. "Which class did you ditch to get here?"

He smirked back, proud of his ditch, apparently. "Science. It is not as if they can teach me anything anyways. I am ZIM, not some ignorant Earth-stinky."

"Right," Gaz replied with an eye roll. "Fine. I'll fake an injury and meet you in front of the school."


Back to THIS story.

This Section covers the outtake with the kids: Penelope, Estelle/Stella, and Tyler, interracting with Gaz.

This part was originally how Chapter 26 continued, after Gaz went outside and in between when Zim found her in Chapter 27. And the original chapter title was called "Secrets and Seclusion".

The song is "Welcome to the Slaughterhouse" by Lily Holbrook


Chapter 26
"Secrets and Seclusion"

Gaz tugged her hood over her head a bit more, looking around, for Zim's sake.

"No one here," She confirmed, walking out into the gardens.

She wasn't quite sure what had urged her to come out here. It wasn't like she was particularly fond of plants or anything like that. Was it pretty? Sure, I guess, if you were into that kind of stuff, but Gaz had never really been one for being awe-struck by anything. Maybe she was just bored of being stuck inside of a building for so long.

Yeah. That was probably it.

Gaz shrugged, wondering further. Eventually she made way to the fountain, peering over the bushes to find her way to it. A part of her wished she had taken Gir or someone with her because it was awfully boring to be by ones self, especially without her hand-held.

"What else is there to do?" She questioned. And then she growled.

Oh great! She thought, irritated. Now I'm talking to myself! Stupid Dib! All his weirdness is finally starting to rub off on me.

She shook the thought off, sitting down on the bench beside the fountain, making a face of contemplation. Eventually she began to think about humming, as she was completely alone. But what music did she listen to that was worth humming?

A twig snapped and she jumped to her feet, spinning around and tensing out of sheer habit (one she had no intention of discarding, though).

She was met with a rather unexpected sight.

There was that little girl again. Estelle or Stella. She was gaping at Gaz, mouth opening and closing with words she could not form in her surprise. Gaz's brow rose, not quite sure herself what to do. She looked around, noticing no one was with her. Strange how they trusted such a young girl to be by herself in the garden when Zim hardly trusted her to. The thought made her smile.

"E-Excuse me, ma'am!" The girl finally shouted, unnecessarily loud in her panic. She stumbled into a hurried curtsy, staring up at Gaz with undeniable fear in her eyes, watering like she'd just been scolded. "I-I didn't mean to intrude! I didn't know you were out here!"

Gaz eyed her. Well, she was just a kid after all. And kids were never fun to play with. They got scared to easily.

So, in the end, Gaz just nodded and sat back down, facing away from her.

There was quiet.

"Excuse me if I'm being rude, ma'am," The girl said shyly, stepping towards her. "We're . . . We're you saying something? B-Before I came, I mean."

Gaz sighed. She wasn't going to go away, most likely, unless she answered her questioned. But she just nodded again, saying nothing as she tried to recall her words.

". . . W-Would you mind if I stay? Here, I mean, by the fountain. No one ever finds me here a-and, um-."

"If you stop stuttering, you can stay." Gaz said, finally speaking, turning to look at the girl again. "I'm not going to hurt you. You don't have to act like I am."

She flushed, embarrassed, but no smile accompanied it like Gaz had expected. She nodded, looking at the floor and sitting opposite Gaz on the bench.

There was more quiet.

"You were saying?" Gaz pressed, looking at her.

The girl's head snapped up in surprise. "Ma'am?"

"You were explaining to me why you were here." Gaz reminded her, bluntly. "I told you to stop stuttering, not to stop explaining."

"Oh, right, well." She fiddled with her hands in her lap, focusing on her shoes. Her legs kicked as she spoke, fidgeting. Gaz nearly sighed again, but this was just a little kid. You couldn't get them to sit still for anything, especially when they were nervous. "My cousin and I . . . we had a fight and I don't want to speak to him now."

Gaz's brow rose, curious. "Let me guess; you fought with the boy I saw you with? Tyler, I believe?"

