I had to

Sarah sat on her couch and cried silently. She had done the right thing. He was her daughter's teacher and her daughter was the most important thing. She had to put her daughter first and think about herself when every other problem has been solved. Her job, her relationship with her kids and her living situation. Even though her daughter had her boyfriend Damien from Fresno back and seemingly wasn't interested in Marc anymore.

But she could be sad as long as she was alone, right? She grabbed her bowl of ice cream and started crying again. She must have fallen asleep, because when she opened her eyes again, Amber sat in front of her, flipping through a magazine.

"Sweetheart, it must be the middle of the night, what are you doing here?" Sarah asked her daughter, some concern hidden in her voice.

"I couldn't sleep and I saw light in here so I thought I'll have a little chat with you, but it seems you were just..." Amber started to say, but Sarah interrupted her: "Wallowing in self-pity over my pathetic live?"

"…sleeping on the coach with the lights on." Amber corrected.

"Same thing."

They were silent for a moment. They were both just staring into nothingness.



"So you broke up with Mr. Cyr?" Amber asked, not looking at her mother.

Sarah was surprised by the question, but nodded.

"Yes, I mean… It wouldn't have worked anyway. And I am sorry that I put you through that. It was never my intention to hurt you. He just kind of swept me away and I was lost and he was so smart and complimented me on the paper. And you know my self-confidence isn't very high, so when someone says stuff like that to me… I know you hate it, when I tell you about this, but my siblings don't exactly make me feel any better when it comes to my self-confidence. May it be career wise or when it comes to you kids. Everything they do is always a bit better, a bit smarter. And they are right in many ways. So there you have it. I am sorry and I ended it as soon as Adam told me…"

"He told you I liked Mr. Cyr?"


"You didn't have to do that, you know?"

"No I had to; it was the only good choice. I told him, that if he was still interested in a few years he should visit." Sarah said and smiled cute at Amber.

"You're a devil, he is probably heartbroken." Amber teased.

"He will be fine; he is over a decade younger than I am after all. And over a decade older than you. He is young enough to be fine and old enough to understand why I did it." Sarah argued in a light tone. "And now get over here and hug your old mother, no one will see you!" Sarah added and stretched out her arms.

Amber rolled her eyes, but instantly went over to the coach, sat next to Sarah and hugged her. "Someone will with my luck." she teased.

Sarah was so happy, that she was able to make it right again with her daughter. At times she was her only constant; her best friend on who she could rely on in emotionally difficult times.

Amber pulled away, but snuggled into Sarah's side.

"Have you heard anything from dad?"

"No I haven't honey, not for some time now. Did you?"

"Only what Drew tells me. He studies his Website and stuff."

"Oh, what's in there?"

"Just some pictures, videos and tour dates. They are pretty good, mom."

"Yeah, they have always been. One thing he is good at." She said and smiled, reminiscing about old times.