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Robin walked into the living room of Mount Justice, typing absently on his holographic, wrist computer. M'gann was in the kitchen, baking some sort of concoction, while Superboy watched Wally flip through the channels on the TV. Kaldur sat at the counter chatting with M'gann. Robin barely took note of any of this; something was wrong. Way wrong.

It was the one week a month that the team spent fully prepared and armed at the Mountain, alone, ready to spring into action when the League called. It didn't have to be Batman calling in to give a mission; they were more or less back up. With the occasionally visits from Red Tornado and Black Canary, the mountain was theirs.

Now that was alright. It was rather fun when they didn't have a mission. Just hanging out with friends and acting like they actually had normal lives. But this week wasn't normal; there had been no word from the League; Red Tornado had visited, but no Black Canary; and for the millionth time that week, Robin couldn't contact Batman.

Today, Thursday, was no different. As Robin absently walked to the large TV screen that could also be used to contact the League, he called up information on Bruce Wayne – Batman's civilian identity. Wally took note of this and immediately went rigid. The speedster was the only sidekick who knew Robin's identity – aside of Red Arrow, that is.

Wally, in civilian clothes and munching on a bag of chips, supersped besides the preoccupied bird. "What're you doing, Rob?" He asked as nonchalant as possible, trying to mask the information that was every present in the speedster's mind.

"Checkin' somethin'…" Robin muttered in reply. There were no new articles in the Gotham Tributarian about the billionaire, so Robin shut down his computer. He came to rest in front of the television, unaware that the whole Young Leaguers' eyes were trained on him: Kaldur in wisdom and understanding, M'gann's in sympathy, Wally's in somewhat fear, and Superboy's in a mix of confusion and anger for blocking the show he had been watching.

Robin looked up at the large screen and requested, "Contact Batman."

A soft voice answered: "Contacting now…"

The screen flashed to a black background with a please wait signal, followed soon after by a Contact unfound, connection lost signal. Robin frowned and started pacing the little space between the living room and kitchen space. It was unlike Batman not to answer to his protégé. Wally exchanged a somewhat knowing glance with M'gann. She nodded and reached into the cupboard, bringing out a box of Molasses cookies: Robin's favorite!

"Robin, Wally told me Molasses cookies were your favorite, so I bought some last time I went shopping. Do you want some?" She smiled kindly at the boy who barely registered what she had said.


"Oh, thank you…" He mumbled, take the box and biting into the first cookie he came in contact with. Wally appeared suddenly (he's very good at doing that, you know) and threw a lazy arm around his friend.

"Come on, Robbie! Batman'll be fine!" No he won't. "He's probably just really busy with catching the baddies; you know the way he is!" He may never catch a baddie again. "Don't worry, by the end of the week you'll be safe at home in Gotham with him, munching on this cookies together…" Now he was just pushing it. Robin had been actually caught up with what Wally was saying until the part about munching on cookies together; Batman hated anything too sweet and that included cookies. His frown was brought back on his face and he resumed pacing.

Kaldur reached out a comforting hand and rested it on Robin's passing shoulder, stalling the boy. "You're mentor is fine." No he's not. "If he wasn't, the League would have contacted us by now." They did.

M'gann joined in. "Try to get some rest, Robin. You haven't slept very well this week; we can tell." She smiled her kind smile and turned back to cookie to hide the tears in her eyes.

Robin nodded and Kaldur took the box from the boy's tired hands while Wally placed a gentle, guiding arm around his friend's small shoulders. They had finally convinced the Boy Wonder of something when the masquerade was broken by one person's appearance.

Recognizing, Red Arrow, 02


Red Arrow froze in his tracks when he saw Robin standing, frozen by his older brother's words. "Wha-what did you say?" he weakly asked. Wally gave his signature way-to-go-moron glare to Red Arrow, removing his arm from the Boy Wonder. Unknown to his friends, Robin's world began to spin dangerously and his vision misted. Something, in the back of his mind, probed him with icy cold fingers that groped at his heart like a distant memory…

'We are en route to Madrid, Spain, where there have been countless attacks from numerous violent vigilantes: Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, the Joker…' Superman informed the Mountain. 'I think this week will be pretty relaxed for you kids.'

Robin remembered seeing himself frown. 'The Joker?'

Superman cleared his throat and stuttered a little. 'Um, well…' His face hardened. 'We can handle a few marble-cases, Robin. Stay put at the Mountain. Justice League out!'

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