The girl nodded, still not looking up, but Gaz saw the surprise that flashed in her eyes. She probably hadn't expected Gaz to know that.

"And your name . . . Estelle or something, right?"

"Stella." She corrected, quietly.

Gaz nodded, looking away.

More silence.

Gaz decided to ignore the little girl's presence, thinking over her predicament. She was going to have to talk to Zim later, about her brother. That was something she had put off for a while. And Tak. What were they going to do now that she was-?

"Why do you always have your hood up?"

And Zim wondered why she hadn't wanted Gir to come.

Gaz sighed. "Because."

"Are you terribly ugly?"

Her eyes widened in disbelief, giving the girl a look. "Why in the hell would you assume that?"

She didn't mind cussing in front of a small girl. It was hardly a cuss word anyways and besides, she didn't seem to notice.

"Mummy told me that people who hide their faces wear things that hide them, so they aren't humiliated."

Gaz ignored the fact she called her mother 'mummy', so as not to gain further hatred for this child.

"You've got a very extensive vocabulary for someone whose only 9."

"I have- had a lot of teachers." The girl corrected, quickly, politely.

Gaz nodded, sighing. "Well, no, I'm not ugly. It's just cold out. Speaking of which, aren't you cold? You've got nothing but a dress on."

"It's warm!" Stella said defensively.

She rolled her eyes, and did not question her further. "Alright."

"Can I see your face?"

"Why, do you not believe me?" Gaz questioned, eyes narrowing at her. This kid was starting to get on her nerves.

"I just wanted to see your face." She muttered, looking at her kicking feet again.

Gaz curled her hands into fists underneath her cloak.

Don't scare the little girl, she told herself. It's not HER fault she was raised by idiots.

Gaz scowled, "Well, fine, I guess. But don't tell anyone, alright? Especially Zim."

Stella nodded furiously, shivering, as if the very thought of having any communication with her husband scared the crap out of her. Gaz smirked before reaching up, gripping the sides of the hood.


"Stella, are you out here?"

Gaz dropped her hands at once, getting to her feet. "They're looking for you."

"Oh no, they can't find me!" Stella said, fearfully. "I don't want to talk to Tyler yet!"

Without anything else to do, Gaz just turned away from her.

"Wait!" Stella cried out.

Gaz froze, eyes wide.

"Wait! Don't leave me here!"

She shook off the mental image of her dream, holding the cloak tighter around herself, not turning around. "What?"

"Help me, please!" The girl begged. "Can't you hide me somewhere?"

"Where?" Gaz demanded, in disbelief. "You know this place better than I do. Where could I hide you that you don't already know of?"

Stella gaped at her, mouth wide. "I-."

"There you are!"

They both turned, only to see the newcomers freeze.

"Oh," Penelope blinked, eyes wide. "Oh, um, I'm sorry, I-."

"Why are you apologizing?" Tyler demanded, glaring at Gaz. "We didn't do anything wrong."

"We interrupted a conversation." Penelope hissed at him, gripping his arm. "Excuse him, he's a bit cranky."

Gaz just shrugged. "It's no problem of mine how irritable your sibling is."

Tyler glared more severely at her.

"However," Gaz took steps towards them, making Penelope instinctively pull Tyler back a bit. Gaz continued until she had her hand on Stella's shoulder, pushing her forward, towards them. "The next time you find it a good idea to argue with one another, don't. Yelling is hardly going to get any of you anywhere. You're the youngest; shouldn't you have formed a packed of some sort?"

Without giving them time to respond, she left, pushing past them and leaving them stunned.

Stupid kids.


This next part is how I originally planned for Zim and Gaz to have sex, which went undescribed (originally). The beginning scene in "The Honeymoon" was actually written at the same time this was. And originally, Zim did not tell Gaz he loved her, so Chapter 9 & 10 were major decisions I made in moving the story that much more forward. And Zim and she never REALLY discussed compatibility too, so really you guys, chapter 10 was a major plot thrower for me and I had to start over from scrap while writing that chapter. They WERE married though. They just never did anything about it.

