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Harry Potter was a lonely child. His cousin regularly made sure of that. Harry was hiding in the bushes at the park. Dudley and he had been dropped off by Petunia over an hour ago 'to have some sunshine'. Petunia of course had taken this opportunity to go childless to the salon across the busy street from the sprawling park. In between the actual park of swings and slides there was a wide open expanse of grassland that kids played football and such on. Right now several mothers were using it to sit in the sun on blankets and have picnics with their children. Dudley had seen the food before they'd even gotten through the gates. Andy Mathews was there with his family and Dudley waddled over and invited himself pretty easily to join them. Not many of the kids would refuse Dudley after all. Of course joining them included having to do some form of exercise to 'play' with the other kids. So promptly Dudley had started a 'Harry Hunting' game because there was no way he was going to do something as constantly energetic and exhaustive as run after a ball. The adults thought they were playing hide and seek. Not even the dumbest boys would dream of telling them the real game. Because no matter how much Petunia tried to make out that Harry was a delinquent and a thief. There was no proof. Most of the residents in the locality didn't even like her no matter how much she liked to pretend. So when she dressed him up in her sons rags and threw him outside to 'play' in the garden. Which invariably meant do the gardening or you won't eat. Most of the neighbours felt a little sorry for him. What with having to live with those stuck up prudish Dursley's. Most of them believed him to be a poor orphan child who was intensely shy and quiet and preferred to play in the weeds than stay indoors with his oafish cousin. They weren't far wrong that he'd do anything to escape having to spend time with Dudley. But they'd never see quite why though. But that didn't matter. Because at least some of the kinder motherly women sometimes felt so sorry for him they'd offer him a little carton of juice or a treat when he was out there. None of them ever let the kids gang up on him either. They never realised their children were being forced by peer pressure and Dudley's gang to be cruel to him either through ignoring him or actually chasing him and calling him names of course. They never approved of it being done blatantly in front of them, they would always scold their children to play 'nicely'. So the kids had learnt to be more subtle about it. Even someone as thick as Dudley learned you couldn't openly yell in the street that your cousin is a filthy little freak without people starting to frown at you in disapproval and wonder what your parents are teaching you at home. Which led to Petunia and Vernon realising just slightly that openly being hostile and verbally disparaging to a small child publicly wasn't proving what a heathen he was. It was just making them look bad. So they'd warned Dudley not to be so obvious about it in public and now a silent War away from adult eyes went on.

Harry peered through the branches of his little safe haven as two girls went skipping past giggling and eating ice cream. He sort of wished he could get ice cream. He was so hot in his over sized hand me downs. Then he heard a rustle and a small boy fell through into his thicket. A leaf was sticking out of his hair and he looked a little panicked.

"Ow!" he moaned a little too high pitched for Harry's liking.

"Shhh!" he hissed flapping a hand and warily peering through the foliage.

"That horrible fat boy stole the money daddy gave me for ice cream" the boy told him with a scowl. "Then he pushed me so hard I fell in here"

Harry gave him a slow blink and cocked his head. The boy was very small. It wasn't easy to look more delicate and pale than him. He should know. The amount of times people in the street had mistake him for a girl and the over sized t shirts he wore for dresses. With his long thick black lashes and feline tilted eyes they all thought he was the most adorable thing since kittens. But this boy with his almost luminous pale skin and vibrant blue grey eyes, staring at him with the righteous flush of anger sweeping up porcelain cheekbones. Harry could see why Dudley would target him if he couldn't get Harry. Dudley hated pretty boys. Because Petunia was always fawning over him and telling him what a precious little darling he was. But everyone else always cooed over the prettier smaller looking boys who didn't look like and regularly actually accomplish eating their own weight in sweets.

"You can hide in here if you like. He'll only hurt you if they see you now" he explained softly.

The boy considered him for a moment and then nodded jerkily.

"I'm Kurt. Kurt Hummel." He offered a tiny fragile looking hand and Harry beamed.

"Harry James Alexander Orion Potter" he stated happily.

