Icey: Batman, enter! Stage Right!

Robin: *squeals* Daddy!

Wally: *facepalm*

Roy: Icey-Authoress owns nothing…

Reno: I'm still ticked at you guys…



Dick stumbled quietly into the kitchen and tugged on Roy's shirt. "Rrrroooyyy! I'm hungry! When are we going to eat?" Dick pouted and questioned childishly. Green Arrow had just left, and Dick was hungry! Roy snapped from his musing and looked down at the thirteen year old. His frown turned to a smile.

"Soon, just a moment. The waffles are almost done."

"Snnf-ugh!" Wally sat up straight; his hair stood up in every which direction and his eyes were glossy with sleep as he turned to look at the duo in the kitchen. "Sub'buddy snay sub'thing 'butt waffles…"

Both Roy and Dick laughed. "I find it amusing how he only got the word 'waffles' right in that sentence…" Dick commented, wiping a stray tear.

"Alright, boys, sit and eat your waffles." Roy placed two plates on the bar. Dick did a summersault over the counter and Wally supersped to the food, still half-asleep. Only Dick and Wally were aware that KF's sleepiness was an act to prevent Roy from finding out they had been spying.

Both attacked their plates with vigor, and chatted with Roy eagerly. The morning was calm and soothing to the boys; whereas the Batcave was experiencing a stormy and aggravated morning…


Back at the Batcave, Batman sat in his computer chair typing furiously at the keyboard. His face was a stoic and emotionless as ever; but inside he was a raging ball of fury that could only be quenched with the knowledge that Scarecrow was once again put away safely. Batman lowered his eyes to slits and stared as information glided past his screen in an angry flash. There had to be something on the psychotic psychologist to point Batman in the right direction!

Bruce angrily pulled off his cowl to reveal the face of a playboy and wiped a hand down his sweaty face; the cave offered little ventilation. He stared at the screen for a moment before returning to hacking into the Arkham Asylum files, looking pointedly for Dr. Crane, A.K.A. Scarecrow. He barely noticed the elderly butler come from the secret entrance and down the stairs, balancing a tray of tea and biscuits. Bruce finally took note of Alfred when the butler was standing next to the computer consol.

"Master Bruce, do you not think it best if you get some rest now? It's been nearly two days since I last saw you take your leave of this cave…" Alfred poured the Dark Knight a cup of caffeinated tea.

"I need to find Scarecrow before he unleashes anymore fear toxin. You know last time he tried anything like that, Gotham was nearly declared a total war zone, unfit for anyone living and nonliving!" Batman accepted the cup of tea without taking his eyes off the monitor.

"Mm, yes. But don't you think you'd be of a greater advantage if you rested up some, sir? After all, you don't want to fall asleep while battling this Scarecrow…" Alfred busied himself with finding a table to set the tray down on.

"Yes, yes, in a moment, Alfred…" Bruce scrolled through the files and came upon Dr. Crane's. He eagerly clicked it.

In that time frame, Alfred had already set the tray down not too far from the console and was now pouring himself a cup of tea. He sipped the warm liquid casually as Bruce scanned the file on the screen.

"Nothing! Ugh, he hasn't been sighted anywhere and there are absolutely no leads as to where he could have gotten off to!" Bruce rubbed his tired eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "This is useless!"

Alfred merrily grunted in agreement and sipped his tea some more. "Now, Master Bruce, won't you get some sleep now?"

Bruce seemed ready to comply when, much to Alfred's chagrin, the communicator start buzzing. Bruce immediately placed his cowl back on, going straight to being Batman. Alfred sighed, defeated, and gathered up his tray to head back into the mansion. "I will be upstairs if you need anything…" Alfred announced sadly.

"Thank you, Alfred." Was the curt reply. Batman pushed the accept button on his keyboard and the screen was filled with the grim face of Superman.

"Batman, we need you ASAP." Batman looked reluctant; but any doubts he had were soon squashed by the Man of Steel's next words: "We've found Scarecrow."

Batman straightened. "I'll be right there."

Superman nodded grimly before looking off screen. He grimaced and turned back to the communicator. "You'll need to prepare for the worst…"

Batman frowned-well, frowned more than he already was. "Why? What's happened?"

"It's Green Arrow; he's dying."


Icey: OMG, GREEN ARROW! Sorry it's so short but I wanted the fight scene all in one chapter than making this one SUPER long or cutting the fighting off. :D


Icey: M'be…

Robin: You're messed up…

Icey: Cha, I guess…