Chapter ?

Gaz didn't know what to feel but content as she looked over the scenery that was held from her balcony. She had to admit, she thought there'd be more flames. Gaz thought when this was over she'd be watching the world burn to the ground, feel the tremors as everyone shook with fear. She'd imagined herself looking up at a red sky that, instead of the ocean, reflected the blood that would probably flood the streets.

But instead the sky was a cloudy, sullen gray. Armies in red marched through the streets and occasionally burst into buildings. Gaz had expected more resistance but then maybe her judgment was tainted by the many years of playing video games that involved rebellions against empires. Humans were really just cowards when it all came down to it and the lack of uproar to being taken over so completely, stripping a freedom- worshipping world of the very thing they prided themselves with just proved that fact all the more. Complete surrender. Was this really the world Dib had dedicated his entire childhood to protecting?

"How does it feel, looking at a world that's entirely yours?" A voice asked from behind her.

Gaz didn't turn but smirked. She simply corrected, "Ours, Zim. A world that's entirely ours."

Zim chuckled as he stood beside her, hands on the railings as he breathed in the air that suddenly seemed sacred to him. And she knew by that look in his deep, red eyes as he watched the army's march through the streets that he knew all too well that the Earth was his as well.

"Right," Zim agreed, glancing at her before looking back to the expanse of land. "That does not answer the question though."

She thought about it, eventually smiling. "I think Earth should be thanking us for our takeover. It was bound to fall into chaos soon. Now it'll finally have some order."

"A world in need of mending," Zim amended.

Gaz nodded. "Between the two of us, it shouldn't take too long. Look at what we've already accomplished."

Zim serious, dictator expression curled up into a smirk. "And to think I'd nearly given up on my mission."

"That's what you have me for," Gaz joked, looking out at the expanse of order they'd created.


"You've no idea," She heard Zim mutter.

Inclining her head towards him he saw her examining her carefully. Gaz glanced down at herself, feeling the wind whip her hair around her face and send a chill up her bare back. She hugged her arms around herself, refusing to shiver and kept a straight face as Gaz watched the grounds. However, she felt Zim's chest press against her back, wrapping his arms around her slowly.

"You need not pretend for Zim," he murmured to her, head bent low to speak directly into her ear.

"If you are cold, we can go back inside."

"I'm fine," Gaz insisted, peering at him over her shoulder. "I don't pretend for anyone."

"You are tougher then you look," Zim informed her. "But not immune to your bodies needs."

"My body is fine, actually," She hissed, slightly irritated.

She felt Zim's arms tighten around her as he chuckled. "Yes, there's no doubt about that."

Gaz blushed involuntarily, biting her lip. "Not what I meant."

"But it is what I meant," Zim informed was almost a nervous hesitation, intriguing Gaz. And then, very quietly, he breathed into her ear, "I love you."

That was all she needed.

She turned her body in Zim's arms, dead-locking his eyes with him. Gaz had a look of deadly seriousness. "You mean that?"

Zim eyed her and honestly considered his words. Back home, love was as good as a death sentence. But he wasn't home. And looking at Gaz he knew.


She nodded, looking down. "Maybe we should go inside."

Zim scrutinized her expression but she wouldn't look at him. She kept turning her face away, like her mind was elsewhere. He nodded though, leading her back inside, his gloved hand on the small of her bare back. Even through his gloves, however, he could feel the heat of her body through it. He let her in first before entering himself, shutting the doors and drawing the curtains for privacy. When he turned Zim saw Gaz, unnaturally still, standing in the middle of their room.

"Is something wrong?" He questioned, warily.

Gaz looked over her shoulder at him. "Do you remember when we were talking a while ago, about . . . being . . . 'compatible'?"

Zim's brow rose. "Yes. What about it?"

"Did . . . Did you ever figure out if we . . . were?" Gaz finished, looking up at him, with a slight nervousness.

"Yes," Zim's eyes widened and he stepped towards her quickly. "Gaz, Zim had no intention of making you-!"