He'd learnt his full name not a month ago when his school transcript got printed for him. He'd looked at it before handing it over to the Dursley's. He'd thought they'd given him the wrong one for a moment. Then he'd just realised he had an exceptionally long name. Now he loved telling people, because it was something that his parents gave him that his relatives had no control over.

"That's...a nice name" Kurt blinked at him.

"My full name is Kurt Elizabeth Hummel. It's my momma's name" he added proudly.

Harry smiled brightly. He sort of wished he knew where all his names came from. He imagined they were important to his parents. Why else would they give him so many names?

"Do you hide here a lot?" Kurt asked him tentatively shuffling forwards and folding himself down next to Harry with a sweet smile.

"Only on the sunny days when Petunia goes to get her hair done. Or when she leaves us here with Dudley's friends so she can go talk to her lady friends. Otherwise I can hide in the roses at home" he beamed proudly.

He didn't even notice the dimming of Kurt's smile or the slight worry. As he'd spoken his huge top had slipped and Kurt got a flash of dark purple bruising and a long welt. But Harry had long since gotten used to such markings and was only careful to conceal them when important people could see them. If his relatives got questioned about them they'd lock him up with no food for days. But Kurt was just a kid so he wouldn't be able to demand answers from them. Harry didn't think it was so important to hide them.

"Do you want to play a game?" Kurt suddenly asked pulling a stack of cards from his pocket.

Harry smiled and stared eagerly at the cards. He'd never had a friend. He knew that was what Kurt must be. Because only friends wanted to play games with you. Dudley had even told him so plenty of times when he tried to join a team at school for sports.

That was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship. That summer was hot and arid. Every day was sweltering. So Petunia kicked them out into the sun with all the other children in the neighbourhood, so it wouldn't look odd that Harry was indoors working on chores while Dudley quite clearly lolled about being a beached whale. She'd seen the looks number five had thrown at her when she'd had Harry painting the picket fence one day. From then on Harry was shoved out the door without so much as a by your leave and told not to come back until it got darker. Dudley of course was given free rein to come and go as he pleased and given plenty of money for drinks and ice creams. But Harry didn't care. Because he would run to the park at the end of Magnolia crescent, it was admittedly a smaller park than the one they'd first met at. It was just a slide and some swings shoved onto some spare land. But Kurt would always be there waiting, or would turn up after a little while of waiting and having some time to just enjoy being free. Sometimes his mum and dad would come too with a picnic and take them on the longer trek back to the grassy park. Other times the younger cousin Kurt was visiting would tag along and shyly play with them. She was a small timid girl Harry knew wasn't often allowed out. She was a prodigy at piano. He'd heard his aunt complaining about her. She had won awards and everything. Which aggravated Petunia no end because the only thing her precious Dinky dums would ever win was maybe a pie eating contest. Her parents spoilt her and tried to let her have fun. But mostly she liked to play music and practice. Something which rubbed off on both boys after a week of them humming and giggling along as she sang scales for them while they played outside. By the third week Lila had successfully dragged them back to her house. Where they were promptly pushed into her little sound studio to spend the rest of the day with her sternly teaching them music, notes, scales, keys on the piano and even a few songs. Kurt had a very high voice. He could hit notes with just his voice that even Lila was struggling with. They had a very good time, plunking away and giggling at each other's attempts. It was the most fun Harry could ever remember having.

Harry was almost in tears when two weeks later Kurt came to the park. Both parents and Lila in tow. He'd tearfully hugged him and handed over a handmade photo frame. They'd made them one day after Burt, Kurt's father had encouraged them to do something other than play music all day. They'd had the kitchen table to themselves and they'd made things with craft supplies. Kurt handed it over nervously. It was blue and green. The two colours they had agreed stood for their friendship. Because Harry's eyes always got the 'my your eyes are so green' comment and Kurt's could never chose between blue grey or green. So this frame represented them. On the bottom in glitter was a roughly worded. Best friends. The picture was what made Harry cry though. It was a picture of them both sat on the piano stool staring at the keys in deep concentration. Harry's tongue was poking out and Kurt's brows were furrowed. Both their hands hovered over the ivories. Lila was stood there pointing sternly at a line of sheet music she was trying to teach them to play. It was a frozen moment of one of the best days Harry had ever had.

