I DO NOT own "The legend of The Seeker" TV series or "The Sword of Truth" Novel Series. The novel series is owned by Terry Goodkind. GOD BLESS HIM :-)

She is the One:

She is...a dream.

She is the one who will hold my hand and promises to be with me, forever.

She won't let me down, she will always be here for me.

She will know who I really am. What I really am. She won't judge me, not like the others.

She won't see me like they do.

She will tell me that my past doesn't matter, that she doesn't care about what I did before I met her.

She will whisper in my ears, "I understand, my love".

I will show her my hidden side. That side that I never allowed to emerge.

I will show her my weakness. I will love to be weak in her arms.

She will hold me close to her.

She will love to carry my name.

When we quarrel, she will leave the room angrily.

Then she will come back after a while and kiss me on my cheek, saying "I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset you".

And I will touch her face with my fingers and say, "I am sorry, too".

She will give me everything; her love, her care, her time, and a family, too.

She will be very happy when she knows that she is carrying my child. Our child.

We will argue about the baby's sex and name.

I want a boy, an heir, but she wants a girl.

Then we will exchange positions;

I want a girl who looks like her, and she wants a boy who looks like me.

Then we will laugh, and she will look into my eyes and say, "You will be the greatest father in the world".

I will look at her with a look of sadness in my eyes, but still happy that she says that, "Do you think so?".

She will take my hand and put it on her belly and says, "I don't think so. I know so".

She will help me become better. A better person and a better ruler.

She will know whether I am happy or sad just by looking into my eyes.

She will be strong for me, but she will love to feel weak when she is with me.

I will like that feeling when I miss her and I turn around to find her coming towards me.

I will like it when she misses me but she is too shy to tell.

I will like it when she is watching me from behind and I can feel it.

She will make me feel human...again.

I will show my feelings for her, only for her.

I will change for her.

I will be better for her.

And she will convince me that I should be good because I have to.

She will be my lover, my wife and my friend.

She will be my mother, my sister and my daughter.

She will be my queen.

She will be the only woman in my life.

She will be the only woman who I will tell her, "I love you" before I tell her, "I want you".

Our relationship won't be just about pleasure. Feelings will always be there, before anything.

She is the woman of my dreams.

A woman. A real woman. Not a mord-sith who loves me because it is a duty.

Mord-Siths never chose their fate. They never chose to be mine.

But she will choose me, because she will love me.

She is the woman of my dreams.

A woman whose eyes will shine when she sees me. A woman who would give anything and everything for me, because she wants to, not because she is forced to.

Does this woman exist? Will I find her? I am willing to wait for her, if she promises to come.

Oh, I would give anything for such a woman, and such a life.

She will be the One. The first One, and the only One.