"No, I never expected that." She insisted, looking away again. "You wouldn't have to make me, though, Zim. In the eyes of Earthen culture, you already have that right to claim me."

He looked at her in disbelieving scorn, continuing to take slow, deliberate steps towards her. "In case you didn't notice, Gaz, I hardly care for what your culture deems appropriate or admissible. Zim cares what you think, not these idiotic worm-babies."

She smiled at him a little, turning to face him with her chin held high, as if she was loosing her pride just by offering this. "I know that. Don't you think it's just about time that it happened anyways, though?"

Zim scrutinized her, walking around her slowly, as if cornering his prey. "And why the sudden change of heart? If you wanted this before, why now?"

Gaz looked down, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Because I wasn't sure you loved me before now."

Suddenly Zim was in front of her, tipping her chin upwards with earnest and shocked, even angry eyes. Such a combination of emotions. Gaz felt her breath hitch, not sure how to handle that many feelings directed at her.

"I have always loved you, Gaz," Zim informed her, deathly serious. It frightened her, even if it was something she wanted to hear. Gaz wasn't used to feelings. All this time she'd thought she had a sense of independence. But now it was gone.

She really was Zim's now.

"I know that now," She assured him, quietly.

"Don't forget it," Zim growled, almost angry.

Like it was her fault he hadn't ever told her before then!

Her eyes narrowed. "I won't."

"And you . . . you love Zim as well, correct?" He'd said this rather nervously, like he was scared of her answer.

Gaz smirked. Zim's fear of her affection made her feel like she had power. "Yes."

He seemed almost relieved, but trying to hide it from her. "Then we're back to the previous matter; are you sure about this?"

"Positive," Gaz replied with finality. She shook her head, shrugging. "You already own me Zim. You might as well make it completely official."

Once again he gave her a cold, calculating look, searching for any signs of reluctance or hesitation. He found none. And suddenly Gaz found one hand forcing her to him, his mouth encasing hers completely, and his other hand was gently sliding the dress off her shoulders. The fabric was barely heard over their quickening, heavy breaths as it hit the ground.


Originally how Chapter 25 started, but I took it out because it was irrelevant to the story.

The song is "Sexbomb" by Tom Jones I believe.

The real reason this exists at all is because I got this damn song stuck in my head. I didn't finish it though, as I soon realized it's ridiculousness and took it out.

Chapter 25
"I've Never Dreamed Before"

Zim sat back, quite content with himself as he breathed heavily, lying with his arms behind his head with a grin that beat all others on his face.

Gaz glanced down at her dress that had been carelessly tossed across the room, glaring at it. It really had taken Zim only ten second to get it off. She had a nagging suspicion he knew the quickest ways to get all of the clothes in her wardrobe off but she doubted he'd ever admit it. She could hear him shift as his PAK reappeared, smiling a little bit at the noise it made. It was almost melodic, in a weird way.

"I enjoy it when you smile," Zim informed her, pulling her from her thoughts. "You don't do it enough."

She turned towards him, the smile gone.

"See? And then they leave so quickly!"

"If I went around smiling constantly, it would get annoying, to both of us." Gaz informed him, dryly. But she humored him and smirked, sliding closer to him a moment before kissing him, gently. She pulled away soon after, getting out of bed.

Zim's brow rose as he sat up. Immediately his PAK warned him he needed to hibernate, but he ignored it, watching Gaz. "Where are you going?"

Gaz shot him an amused look over her shoulder, pausing before she entered the closet. "Relax, Zim. I'm just going to the courtyard."

"Why?" He demanded. His PAK by now was demanding he place himself in hibernation but he refused, forcing himself to remain awake until he knew Gaz was going to be okay, wherever she was going. "Are you alright?"

"It's healthy to walk around without your shadow every once in a while." Gaz informed him sarcastically, but with a smirk. "Now go sleep, or whatever it is you call it. I can see your back twitching. Knock it off and rest."

Zim scowled at her, giving her a wary look. "You'll be alright, then?"

