Entering the apartment, the older man sighed as he watched his daughter approach the couch and sit down; her hand running to her stomach as Rick shut the door and watched Jim approach the brunette. Sitting down, Jim sighed as he watched his daughter stroke her hand across her stomach; his smile growing at the sight of her gentle interaction. She reminded him of her mother when she was pregnant. The way she'd spent hours running her hands across her stomach; sometimes talking down to the non-existent bump before it started to appear and then was completely noticeable.

"You remind me of your mother when she was pregnant with you; she couldn't keep her hands off her stomach the moment she found out she was pregnant" he admitted as Kate smiled and stared down at her stomach; finding her hands still resting there. Staring down at the two of them, Rick smiled before he silently left the room. "Your mother didn't care about any of it! The morning sickness, the cramps, the weight gain; she was just so excited to have a baby finally. You were a long time of trying Katherine Beckett and you were worth every moment of it because the first time your mother held you in her arms and cried in happiness I knew you were the next step and the best step".

"Dad" she whispered, hating him mentioning her mother while he was sleeping with the woman who had almost destroyed their relationship.

"I remember when we brought you home from the hospital. I was terrified because you wouldn't stop screaming from the moment we left the hospital but your mom wasn't even slightly afraid; she didn't care about the late nights or all the times you continued to scream" he admitted, laughing at the memory before she relaxed into the corner. "She always talked about what you were going to be" he smiled, Kate listening as she remained silent.

"Dad please stop" she begged, her eyes shutting as she tried not to cry.

"You were going to be a strong independent woman who worked hard at whatever she did and would one day have a beautiful family of her own! That's what your mother said from the first time she held you in her arms to the day she died and she was right" he admitted, tears filling his eyes as he looked across at his daughter. "She was right about everything" he explained, watching the hand that remained on his daughter's stomach. "Your baby is going to be so lucky to have you as a mommy and to have Rick as a dad. No one is going to be as loved as that baby" he admitted as Kate opened her eyes and felt the tears run down her cheeks. "Elizabeth and I are over. The moment you left I ended it" he explained, Kate's arms quickly wrapping around him as he curled his arms around her body.

"You ended it for me?" she asked, his head nodding slowly as he kept his daughter close. "I'm sorry, I know she made you happy" she explained.

"No woman means more to me than you or your mom" he explained, pressing a kiss into her dark hair before she relaxed against him. "Your mom was my one and done Kate, everyone knew that when we got married" he announced. Hearing the office door open, Kate looked up to see the writer appearing.

"I was going to get some take out, what do you fancy?" he asked, Kate smiling weakly at me as she relaxed.

"Pizza please, the usual with extra cheese and some mushrooms" she explained, the writer nodding before he looked across at the older man. "Dad do you want to stay for dinner?" she asked.

"I'd like that" he explained, Rick nodding before he left the apartment.

"Tell me about when you married mom" Kate whispered as Jim smiled and felt her curl up beside him.

"It rained in the morning and we were having the reception outside. I remember your mom calling me stupidly early in the morning panicking because it was raining and I told her that it was going to get better and if it didn't we would have our reception in the rain and it would still be perfect" the older man explained as Kate listened to him in silence. "I arrived at the church and I was so nervous, I felt sick I was that scared. I had my best man stood beside me and he kept telling me that I loved Johanna and this was the best thing I was ever going to do and then I remembered the music starting to play and I couldn't help but look around to see your mom standing at the end of the aisle with her arm wrapped around your grandfather's arm" she explained, Kate smiling at his explanation. "She was this beautiful woman and I couldn't help but fall completely in love with her all over again. Some people were jealous of me because they didn't know how I could get someone as wonderful as Johanna".

"And?" she asked.

"We got married and it was perfect and wonderful and we got our rings and made our vows" he whispered, Kate nodding before she relaxed. "Then the moment we walked out of the church, your mother laughed because it was completely sunny outside and you wouldn't have been able to tell that it had rain that morning" he admitted.

"So everything was perfect?" she whispered.

"Everything was perfect from that day onwards" he admitted, pressing a kiss into her dark hair before she relaxed back beside him. "How's the baby? How's my grandchild?" he asked.

"Perfect" she laughed, running her hand to her stomach again. "I can't quite believe there's a baby in here" she explained as she heard the phone ring. Reaching across, she sighed as she pressed the phone to her ear and heard Rick talking to her. "What do you mean they won't put more mushrooms on it?" she asked, Jim smiling as he watched his daughter. "Have you told them I'm a pregnant ex-cop? Would they like me to get them arrested for not giving a customer what they want? I mean what happened to the customer always being right?" she asked quickly as Jim chuckled. "Put them on the phone, I'll tell them exactly what I think" she warned as she stood up and laughed. "So they're going to put mushrooms on my pizza?" she asked before she nodded and smiled. "I'll see you soon" she smiled before saying goodbye and putting the phone down.

"So are they putting mushrooms on your pizza Kate?" he asked.

"Rick says they're putting around triple the amount of mushrooms on my pizza" she explained as Jim nodded and watched her sit back down.

"I can see why Ryan and Esposito thought you were good at being intimidating" he smiled.

"Of course, one of the best" she smirked before relaxing back.


"So everything's alright between you and your dad?" he asked as he walked out of the en-suite to see her sat on the bed in a pair of his boxers and one of his shirts; his eyes rolling at the sight of her in his clothes while her pyjamas were folded beside the bed. "Have you heard of your own clothes?" he questioned.

"Yours are comfy" she admitted, the writer shrugging before sitting on the bed beside her. "We're good by the way, he's ended it with Elizabeth" she explained as the writer nodded and hugged her; his hand resting on her stomach as she laughed. "He can see why I'm good at being intimidating".

"I don't blame him" he laughed. "I was terrified when I was listening to you and I had you on speaker phone to scare the guy in the pizza place. He was terrified, it was his first week of working there I think" he smiled as she rolled her eyes and moved to lie underneath the blanket. "I'm glad you were happy with the amount of mushrooms".

"It was very yummy, thank you Rick" she explained, kissing him lightly before she leant across to turn the light off. "Night" she smiled, relaxing in the bed before she felt him move beside her. "What are you doing?" she asked as she felt him roll her shirt up. "Rick not tonight" she moaned before she felt him press a gentle kiss to her stomach.

"Good night baby" he whispered before moving up her body and pressing a kiss to her lips. "Good night Kate" he smiled as she rolled her eyes again before kissing him again.

"Good night" she smiled before cuddling up into his side, his arms wrapping around him tightly.