"I have to go home to America" Kurt whispered brokenly.

Harry felt like his world was ending.

"Will I ever see you again?" he asked softly.

Kurt nodded so hard his hair which he usually went to such great lengths to keep neat went flying everywhere.

"I come back every summer" he stated solidly. "We can play again next year. We're friends forever now"

"You can write to each other too" Burt spoke up smiling kindly down at them both.

Kurt's eyes lit up and he nodded rapidly grabbing Harry's arm firmly.

"I'll send you pictures of home. I'll write you loads and I will be back. You can't forget me. Promise" he stated sternly

Harry blinked at him trying to move the stubborn film of water in his eyes that was blurring everything just slightly.

"How could I ever possibly forget you?" he asked softly.

Kurt squealed and hugged him with surprisingly strong arms.

"I'm still here you know" Lila spoke up suddenly with a huff.

Harry turned to her unsurely. She had after all only been there because Kurt made her right?

"You have to come over at least once a week so you don't forget how to play piano. So when Kurt comes back we can teach him loads more" she beamed happily.

Harry had never felt more happy and hopeful. He squeezed them both into his skinny arms and then held a hand in each of his.

"Swear on your heart we'll always be best friends" he grinned hopefully.

"I swear" they all giggled and fell into a huddle.

The adults watched it all with fond amusement and then slowly they split them apart.

Kurt flew away from Harry and Lila for a whole year. But they never forgot him. He wrote to them practically once a week. Lila used her own lilac scented paper to send him long letters back. Harry always managing to add something from himself to every package, even going so far as to include a cartoon he'd drawn and a toy soldier he loved playing with. He'd never be able to send his own care packages of course. His relatives wouldn't pay for that. But Lila never minded sharing her postage.

This happened for two more years. They wrote to each other religiously. Lila had taken to snapping pictures of them both for the packs because they changed so much as they grew more. They wrote everything they could possibly think to write, sometimes Harry would even be writing to Kurt instead of doing his school work. He'd gotten in trouble with one of his teachers for writing to Kurt instead of practising joined up writing once. But to be fair he had protested his whole letter was in perfect curly scrawl. Kurt had such nice penmanship Harry had been practising really hard to improve his own.

Then quite suddenly it stopped. All letters from Kurt just stopped coming. It took a month for Lila to finally figure out what was wrong. Her Aunty Elizabeth had died. Kurt's mother was gone. Harry had felt like his own heart was breaking. But he never gave up. He was ten years old. He had two best friends in the whole world. Lila had spent both summers teaching them piano. Kurt had never once stopped sending them letters all about his life. They were best friends. So when they wrote packages to Kurt now they were full of love and support. Kurt only wrote back brief messages. He told them how he'd started having singing lessons and how he still played piano. He sent them pictures when he got his own little keyboard set up in his room. But when summer came around again. Kurt and Burt never came to visit. Kurt wrote to say his father was still too sad to come. They were his mom's relatives and Burt just didn't feel up to visiting them. So Harry spent his summer for the first time since he was eight with just Lila. His relatives were under the mistaken impression that these past summer's he had been miserably moping around the neighbourhood. But this summer he truly was miserable. He loved Lila to pieces. But he missed his Kurt. On his eleventh birthday Lila sent him a small card and clef note pin for his bag. Kurt sent a little book on music. But that was the year all their lives seemed to be up for change.

Because that day Harry also got a letter welcoming him to his parents private boarding school in Scotland. Completely paid for by his trust fund. It was also the summer that Lila had to announce she and her parents were moving. She'd gotten a position at an advanced music school pretty far away. They were moving so she could go. Harry was being left behind at Privet drive. So he wrote back to the headmaster of Hogwarts without his relatives ever knowing. September first came two weeks later. For the first time in three summers Harry was looking forwards to the end of his holidays. Lila had left and her house was now empty. Kurt couldn't send him letters anymore because Lila was his post stop. He'd never risk getting that sort of mail at home. The Dursley's would have a fit. So to him at eleven years old. He felt like his life had ended and he'd lost the two most important people in his life.