"I promise. Now rest before I knock you unconscious." She threatened lightly, but it was real. "If it makes you feel better, I'll bring Gir, okay?"

She saw the reluctance in his eyes but eventually he lay himself back down, eyes shutting as his PAK kicked in finally. Gaz couldn't help but smile to herself before going into the closet and grabbing the first thing she could get hre hands on. In truth, Gaz didn't mind spending so much time with Zim but she did need some time to herself every now and then. Even if she was bringing Gir, he'd probably run off, leave her to herself. Gaz was used to bein a solitary creature most of the time. On top of everything going on, she really needed some time outisde, so she wasn't feeling so suffocated.

Gaz eventually found the dress was white. However, as someone who had just been married, she did not want to wear white again anytime soon. So she tossed it away and found a pair of jeans and a red top, of which the sleeves hung off the shoulders. Gaz was noticing almost all of the outfits she found, most of them revealed her neck and shoulders. It was a funny coincidence, since Zim particularly liked that part of her body.

She rolled her eyes, grabbing a dark red, almost black cloak (because that was the only thing she could find as a coat equivalent) and heading outside after putting on some sneakers. She shut the door behind her. Doubtless, Zim would only be out for a few hours. Not a lot of time, but enough.

"Computer," She said, aloud, wondering if it would work. "Contact Gir and tell him to meet me . . . wherever it is I am right now."

Despite Zim's extensive tour, Gaz still decided this place was huge. It was going to take a while for her to get used to this place so for now, when she wasn't with Zim, she'd make Gir or Scoodge take her around.

Gaz waited only a few minutes before she heard Gir's squeals. She looked in time to move aside as he jetted past her, his intention actually to barrel into her but failing to do so. Instead he slammed into the wall and slid onto the floor. Her brow rose.

Immediately he was up on his feet, giggling. "Again! Again!" Then he noticed Gaz again. "Oh hi, Mistress!"

"How do you get to the courtyard, Gir?" Gaz replied.

Gir's eyes flashed red and he pointed. Then he giggled, reverting, taking her hand and tugging on it. "This way!"

It took all of about ten minutes, mainly because Gir had started running after a few steps. Gaz really didn't mind, in fact, it felt nice to run. She hadn't done it in a while. They made it to an elevator and then from there, a grand staircase that led them outside. Gaz had no idea how many floors this place was but as soon as they got outside, she turned to look back at the fortress.

And her jaw dropped.

This place was huge!

"Mistress?" Gir asked, concerned and worried by her abrupt stop. He walked back, having released her hand, looking up at his second master.

Gaz shook off her awe, rolling her eyes at her own ridiculous reaction and turning away, taking in a deep breath of fresh, polluted, normal air that was not taken from a balcony that was probably twenty feet feet off the ground. She pulled her hood over her head, hiding her face from Gir.

"Gir," She instructed, looking at the fountain in the middle of courtyard as she spoke. "Go play."

"Okay!" He shouted, beaming at once. His head opened and a boom-box came out, which he held above his head and began to dance to, rocking his robotic hips back and forth rather fluidly.

Gaz face-palmed.

She just shook her head though, leaving him to dance as she went to the fountain. Her white palm hovered above the gently rippling surface, for absolutely no reason other then she could. It was obvious that the fountain did not have water in it (one of the reasons she decided not to touch it), as it had a slighlty milky sheen to it, but it still looked close enough to water to pass.

Her head snapped towards the gates (which was actually just a giant archway, but the force-field acted as enough of a gate, bars weren't necessary) as people began shouting. It was still early morning, which was probably why the press was only just arriving. They had been droopy eyed, tired from being up so early, but upon seeing someone was outside they were immediately awake, as close to the see-through bubble as they could get, scrambling to get their cameras out.

Her eyes narrowed at them, standing up to go back inside.

Gir made odd, whiny noises then, distracting (and, though she'd never admit it, worrying) her. She turned her attention to him. He was running over to the fountain now, hand groping for something under the ring arond it. He placed his boom-box down next to where she had just sat, searching, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he searched.

"Gir." She crossed her arms, a brow rising. "What are you doing?"

"Aha!" He squeaked, finding whatever it was he wanted. He retracted his hand, holding up another chord that could apparently connect to the one on his music player.

Gaz's eyes widened and then she sat back down, groaning.

Gir just made more hurrying sounds, connecting the two with joy. Speakers projected from the four corners of the courtyard around them, panels sliding aside to free them.

She was really regretting letting him "play" now.

By now all the reporters had their cameras out, trained on her and her nuisance of a companion. Gaz was glad she had pulled her hood over her head, hiding her reactions to the press. Her main reason was so they wouldn't get shots of her face and she could disappoint them with crappyshots, but also, it was kind of cold out and the wind would probably keep blowing her hair in her face in an annoying fashion. The hood prevented that.

Gir squealed, grooving to the music that was now (unfortunately) much clearer. And despite the hood, the pictures were still snapping and the cameras were still rolling, especially with the dancing robot next to her.

Gaz rolled her eyes at Gir as he danced, completely engrossed in the song. In truth it was actually pretty funny, especially when he pulled his rubber piggy from his head and began using it as a dance partner.

"This is ridiculous," She muttered to herself, but she couldn't keep the smirk off of her face.

Gir, as if noticing her for the first time again, squealed and raced over to her. People were laughing by now, the news reports trying to broadcast this new even within the walls of Emperor Zim's base without laughing and failing rather miserably. As Gir raced towards Gaz though, setting his rubber piggy down carefully on the fountain and holding his hand out to her, people stopped, curious to see what their new Empress would do.

Gaz shook her head, speaking sternty as her smiled evaporated and she glared at him. "No, Gir."

Gir made a whining noise, moving to sit on her lap. His big, cerulean eyes watered as he stared at her, pleading. "But, Mistress, you have to!"

Her brow rose, "Who says?"

"If you don't I . . . I . . .!" Gir threw back his head and wailed, very much like a toddler who did not get what he wanted. She covered her ears, hands pressing against them through the fabic of the cloth.

"Stop that!" She hissed, clamping her hand over his mouth. She glared at him from under the hood. "Call Scoodge or someone to do it! Minnie-Moose, or whoever, but I'm not going to dance with you, Gir. No matter how much you scream."

"Aw," Gir said, wilting. But then he pulled his single antenna down, speaking into it as he got off her lap and walked off.

Gaz sighed, standing up again. She really should go back inside. She had come out here with the intention of getting some time to herself, but now there was loud music playing, Gir trying to coerce people into dancing with him, and press/civilians watching her every move.

This was hardly her definition of 'personal time'.

At that moment she turned towards the door to see Scoodge come out, looking panicked and frightened.

His eyes rested on Gaz and he froze, skidding to a hault in front of her and saluting. "M-Mistress! You called for me?"

Gaz's brow rose. "No I didn't."

Scoodge's jaw dropped and he spun around, only to be pounced on by Gir. Scoodge hit the pavement on his back, groaning. Gaz leaned over him, looking down curiosly, wondering if he'd broken anything. A fall wouldn't have killed him but being torpedoed by a spaz of a SIR unit? It was possible.

Gir sat on his stomach, beaming at him. "Dance time!"

"What?" Scoodge demanded. "Gir-!"

Gir forcibly pulled him on his feet, making Gaz step back at the quick movement. She caught herself in one step, her stumble completely disguised. Gaz glanced at the press again, wondering if they had any idea who was outside; all they saw was someone in a cloak, a robot, and Invader Scoodge, probably the only one who they could've recognized. Gaz smirked.


They probably had no idea what was going on, since they were too far away to hear them, only the music, since it was so damn loud.

She'd really have to tell Zim about this later. Although it was doubtful he wouldn't see it on the news, if he watched the news. She toyed with that idea in her head as she watched Gir force Scoodge into being his dance partner, oblivious of the poor little alien's cries of protest. But Scoodge was too panicked to control the situation and so Gaz watched, amused, a good distance away from Gir and his 'fun'.

Gaz hadn't danced in a while, she knew. She had taken classes up until last year, when there was the option of joining a proffessional team or quitting. In the end she had decided to just quit, not quite having the 'passion' to continue. Her instructors had seemed disappointed but that was hardly her problem. She wondered what they those people in her class thought now, seeing her on the news. She wondered what anyone thought of her now. And then Gaz couldn't help but snicker as she wondered what Miss Bitters thought.

"Gir, calm down!" She ordered. "You're going to break him."

Scoodge sent her an appreciative look as Gir stopped spinning him. She simply smirked at him. After all, it was her fault that Gir had lured him down (in a scheme Gaz was surprised someone like Gir could come up with) here in the first place. She had to at least make sure that he wasn't broken while filling in for her as Gir's plaything.

She rolled her eyes at the song.

"Sexbomb, Sexbomb
You're a sexbomb!
You can give it to me when I need to come along
Sexbomb, Sexbomb
You're my sexbomb!
And baby you can turn me on!"

"Where the hell does he find these songs?" She muttered to herself, getting a brief flashback of Gir putting on a music video when she'd been staying at Zim's base, during the LEECHY incident. Was it just Gir's personal choice, the catchiness of the songs, or was every song just inappropriate these days? She smirked though. No doubt Gir was making this song popular now. Once this hit the internet people would be all over it again.

She stood there, well hidden under the cloak for who knew how long. Apparently Gir was very entertaining, far more then the hidden figure that wasn't doing anything and standing off to the side, as people with free hands were clapping along to the beat. A few people were even shuffling a little. Gaz shook her head at these peoples rather goofy reactions.

And humans wondered why they were the lower race.

"I'm your main target, come on help me ignite! (OW!)
Lovestruck and holding you tight (Hold me tight darling!)"

She was so busy making fun of their reactions that when people let out gasps of surprises and moved their cameras away, Gaz did not notice, instead looking up at the sky and wondering how in the hell she was the same species as these people.

So when arms wrapped around her from behind Gaz jumped, spinning around and pulling quickly out of the grasp as she did so.

Gir shouted in joy upon noticing the new party, releasing Scoodge (who promptly collapsed with exhaustion, breathing heavily on the floor) and darting into the arms of the newcomer.

"Master!" Gir shouted, clearly pleased. "Did you come to dance with meeee?"

"I was honestly just curious about all the noise," Zim replied, smirking at Gaz, who was giving him a warning glare. "But I do think you should give Scoodge a rest, Gir. But why isn't Gaz dancing?"

"She won't dance with me!" Gir wailed at once, the tears coming back into his eyes. Gaz glared hatefully at him.

"Whiner." She muttered under her breath.

"Oh she won't, will she?" Zim sneered, placing his SIR unit on the ground. "Well maybe she'll dance with me."

"Don't even think about it," she growled, back away from him.

Zim laughed at her. The press were truly curious now, having an idea who the cloaked figure was, but not entirely sure.

And in the background throughout this, she could hear.

"And yes I must react To claims of those Who say that you are not all that!"

"Come now, Gaz!" He teased, gripping the hood. "Wasn't I just scolding you for your lack of joy? Must Zim teach you everything?"

She hissed at him as he threw off the cloak.

Immediately there was more of a racket behind them. Anything to get a shot of their new ruler with his new bride.

"No." She growled.

"Sexbomb, Sexbomb."

He threw the rest of the cloak off, tossing it to Gir, who draped it over his and Scoodge's lap, as the alien had attempted to go back to the fortress to rest but only managed to get to the fountain before collapsing on the lining.

"Zim," She warned again, severely.

"What?" He demanded, wide-eyed an inoccent.

"You're a sexbomb!"

Before she could further protest he placed both hands on her hips, forcing her to sway.

"You can give it to me when I need to come along
Sexbomb, Sexbomb
You're my sexbomb!
And baby you can turn me on!"


There were more.

But my computer crashed halfway through this story and deleted them.

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So yeah, that's it.